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Knowledge Found At the UCS Library

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Knowledge Found At the UCS Library
Happy Little Minion

Disclaimer:  I don’t own ‘em, I just borrowed ‘em to play with!  They belong to Joss, ME, and whoever else gets a cut!!  (Cause I certainly don’t!!)


Rating:  NC-17  Yeppers!!  There be sex!! 


Feedback:  Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!!  J


Spoilers:  Not really!!  Unless a very brief hint at Adam, and mention of Willow/Tara spoils it for you!!  The show's over folks!!  There shouldn’t be anything left to spoil!!


Pairing: Buffy/Jenny Calendar


A/N:  Oh!  Jenny never died (OBVIOUSLY)!!  Giles and Jenny never got together (SNORT  You’ll understand why)!!  And the time has been changed to college years.  I wanted Buffy to be a consenting adult!! 


Summary:  Buffy gets enlightened by the Technopagan!! 




Giles and Jenny were talking by the counter when Buffy entered the library.  Nodding to the couple Buffy walked over and tossed her backpack on a nearby table.  Pulling out a chair Buffy plopped down into the chair and dropped her head onto the table with a groan and a sigh.


Jenny turning back to him and raised a brow at Giles having watched Buffy since she entered the library.  She’d noticed the tired look and dark circles under the young woman’s eyes, along with the slow gait with which she walked and the pained groan as she fell into the chair. 


Giles finally stopped blathering as he realized he’d lost the woman’s attention.  He’d seen Buffy come in to the library, but hadn’t paid attention to her as he’d tried to fumble his way through asking the computer teacher out on a date.  “Hmm, I’m sorry?”  He looked confusedly at the woman. 


Jenny caught herself as she started to roll her eyes at the man, and nodded towards Buffy hoping to cover the move, all the while thinking to herself.  ‘Damn tweedy assed son of a bitch, I thought the girl was like a daughter to you!  Not to mention your damned responsibility as her fucking Watcher!!  ASSHOLE MEN!!  She shook her head to stop herself from ranting any further. 


Giles’ eyes turned to look where she’d nodded, seeing the Slayer at the table.  “Oh, umm...  Yes.”  He coughed to cover his embarrassment then softly called to the Slayer.  “Buffy?  Are you alright?” 


“Just ducky.”  Was her quietly mumbled response, she never lifted her head from the table. 


“Are you sure?”  Giles showed a bit of concern. 


Buffy slowly lifted her forehead from the table and blinked a few times as she looked at them.  “Just wonderful.” 


“Why don’t you lie down and get some sleep.”  Giles placed the book in his hand on the counter. 


”Could be because I’m not allowed to sleep on the tables in your library, Giles.”  Buffy frowned at him.  “Your rules, remember?” 


Jenny headed over to the table and Buffy’s side, leaning back against it she chuckled at Buffy’s answer to the Watcher.  Raising a brow she smiled down at Buffy.  “And the problem with not parking your ass in your bed would be?” 


“Wil’s got company at the moment.”  Buffy sighed out softly as her eyelids started to droop. 


Jenny chuckled softly.  “I heard about that.  Who would have thought Willow would be the one to come out.  And she didn’t even offer to let you stay and watch, huh?”  Jenny grinned as the Slayer’s eyes opened wide in shock. 


Buffy’s eyes snapped back open, her face starting to turn pink.  “Umm… No.  And I didn’t ask, either.” 


Jenny winked at Buffy.  “Your loss.”  She chuckled and stood up from the table grabbing Buffy’s backpack.  “Let me grab my own, I’ll show you a secret hideout where you can lay down and get some sleep.”  She reached out and squeezed the Slayer’s shoulder before she headed back towards Giles and the counter.  Picking up her own backpack she nodded to Giles.  “Later, Rupert.”  She turned to head back towards Buffy, turning back when Giles called to her. 


“Uh… I just wanted to, uh… return this.”  Giles held up a curly earring.  “I believe this is yours?  You were the only other person back here yesterday.” 


“Cool.  Thanks.”  She smiles and takes it from him. 


“Uh, well, I’ll… I’ll see you later then.”  He gives her a brief smile. 


Jenny thinking about why she’d been behind the counter yesterday shook her head slightly at the computer-phobic man.  “You know, you really should see about losing the tweed and getting with the program, Rupert.  Come into the century everyone else lives in, computers are our friends nowadays, you know.”  Jenny grinned at him before turning to head towards Buffy, looking back over her shoulder at the man. 


“No, thank you.  I still prefer my musty old books to your infernal machines, just as I did back then.”  He smiled sarcastically at the woman. 


“And I still say you really are an old-fashioned boy, aren’t you?  You really need to lose the starch, Rupert.”  She smiled sarcastically back at him. 


“Well, I-I don’t dangle a corkscrew from my ear.”  Giles sputtered, not having any other comeback for the woman. 


“That’s not where I dangle it.”  She had a mischievous look on her face when she looked back towards Buffy.  She stepped up beside Buffy as she stood, whispering softly as she placed a hand on Buffy’s elbow slowly guiding her in the right direction.  “Let him try to figure that one out.”  She chuckled softly and winked at the younger woman. 


Giles eyes follow the woman, with a puzzled look on his face he watches the two walk away. 


Raising a brow Buffy looks at a smirking Jenny before dropping her eyes to the earring in Jenny’s hand. 


Jenny tosses the earring in the air in front of Buffy.  “Figure it out, and I’ll let you switch it out with the one I’m wearing now.”  She winks at the Slayer, another mischievous smile crossing her face as she chuckles softly. 


Buffy catches the earring without looking away from Jenny’s face, raising her other brow before slowly turning her head to look at the earring in her hand. 


Jenny grins as she turns to watch where they’re going, waiting to see if Buffy catches on.  Feeling eyes on her back, she looks over her shoulder to see a puzzled looking Giles watching them.  She mumbled softly to herself, or so she thought, as she turned her head back around.  “Fucking men!!  They couldn’t buy a fucking clue even if you gave it to them for free.  Closest I ever got to even remotely wanting a real dick was when Xander had Amy do the damn spell that backfired.  Wouldn’t touch a dick with a ten foot pole!!”  She shivered at the remembrance. 


Buffy listened to the ranting woman as she stared at the ‘supposed’ earring in her hand.  She finally started to laugh quietly as the teacher ended her not so private rant. 


Jenny swung her head with a surprised look to see Buffy lifting amused eyes at her.  “Fuck!  I said all that out loud, didn’t I?” 


Buffy smirked at woman.  “I always wondered why you and Giles didn’t get together then.  Guess we solved that mystery.”  She chuckled quietly grinning at Jenny. 


Jenny started to chuckle as she guided Buffy further back to a hardly used section of the library.  “The man needs to lose the tweed, and definitely needs the starch removed from him before I’d even think about dating him.  And that’s only if I was remotely interested in dating a man.  Fucking useless creature if there ever was one!  Just the thought of coming in contact with a real dick gives me the creeps.”   She shivered as proof of the thought. 


Buffy chuckled and shook her head as she looked around at where they were going.  “Should we have left a trail of breadcrumbs?”  She smirked as she looked back at the dark haired woman beside her. 


Jenny smirked back at Buffy.  “Why, are you lost little girl?”  She raked her eyes down Buffy’s body, and slowly back up to meet the Slayer’s.  “I’ll help you find your way.”  She wiggled her brows and licked her lips as she looked at the Slayer. 


Buffy chuckled and rolled her eyes.  “Not very subtle there, now are you?”  She smirked back at Jenny. 


Jenny gently pulled Buffy to a halt, stepping closer to her.  “You want subtle, I’ll give you subtle.”  She moved her hand to the back of the Slayer’s head as she leaned down and placed her lips on Buffy’s.  Tilting her head, Jenny pulled back slightly as she brought her tongue out to trace Buffy’s lips. 


Buffy eyes closed as she felt Jenny’s tongue teasing her lips.  A shiver ran through her as a soft whimper left her. 


Jenny smiled upon hearing the whimper and feeling the Slayer shiver.  She stepped even closer placing her other hand on Buffy’s hip as she ran her tongue gently between Buffy’s lips. 


Buffy moaned softly as she pressed into Jenny’s body, parting her lips slightly in invitation. 


Jenny pulled Buffy’s head closer as she took the welcomed invitation, pressing her tongue into the Slayer’s mouth and slowly exploring for a long moment, ending the kiss with a soft brushing of their lips.  Pulling her head back slightly and opening her eyes, she waited for Buffy’s to open. 


Buffy slowly opened her eyes to look into Jenny’s. 


“Was that subtle enough for you?”  Jenny whispered softly as she ran the hand from Buffy’s head down her back to her ass, where she squeezed gently.  “Or would you rather I just stuck my hand up under your skirt?” 


Buffy dropped her eyes to Jenny’s lips, and quickly back to her eyes.  Whispering softly as she leaned up for another kiss.  “Either way, it’s working.”  She pressed her lips against Jenny’s doing some exploring of her own this time. 


Jenny smiled against Buffy’s lips and let her explore as her hand kept up the massage on the Slayer’s ass. 

Buffy moaned and ended the kiss.  “So where are you taking me?”  She slowly opened her eyes to smile at Jenny. 


Jenny grinned and squeezed her ass harder one last time before moving her arm up to rest on the Slayer’s shoulders.  “Places you’ve never been before, both literally and figuratively.”  She winked at Buffy, placing a soft kiss on her lips before leading her down a few more rows of books to a door hidden in a darkened corner.  She pulled her arm from Buffy’s shoulder’s reaching for her backpack. 


Raising a brow, Buffy looked from the door to Jenny as she watched her pull her keys from the pocket on the side of her backpack.  “Come here often, do you?” 


Jenny put the key in the lock and turned it, opening the door she removed the key and reached in flicking a light switch as she looked back to Buffy.  “Not recently, no.”  She took Buffy’s hand and led her into room, closing and locking the door behind them.  Jenny watched Buffy as she set Buffy’s backpack on a chair by the door.  Taking her own to the mattress covered table in the center of the room, she set her backpack on the mattress and put her keys back in the side as she leaned back against the table. 


Buffy looked around the room as she was led in to it.  She looked at the mattress on top of the table before her eyes finally slid to look at Jenny, a smirk forming on her face. 


Jenny chuckled softly and rolled her eyes.  “Go ahead, say it.”  She smiled at Buffy. 


Buffy chuckled softly and shrugged.  “I repeat, come here often?”  She grinned at the dark haired woman. 


Jenny grinned back at her shaking her head slightly.  “And I repeat, not recently, no.”  She stood up straight and went to a cabinet on the wall, pulling out a sheet.  She hurriedly put the sheet on the mattress then patted it for Buffy to climb on.  “Lie down, let’s see what I can do about loosening you up some.”  She unzipped her backpack that she’d pushed onto the table while putting the sheet on.  “Have a preference for raspberry, chocolate, or cherry?”  She turned and wiggled her brows at Buffy as she pulled a couple of bottles of massage oils out of the pack. 


Buffy stood where she was, still not sure exactly what the hell to think at this point.  She raised a brow when Jenny turned holding up the bottles.  “Do I really want to know what else you carry around with you on a daily basis?” 


Jenny grinned and wiggled her brows.  “Actually, today just happens to be your lucky day!”  She chuckled softly, tossing the bottles on the mattress before hopping onto the mattress herself.  As she sat on the side of the mattress she smiled at Buffy, patting the mattress beside her.  “Come on, Slayer.  Not like you couldn’t fend me off if you wanted to.”  Jenny tilted her head to look at the hesitant Slayer for a moment.  Sighing she laid back across the mattress, her legs dangling off the side.  After a moment she spoke softly.  “The reason I know about this room and the fact that I have a key to it, goes back about a year and a half ago.  I was seeing the previous librarian.  We used to consider this our lunch room.”  She lifted her head and smirked at Buffy.  “Never did have any real food in here, though.”  She winked at the blushing Slayer before chuckling softly and laying her head back down.  “We’d meet in here all the time.  Table kept leaving one or both of us sore, so we snuck in the mattress one night.  Now you only get bruised if you should happen to fall off.”  She smiled up at Buffy as the Slayer finally sat down on the mattress. 


Buffy having finally worked up the nerve, sat down, then slowly laid down, turning on her side to look at the dark haired woman as she spoke. 


Jenny smiled at Buffy before looking back up to the ceiling as she continued.  “The relationship lasted for about a year.  Then about six months ago, she decided to get back together with her husband.”  Jenny folded her arms across her chest as she lay there.  “She neglected to tell me he’d been coming back around by her house to see her for the last couple of weeks.  We usually only met up here, in the library.  It was just a casual thing with us.”  Jenny turned her head to look at Buffy.  “Don’t get me wrong, I did love her, I just wasn’t in love with her.  Same went for her, so it worked out nicely.  Then one morning I came in to see her.  We came back here and she still didn’t say anything about it.  Imagine my surprise when I got a mouth full of him, instead of her.”  Jenny shuddered with the thought, turning to Buffy.  “Didn’t even have to go near a dick to know I never wanted to taste that again.”  She shivered again.  “Gargled for three days straight and I swear I could still taste him after that.”  She shrugged.  “Needless to say, I was out of here before she could say a word.” 


Buffy reached out and rubbed Jenny’s arm.  “I’m sorry.” 


Jenny shook her head.  “Shit happens.  Like I said, it was a casual thing.  It hurt she didn’t tell me what was going on, but…“  Jenny trailed of with a shrug.  “I ran into her about a month later.  She told me what had happened.  He’d showed up the night before, they ended up having a marathon in the bedroom, and a quickie in the shower that morning.  It was just my luck to be horny myself that morning and come looking for her.”  She chuckled softly.  “They moved out of town shortly after that and there’s been no one since.”  She rolled onto her side facing Buffy.  After a moment of taking in her tired features, she reached out to lightly brush at one of the dark circles below the Slayer’s eye.  “As for the goodies in my backpack…”  She wiggled her brows at Buffy.  “You try walking around all day with a chain dangling from your clit, and then tell me you aren’t horny as hell.”  She chuckled softly as Buffy’s eyes opened a bit wider.  “I went out on my lunch break to pick up some toys to play with when I went home tonight.”  She shrugged again.  “I was just here fixing a glitch in the software I’d loaded for Rupert yesterday before I headed home.” 


Buffy opened her hand and dangled the other piece of jewelry between them before closing her hand around it again.    


Jenny grinned as she looked at it.  “I lost that yesterday when I was here.  I couldn’t very well drop to my knees and tell Rupert what I was looking for.”  She rolled her eyes.  “After all, I still had both earrings in my ears.”  They both started laughing. 


When the laughter died down, Buffy leaned forward and softly kissed Jenny. 


Jenny smiled against Buffy’s lips and cupped her cheek.  “Climb up here and get comfortable.  I’ll see if I can’t get some of the kinks out of your back for you.”  Jenny gave her a kiss and smiled as she sat up.  Scooting off the mattress, Jenny pulled Buffy’s shoes off and swung her legs up onto the mattress.  She chuckled softly at Buffy’s pout. 


“Thought you were going to put some kinks in me?”  Buffy tried pouting again, but it slowly turned onto a smile. 


Jenny chuckled and nodded her head.  “Oh, I plan on it, Slayer.”  She reached out and ran her fingers through Buffy’s long blonde hair.  “But first, I think you could use a massage and probably about an hours sleep, anyway.”  She smiled at the Slayer.  “What’s that equate to, about 2 - 3 hours for a normal person?” 


Buffy pouted, but her tired eyes twinkled.  “Are you trying to say I’m not normal?” 


Jenny winked and leaned over kissing Buffy, softly pulling her lower lip into her mouth, gently nibbling until the Slayer moaned.  Releasing the lip with a soft kiss, Jenny kissed the tip of Buffy’s nose.  “Only thing abnormal about you is that you are ‘The Slayer’.  Now roll your ass over, before I decide to beat it for being difficult.”  Jenny winked at her and lightly slapped her ass as she stood back up. 


Buffy moaned and grinned at Jenny.  “Was that supposed to be a threat or a promise?”  She wiggled her brows at Jenny before she chuckled. 


Jenny raised a brow as a slow smile crossed her face.  “Damn!  I may have to make another trip to the toy store!”  She wiggled her brows and winked at Buffy.  “This would be a good place for it, soundproof walls and door…”  She trailed off as a mischievous twinkle came to her eyes.  “Never thought of using the old audio room for that, I just figured it would be a lunch room.”  She licked her lips and grinned as she looked Buffy up and down. 


Buffy shivered and let out a soft moan.  As she blushed, she readjusted on the mattress, turning onto her stomach with the sound of Jenny chuckling softly.  “Bitch!  Get me thinking all kinds of things, and then you want to put me to sleep instead.” 


Jenny, who had been reaching over to grab the two bottles of massage oil, laughed and lightly bit Buffy on the ass before she straightened up with the oils in her hand.  “I’d rather have you rested, than about to fall asleep on me.”  She swapped the two bottles of oil for a bottle of non-scented, non-flavored massage oil. 


Buffy who had turned her head to watch, raised a brow. 


Jenny turned from her backpack to see the raised brow, smiling softly at the Slayer she shrugged.  “Less temptation, and slightly less messy, this works into the skin better.”  She wiggled her brows.  “So take it off, Slayer.”  She chuckled softly when Buffy’s eyes opened wide.  Going back to the cabinet, Jenny pulled out another sheet and a towel.  “You may want to remove the skirt, too.  I don’t want to get the oil on it.” 


Buffy raised a brow. 


Jenny shook her head slightly, smiling softly at the Slayer.  “Just a massage, you look like you could use one.  What the hell did you get in a fight with, anyway?”  Jenny softly caressed by the cut on the Slayer’s forehead. 


Buffy sighed and sat up, starting to unbutton her blouse.  “Big Frankenstein type guy, thing, whatever.” 


Jenny nodded setting the towel down along with the massage oil.  “Heard about that.”  She spread the sheet out for the Slayer to cover herself with. 


Buffy raised a brow and looked at Jenny, tilting her head slightly.  “Is there anything you haven’t heard?” 


Jenny smirked at Buffy.  “Yeah, you screaming my name, but we’ll get to that eventually.”  She grinned at the Slayer’s shocked look and started laughing. 


Buffy’s eyes opened wide and her mouth fell partly open.  She shook her head when Jenny started to laugh and mumbled.  “Won’t be hearing it if you put me to sleep.” 


Jenny leaned over and kissed Buffy softly.  “There’s always when you wake up.  Now quit your bitching and get your clothes off.”  She kissed her again and smiled as she straightened back up. 


Buffy set the curly ‘earring’ down beside her on the mattress, smirking at Jenny. 


Jenny chuckled and winked at Buffy as she wiggled her brows watching the Slayer take her top off. 


Buffy blushed and shook her head.  “Were you always this…”  She trailed off trying to thing of a word to describe the dark haired woman. 


Jenny chuckled when Buffy trailed off.  “What?  Forward, outspoken, horny?”  She grinned at Buffy.  “Take your pick.”  She smiled at the Slayer.  “You just never saw this side of me.  You have to remember, I was a teacher and you were a student, not something that I mix.” 


Buffy raised a brow and smirked.  “You’re still a teacher and I’m still a student.” 


Jenny grinned.  “True!  But you’re not my student and you’re not jailbait anymore, either.”  Jenny shook her head.  “Not something I ever would have considered, believe me.”  


Buffy tilted her head slightly.  “What changed?” 


“You.  You’re not in high school anymore.”  Jenny shrugged and smirked.  “Not that you were there when you were supposed to be anyway.” 


Buffy rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, yeah.”  She tossed her blouse at Jenny, quickly removed her skirt and tossed that at her also.  ”Not like I had much choice in the matter.”  Buffy lay back down, covering herself with the sheet as she rolled onto her stomach with a slight groan. 


“I know.”  Jenny spoke softly as she laid the Slayer’s skirt and blouse on a chair.  Stepping back over by the table she kissed Buffy on the temple.  “I couldn’t believe you were the Slayer when I first found out.  She ran her fingers through the Slayer’s hair, gathering it to move out of the way.  “I just couldn’t picture someone so tiny, as being the Savior of the world.”  She caressed her cheek.  “Proved me wrong.”  She smiled down at Buffy.  “Mind if I climb up there to do this?” 


Buffy smiled and shook her head. 


Jenny leaned down and softly kissed the Slayer’s lips.  “Relax and enjoy.  Sleep would also be good.”  Jenny winked at her as she stood up straight, grabbing the oil and towel before she walked to the side of the table.  Sitting on the edge, she kicked off her shoes before deftly turning and getting up on her knees beside the Slayer. 


Buffy watched Jenny and smirked.  “Rather spry for an old lady, aren’t ya?”  She grinned when Jenny smacked her on the ass for the comment. 


“Old lady my ass, Slayer.”  Jenny ran her hand up Buffy’s back, unsnapping her bra and pushing the ends to the sides.  “I’m only in the neighborhood of ten years older than you are.” 


Buffy raised a brow.  “Like I said, old lady.”  She chuckled when Jenny smacked her ass again. 


“I’ll show you who’s old after your nap, Slayer.”  Jenny leaned forward and kissed her.  “So you better rest up while you can.”  She placed her lips against Buffy’s again, trailing her tongue around her lips before plunging in for a deep, exploring kiss. 


Buffy moaned and dropped her head to her arms when the kiss ended, mumbling.  “And she wants me to sleep after that.”  She twirled the curly ‘earring’ that she’d picked back up as she laid down in her fingers. 


Jenny chuckled and sat back up.  “Lose the bra, Slayer.”  She picked up the massage oil removing the protective seal, as Buffy pulled her bra off her arms and out from under her.  Jenny took the bra and set it out of the way.  She opened the oil and poured some on her hand, handing the bottle to Buffy to hold for now.  “Hold onto this for me.”  She rubbed her hands together warming up the oil before she ran her hands down the Slayer’s back. 


Buffy relaxed as the massage began, moaning softly as Jenny worked her muscles to relax her.  “God that feels good.” 


Jenny smiled and continued working her way up and down Buffy’s spine.  Shifting she moved to straddle Buffy’s upper thighs. 


Buffy chuckled and turned her head to look at Jenny.  “I guess it does dangle.” 


Jenny laughed and leaned up a bit to drag the chain over Buffy’s ass.  “I told you it did.”  She smiled at the Slayer, winked, and settled back down.  Jenny frowned a bit seeing all the bruises that were fading on the Slayer’s body, as she worked on Buffy’s back and neck getting all the kinks out as Buffy moaned softly.  After about 20 minutes Jenny leaned over and smiled as she heard the soft snore of the Slayer.  Jenny looked at the clock on the wall, figuring she’d give the Slayer a couple of hours to sleep.  As gently as she could she climbed off the Slayer’s thighs and off the side of the table.  Wiping her hands on the towel, Jenny carefully removed the bottle of oil from Buffy’s hand, Buffy’s brows furrowed but she didn’t wake.  Jenny put the top back on the oil and tossed it back in her backpack.  She covered the Slayer with the sheet and kissed her temple softly, whispering.  “I’ll be right back, sleep, Baby.” 


“’Kay.”  Buffy mumbled and moved the hand with the ‘earring’ down under her chin. 


Jenny’s eyes widened when the Slayer answered her, not having expected her to as Buffy slept on.  Shaking her head, she grabbed a couple of fresh towels, put her shoes on, grabbed her backpack and headed out the door, locking it behind her as she left. 




Jenny went to the little used bathroom not too far from the room she’d left Buffy in, locking the door after making sure no one was in there.  She set her backpack in one of the sinks, placing the towels on the edge.  She chuckled as she realized she’d left the pack unzipped, not wanting to wake Buffy with the noise of the zipper.  Luckily she’d not lost any of the goodies within.  Pulling out a couple of boxes, she grinned as she set them on the shelf above the sink, before grabbing a couple more boxes.  Jenny quickly washed and dried all the new toys that she’d bought on her lunch break, wrapping them up in the unused towel she stuffed them back in her pack.  Chuckling as she grabbed the empty boxes and stuffed them in the trash.  “That should get you to thinking when you come to clean the bathroom, Sam.”  She snorted and laughed.  “Probably make you jealous as all hell, too.”  She grinned as she zipped up her backpack.  Wetting the other towel, she wrung it out, picked up her backpack, unlocked the bathroom door and headed back to Buffy. 




Jenny quietly entered the room, locked the door behind her and set her backpack on the end of the table.  She draped the wet towel over the back of a metal chair, and slowly removed her own blouse and bra.  Picking up Buffy’s bra on the way by, she put her things with Buffy’s on the chair, kicked her shoes off and removed her skirt.  Jenny pulled the pillow out of the cabinet and put a pillowcase on it, setting it on the mattress by Buffy’s head.  Moving to the side, Jenny moaned softly seeing the g-string and the perfect ass of the Slayer as she lifted the sheet to climb under beside Buffy. 


Buffy stirred and opened one eye to look over her shoulder at Jenny. 


“Shh.  Sleep, Baby, still not time to get up yet.”  Jenny kissed Buffy’s shoulder as she settled down next to the Slayer. 


“’Kay.”  Buffy mumbled and turned onto her side. 


Jenny smiled and spooned up behind the Slayer, wrapping an arm around her waist. 


Buffy grabbed Jenny’s hand and brought it up between her breasts as she drifted off again. 


Jenny smiled and wrapped her other arm that was under the pillow around Buffy, pulling her close. 


Buffy sighed and pressed back into the body behind her as she slept on. 




Buffy moaned softly and rubbed her face against the pillow before she froze.  Feeling the warm body behind her and arms around her, it took her a moment to remember where she was.  She pressed back into Jenny’s body.  “It’s kinda strange waking up with hard nipples pressing into my back.” 


Jenny chuckled softly and kissed the back of Buffy’s head.  “Hopefully not unpleasant, though?” 


Buffy shook her head slightly.  “No, just different.”  She squeezed Jenny’s hand she was still holding against her chest. 


Jenny hugged her tightly for a moment.  “How are you feeling?” 


“Mmm.  Warm, comfortable, and still slightly fuzzy brained.”  Buffy smiled and turned her head. 


Jenny smiled and lifted her head to kiss the Slayer.  “Want more sleep, Baby?” 


“No.”  Buffy went to rub Jenny’s arm and blushed as she turned to look at her hand. 


Jenny chuckled softly and kissed the Slayer’s shoulder.  “You haven’t let go of that for more than a minute since I tossed it to you.”  She gently bit the shoulder in front of her.  “Keeping it as a souvenir?”  She grinned against Buffy’s shoulder and hugged her tight as the Slayer blushed. 


Still red faced Buffy turned her head to look at an amused Jenny.  “Maybe?”  She blushed even darker. 


Jenny started laughing and winked at Buffy.  “I’ll give you the clamp that goes with it.  I fixed it last night so it shouldn’t fall off again.” 


Buffy groaned and turned her head the other way to bury in the pillow.  After a moment she started to laugh with Jenny. 


Jenny moved so she could whisper in the Slayer’s ear.  “Trust me, Baby, you’ll enjoy it.”  She kissed her ear.  “Make you horny as hell, but you’ll enjoy it.”  She grinned and nipped Buffy’s ear. 


Buffy shivered and pressed back into Jenny.  “Have a feeling, you’re about to make me horny as hell.” 


Jenny grinned and ran her tongue from the Slayer’s ear, down her neck and along her shoulder, gently nipping when she reached the end.  “What gave you that clue?”  She pressed her hips into Buffy’s ass. 


Buffy moaned and released Jenny’s hand on her chest, bringing her hand back to Jenny’s hip and pulling her tighter against her.  “No clue.”  Buffy moaned as Jenny moved her now free hand to cup a breast. 


Jenny moaned as she felt Buffy’s nipple harden against her palm.  Pressing herself tighter against the Slayer, Jenny started to nibble and suck on Buffy’s shoulder as she squeezed and massaged the breast in her hand.  “Tell me now if you don’t want this, Buffy?” 


Buffy arched into Jenny’s hand and shook her head.  “I do want this.  Please?”  Buffy turned her head to look at Jenny.  “I may not know what I’m doing… but I want this.” 


Jenny smiled and leaned towards the Slayer’s lips.  “That won’t be a problem, Baby.”  She pulled the Slayer’s bottom lip into her mouth, sucking gently and nipping at it before releasing it to kiss the Slayer deeply. 


Buffy tried rolling over, grunting into the kiss as Jenny held her in place. 


Jenny ended the kiss smiling.  “Easy, Baby.”  She moved her arm a bit to rise up onto her elbow.  Moving her free hand to Buffy’s breast, and the other from her breast slowly trailed down the Slayer’s body as she leaned down to kiss her again, exploring Buffy’s mouth as her hand explored her body. 


Buffy moaned into the kiss as Jenny gently tugged on the front of her g-sting, making it press against her hardening clit.  She pressed her hips forward into the surprisingly pleasant material as Jenny tugged on it a few more times. 


Jenny released the g-string with a groan from Buffy, soon to be followed by a moan from both of them as she moved her hand lower.  Jenny’s fingers skimmed over the cloth, lightly pressing down on the Slayer’s clit as she glided beyond. 


Buffy pulled back from the kiss and moaned.  “Please don’t tease.”  She opened her eyes to look up into Jenny’s. 


Jenny nodded and moved her hand back up to the waistband of Buffy’s g-string.  “Take this off.”  She pushed down on the g-string as Buffy lifted her hip off the mattress. 


Buffy reached down to help, lifting her top leg to get it free of the material.  She was surprised when Jenny stuck her leg between hers and ran her hand down to guide Buffy’s leg back over the top of hers. 


Jenny winked at the Slayer when she saw the look of surprise, gently squeezing the Slayer’s thigh.  “Leave it there.”  Jenny raised her knee, placing her foot flat on the mattress to hold the Slayer’s leg back and trailed her hand back down the Slayer’s inner thigh. 


Buffy nodded in understanding, closing her eyes with a soft moan when Jenny’s hand reached her apex. 


Jenny moaned herself when she found the Slayer already wet.  Running her finger between the Slayer’s outer lips all the way up the length of her, and pressing on her swollen nub when she reached it. 


Buffy moaned as her hips jerked at the touch.  Groaning and opening her eyes as Jenny’s hand moved away from her.  Buffy watched as Jenny brought the coated finger up to her lips. 


Jenny watched Buffy watching her as she brought her finger to her lips.  Reaching out with her tongue, Jenny slowly licked up the juice from her finger.  Her own eyes closing as she brought her tongue back into her mouth, tasting the Slayer’s sweet flavor for the first time, Jenny opened her eyes and sucked the finger into her mouth. 


Buffy shuddered as she watched the erotic scene before her, moaning softly and licking her own lips. 


“Goddess you taste good.”  Jenny whispered as she removed the finger from her mouth.  She bent to kiss the Slayer as her hand went back to the source. 


Buffy moaned when she tasted herself on the dark haired woman’s lips and tongue.  Moaning again and kissing Jenny hungrily as Jenny’s fingers ran back and forth through the wetness between her legs.  Buffy pressed up into Jenny’s hand, and brought her own between their bodies. 


Jenny smiled into the kiss before she ended it panting as her hips jerked.  “Just don’t pull too hard, or you’ll pull it off, Baby.”  Jenny bucked again at the gentle tug on the chain attached to her own clit as she gently squeezed the Slayer’s between her fingers.  Moaning again, Jenny dove back into the kiss as she squeezed and rolled the Slayer’s nipple between her fingers, and slid the other hand lower to plunge two fingers into the Slayer’s warm, wet depths. 


Buffy moaned, pressing down on Jenny’s fingers, her inner muscles grabbing them and trying to pull them in deeper.  Buffy kept up a gentle tugging in time with Jenny’s fingers moving inside her. 


Jenny broke the kiss again, panting as she moved her mouth to Buffy’s shoulder.  Pressing the heel of her hand into the Slayer’s hardened nub, Jenny rubbed back and forth over it as she moved her fingers in and out of the Slayer, adding a third before long. 


Buffy moaned and arched into both of Jenny’s hands.  “Not long.”  She panted out as she tugged on the chain again, feeling her inner muscles starting to clamp down on Jenny’s fingers. 


Jenny’s hips bucked and pressed into the Slayer’s ass as she bit down on her shoulder.  “Keep that up, and I’m right there with you, Baby.”  She moaned as the Slayer tugged again.  Curling her middle finger, Jenny found the Slayer’s g-spot and massaged over it. 


Buffy’s bucked up into Jenny’s hand when she curled her finger within, moaning with the new sensation her hips took on a more pronounced movement as she felt the climax building inside her.  “Jesus!  So close.” 


Jenny pressed her ass and the heel of her hand harder into the Slayer.  Between Buffy tugging on the chain, and her clit hitting the Slayer’s ass, she was about to explode herself.  Moaning as she released the skin between her teeth, Jenny moved her mouth up to the Slayer’s ear.  “Cum for me, Baby.”  She ground her clit into the Slayer’s ass as she pinched her nipple, sucked the earlobe into her mouth and buried her fingers deeply into the Slayer. 


Buffy at the whispered words, pressing down on to Jenny’s fingers as her inner walls clamped down hard.  She jerked once as Jenny bit down on her earlobe, and pinched her nipple to the point of pleasant pain.  “JENNNNNY!!”  Her hips jerked again and again causing her to tug on the chain with each jerk. 


Jenny moaned loudly into the Slayer’s ear as she followed her with an orgasm of her own.  Releasing the Slayer’s ear, Jenny pressed her forehead against the Slayer’s shoulder as they both bucked with their climaxes.  After a few moments Jenny straightened out her fingers within the Slayer’s clenching inner muscles.  She continued to gently rub over the Slayer’s clit, and released the nipple in her fingers to cup the breast. 


Buffy still moaning and panting, released the chain with one last tug, moving her hand to cover Jenny’s, stilling its motion.  She leaned up and kissed Jenny’s temple.  “Well… you were right.”  She chuckled softly and moaned when her hips jerked with an aftershock. 


Jenny smiled and lifted her head as she pressed into the Slayer’s ass, shuddering herself as her sensitive clit pressed into the Slayer.  “About what, Baby?”  Jenny kissed the shoulder in front of her. 


“I’d be screaming your name.”  Buffy grinned and started to chuckle, moaning when Jenny joined her, making her hand move.  Buffy held tighter to the hand still within her and groaned as her hips bucked again. 


Jenny laughed harder until the Slayer’s ass jerked back into her own body, making her moan and rest her head against the Slayer’s shoulder.  “Point taken.”  She tried to keep her hand still as she lifted her head after a moment to kiss the Slayer.  “And you’ll be screaming it again, soon.”  She lowered her head, stopping any reply the Slayer may have had with a kiss. 


Buffy whimpered softly into the kiss, which lasted until she began to moan softly and her hips started to move again.  She urged Jenny’s hand to move in and out of her again. 


Jenny ended the kiss lightly nipping on the Slayer’s lower lip, smiling down at her.  “Are you ready to scream my name again?” 


Buffy chuckled and released Jenny’s hand, she moved her hand between their bodies.  Giving the chain a gentle tug, Buffy grinned as she released it to move her hand down.  Running her fingers through the wetness she found, she moaned softly as Jenny’s eyes closed and she pressed into the her hand. 


“Okay, so maybe I’ll be screaming your name.”  Jenny chuckled softly and opened her eyes to smile down at Buffy. 


Buffy lifted her head to kiss Jenny.  “How ‘bout we both do some screaming?”  She brought her coated fingers up to lightly brush across Jenny’s clamped clit. 


Jenny moaned as her hips jerked at the touch.  “That’ll work, too.”  She leaned down and captured the Slayer’s lips, probing her mouth when Buffy opened for her. 


Dueling tongues for long moments, as hips started to rock with more determination.  Buffy finally broke the kiss breathing heavily.  “This would be easier if you’d let me turn around?” 


Jenny winked at her.  “I thought you liked doing things the hard way, Slayer?” 


Buffy gently squeezed Jenny’s clit, smirking when Jenny moaned, her hips jerking.  “I could just pin you down and see what you have in your backpack to use on you, you know?”  Buffy grinned at the dark haired woman as she gently tugged on the chain. 


Jenny moaned from both the tug and the words.  She was ready to roll over onto her back when she remembered where her fingers were.  “That would require me removing these.”  She smirked at Buffy as she wiggled her fingers inside her. 


Buffy pressed down onto the fingers.  “You have a point there.”  She lifted her head to kiss Jenny.  “But I have a feeling it would probably even out in the end.”  She kissed her again as Jenny chuckled softly. 


“Maybe, maybe not?”  Jenny started pumping a little faster within the Slayer.  “Had I known I would have someone to play with today, I may have bought other toys instead of the ones I did buy.” 


Buffy leaned up and kissed her again, whispering against her lips.  “I’m sure you would have.  But I bet we can still find something in there to play with anyway.”  She kissed her deeply as she lowered her hand to play at Jenny’s opening.  She growled softly as she ended the kiss, not being able to get her hand turned enough to enter her.  “In about five seconds you’re either going to end up on your ass on the floor, or you’re going to let me turn around.”  She smirked at her.  “Choice is yours?” 


Jenny chuckled softly and kissed Buffy.  “Doesn’t sound like much of a choice, now, does it?”  She lowered her leg so Buffy could get hers unhooked.  “Does this mean you’re going to put down the ‘earring’?  She chuckled when Buffy started to turn with it still in her other hand. 


“You said if I figured it out, I got to change it out with the one you were wearing.”  She gave the chain a gentle tug as she finished turning over. 


Jenny bit her lip as her hips jerked, she repaid the Slayer by pressing the heel of her hand against her clit as she buried her fingers deeply inside her. 


Buffy moaned at the move and tossed the curly ‘earring’ behind her, so she could bury her own fingers inside Jenny. 


“Besides the fact that I don’t know if you figured it out… or if I clued you in when I was talking to myself?”   Jenny raised her knee again allowing the Slayer easy access. 


They both moaned as Buffy finally got to let her fingers enter Jenny. 


Buffy started with two fingers, quickly adding a third as she kissed Jenny.  “I basically had it figured out, but you just happened to reinforce my thoughts.”  She kissed her again as she pushed in deeply and tugged on the chain. 


Jenny moaned into the kiss as they started a quick rhythm together.  She gently bit down on Buffy’s tongue before releasing it and her lips.  “The toys are coming out next, Slayer.” 


“Is that supposed to scare me, Old Lady?”  Buffy smiled up at Jenny until she saw the smirk on her face, she whimpered and gently tugged the chain.  “Just remember, I’ve got your leash.” 


Jenny chuckled and winked at the Slayer.  “Baby, the leash is going to have to come off, or I’ll end up wrecking myself.”  She gently ran her tongue over Buffy’s lips.  “But, you may end up wearing it instead.”  She grinned before kissing the whimpering Slayer deeply. 


“I’m in deep shit!”  Buffy mumbled when the kiss broke as she buried her fingers within Jenny. 


Jenny started laughing, only to turn into a deep moan as the Slayer slammed into her and tugged the chain.  “That works.”  She met the Slayer stroke for stroke as the talking stopped and they seriously got back to what they were doing to each other. 


It didn’t take long before they were both moaning as they followed one another over the edge. 


When they were breathing normally again, Jenny whispered before softly kissing the Slayer.  “Sit up on the edge of the table, Baby.”  She removed her fingers from the Slayer, winked and rolled off the side of the table when Buffy had removed her own fingers and raised a brow. 


Buffy released the chain with a final tug when Jenny started to roll away.  She’d thought of holding on to it, making Jenny tell her what she was up to, but in the end, relenting.  Rolling to the edge of the mattress, she sat up on the edge of the table. 


Jenny stood before the Slayer and rolled her eyes.  “I’m not sure I should do this in front of you, but you’ll find out for yourself soon enough.”  She took a deep breath before reaching down and releasing the clamp.  Short moments later, she released the breath in a hiss through gritted teeth.  She closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the sudden pain of blood rushing back into her sensitive clit to ease off a bit.  “Damn, I hate that part of it.”  She gently, very gently, massaged herself. 


Buffy looked on in concern.  “Are you okay?” 


Jenny nodded as she opened pain filled eyes.  “But the benefits definitely outweigh the temporary discomfort.” 


Buffy frowned and covered her own crotch with both hands.  “And you think you’re going to do that to me?”  She started shaking her head in the negative. 


“I’ll be fine in a few minutes.  Trust me.”  Jenny stepped in front of the Slayer and kissed her forehead.  “It’ll be worth it, Baby.”  She set the clamp, chain and weight beside the Slayer on the mattress as she nudged Buffy’s legs apart, stepping between them.  “It’s like when your arm or leg fall asleep, that first rush of pain when the blood starts circulating again.  You’ll live.”  She kissed the Slayer before snaking her tongue out to trace her lips, deepening the kiss when Buffy opened to her.  She ran her hands down Buffy’s arms, gently tugging at her wrists to get the Slayer to move her hands away from herself.  She placed Buffy’s hands on the mattress, just beside and behind her as she broke the kiss needing air and trailing her tongue and lips down Buffy’s jaw to her neck.  As she worked her way down the front of the Slayer’s body.


Buffy moaned leaning back on her hands as she pressed her chest forward into Jenny’s roaming mouth.  “You do know how to make your point, don’t you?”  She groaned and arched her back as Jenny bit down on her nipple before lavishing attention on it with her tongue, sucking as much of the breast into her mouth as she could. 


Jenny nodded against the Slayer’s breast as she ran her hands up and down Buffy’s back a few times, finally ending up on her ass.  She urged the Slayer to move forward, closer to the edge of the table as she swapped breasts with her mouth. 


Buffy complied moving to the edge as far as she dared.  Her body began to quiver in anticipation as Jenny worked her way down the center of her chest, realizing where she was headed when the woman hooked her arms under her legs. 


Lowering herself to her knees, Jenny headed slowly towards her destination as she slid the Slayer’s legs up her arms.  Teasing the Slayer’s body as she went, nipping at her bellybutton before dipping her tongue in and out a few times before moving on.  She worked her way down to the mound, running her tongue back and forth a few times through the neatly trimmed hairs before trailing lower to circle the outer lips of the Slayer as she slid her legs to her shoulders. 


Buffy leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs wider.  Moaning softly as Jenny worked her tongue back and forth, up and down teasingly. 


Jenny used her tongue to part the lips, running the tip just barely inside as she enjoyed the taste on her tongue before finally giving in and nibbling along each outer lip.  She’d stayed away from the Slayer’s clit as she worked higher, before traveling back down the other side. 

When the Slayer used her legs to pull her closer Jenny stopped teasing.  She began circling around at the top of the Slayer’s crevice, brushing her tongue across the nub poking out from under its hood. 


Buffy moaned and spread further for the woman, refusing to loosen her hold with her legs for fear of Jenny retreating from what she was doing.  


Jenny had no intentions of going anywhere, smiling as she brought her eyes up to meet the Slayer’s. 


“I’ll remember this when it’s my turn, you know.”  Buffy narrowed her eyes slightly at the older woman. 


“In that case…”  Jenny winked and wrapped her lips around the Slayer’s clit, gently sucking it into her mouth and fluttering her tongue over it. 


Buffy had been expecting more teasing, but moaned loudly when the opposite happened.  Closing her eyes, Buffy tilted her head back as she lifted her ass as much as she could without putting too much pressure on Jenny as she pressed into the warm lips. 


Jenny’s hands moved to the Slayer’s ass to help support her and keep her from sliding off the edge of the table as she lavished attention on the pulsing muscle. 


Buffy growled and jerked her head forward, her eyes snapping open when Jenny suddenly pulled her mouth away. 


Jenny knew she was being a bitch, as Buffy was so close to climaxing when she pulled away, reaching for clamp beside the Slayer.  She chuckled softly at the look of outrage on the face glaring down at her.  “I’ve got other plans for you, Baby.”  She quickly attached the clamp on Buffy’s clit, adjusting it when the Slayer flinched.  “Sorry, how’s that?”  She looked up at Buffy, ready to either loosen it or remove it at the Slayer’s say so. 


“Better, just not used… Jesus!”  She jerked, moaning in surprise when Jenny flipped the ring with the chain attached upward, laying the chain on her mound, the movement having caused the clamp to vibrate and shift on her clit.  Not an unpleasant feeling at all. 


Jenny smirked and swiped her tongue gently across the now exposed nub. 


“Christ!”  Buffy jerked again, her eyes squeezing shut as the move almost made her cum.  Moaning as Jenny ran her tongue back down between her lips and plunged into her.  “SHIT!”  She ground her hips down onto her tongue. 


Jenny plunged in and out a half dozen times before pulling back out, flicking the Slayer’s clit once, and then extricating herself from Buffy’s legs. 


Buffy whimpered and fell back onto the mattress, growling loudly and hissing out one word.  “Bitch!” 


Jenny chuckled softly and placed a kiss on the Slayer’s mound before gently tugging on the chain with her teeth. 


Buffy bucked at the tug, lifting her head to glare at the woman as she got off her knees.  “Where’s my stake when I need it?”  She growled softly, watching as Jenny reached for the backpack. 


“Oh, Baby!  I’ve got something much better than a stake!”  Jenny grinned and winked at the Slayer, chuckling as she watched the blush travel up her chest to her cheeks. 


Buffy’s eyes opened wide.  “Th-that wasn’t what I meant!” 


Jenny grinned at the Slayer as she pulled the towel with the toys out, setting it beside Buffy.  “Choose my weapon, Baby.”  She smirked as she turned back to the backpack, pulling out the harness. 


Buffy sat up, moaning when the weight and chain slid off her to dangle off the side of the table.  “Jesus!”  Her head snapped down to look at the swaying item as her hips jerked.  “Christ!  You walk around with this thing on?” 


Jenny turned back to grin and wiggle her brows at the Slayer.  “Now you know why I was ready to jump your bones.” 


Buffy eased herself off the table, taking a few steps to see what it was like, moaning softly as she did.  “Now I know why you went shopping.”  She shuddered and stepped back over beside Jenny, reaching for the towel wrapped toys. 


“Plus the fact I’m a horny bitch, anyway.”  Jenny chuckled as she winked at Buffy. 


Buffy snorted softly as she started to unroll the towel, whimpering when the first dildo came into view.  “Oh, God!”  She paled slightly at the size of the thing. 


Jenny grinned and tried not to laugh, she wouldn’t be using that particular one on the Slayer… not yet, anyway.  She’d have to work her up to it. 


“You…”  Buffy looked up with wide eyes at the older woman. 


Letting out the laugh, Jenny shook her head.  “Don’t worry.  I won’t use that one on you… yet.” 


Buffy whimpered again as her eyes fell back to the rather large toy thinking the thing would split her in half.  Shuddering again she unrolled the towel further, hoping to find something that didn’t look as painful. 


Jenny heard the quiet sigh of relief when the other two were brought into view and chuckled.  “More to your liking?” 


“Much more.”  Buffy blushed as she rolled her eyes at the smirking woman.  “Do you really use that one?” 


Jenny shrugged.  “It takes some getting used to, but it’s doable.  Not something I’d start you off with.”  She smiled softly at the Slayer. 


“Thank God.”  Buffy chuckled as she picked up one of the other ones.  “This one doesn’t look as dangerous.”  She smiled and handed it to Jenny. 


Jenny laughed and took the toy from Buffy.  “Just wait, you’ll be singing a different tune when I work you up to the other one.”  She winked at Buffy then fixed the toy into the harness. 


Buffy had chosen the double ended one.  It was more of what she was used to, though she had a feeling she’d get a lot more out of this one than the real thing. 


Jenny gently tugged on the toy making sure it was securely in place before she set it on the mattress.  Quickly placing the others back in the backpack as she pulled out a bottle of lube, not that she thought they’d really need it, but better safe than sore. 


Buffy took the bottle of oil from Jenny, removing the seal at the top as she read the bottle.  “Raspberry, huh?”  She smiled at the dark haired woman. 


“My favorite of the choices.”  Jenny nodded as she watched Buffy open the bottle and dip the tip of her finger in.  She grabbed Buffy’s hand before she could bring it to her mouth to try it. 


Buffy looked up at Jenny as she brought her hand towards her own mouth, eyes widening when she breathed softly on her finger.  Buffy felt the warmth of the oil as it heated with the breath.  “Cool.”  She smiled, bringing her finger to her mouth and breathing on it again before tasting it.  “Mmm.” 


Jenny smiled as she took the bottle from Buffy and coated the end that she would be inserting in herself, surprised when Buffy grabbed her hand before she could wipe it on the towel. 


Buffy brought Jenny’s hand to her mouth, breathing on the oil before she slowly licked it from her fingers.  Watching as Jenny’s eyes watched her clean her hand. 


Jenny shuddered as the Slayer slowly sucked her finger into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it as she sucked the flavored oil off, only to slowly repeat the process on her other fingers.  “Don’t think I’ll need that now.”  She softly breathed out as Buffy slowly released her finger from her mouth. 


Buffy released Jenny’s hand and reached down to run her fingers through the wetness that had gathered between the woman’s legs.  “No, probably not.”  She smiled as she brought her coated fingers to her mouth and repeated the slow process of cleaning them, moaning at the taste. 


Jenny shivered, groaning softly as her eyes closed thinking of what she’d rather have the Slayer sucking on.  Shaking her head slightly, she took a deep breath before she opened her eyes to a smirking Slayer, a finger still in her mouth.  “Bitch.”  She chuckled softly and put the harness on, moaning as she inserted the smaller portion of the dildo within herself. 


Buffy smiled around her finger before finally removing it from her mouth, her eyes dropping to watch Jenny. 


Securing the last buckle, Jenny looked up to see half lidded eyes watching her.  She stepped closer to the Slayer, dropping her head to kiss her when Buffy lifted her head.  She reached down and gently tugged on the chain before setting it in motion, swaying back and forth between the Slayer’s legs as she battled tongues with her. 


Buffy groaned into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around the Jenny’s shoulders, pressing her body against the woman’s and feeling the dildo press into her stomach. 


Jenny moaned as the toy pressed against her own clit.  Breaking the kiss, she pulled the Slayer’s arms from around her, turning her to face the table and placing her hands on the mattress.  “Are you ready for this, Baby?”  She pressed up against Buffy’s back, the toy pressing against Buffy’s ass as she gently nipped her shoulder. 


“Yes.”  Buffy breathed out softly as she tilted her head, giving the woman access to her neck. 


Jenny worked her way from shoulder to neck, and up to the Slayer’s ear.  She sucked the Slayer’s earlobe into her mouth after tracing the outer edge as she reached for the bottle of lube. 


Buffy saw Jenny’s hand going for the bottle and shook her head slightly so as not to dislodge the mouth on her ear.  “Won’t need it.” 


Jenny moaned softly, her hand detouring to Buffy’s breast instead. 


Buffy arched into Jenny’s hands, the other having come up to join the first.  “You just gonna tease me with that, Old Lady, or are you gonna put it to good use?”  She smirked as she pressed her ass back into the toy, knowing that it was causing a problem for the woman. 


Jenny bit into the Slayer’s neck at the comment, moaning at the pressure put on her clit.  “Bitch!”  She pinched the Slayer’s nipples as she bent her knees bringing the toy down Buffy’s ass and slipping it between her legs.  She did a little teasing of her own as she pressed the toy forward through the wetness gathered there, making sure the tip hit against the chain causing it to swing.  She smirked herself when the Slayer moaned. 


“SHIT!”  Buffy jerked, moaning as the weight continued to sway back and forth.  She pressed up onto her toes, trying to get Jenny to enter her. 


“Something you want, Slayer?”  Jenny brought a hand down between them, guiding the tip of the dildo back and forth, coating it with the Slayer’s own lube. 


Buffy turned her head, growling softly at the woman. 


Jenny captured the Slayer’s lips as she ran her hand up and down the length of the toy, coating it with the wetness before guiding it to the Slayer’s opening.  Entering her slowly and working in and out a bit at a time, wanting to make sure it was coated thoroughly before she picked up the pace. 


Buffy moaned into the kiss as she finally got what she wanted.  Breaking the kiss to lean forward onto the table as Jenny started going deeper.  She moaned as her head dropped, watching the chain swing with each thrust and feeling the weight pull on her throbbing clit each time. 


Jenny started to pound into Buffy when she was sure she wouldn’t hurt her, the base of the toy pressing against her when she had the toy buried in the Slayer. 


Buffy was grateful she’d chosen the one that was only six or seven inches long on her end as the dark haired woman pounded into her.  Not that she thought Jenny would hurt her, but for the moment this was perfect as she met Jenny stroke for stroke.  Moaning as she started to breathe heavily, it wouldn’t take much longer between the clamp on her clit and Jenny wielding the toy. 


Jenny could feel the Slayer’s inner walls starting to clamp down on the toy with each thrust.  Leaning over the Slayer’s back she starting nibbling and biting along her shoulder and neck as she pinched and twisted her nipples. 


“Jesus!”  Buffy panted out as she arched into the hands on her breasts, calling out Jenny’s name a few strokes later as she slammed herself back on to the dildo.  “JENNNNYYY” 


Jenny pressed into the Slayer and stayed there as the Slayer rode out her orgasm.  She herself was close, but didn’t want to move just yet as she sucked lightly on the Slayer’s neck, gently massaging the breasts in her hands.  When she felt Buffy start to loosen around the toy, she slowly started to move within her again. 


Buffy moaned and arched her neck as Jenny started a slow rhythm, in and out, almost pulling all the way out before slowly sliding completely in again.  She clamped down on the dildo and rotated her hips as she pressed fully back into Jenny, giving the end within the older woman movement. 


Jenny moaned, her own inner walls clenching and unclenching on the smaller end.  “Keep that up and I’ll cum.”  She moaned again as Buffy pressed the base up into her clit before relaxing her muscles and sliding up the toy, only to repeat the process when she slid back down it.  Reaching down with one hand, she gently flicked the Slayer’s clit before giving a gentle tug on the chain and setting it in motion again. 


Buffy moaned as she felt Jenny’s hand stay to play on her still throbbing clit.  She couldn’t believe how sensitive having the clamp on there made her.  The slightest touch was tenfold what it would normally be as she quickly climbed towards another orgasm. 


Jenny allowed Buffy to take charge this time, the Slayer barely moving very far up the dildo before she pressed back down and rotated her hips.  She just pressed into her ass enjoying the feel of what the Slayer was doing, feeling the orgasm building with each movement.  After a half dozen more times, Jenny grunted softly as she bit down on the Slayer’s neck, gently pinching her clit and squeezing the nipple between her fingers.  Her hips thrust forward of their own accord as she climaxed around the smaller end of the toy within her, body shuddering as she leaned heavily against the Slayer. 


Buffy groaned as she clamped down on the toy following the woman over the edge once again as she pressed back into her. 


After catching her breath again, Jenny slowly pulled out of the Slayer, turned her around and removed the clamp. 


Buffy winced as the clamp came off, now knowing what Jenny had gone through.  Climbing back onto the edge of the mattress at Jenny’s urging. 


Jenny lifted the Slayer’s legs, wrapping them around her waist before she guided the toy back into her. 


Buffy moaned softly and pulled Jenny up tight against her with her legs, wrapping her arms around the woman’s shoulders. 


Jenny leaned down and met the Slayer’s lips, delving in with her tongue when the Slayer opened for her as she started to move in and out of her once again. 


Buffy moaned into the kiss as Jenny pressed against her sensitive clit with each inward plunge.  Their nipples rubbing against each other had the Slayer bringing one hand around to cup a breast.  Using her thumb she brushed back and forth across the hard nub before finally gently squeezing it between finger and thumb. 


Jenny moaned as she battled tongues with Buffy, feeling the Slayer gently scrap a nail across her hardened nipple as she started moving faster and harder within the Slayer. 


Buffy broke the kiss panting as she tilted her head back, Jenny going straight for her pulse point on her neck.  She moaned as she felt Jenny’s hands slide down to her ass. 


Jenny grabbed Buffy’s ass, working her hands below the Slayer as she kneaded the flesh.  When she’d gotten her hands below the Slayer she pulled her head back from her neck.  “Hold on, Baby.”  She stood up straight, lifting the Slayer from the mattress as she did. 


Buffy’s eyes flew open as she tightened her hold with her legs and arms.  “What…”  She trailed off as Jenny turned around. 


Jenny winked and carried the Slayer over to the wall, pressing her back against it. 


“Oh!”  Buffy groaned and leaned back against the wall, loosening her hold a bit as Jenny started thrusting in and out of her again.  She used the wall for leverage as she bucked into the thrusts. 


Jenny grit her teeth as she felt the end within herself press up into her g-spot as the Slayer ground down onto the toy.  “Damn!”  She dug her fingers into the Slayer’s ass as her hips jerked with the touch.  Lifting the Slayer slightly with her hands, Jenny pulled out to thrust back in. 


Buffy used her legs around Jenny to push up and drop back down, grunting softly each time she bottomed out on the toy. 


Jenny leaned up, attacking the Slayer’s lips as they continued slamming into each other.  Groaning, she nipped Buffy’s lower lip as she felt herself edging closer and closer, panting as she dropped her mouth to Buffy’s neck. 


Buffy dug her fingers into the older woman’s shoulders as Jenny bit down on her neck.  “Fuck!”  She banged her head back against the wall as she lifted herself one more time to slam down on the toy. 


Jenny grunted and bit a little harder as her hips bucked when she climaxed. 


Buffy ground down on the toy, pulling Jenny tightly to her with her legs, jerking herself each time Jenny did.  “FUCK!”  She released the woman’s shoulders to wrap her arms around them, holding tightly to her as they both shuddered and shook with their orgasms. 


Jenny grunted and nodded her head in agreement as she leaned heavily against the Slayer, using the pressure to hold them both upright against the wall as her legs shook. 


“Are you okay?”  Buffy asked when she could speak again after swallowing a few times to get moisture back into her dry throat from panting. 


Jenny grunted and nodded against the Slayer’s shoulder as another aftershock shuddered through her body. 


Buffy moaned and held on tightly as the aftershock caused Jenny to move against her sensitive clit.  “Can you let me down?”  She leaned her head down against Jenny’s. 


Jenny shook her head.  “Give me… a minute… to get my legs… under me.”  She turned her head to suck in a lungful of air.  “Goddess!”  She whimpered softly, jerking as Buffy ran her hands up and down her back. 


“Sorry.”  Buffy chuckled softly and wrapped her arms around Jenny’s shoulders again as she kissed the top of her head. 


Jenny gently squeezed Buffy’s ass in answer as she leaned her forehead against her shoulder, trying to get her body back under control.  After a moment she started to laugh softly.  “Whose bright idea was this?”  She grinned up at the snorting Slayer. 


“Yours.”  Buffy smirked down into twinkling brown eyes. 


“Damn, I’m good!”  Jenny wiggled her brows and chuckled as she tested her legs to see if they’d hold. 


“Yes, you are.”  Buffy leaned down and kissed her. 


Jenny squeezed Buffy’s ass again and smiled against her lips before parting them for a deeper kiss.  “Let’s see if I can get us back over to the table.”  She chuckled and nipped Buffy’s chin.  “Just don’t go jumping off in a hurry, or you’ll wreck us both.”  She slowly stood upright before carefully moving away from the wall.  With still somewhat shaky legs she got them back over to the table, setting Buffy back down on the edge before carefully pulling out of her and dropping to her knees. 


“Are you… OH!”  Buffy moaned as Jenny ran her tongue the length of her. 


Jenny moaned as she started to clean the Slayer’s dripping juices from her body, sucking each outer lip into her mouth and laving it with her tongue before plunging into her opening. 


“Christ!”  Buffy grabbed handfuls of hair as she held the woman against herself, her hips automatically grinding against the woman’s mouth and tongue, her muscles trying to pull the tongue in further. 


Jenny swirled her tongue around a few times before pulling it back into her mouth, moaning as she swallowed what she’d found and going back in for more.  She could feel the wetness on her chin as she probed as deeply as she could with her tongue. 


Buffy whimpered as her hips bucked and her legs started to shake again, pulling Jenny even tighter against herself. 


Jenny grunted and kissed the Slayer for all she was worth, pressing her nose into the Slayer’s clit. 


“FUCK!”  Buffy called out a few moments later as her thighs closed around Jenny’s head, holding her in place as another orgasm rolled through her. 


Jenny smiled against the Slayer as she sucked down the rewards for her efforts, using her tongue to draw out all that she could from within. 


Buffy grunted and released her hold on Jenny’s hair, silently wondering if she’d ripped any out as she flopped back on the mattress, her legs shaking as they release their hold also. 


Jenny chuckled softly as she pulled her tongue out and began cleaning the rest of the juices she could find, and softly sucking the Slayer’s clit into her mouth when she’d worked her way there. 


Buffy grunted again, her hips jerking and legs tightening around Jenny’s head as she began to whimper softly. 


Jenny smiled and released the Slayer’s clit with a soft kiss, slowly working her way back to her feet as she kissed and licked her way up the Slayer’s body. 


“Stop that!”  Buffy grunted and pulled the woman further up her body to kiss soundly when Jenny had stopped to tease her nipples. 


Jenny stepped close to the Slayer, pressing the toy between them against Buffy’s still throbbing clit and gently rubbing back and forth. 


Buffy whimpered and broke the kiss.  “You’re trying to kill me.”  Her hips of their own accord started rocking her against the dildo pressed against her. 


“You’ll survive.”  Jenny nipped down the Slayer’s chin and began sucking and licking at her neck. 


“Maybe.”  Buffy’s back arched up into the hands that worked their way to her breasts, pinching and twisting before being flicked with nails, moaning as she felt another small orgasm rock her body. 


Jenny let up and just leaned against the Slayer as Buffy tightened her arms around her, her legs locking around her also, holding her in place as her body shuddered.  She worked her hands out from between them to run soothingly up and down the Slayer’s sides with a firm touch. 


Buffy sighed after a few moments releasing her tight hold on the woman. 


Jenny lifted her head and smiled down at the grinning Slayer, softly kissing her on the tip of the nose, chin, and finally lips.  “Are you okay, Baby?”  She chuckled softly as Buffy nodded once, still grinning, never opening her eyes. 


Buffy grunted softly as her legs slipped off the woman to dangle uselessly off the side of the table, her arms falling to the mattress. 


Jenny laughed softly and kissed Buffy once more time before straightening up and stepping back from the splayed out and spent Slayer.  She unbuckled the harness, moaning softly as she removed the toy from within herself. 


Buffy opened her eyes and groaned as she watched Jenny bring the toy up to her mouth to lick and suck all the sticky wetness from both ends of it. 


Jenny grinned as she watched a shudder run through the Slayer’s body as she watched her clean the toy.  If the Slayer didn’t have to go on patrol soon she’d climb on the table with her and continue what they’d been doing as she watched the arousal come back to flood the Slayer’s eyes.  Mentally groaning at her own thoughts, she finished with the toy placing it on a towel before stepping back over to Buffy. 


Buffy reached out for the dark haired woman, letting Jenny pull her upright before wrapping her arms around her and kissing her neck. 


Jenny wrapped her arms around the Slayer and kissed her temple.  “I’d continue this, but you have to go out on patrol in a little bit.”  She ran her hands up and down the whimpering Slayer’s back as Buffy laid her head on her shoulder.  “You can always stop by the house after patrol.  I’ve got a big Jacuzzi tub you can soak in.  I’ll even massage the kinks out of you again.”  She kissed her temple again. 


“Do I get to turn the tables?”  Buffy turned her head to wiggle her brows up at the woman after nipping her shoulder. 


Jenny chuckled and kissed her.  “It’s a two way street, anything goes, Baby.”  She nodded and kissed her again. 


Buffy moaned and reached a hand between them, running her fingers between Jenny’s legs and through the wetness she knew would be there.  “Do I get to clean that up first?”  She added incentive by dipping two fingers into the woman, pressing in deeply as Jenny pressed down on them. 


Jenny groaned and looked at the clock behind the Slayer.  “We don’t have time, Baby, as much as I’d like you to.” 


Buffy whimpered and stilled her hand before she pulled out slowly to Jenny’s disappointed moan.  Bringing her fingers to her mouth, Buffy sucked them in to clean them off, moaning around them as she did.  She pushed Jenny back slightly with her other hand, sliding off the table as she removed the fingers from her mouth.  “I’ll be quick.”  She picked Jenny up and turned to place her on the edge of the table, dropped to her knees and began a quick but thorough cleaning. 


Jenny moaned, placing a hand on the Slayer’s head as she leaned back on one elbow, letting the Slayer have her way, not that she was going to complain. 


Buffy moaned and hummed as she repeated on Jenny what Jenny had done to her, quickly bringing a hand into play as she plunged two fingers into her, adding a third a few strokes later as she moved to suck the woman’s clit into her mouth. 


“Mmm.”  Jenny moaned as she closed her eyes and started moving with the Slayer.  “DAMN!”  She jerked a short time later, for a novice the Slayer had very good instincts and quickly brought her to orgasm before finishing cleaning her off. 


Buffy chuckled, kissed Jenny’s clit and stood, bringing her hand back to her mouth to clean her fingers off. 


“Goddess, when you set your mind to something…”  She laughed and shook her head at the grinning Slayer.  “Get your ass dressed, Slayer, before Giles decides to come in search of his missing Slayer.”  She gently kicked Buffy’s ass. 


Buffy giggled and leaned over to kiss her.  “Then maybe he’d stop asking you out if he found us.” 


Jenny laughed and nodded as she sat up.  “That would do the trick, or at least I hope it would.”  She tacked on the end as she rolled her eyes.  Some times the Englishman couldn’t see what was right in front of his face. 


Buffy chuckled and headed for her clothes.  “He is a little slow on the uptake on occasion.” 


“SHIT!”  Jenny grabbed the edge of the table to keep from falling when her legs buckled as she slid off mattress. 


Buffy quickly looked over her shoulder, grinning and laughing when she saw Jenny grab for the table.  “Need a walker, Old Lady?” 


“Bitch!”  Jenny couldn’t help but smile and laugh herself.  “Haven’t had a good workout in a while, but I’m far from being done, Slayer.”  Jenny tossed the pillow at the smirking Slayer as she stood without assistance, smirking back at the Buffy. 


Buffy caught the pillow and grinned, picking up her clothes she walked back to the table, smacking Jenny on the ass with the pillow before she set it on the mattress.  “Just checking.” 


“I just don’t have Slayer recuperative powers to draw on.”  She pinched Buffy’s ass.  “Like someone I know.”  Then she grinned.  “As I recall, that someone was laid out limp and lifeless not too long ago, herself.” 


Buffy chuckled and nodded.  “Okay, so you’re not ready for the walker, yet.”  She leaned up and kissed her before grabbing her g-string. 


Jenny stopped her and shook her head as she reached for the curly ‘earring’ and the clamp and chain. 


Buffy raised a brow as she watched Jenny. 


Jenny looked up and smiled before she swapped the heavier weight for the other.  “I think you’ve earned it, Baby.”  She kissed Buffy softly before dropping to her knees and turning the Slayer to face her.  Placing a kiss on the Slayer’s mound, Jenny pushed back the hood of the Slayer’s clit, gently attaching the clamp once again.  Placing a kiss upon the exposed and clamped muscle, Jenny winked up at the Slayer as she stood.  “Not sure you’d want to keep that on for patrol, but you can wear it back to the room before you go.”  She chuckled softly as she kissed Buffy’s forehead.  “Let’s see if you can keep from falling down on the walk back.”  She winked and tugged the chain gently before she set it in motion swinging. 


Buffy had moaned softly when the clamp was attached to her, moaning a little louder when Jenny tugged on it.  “Bitch!”  She tossed her g-string at Jenny.  “We each get a souvenir.” 


Jenny grinned and spun the item on the tip of her finger.  “I’ll have to start a collection.”  She winked and tossed it in her backpack. 


Buffy laughed and reached for her blouse as Jenny headed for her clothes.  She watched as Jenny got dressed, her eyes taking in the woman’s body as the skin was covered, this was the first time she’d actually had a good look at the woman’s lean body.  Her fingers itching to bare the skin again to map out all that she saw. 


Jenny watched as Buffy watched her, she smiled as she noticed the twitching in the Slayer’s fingers.  The eyes took in all that she could see as they quickly roamed her body before the clothes could block the view.  She chuckled softly and poked a finger at Buffy’s lower lip when she was dress. 


Buffy blinked a few times after Jenny pressed on her lip, realizing she was pouting she quickly pulled her lip back in as she blushed lightly. 


Jenny smiled and leaned over to kiss her before she took care of the toys.  She spoke as she wiped down the one they’d used, she’d make sure to clean that and the harness when she got home.  “You will see it again, Baby… if you want?”  She added the end on, letting the Slayer know she had a choice, and that she wasn’t going to press her into anything.  “This can all end right here, right now, or we can see where it leads.”  She rolled the toys back up in the towel and stuck them in her backpack before she pulled the sheets from the bed, haphazardly folding them to fit in the backpack. 


Buffy bit her lip and looked up at Jenny warily when she turned back around. 


Jenny zipped up the backpack, turning, she leaned a hip against the table when she saw the look on the Slayer’s face.  She folded her arms across her chest as she tilted her head slightly, not to ward anything off, just a comfortable stance as she crossed her ankles.  “What is it, Baby?”  She asked softly as Buffy fidgeted and dropped her eyes. 


Buffy worried her lip a bit more before she looked back up, still hesitant. 


Jenny smiled softly at her and nodded slightly.  “Spit it out before you pass out on me, or bite your lip off.”  She chuckled softly as she smiled again. 


Buffy nodded and dropped her eyes again.  “What if I came over and we soaked in the tub…”  She trailed off as she swallowed and hesitated again. 


“And?”  Jenny gently prodded her on. 


“And… I just wanted you to hold me for the night?”  Buffy looked up before quickly looking away again as she felt her face heat up. 


Jenny smiled at the sudden shyness of the younger woman, reaching out as she dropped her arms, gently tugging on Buffy’s sleeve.  “Come here, Baby.”  She pulled the willing Slayer into her arms, kissing her temple as Buffy leaned against her, her head on her shoulder, face against her neck.  She could feel the nervous pounding of the Slayer’s heart against her breast, as she rubbed the Slayer’s back.  “We can do that too, Baby.”  She kissed her head again.  “This doesn’t have to be just about playing, and it doesn’t have to be anything at all.  Whatever you’re comfortable with.”  She held the Slayer close.  “I’m not going to tie you to my bed and make you my sex slave.”  She chuckled softly and pulled her head back to grin and wink at the Slayer.  “Not unless you want me to, that is.”  She chuckled softly when Buffy rolled her eyes, but smiled.  “Nothing has to be decided right this minute.”  She kissed Buffy’s forehead.  “If you should decide this isn’t for you, I’ll take today and remember it fondly, nothing changes between us.”  She smiled down at the Slayer.  “Except I get a souvenir g-string, and I’ll know why you’re smiling as I see you walking around.”  She chuckled softly as Buffy dropped a hand to lightly pinch her ass.  Dropping her head Jenny kissed her softly and ran her hands up and down her back.  “Come on.  Time to get out of here before Rupert gets lost in the stacks looking for us.”  She grinned before kissing the Slayer again. 


Buffy nodded and stepped away from the woman, turning to grab her own backpack.  She looked around the room one more time as she stuck her bra that she’d not put back on in the bag. 


Jenny chuckled as she unlocked the door.  “Going commando on patrol?” 


Buffy shrugged and grinned.  “Wouldn’t be the first time.”  She chuckled as she stepped out the door that Jenny opened and held. 


“No, but it will be the first time with an added accessory.”  Jenny smacked the Slayer lightly on the ass as she stepped out the door.  Pulling her keys out Jenny locked the door before she took the Slayer’s hand and led her back through the maze of stacks within the library. 


As they came closer to the end of the stacks, Buffy gently pulled Jenny to a stop.  “Jenny?” 


Jenny turned when the Slayer called her name and stopped her, they’d been quiet on the way back out.  Jenny had been silently chuckling as she noticed the way the Slayer kept changing her stride, getting used to walking around with the clamp attached to her.  She raised a brow in question, biting back the grin at the darkened eyes of the Slayer, knowing she was enjoying the accessory. 


“I’ll see you in a few hours, if that’s okay?”  Buffy smiled shyly at the woman, her heart beating a little faster at the beautiful smile the slowly crossed Jenny’s face as the brown eyes began to twinkle once again. 


Jenny stepped closer to the Slayer and leaned down to kiss her.  “I’ll be waiting, Baby.”  She kissed her again as she released her hand, pulling back she quickly pulled a key off her key ring.  “Let yourself in when you get there.  I’ll have something to eat ready for you, then you can take a quick shower while the tub fills.”  Jenny kissed her again as she placed the key in the Slayer’s hand. 


“Will you join me in the tub?”  Buffy smiled as she looked down at the key before closing her hand around it. 


“Count on it.”  Jenny kissed her again.  “Be careful, and hurry home.”  She tapped the Slayer’s hand with the key. 


Buffy grinned and pulled Jenny to her.  “Here comes Giles, shall we give him a clue?”  She grinned when Jenny chuckled and wrapped her arms around her. 


“Now seems to be the perfect time for it.”  Jenny leaned down and captured the Slayer’s lips in a soft kiss, slowly working her tongue out to deepen it as she soon forgot why they were kissing in the first place. 


Buffy moaned softly and pressed herself against the taller woman as they battled back and forth between mouths, whimpering slightly at the disruption before starting to laugh when they heard a sharp intake of air, followed by a quiet ‘Dear Lord!’ from Giles. 


Jenny pulled back and winked at the Slayer.  “I’d say we have a clue.”  She started laughing as she kissed the Slayer quickly before turning to Giles as she took Buffy’s hand once again, leading her past the shocked Brit with a nod of her head.  “Rupert.”  She smiled at the man as she walked past. 


“Giles.”  Buffy nodded and followed along behind the dark haired woman past the man, quickly moving up beside her as they both laughed quietly. 


“Dear Lord!”  Giles stood there for a moment before he had a revelation.  “Bloody Hell!”  He turned to watch the women walking away.  “What a bloody idiot I’ve been!  No wonder…”  He trailed off as he pulled his glasses off, closed his eyes, and pinched the bridge of his nose. 


Buffy snorted softly and grinned up at Jenny.  “I’d say you’re off the hook if I just heard him correctly.  He finally bought a clue.”  She leaned up and kissed the grinning woman before they both started laughing again as they headed for the doors to the library exit.  “Who’d have ever thought that the library is a place to gain knowledge?”  Buffy smirked at the dark haired woman as she pushed the door open and held it for Jenny to precede her out. 


Jenny snorted softly, knowing Buffy was talking about the Scoobie Gang having always hung out in the library at the now blown up high school, but never being there for studying anything that had to do with school.  Nothing had changed, but knowledge was learned today.