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...Good Book, Part 5

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It All Started With a Good Book




Happy Little Minion


Full disclaimer in Part 1. 

A/N & Thank you: The use of Radclyffe’s name and the titles of her books, along with character names and references are used with permission.  Thank you, Rad!  For those who haven’t read her books, please check out her website at; www.Radfic.com or www.BoldStrokesBooks.com  You won’t be sorry, and I highly recommend all her books!  ; ) 


Part 5

Buffy felt butterflies in her stomach as she tried to pretend she hadn’t seen Tara headed her way. 


Tara looked around at the women in the club as she headed towards the Slayer.  She’d noticed women looking, and talking back and forth amongst themselves, nodding and pointing out the Slayer.  She knew they’d noticed her, but no one had made a move as of yet.  She figured they just needed a little incentive, and she was going to try to provide it. 


Buffy raised a brow as Tara stopped in front of her, taking her beer bottle with one hand as she ran a feathery touch down the center of her chest with the other. 


Tara gave Buffy a crooked smile as she took the beer from her hand, trailed a finger down her chest to hook in the top of her leather pants, and tugged gently.  “Dance with me.”  It wasn’t a question, as she turned and led Buffy to the dance floor, setting the nearly empty bottle on a waitress’s tray as they passed. 


Buffy swallowed and wiped her hands down her thighs as she followed behind the Wiccan, being led by that one finger to the dance floor.  She never noticed the eyes of the women who’d been taking notice before, some gently nudging others to nod in their direction. 




“How many drinks has she had?”  Cami’s brow rose as she watched Tara take charge of the slightly smaller woman. 


“Not that many.  She’s drinking water in between.”  Mike was rather surprised himself as he watched Tara turn to Buffy once they’d gotten to the dance floor.  “But she doesn’t drink.” 


Cami laughed softly as she watched it play out.  “Definitely not the Tara we know.” 


“Uh huh.”  Mike nodded in agreement. 




Tara stopped in the middle of the sparsely used dance floor, there were only about ten couples dancing around the large space.  Gently tugging on Buffy’s waistband again before she ran her finger back up her body as she turned to face her. 


“What are you doing?”  Buffy nervously looked around before her eyes met a crooked smile. 


“Baiting the hook.”  She winked, never breaking eye contact as she ran her hands down Buffy’s arms from her shoulders to her wrists.  She brought them up around her own shoulders before running her hands back down to Buffy’s shoulders and down her sides to her hips, gently pulling the Slayer closer as she started them moving slowly in time with the song.  


“Oh.”  Buffy laced her hands together behind Tara’s neck as she was urged closer to the Wiccan, following the woman as she started the slow dance. 




Spike moved from the shadows of a corner, leaning against the railing on the upper floor to watch below.  “What the fuck?”  He didn’t notice as he vamped out as he growled, eyes never leaving the Slayer and Red’s castoff as he squeezed the rail in his hands and leaned over it. 




Tara lightly played her hands over the bare skin of the Slayer’s lower back, the small ties not hindering her in any way.  She smiled and inched closer to the Slayer as Buffy shivered with her touch.  “Picked any likely candidates?” 


“Huh?”  Buffy tried to understand what the Wiccan had just said to her, but her body responding to the soft touches had her brain slowing down, all concentration focused on heat trailing everywhere the woman touched. 


Tara chuckled softly and moved so their bodies touched.  “Are the Slippery Nipples going to your head?” 


“Nipples?”  Buffy’s eyes dropped to Tara’s chest as she leaned back from the Wiccan, hands trailing down her upper arms. 


Tara laughed and turned around in Buffy’s arms. 


“Hey!”  Buffy grumbled quietly as she wrapped her arms around the Wiccan’s waist.  “I didn’t get find out.” 


Tara tilted her head back on Buffy’s shoulder as she covered her hands with her own, turning her head to kiss the Slayer’s cheek, whispering as she moved the Slayer’s hands up to her breasts.  “They need a little extra support… someone told me they were sagging earlier today.”  She grinned as she pressed the smaller hands against her breasts. 


Buffy laughed and pinched Tara’s nipples.  “I said they were sagging.  I wasn’t referring to yours.” 


Tara spun back around in Buffy’s arms and winked.  “Good to know.”  She let her eyes scan to certain tables in the room.  “Well that got their attention.” 


Buffy looked down at Tara’s breasts, nipples now erect, and grinned.  “Yes, it did.” 


Tara blushed and dropped a hand to Buffy’s ass, giving it a firm pinch.  “I meant the ladies.” 


“And I was talking about the girls.”  Buffy winked and laughed softly as she wrapped her arms around Tara’s shoulders. 


“Smartass!”  Tara pulled the Slayer close.  “What about the blonde in the green shirt over there?”  She turned them so the Slayer could see the woman in question over her shoulder as she picked out another woman now behind Buffy. 


“Maybe.”  Buffy considered the woman, averting her gaze when the woman looked her way. 


“Hmm… how about the one in the short skirt and red top?”  Tara worked them around again so Buffy could see the woman she was referring to. 


Buffy cringed slightly at the heavily made up woman.  “Looks more like a hooker.”  


Tara laughed, having thought the same thing herself.  “Okay, well, what about the two at the pool table?”  Tara positioned them so Buffy could see. 


“They look promising, and are looking this way.”  She urged Tara to continue turning, not wanting to be caught looking at them. 


“It seems we’ve garnered the attention from above, also.”  Tara smiled as she finally saw the two women that Cami had described earlier.  The smile fell from her face as she stiffened as she caught sight of a familiar face before he stepped back into the shadows.  “And Spike.” 


“Where?”  Buffy pulled her head back to see where Tara was looking, turning them to look for the blonde vamp her self. 


“Upstairs.  He just pushed away from the railing on the far right side.”  Tara slowly moved them across the dance floor so Spike would have to show himself in order to see them. 


“I knew I felt something, just couldn’t find anyone.”  Buffy frowned as she kept her eyes on the right side of the upper level.  “He must have followed us here.  I know he was following me most of the night out on patrol.” 


“Have you run into him lately?  Any… problems?”  Tara quietly asked.  She was aware of the fact that Spike could hit Buffy, seeking her out every chance he got.  Buffy hadn’t mentioned any problems with him for the past week. 


“Not since the last time I told you about.”  Buffy frowned as she looked at Tara.  “In fact, he more or less left me alone after running into him.  I knew he was following me, but he stayed out of sight.” 


Tara nodded as she wondered what he was up to now.  “How’d he follow us here, though?  We took a cab.” 


“Probably stole one of the neighbor’s cars.”  Buffy growled softly, catching movement above, her eyes snapped back up to the railing. 


Spike sneered as the Slayer looked up and narrowed her eyes at him. 


“He’s there?”  Tara brought them to a stop as the song ended. 


“Yeah.”  Buffy didn’t break eye contact with Spike. 


“Good.”  Tara whispered as she leaned in and kissed the Slayer. 


Surprised hazel eyes snapped back to very close, amused, blue ones, as Tara lingered against the Slayer’s lips. 


Tara winked before she pulled her lips away.  “That should raise a few brows.” 


Buffy laughed softly as she nodded.  “Raised mine.”  She licked her lips and mumbled before pressing hers back against the Wiccan’s.  “Mmm… peppermint.” 


Tara smiled against the lips pressed to her own, moaning softly, her eyes closing as a warm tongue teased along her lips.  Forgetting for a moment that this wasn’t real as she parted her lips, hands roaming the Slayer’s back and down to her ass, gently squeezing.  “Goddess!”  Tara whimpered as she leaned her forehead against Buffy’s.  “What are you doing, Tough Stuff?” 


“Wanted peppermint.”  Buffy licked her lips again. 


Tara chuckled softly and straightened up.  “I’ll send you over an Afterburner.  Keep that up, and you’ll never get yourself one of the ladies.”  Tara gave her a crooked smile, and a quick kiss.  “Let’s see what happens now.”  She trailed her finger down Buffy’s body the same way she had when she’d first walked up to her, winked, turned and headed back to the bar. 


Buffy frowned as she watched Tara walk away, her hand coming up to brush a finger over her lips.  “Don’t think I want one of them now.” 




Part 6