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...Good Book, Part 3

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It All Started With a Good Book
Happy Little Minion

Full disclaimer in Part 1. 

A/N & Thank you: The use of Radclyffe’s name and the titles of her books, along with character names and references are used with permission.  Thank you, Rad!  For those who haven’t read her books, please check out her website at; www.Radfic.com or www.BoldStrokesBooks.com  You won’t be sorry, and I highly recommend all her books!  ; ) 


Part 3

Tara grinned down at her creation as she put the plate in the oven to keep warm, Buffy would be down shortly having heard the shower stop.  She couldn’t stop the giggles as she poured more batter onto the griddle for her own pancakes. 


Buffy sniffed the air as she stepped out of the bathroom, her stomach rumbled at the smell of bacon as she hurried to her room to get dressed. 


Setting the bacon, home fries, and her plate of pancakes on the island with the butter and syrup, Tara grinned and grabbed two glasses out of the cabinet.  “Your pancakes are in the oven, milk or juice?”  She hurried to open the refrigerator before she ended up giggling again if she looked at the Slayer. 


“Milk, please.”  Buffy’s stomach growled and she licked her lips at the sight of the plates already on the island. 


Tara grabbed both items from the fridge, turning in time to watch the Slayer’s reaction. 


Buffy opened the oven and carefully tested the side of the plate before quickly pulling it out.  She almost dropped the plate when she saw her pancakes.  “Tara!” 


Tara burst into laughter as she fell against the counter, the embarrassment on the Slayer’s face worth the effort she’d put into making the stack of pancakes. 


Buffy felt her face heat up as she stared down at the warm dish in her hands.  There were two stacks of pancakes, or rather connected pancakes at the base, and then round pancakes of diminishing size as the stack rose.  “I can’t believe you.”  Buffy glanced up to send a glare at the laughing Wiccan, which only made her laugh all the more, before she dropped her eyes back to her breakfast.  She had to give the woman credit.  The smaller pancakes on the top were darker than the ones below, and two strawberry tips rising through the center of them as hardened nipples. 


Tara continued to laugh as she watched Buffy study the plate before setting it down.  “I was thinking of putting melon sections along the bottom side of them, you know, as support, but...”  She grinned and laughed as Buffy growled at her, turning to fill the glasses as she wiped away tears with one hand. 


Buffy set the plate down and scrubbed her face with her hands.  Tara wasn’t going to let her live this down any time soon. 


Tara put the milk and juice away before grabbing the glasses, setting them on the island as she took her seat, continuing to chuckle every time she looked at Buffy. 


“Paybacks!”  Buffy growled at her as she sent her another glare. 


“It’ll be worth it, Tough Stuff.”  Tara laughed as she bumped her shoulder into Buffy’s before preparing her own pancakes with butter and syrup. 


Buffy shook her head as she looked down at her plate again.  Now that the major embarrassment was over, she began to see the humor in it.  “There’s one problem I see here, though.”  Buffy glanced back up at Tara, her lips finally curling up in a smile. 


Tara looked from Buffy to the plate, and then back at Buffy again, a smile on her face.  “What?” 


Buffy pointed towards the stack on the right side of her plate.  “This hand didn’t get to feel the real thing.”  She poked at the hand shaped pancake that was covering the right breast, the strawberry nipple poking up between the middle and index finger.  “I think it got shortchanged.” 


Tara gave it serious consideration as the side of her lips twitched as she tried to keep from smiling.  “You’re right.”  She reached over and carefully picked up the hand shaped pancake, bringing it to press against her left breast before draping it back over the pancakes on Buffy's plate and adjusting the fingers again.  “There, all better.  Now no one feels left out.”  She closed Buffy’s mouth with her hand before she turned back to her own plate and picked up her fork.  “Eat up.”  She grinned as she looked at the shocked Slayer before cutting into her pancakes. 


Buffy whimpered softly and closed her eyes as Tara laughed softly and started to eat.  When she opened her eyes again, she glanced towards the smiling Wiccan who was doing her best to ignore her.  She couldn’t stop her eyes from glancing down to the breast her breakfast was just pressed against.  Seeing the now hard nipple poking at Tara’s nightshirt she still wore, she decided that two could play this game.  Holding her hair back with one hand, she leaned over and ran her tongue around the strawberry before flicking it with the tip of her tongue.  She chuckled softly after hearing a whimper when she scraped her teeth up the sides of the strawberry before wrapping her lips around it.  She couldn’t hold back the laughter as she heard the fork drop from Tara’s hand and bang off her plate, biting into the strawberry Buffy lifted her head and grinned around the berry in her teeth before sucking it into her mouth and chewing.  “Did I do that right?”  She smirked as Tara moaned softly and nodded, her eyes never leaving Buffy’s mouth.  “Good.”  She winked at the Wiccan as Tara finally blinked and her eyes moved up to her own.  “Eat up before it gets cold.”  She patted the back of Tara’s hand, grabbing a piece of bacon and stuffing it in her mouth before putting butter and syrup on her pancakes, grinning the whole time. 




“Come on already!  I don’t have all night, you know!”  Buffy growled and kicked at the recently laid sod, waiting for the vampire to rise.  “Hopefully I’ve got a hot date in a couple of hours.”  She began pacing the length of the grave, her eyes zeroed in for any movement of the earth as her sensitive hearing picked up sounds from below. 


She smiled in remembrance of Tara bent over the side of the tub, testing the water in her bubble bath as she was heading out for patrol.  Tara had turned her head, giving her a half smile.  ‘Don’t damage the merchandise tonight, Tough Stuff.’  Then she’d let her eyes roam over her body before meeting her eyes again, and winking.  She remembered her face heating up as her body responded to Tara’s perusal of it.  The Wiccan had been teasing her all day since the pancakes when they’d gotten up. 


Buffy chuckled softly as the thought of the next thing Tara had done.  She was lying on the couch reading when Tara came down the stairs carrying a laundry basket overflowing with the clothes from all their rooms.  When Buffy had looked up, Tara had asked her to bring the hamper from the bathroom down for her.  She’d set the book down and run upstairs to retrieve it, only to find it placed in front of the sink so she wouldn’t miss Tara’s little present.  Drawn in soap on the mirror was the outline of a woman’s body from the navel up, two large mounds of shaving cream where the breasts would be, and a winking, smiling face looking back at her. 


When she’d gotten down to the cellar, Tara was leaning back against the washing machine grinning at her.  “I think they’re starting to sag, and I’m not cleaning up the mess.”  She’d set the hamper down, stuck her tongue out at the Wiccan and ran back up the stairs, Tara’s laughter following after her. 


She was brought back to the present when she saw the earth shifting as the vampire finally made it to the surface.  “Need a hand?”  Buffy bent over and firmly grasped the hand breaking through the soil.  Pulling the former young man up and out, she helped him dust himself off.  “Can I ask your opinion on something?”  She took his growl as an affirmative answer.  “If I were to do this…”  She brought her hands up and started massaging his chest.  “Would you find it arousing if you were a woman?” 


The vamp cocked his head, looking at the small woman in confusion before slapping her hands away, growling loudly as he lunged for her. 


“A simple yes or no would have sufficed.”  Buffy grumbled as she sidestepped him, using his own momentum to toss him to the ground.  “Though I can see your point, you’re not having breasts and all.”  She ducked a punch as the vamp jumped back to his feet.  “But thanks, anyway.”  She quickly pulled out her stake and drove it home, then wandered off in search of something else to kill.  “I’ve gotta protect the merchandise, so no playing around with the evil dead things.”  She pouted as she headed out of the cemetery, not having felt anything else in the area. 


Tara had gotten her again at dinner.  Setting Buffy’s plate on the table with two mounds of mashed potatoes, gravy for areolas, and small mushroom caps for the nipples.  Dessert consisted of two mounds of ice cream, caramel areolas, and cherry nipples. 


Buffy laughed as she thought about the woman’s way with food.  “Wonder what she’d do for the lower half of the body?”  Feeling the smile on her face making her stop for a moment as she’d thought about the day.  As she thought about it, she realized that she’d been smiling and laughing all day.  Except for the times she was red with embarrassment, but even then it was a good feeling.  Today was a happy, carefree day.  Something she hadn’t felt in forever, it seemed.  And it all boiled down to one thing.  Well, two actually.  Laughing blue eyes and the crooked smile of a certain Wiccan was the reason for the feeling. 


The good feeling suddenly left as she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up.  Looking around she saw the cause of her Slayer senses going off, in the form of the leather clad, peroxide blonde vamp.  “Go away, Spike.”  Buffy spun on her heel and headed in the opposite direction.  “I’ve got better things to do tonight, than deal with you.” 


“Wait up, Slayer.  I just wanna talk.”  Spike called out as he jogged to catch up with the departing Slayer. 


“Before or after you take a swing at me?”  Buffy ignored him as she caught sight of another vamp stalking a couple of women in the distance.  Her eyes searching for where the vamp would think to make his move and drag one, if not both, women off. 


“It doesn’t have to be like that, Luv.”  Spike caught up to the Slayer, slowing to the pace of her fast walk as he pulled out a cigarette.  “What’s the rush?”  He lit up. 


“Oh, stopping one of your buddies from having a last meal.”  She took off at a jog, mumbling distractedly to herself.  “And I’ve got plans for tonight.” 


Spike stopped in his tracks, cocking his head as watched the Slayer head towards a vamp closing in on two women.  “Plans my ass!”  He frowned before he slowly followed the Slayer, knowing she wouldn’t tell him what she was up to, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t follow her and find out.  He’d stayed at a distance as she’d quickly and quietly taken out the vamp without the women even realizing they were almost dinner.  Then he’d trailed her as she finished patrol, following silently until she’d reached her home.  Making him self comfortable as he’d watched the house from a dark corner across the street until he found out what she was up to, or where she was going, and with whom. 




Tara was in her room when Buffy ran up the stairs.  “Are you damaged?” 


Buffy smiled at the closed bedroom door.  “Nope, just dusty.”  Tara had removed her stitches earlier this evening.  Only a small, thin line remained on her arm where her cut had been, something you’d have to know was there to notice. 


“Good.  I’ve taken the liberty of picking out your clothes for the evening.  They’re on your bed.”  Tara smiled as she finished applying her eyeliner.  She’d used very little in the way of makeup, but enough to highlight her eyes and cheekbones in an understated way.  Looking at herself in the mirror she was pleased with the effect.  “Go take your shower, Tough Stuff, the women of Sunnydale await.” 


“Yes, Ma’am!”  Buffy chuckled softly as she headed down the hall to grab her robe and see what Tara had picked out for her to wear.  Would she be butch, femme, or fall somewhere in between? 


Stepping into her room Buffy stopped and looked at the bed.  “Guess it’s a combination of both.”  She grinned as she saw the black leather pants and gold, barely there top lying on her bed.  Tara had even chosen her black boots with the three inch heels.  Upon closer inspection she saw the skimpy black g-string, and thin silver chain belt.  The woman had even gone so far as to lay out a pair of silver earrings and necklace for her.  She smiled and shook her head as she grabbed her robe and headed out to take her shower. 




Buffy walked out of her room after hearing Tara’s bedroom door open.  “Can you help me do something with my ha…”  She stopped suddenly when she looked up at Tara, hands stilling as she was putting in her earring.  “..ir?” 


Tara watched as Buffy’s eyes opened wide, mouth falling as she stopped in her tracks.  She felt her face flush as Buffy’s eyes slowly took her in from head to toe and back again. 


“Wh…”  Buffy swallowed twice before she could get her voice to work.  “Where’d you come from?”  A slow smile forming before it turned into a wide grin as she looked the Wiccan up and down again, her eyes stopping at the show of cleavage and bra between the three buttons open on the blouse. 


Tara wore black shoes with no heel, dark navy slacks, and a silky, lighter blue blouse that brought out the color of her eyes.  She’d obviously spent time doing her hair and makeup, looking windblown, sexy, and wild as her hair fanned out around her face and shoulders.  Buffy realized the bra was black as she’d finally gotten her legs to work again, closing the distance between she and the Wiccan as she’d finished putting in her earring.  “You look great.  I’m never gonna get me a woman now, they’ll all be after you.”  Buffy pouted, but her eyes were smiling. 


Tara felt her face heat to maximum blush, but couldn’t stop the smile at the appreciative look in the Slayer’s eyes.  “I don’t think you have anything to worry about, Tough Stuff.”  Tara let her own eyes appreciate the Slayer’s appearance, reaching out a hand to trail a finger down the center of Buffy’s chest, down the soft skin to the top of her leather pants.  The gold halter top she’d chosen for the Slayer was split all the way to her waist, shoulders and arms bare, as was her back, only crisscrossed by the multiple spaghetti strap ties.  A crooked smile coming to her lips as the Slayer shuddered with the feathery touch.  “What did you want to do with your hair?”  She brought her hand up to run her fingers through the Slayer’s hair. 


It took Buffy a moment to get her mind to wrap around the question after the Wiccan’s touch, swallowing to bring moisture to her mouth again before answering.  “Besides dyeing it blonde again, I’m not sure.” 


Tara chuckled softly as she gave her hair a gentle tug.  “I do like it better a lighter blonde.”  Then she tilted her head and looked at Buffy’s hair for a moment.  “Braided down your back?  That’ll leave more skin for the eyes to peruse.”  She winked at the Slayer before taking her arm and leading her to the bathroom, pressing on her shoulders after pulling out a chair at the vanity.  “Sit, we’ll get you fixed up in no time.”  She pulled out a leather cord to use as a wrap to tie the end of the braid, and then picked up the brush and comb. 


Buffy allowed Tara to guide her into the chair, eyes never leaving the picture of the Wiccan in the mirror as Tara did her hair. 




Buffy opened the door, hopping out of the cab and holding out a hand for Tara. 


Tara paid the fare, under growling protest from the Slayer, and then slid across the seat to the open door taking the Slayer’s hand before her foot hit the ground.  “Thank you.”  She allowed Buffy to help her from the cab, gently squeezing her hand before releasing it.  “I think it best that we don’t walk in together.  We wouldn’t want the prospective women to think we’re a couple.” 


Buffy opened her mouth to protest, but closed it with a frown and nodded.  “So we’re strangers?” 


“Yes.  I’ll see if I recognize any known lesbians and point them out to you.”  Tara gave Buffy the once over, adjusting one side of her blouse at the waist.  “Though I don’t think you’ll have a problem with them not noticing you.”  She winked at her as she brought her eyes back up to Buffy’s.  “Are you ready, Tough Stuff?” 


Buffy swallowed as she nervously wiped her palms on her thighs.  “As ready as I’ll ever be.” 


Tara chuckled softly at the uncharacteristic nervousness of the Slayer.  “Relax, Sweetie.  Get your self a beer, find a spot to scope out the babes, and have fun.” 


“You’ll bail me out if I need it, right?”  Buffy quietly asked as she glanced around nervously. 


“I’ll be watching like a hawk.”  Tara gave her a crooked smile and winked.  “I’m Jude, remember.”  That got the soft laugh she was hoping for, the Slayer relaxing a bit.  “Just be yourself, and don’t forget to turn down all the guys that hit on you.”  Tara gave her a reassuring hug, pressing her lips to Buffy’s temple as she whispered.  “You’ll do fine, Tough Stuff.”  She pulled back and smiled at Buffy, reaching up to wipe a bit of lip gloss off her temple.  “Oops.” 


“Check, ladies night only.”  Buffy nodded, her hands nervously running down the halter and leather pants. 


Tara grinned and nodded.  “See you inside.  Good luck, Tough Stuff.”  She gently squeezed Buffy’s arm and turned to head inside, winking over her shoulder as the bouncer opened the door for her. 


Buffy watched Tara walk away, wondering what the hell she was doing as she was left alone.  It had been fun fantasizing, but now that she was really here she was ready to turn and run.  “I must me nuts.”  She started pacing back and forth, eyes never leaving the door of the club that Tara had just passed through. 


Neither she nor Tara ever noticed the neighbor’s car pull into the lot, or the blonde head slouching down in the seat, the glow of a cigarette on pale skin as it was smoked. 




Spike had quickly smashed the window of Buffy’s neighbor’s car and hotwired it after the cab had arrived, following at a distance as the women of the house were taken to the Bronze.  He’d watched from a far corner of the lot as they stood talking after getting out of the cab, brows furrowing as the witch went in alone, and the Slayer paced outside the club.  “What the hell?  What are you up to, Slayer?”  He’d tossed his cigarette out the broken window, waiting a few minutes after the Slayer finally entered the club before getting out of the car and entering himself. 




Part 4