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...Good Book, Part 4

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It All Started With a Good Book




Happy Little Minion


Full disclaimer in Part 1. 

A/N & Thank you: The use of Radclyffe’s name and the titles of her books, along with character names and references are used with permission.  Thank you, Rad!  For those who haven’t read her books, please check out her website at; www.Radfic.com or www.BoldStrokesBooks.com  You won’t be sorry, and I highly recommend all her books!  ; ) 


Part 4


Tara looked around the crowded club having paid her cover fee as well as Buffy’s as she entered, which was sure to bring up another argument with the Slayer.  She walked to the far end of the bar, turning down an offer for a drink, and one for a dance along the way.  The place was busy, and the band loud as Tara smiled at the bartender, someone she knew from her Art class.  “Hi, Mike.” 


“Wow!”  Mike grinned as he checked out the woman across the bar.  “Out on the prowl tonight?”  He laughed as she blushed. 


Tara felt her face heat up as she shook her head.  “No, I’m not looking… not for myself, anyway.”  She chuckled softly as she looked towards the door, not seeing Buffy she turned back to Mike.  “Just here as moral support for a friend.” 


“Too bad, there are a couple of lookers over there, if you change your mind.”  He winked and nodded towards the pool tables. 


Tara turned to look, nodding agreement with him that the women were nice looking as she turned back to the bar.  “Are they a couple?” 


“Not from what I’ve seen.  They’ve both tried hitting on a few different ladies.”  He shrugged.  “Unless they’re looking for a threesome, never know.” 


Tara laughed and nodded.  “I don’t think that’s quite what my friend is looking for.” 


“Where is this friend?”  Mike made a show of looking to either side of Tara for the mystery woman as he stressed the word ‘friend’. 


“She’ll be here.  Or at least she better get her ass in here soon.”  Tara chuckled as she looked towards the door again. 


“Aah, didn’t want anyone to see you together, gotcha.  Can I get you anything?”  He nodded to a couple that sided up to the bar.  “Be right with you.” 


“Afterburner, please.”  Tara smiled and shrugged as Mike’s brows went up, but he turned to make her drink.  Tara watched as he poured the Kahlua in the shot glass, then used an upside down spoon to pour the peppermint schnapps, smiling as it settled under the Kahlua, flipping the spoon over he poured the Bailey’s to float on top of the Kahlua, ending up with three perfect layers. 


“On the house, Babe.”  Mike winked at her.  “And don’t forget to point her out when she shows up.” 


“I will, thanks, Mike.”  Tara lifted the shot glass and smiled, turning to look around as Mike nodded and turned for the other customers order. 


Tara recognized at least half a dozen women that she knew to be lesbians, and a few that were bi.  Then her eyes stopped on the two women at the pool table for a few minutes, watching the interaction between the two as they played.  She turned to look towards the door when she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up, smiling as she watched a nervous Slayer entering the club. 




Buffy mentally kicked herself for coming up with this harebrained idea.  “What the hell was I thinking?”  She mumbled as she continued to pace, almost talking herself into going home, but she couldn’t leave Tara alone at the Bronze.  Aside from the fact the Wiccan would never let her live it down for chickening out and deserting her here. 


After a good five minutes of pacing she stopped and took a deep breath as she looked at the door to the club.  Shaking her head and squaring her shoulders, she released the breath as she mumbled.  “It’s not like you have to go through with it, just get your ass in there before she comes and kicks it for you.” 


Decision made she headed for the door as she pulled out money, smiling sheepishly at the smirking bouncer who’d been watching her pace and talk to herself as he opened the door for her. 


“You’re covered.”  Jake winked at her as he opened the door for the small woman. 


Buffy growled softly as she stuffed the money back in her pocket.  “I’m gonna kick her ass!” 


Jake laughed softly as he watched the nervous woman cautiously step into the club before letting the door close behind her.  He shook his head wondering what was up with the woman that usually waltzed into the place on a nightly basis like she owned it.  Though he had to admit she was never quite dressed like this, nor did she look as if she was only here for a short time tonight.  He shook off the thoughts as a couple headed his way.  It wasn’t any of his business, anyway, as he was just the door bouncer tonight. 




Letting her eyes adjust for a moment, Buffy then headed towards the bar as she quickly scanned the place looking for Tara, unknowingly turning down the same two men that Tara had on her way in.  She was still searching for the Wiccan when one of the bartenders coughed softly as he set a shot glass on the bar in front of her.  “What’s this?”  She looked at him in confusion. 


Mike smiled and tipped his head towards the other end of the bar as he stepped aside and turned sideways, giving her a clear line of sight to the other end of the bar.  “Slippery Nipple… compliments of the beautiful lady at the other end of the bar.”  He watched as she blushed with the name of the drink, and then her eyes quickly shifted and found Tara as a smile formed and she shook her head laughing softly. 


Tara winked and held up her own shot glass in a silent toast before tossing her drink back, blinking once at the burn as she swallowed before the warmth spread.  She gave the Slayer a crooked smile and nodded for her to follow suit. 


Buffy reached for her drink, finally noticing the writing on the napkin it sat upon.  Picking up both she glanced back up to a grinning Tara before reading it. 


‘Tough Stuff,


There are at least a dozen prospects here tonight.  But no matter what you decide, know that the ‘saggy ones’ and I are here for you and you won’t be going home alone either way.  Now drink up, relax, find a wall, and enjoy! 


Tara & the girls!’ 


There was a W drawn for breasts, complete with nipples just below the signature.  Buffy used the bar to help fold the napkin in half as she laughed, smiling up at Tara as she stuffed it in her back pocket, and then tossed back the drink.  She winked at Tara as she licked her lips, picked up the bottle of beer the bartender set on the bar as he took her empty shot glass.  She sent a glare Tara’s way when the bartender refused her money, getting a slight shrug and grin from the Wiccan before she set off on her mission knowing that twinkling blue eyes followed her every step of the way. 




Mike worked his way back down to Tara’s end of the bar, filling orders along the way as he kept glancing towards Tara, her eyes never leaving her friend that he’d been able to see.  “She looks familiar.”  Mike set another drink and a bottle of water in front of his friend.  “Though I could have sworn she was usually on the arm of Mr. All-American when she’d come in with her friends before.  Then she didn’t come in for quite a while.”  He’d worked at the bar for the past two years since his father bought the place, but had only met Tara this past year.  “When she does come in now, she just looks around and is gone before you know it.”  His brows furrowed as he looked in Buffy’s direction, trying to place faces on the group she used to come in with.  Looking back at Tara as recognition hit.  “You were part of that group, weren’t you?  And wasn’t she a blonde?”  He smirked as he looked at Tara’s darker hair.  “Or both of you, that is.” 


Tara nodded, recoiling slightly when he’d mentioned Buffy’s absence, and smacking him lightly on the shoulder for the last part.  “I have a feeling she will be again soon.”  She smiled at him before she sighed softly.  “Buffy was… is… was… Willow’s best friend.”  She frowned and shook her head as she stumbled over their relationship, not certain anymore where they stood.  “Willow and I moved in to help look after Buffy’s sister after Buffy’s mom died.”  She conveniently left off Buffy’s also dying as the real reason they’d moved in.  “I still live there.”  She chuckled softly as Mike gave her a look and leaned in closer. 


“Do tell, Darlin’, do tell.”  He grinned and wiggled his brows.  “I want all the dirt.” 


Tara shook her head as she smiled at him.  “No dirt, Michael.  We’re only friends and housemates.” 


“Damn!”  He pouted at her as he pushed back to his side of the bar.  “Get me all excited for gossip, then nothing.”  Then he smiled at her.  “And just where in the hell were all you gorgeous girls when I thought I was straight, anyway?”  He made a show of looking her over. 


Tara blushed at being included in that question.  “In a different state than you were.”  She laughed softly as he rolled his eyes. 


“And on the opposite coast as well.”  He straightened up as he was hit by a balled up napkin, sending a glare at his cousin who’d thrown it.  “Can’t you see I’m busy here?!”  He winked at Tara.  “Be right back.” 


“Take your time, I’m not going anywhere.”  Tara smiled at him before he stepped away to fill drink orders.  “Hi, Cami.”  She nodded to his cousin, one of the waitresses, before her eyes sought out the Slayer across the room. 




Buffy leaned against the wall, having found a spot with a good view of most of the place.  She’d already turned down a couple offers from guys to dance, turning away a third when she met blue eyes looking back at her again. 


Tara smiled as she watched Buffy sending a good looking guy away, winking as Buffy looked her way. 


Buffy smiled and shrugged. 


Tara held Buffy’s eyes as she slowly turned her head in the direction of a group of women at one of the tables, breaking off eye contact to look at them and let Buffy know where she was looking. 


Buffy followed Tara’s eyes to a table of women, smiling as she realized Tara was pointing out the possibilities to her.  She checked them out before turning back to a grinning Tara and nodding.  She followed Tara’s line of sight a couple more times, checking out her options before nodding back at the Wiccan. 


She frowned a moment later when a waitress with a full tray of drinks stepped around the corner of the bar to wrap her free arm around Tara.  She watched as the woman whispered something in her ear, causing Tara to laugh and nod her head before the waitress went on her way. 


Tara looked back towards Buffy when Cami left, she frowned herself at the frown on Buffy’s face and the glare she was sending out.  Following Buffy’s eyes she realized Buffy was glaring at Cami, turning back to Buffy she waited until she looked her way before raising a brow in question.  She laughed softly as Buffy blushed, quickly averted her eyes and took a drink of her beer.  She reached for another napkin and the pen still on the bar, quickly writing another note for the Slayer, grinning as she thought about having Cami deliver it for her, along with another shot. 




Buffy groaned softly and quickly finished her beer as she saw the grinning waitress headed her way. 


Cami took the empty bottle from Buffy, placing it on her tray as she picked up the folded napkin from Tara and a shot.  “For you, from you know who.”  Cami waited for Buffy read the note. 


Buffy unfolded the note as she glanced from Cami to Tara before looking down to read it. 


‘Tough Stuff, 


The girls and I aren’t on the market!  You’ve nothing to fear, I won’t be poaching on your territory, promise. 


Cami happens to be in a very committed relationship, but aside from that… she’s figured out what we’re up to!  She also told me there are a few more upstairs to consider! 


Now play nice with the waitress! 


Bottoms ups! 

T & the girls!’ 


There was another pair of breasts drawn under the signature.  Buffy blushed as she folded the note and stuffed it in her pocket.  She couldn’t bring herself to look at the waitress. 


Cami laughed and picked up the second shot off the tray.  “Here you go, Tough Stuff.  She said you DO know what to do with them.” 


Buffy whimpered softly as her face turned red, taking the second Slippery Nipple as she sent a glare at Tara.  “I’m gonna kill her.” 


Cami laughed as she watched the woman down both shots, holding out the tray for her to place the empty glasses on as she picked up the new beer to hand her. 


“Tell her paybacks are a bitch.”  Buffy grumbled as she sent another glare at Tara. 


Cami winked at the woman.  “Good luck!”  Turned around and headed back to the bar, laughing all the way. 


Tara laughed as Buffy sent her another glare then did her best to ignore her.  She downed her own shot and grinned at Mike.  “Are we having fun yet?” 


Mike smiled and shook his head.  “We have the spare bedroom you can use when she kicks your ass out.” 


Tara tilted her head as she considered Mike’s words, her eyes going to the Slayer to study for a long moment before she turned back and smiled.  “She loves me, even if she doesn’t know it.”  She tapped her empty shot glass.  “Fill ‘er up, Barkeep!”  She grinned at him before her eyes went back to Buffy. 


Mike just shook his head and did as told, smiling at Cami who’d been standing there and also heard her comment. 




After about fifteen minutes Tara downed her shot, slipped off her stool and pushed away from the bar.  “Desperate times, call for desperate measures!  Time to let the ladies know she’s looking!  Put on a slow one, Mikey!”  She winked at Mike, gave Cami a kiss on the cheek, and set off towards the Slayer. 


Cami laughed and turned her back to the bar to see what Tara was up to, grinning at Mike as his head appeared beside her as he leaned over the bar to watch him self after he’d put on a slow song.  The DJ didn’t show up to play the music in between the band’s sets, and it was up to Mike and the other bartenders to fill in on the stereo setup behind the bar during their breaks.  “Think they’ll figure it out before the night’s over?”  She’d been watching both women as she’d worked the tables.  One or the other of them was always watching the other, only turning away when the other’s eyes turned their way. 


“It may take something drastic to happen before that.”  Mike laughed softly then sighed.  “I just hope neither of them gets hurt.” 


Cami turned her head and kissed her cousin’s temple.  “You’re a softy, Michael.  Don’t ever change.”  She smiled as she leaned her head against his as she went back to watching what would happen. 




Part 5