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...Good Book, Part 12

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Full disclaimer in Part 1. 

A/N & Thank you: The use of Radclyffe’s name and the titles of her books, along with character names and references are used with permission.  Thank you, Rad!  For those who haven’t read her books, please check out her website at; www.Radfic.com or www.BoldStrokesBooks.com  You won’t be sorry, and I highly recommend all her books!  ; ) 


Part 12

Buffy laughed and wrapped her arms around Tara’s shoulders, the Wiccan having chosen a spot on the dance floor, quickly turning and tugging on Buffy’s pants for her to come closer.  “You know this isn’t a slow song, right?” 


Tara nodded as she wrapped her arms around Buffy’s waist, pulling the Slayer even closer.  “But the next one will be.”  She smiled at her as she leaned her forehead against Buffy’s.  “Got a problem with that, Tough Stuff?” 


“Nope, not a one I can come up with at the moment.”  Their slight difference in height negated by the heels she wore, leaving them eye to eye, if not now having the slight edge.  “Like slow.”  She softly pressed her lips to Tara’s. 


“Mmm.  Me, too.”  Tara gave her a crooked smile, her fingers beginning to lightly massage the Slayer’s lower back as they swayed out of synch with the faster song playing. 


“Are you sure you’re okay, Tara?”  Buffy asked softly as she searched the Wiccan’s eyes.  She could still feel the power emanating from the woman, though there was no buzz like when she was doing a spell. 


Tara sighed and kissed Buffy before shifting to lay her head on her shoulder.  “Other than a power rush going on, I think I’m fine.”  She closed her eyes and settled comfortably against the Slayer. 


Buffy released her hands to rub up and down Tara’s back.  “I’m not big on the whole magic knowledge, so I’ll take your word for it.”  Buffy kissed Tara’s temple before resting her head against it.  “But I was talking about more in a Spike and Willow way?”  She continued the soothing back rub as Tara sighed again. 


Tara thought about all that had happened not long ago.  “Honestly?”  She frowned as she pictured Spike on the floor, shaking her head slightly, knowing the Slayer would feel it.  “I’m not proud of what I’ve done, but he pissed me off!”  She softly growled out the last part. 


Buffy had to smile at the comment, remaining silent knowing the Wiccan hadn’t finished. 


“He was trying to manipulate the situation, and I wasn’t going to let him.  Spike is only out for himself, and he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.”  Her arms snaked further around Buffy, hugging her close as images of bruises previously left by him on the Slayer appearing in her head.  “I couldn’t stand by and let him do it to us again.”


Buffy turned her head to kiss Tara’s temple.  “I’m glad you didn’t.”  She gave Tara a reassuring hug as she rested her head back against hers, and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feel of the woman in her arms. 


Tara blew out a breath, feeling the warm air bounce back against her face from Buffy’s neck.  “Willow…”  She sighed again as she leaned more heavily against the Slayer.  “Willow was a long time in coming.  She can be so frustrating.”  She growled softly.  “But now hopefully she’ll understand that it’s truly over, and has been for a while now, on my part, anyway.  I’m sure I’ll have doubts and guilt about the way I did it, but I don’t want to think about it any more tonight.”  She pressed her lips to Buffy’s throat.  Knowing she’d feel the recriminations for her actions later, but wanting to completely forget about them for the time being. 


“Deal.”  Buffy pressed her lips to Tara’s temple, promising herself to keep an eye on the Wiccan.  The woman was the kindest, gentlest person she knew, and also knew that the woman would beat herself up over what had happened no matter what anyone said.  She smiled and opened her eyes as Tara relaxed in her arms.  Groaning when she saw the three smiling women that were dancing near them.  “Oh God!” 


“What?”  Tara stiffened in Buffy’s arms, lifting her head out from beneath Buffy’s when she didn’t get an answer.  Turning to look over her shoulder to where Buffy was looking, she frowned when she saw the trio.  Quickly looking for Cami, she found her at the bar, relaxing as she saw the woman smiling as she was also looking at the Amy and the two women.  She nodded when Cami looked her way and gave her a thumb’s up.  Turning back she watched them for a moment.  “It’s okay.”  She smiled herself as she watched Amy laughing at something someone said. 


“How do you know?”  Buffy still had her eyes narrowed on the women. 


Tara kissed the Slayer’s cheek as she leaned her head back on her shoulder.  “Because we left her with Cami, and Cami doesn’t look worried.”  Tara chuckled softly.  “She warned me about them with you, so…”  She kissed Buffy’s neck as she trailed off. 


Buffy grunted.  “Still don’t trust them.”  She turned to find Cami herself, relaxing slightly at the sight of the smiling waitress before she turned back to keep her vigil on the three. 


Tara sighed as the fast song ended, snuggling in against Buffy as the slow song started.  She smiled as Buffy chuckled softly.  “What now?” 


“They’re playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets to dance with Amy.  I think its best two out of three.”  She watched as the battle stopped when a man carrying two attaché cases approached them on the dance floor. 


Tara looked up when Buffy stopped laughing, turning at the questioning look and furrowed brows to see what was going on. 


Amy nodded, both women squeezing an arm before taking the cases from the man and walking off the dance floor.  She smiled as she turned to see Buffy and Tara looking her way, Buffy nodding her over.  


“What’s that all about?”  Buffy looked from Amy to the departing woman, watching as they met Cami, only to be led to a door in the wall behind the bar. 


“They’re gathering Tara’s winnings.”  Amy grinned at the Wiccan. 


“What?”  Tara’s eyes quickly shifted to the closing door before confused eyes turned back to Amy. 


Amy laughed softly.  “Cami told them that they had to pay up, and they agreed.” 


Tara shook her head still not completely understanding.  “Pay up for wh…”  Her eyes suddenly opened wide.  “I wasn’t part of the betting.” 


Buffy snorted softly.  “No, not in the way you mean, anyway.  But there were bets that involved you.” 


Tara rolled her eyes as Buffy laughed.  “They were betting on just about everyone, but I still don’t see how I won.”  She gave the Slayer a crooked smile and kissed her as Buffy pouted, though her eyes were amused.  “Okay, maybe I won you, but that’s still up for debate.”  She winked at her before kissing her again. 


Buffy smiled again the lips that pressed to hers.  There was no doubt in her mind that Tara had won her. 


“Apparently the bets were whoever won.”  Amy smiled as she shrugged, both women having turned to her.  “Cami’s rules.”  She laughed softly.  “She told them to be more specific next time they were placing bets, and that they had to pay up.” 


“I can’t take their money.”  Tara laughed softly as she shook her head. 


“Why not, you won.”  Buffy grinned and fluttered her lashes as she turned to Tara, laughing as Tara pinched her ass.  “Besides, I wanna see how much money is involved if it takes having a heavily armed man to carry it around.”  She hadn’t missed the bulge or the outline of the shoulder holster in the man’s expensively tailored suit.  Not to mention that some of the bets she’d heard were for upwards of a thousand dollars apiece. 


Tara raised a brow at the heavily armed part of the comment, though intrigued herself with the rest of it, Cami having mentioned the stakes being raised earlier. 


Amy shrugged and smiled.  “I get the feeling they don’t really care how much it is.”  She chuckled softly as she thought about the two women bickering back and forth as they danced, trying to figure out who was the first to start dancing in order to win the bet in regards to dancing with her. 


Buffy turned in Tara’s arms, leaning against her and resting her head back on her shoulder.  “Are you okay with those two?”  Her eyes shifted to the closed door before coming back to Amy. 


It took Amy a moment to register the question, her eyes having dropped to Tara’s hand that had slid beneath Buffy’s top when she’d turned.  “Umm… yeah.”  Amy’s own hand went to her stomach as her eyes came up.  “God, you guys are killing me.” 


Tara frowned at the look of pain on Amy’s face, not liking the hand going to her stomach.  “What’s wrong?” 


Amy’s eyes drifted back down to Buffy’s abdomen.  “You make me want to turn myself back into a rat, just so you’ll stroke my belly, too.” 


Tara blushed as she realized where her hand had wandered of its own accord.  “Sorry.”  She started to pull her hand away, being stopped by the Slayer. 


“Hey!  I was enjoying that.”  Buffy grumbled as she put a hand over Tara’s, holding it in place as amused eyes looking at Amy.  “And from what I understand, if you did that, you wouldn’t need her to rub your belly.”  She grinned at the ex-rat. 


“True.”  Amy nodded as her eyes came up, her lips turning up in a smile.  “Very true.” 


Tara laughed softly as she started stroking her fingertips again, Buffy’s hand still holding her hand and wrist firmly in place. 


The grin slowly slipped from Buffy’s face, turning into a pout.  “Damn, I didn’t get to try that.” 


“Try what, Sweetie?”  Tara kissed Buffy’s forehead as she looked down at her. 


Amy laughed softly at the look on Buffy’s face.  “That’s because you were only a rat for a short time.  You didn’t have a chance to even think about it.”  Then she frowned.  “I’m sorry for that, by the way.  Damn Xander and his love spell.”  She shivered at the thought of seriously wanting to bed the boy. 


Buffy shrugged slightly, smiling at Amy.  “It could have been worse.  He could have taken me up on my offer.”  She shivered herself thinking about coming on to him, grateful that Xander had stopped her from making a big mistake. 


Tara looked back and forth between the two, the confusion clearly showing on her face. 


Buffy looked up at Tara and smiled.  “Short version, Cordy broke up with Xander, Xander had Amy do a love spell on her, spell backfired, Cordy still didn’t want him, but every other female in town did.”  She looked over to Amy and grinned.  “We were about to come to blows over who should have him when Amy turned me into a rat.” 


Amy blushed and shrugged.  “I wanted him.” 


“So did I, that’s the scary part.”  Buffy laughed softly as she shook her head on Tara’s shoulder.  “And yeah, I am glad it didn’t last long.  Though having Oz find me in the school basement just before I was turned back, and naked, wasn’t exactly tops on my list.  Thank God for crates!” 


Tara groaned softly.  “Definitely no magic for you.”  She narrowed her eyes on Amy before smiling, laughing softly at the picture of a naked Buffy hiding behind a crate from Oz.  “I bet his expression didn’t change any.”  Thinking about the man she’d first met at her first Scoobie meeting, his expression never changing the whole time he was there.  She shook her head and tickled Buffy’s stomach to keep thoughts of her next meeting with him from coming to mind. 


“He did raise a brow.  I took that as a compliment before I sent him for clothes.”  Buffy smiled up at Tara. 


Tara tilted her head down to kiss the Slayer, winking at her before turning twinkling eyes on Amy.  “I used to get a kick out of you being in the wheel, little body jerking before you fell over backwards, the wheel swinging back and forth as your little legs continued to jerk.”  She snorted out a laugh as Amy’s eyes went distant and a huge grin spread over her face. 


“Damn, I didn’t get to try that!”  Buffy grumbled again before smiling and laughing. 


Amy blinked at the laughter, coming back from the happy place she was in.  She shrugged.  “It was way better than trying to hump the water bottle nozzle.”  She slapped a hand over her mouth, not having meant to say that out loud. 


Buffy and Tara laughed loudly as Amy’s face turned red. 


“Come on, Am.  How can that be any worse than you telling us about licking the hard to reach places?”  Buffy continued to laugh as Amy closed her eyes. 


Opening her eyes a moment later, Amy dropped her hand, tilting her head to the side.  “You’re right.”  She started laughing herself.  “Damn, all this talk…”  She sighed as she shook her head, only to stop with it tilted to the side again in thought.  “Wonder how much they’d pay for a virgin?”  She shrugged as Buffy and Tara both stared open mouthed at her.  “I was a rat for three years, didn’t have any practical experience before that.”  She shrugged again.  “And I don’t consider licking the hard to reach places as a rat, counting as experience.” 


Buffy and Tara’s eyes shifted from Amy to the two women who quickly appeared on either side of her. 


“Adam, bring that case back!”  Sandi called out to the man they’d just left at the edge of the dance floor. 


“Did I hear something about a virgin?”  Sue looked at Amy and grinned. 


Amy blushed and looked from one woman to the other, eyes turning to a grinning Buffy and Tara.  “Oh shit!” 


Buffy snorted and started to laugh.  “You’re really going to have to watch what you say around those two.”  She shook her head as Sandi and Sue both turned and nodded before quickly turning back to Amy. 


“Do you like lobster?”  Sue asked quickly as they started to plot.  “We can take the Lear, be in Maine for fresh lobster in plenty of time for lunch. 


“Shopping spree in New York?  Your clothes have to be outdated by now.”  Sandi tossed in, though her eyes did drop to Amy’s legs and the short mini she wore. 


“You’re looking a bit pale, how about a nice trip to Belize, or Hawaii?”  Sue added quickly as Amy’s head snapped back and forth.


“Hold on, Ladies!”  Tara interrupted before Sandi could make another suggestion as she nudged and removed her hand from beneath Buffy’s top, leaning forward to grab Amy’s arm, pulling her away from the two women.  “Let’s slow down here.  Remember the serene look is only going to last for less than a day now.” 


“Damn!”  Amy mumbled as she looked from Tara and Buffy to the two women and back again, a slow pout forming.  “But…”  Her eyes went back to the women before turning pleading eyes back on Tara. 


Tara laughed softly and shook her head.  “Are you sure about this?” 


Amy glanced at the waiting women again, turning back to Tara and nodding vigorously as a smile formed on her face. 


Tara sighed and ran her hand through her hair, looking to Buffy for help. 


Buffy shrugged and laughed softly.  “It’s her call.”  Then she turned and narrowed her eyes on the two women.  “But so help me, if you two…”  She never got to finish her sentence. 


Sandi and Sue both shook their heads and crossed their hearts. 


“Why doesn’t that reassure me in any way?”  Buffy sighed and shook her head as she turned back to Amy and Tara.  “It’s your call, Amy.” 


Tara searched Amy’s eyes, seeing both fear and excitement in them.  Sighing she nodded, laughing softly as she was quickly pounced on by Amy in a hug.  Her eyes traveled to Sandi and Sue, narrowing as she hugged the woman back.  “Don’t make me regret this.”  She warned them.  “I will hunt you down!  And what you saw earlier was only the tip of the iceberg.” 


Sandi and Sue gulped as their eyes grew wide, both nodding in unison and crossing their hearts again.  They’d seen what the woman could do, and didn’t want her after them. 


“How long?”  Tara asked as she formulated a plan to keep Amy from becoming the nervous, twitchy woman she’d become when the spell wore off. 


Stepping back from Tara, but not releasing her, Amy turned to the two women with a raised brow. 


Sue shrugged.  “A few days, a week, depends on where you want to go?” 


Sandi nodded, smiling at Amy.  “It’s up to you.”  Already deciding that they’d have their fun, but they’d take it at Amy’s pace. 


Amy smiled and turned back to Tara, a hopeful look on her face.  “A week?” 


Tara sighed and nodded, once again crushed in the woman’s arms. 


“Thank you.”  Amy whispered as she hugged Tara. 


“I’ll write out the spell for you.”  Tara pulled back to look into moist, happy, blue eyes.  “But I want you to call me before you do it.”  She gave Amy a serious look.  “I don’t want you doing this on your own, okay?”  


Amy nodded, her brows furrowing as she thought about what Tara was saying.  “You can do that?”  Her brows went up, eyes opening wide at Tara’s nod.  “How powerful are you?” 


Buffy also raised a brow as she looked at Tara, having silently been watching and listening to the exchange. 


Tara blushed and shrugged.  “More power than I’d care to have.”  She shrugged again.  “Have you heard of the Charmed Ones?” 


Amy’s mouth fell open as her eyes widened, nodding. 


“Who?”  Buffy frowned, having no idea what Tara was talking about. 


Amy answered for her.  “Three of the most powerful witches there are.” 


Tara nodded slightly in agreement.  “Cousins.  Though they all have a specialty of their own, when combined they’re almost unstoppable.”  She frowned as a look of pain washed through her eyes as she thought about Prue.  Shaking off the thought, Tara continued.  “I’m not as powerful as they are, but I could probably hold my own against each one of them singly.”  She shrugged again and smiled.  “Not something I’d want to try, though.”  She laughed softly, turning to wink at the Slayer.  “I’ll tell you about them later.” 


Buffy nodded, filing away the information she’d already garnered.  Tara was turning out to be full of surprises.  She smiled as she thought about finding out about what else the Wiccan hadn’t told them about. 


Sandi and Sue looked at each other and shrugged.  They didn’t know what they were talking about, but that was okay with them.  They just knew that they had to be on their best behavior while in the company of Amy, and that, they could do. 



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