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...Good Book, Part 13

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Happy Little Minion


A/N & Thank you: The use of Radclyffe’s name and the titles of her books, along with character names and references are used with permission.  Thank you, Rad!  For those who haven’t read her books, please check out her website at; www.Radfic.com or www.BoldStrokesBooks.com  You won’t be sorry, and I highly recommend all her books!  ; ) 


Part 13

Tara moaned softly as she was writing the spell for Amy.  She was sitting at the bar, Buffy leaning against her back with roaming hands.  “Stop that!”  She smiled as Buffy’s hand that had been inching towards her breast slowly headed back down her body. 


“No fun.”  Buffy grumbled softly as her hand trailed back down to the Wiccan’s stomach, now playing around her navel.  She rested her chin on Tara’s shoulder, smiling as the Wiccan tilted her head against hers as she continued to write. 


“If you keep distracting me, she could end up as something far worse than a rat.”  Tara grinned at the sigh that blew through her hair as Buffy’s hands stopped what they were doing, arms wrapping firmly around her. 


“God forbid she doesn’t get to have her fun.”  Buffy grumbled and laid her head on Tara’s shoulder.  ”Just make sure it’s something that she can’t please her self.”  Buffy smiled as she felt the Wiccan’s silent laughter. 


“Jealous?”  Tara smiled as she craned her neck to look at Buffy.  “You know you could probably join them?”  The smile stayed on her face, but the twinkle left her eyes as she searched the Slayer’s. 


“Don’t want ‘em.”  Buffy told the truth, not missing the hint of insecurity that flashed in the blue eyes so close to hers. 


Tara closed her eyes letting the answer and the look of longing in Buffy’s eyes settle within her for a moment before pressing her lips to Buffy’s forehead.  “Good answer.”  She gave the Slayer a crooked smile as she opened her eyes and winked, quickly turning to finish writing. 


Buffy smiled and turned her head to kiss the Wiccan’s shoulder before sighing in contentment as she waited for her to finish. 


“Now…”  Tara set down the pen, folded the note and stuck it in her pocket as she looked for Mike.  “Michael?”  She called out to him as he stood at the beer taps filling two glasses, waiting until he glanced her way.  “One more slow one?”  She smiled and batted her lashes at him.  “Please?” 


Mike shook his head and turned back to the beer taps, grinning as he got hit with a crumpled napkin. 


“Don’t make me have to hurt you, Michael!”  Tara called out to his back as she hit him in the head with the napkin she’d tossed. 


“Hey!  Is that any way to get me to do something for you?”  He tossed over his shoulder with a playful glare before handing the beers to the customer.  He turned to Tara as he folded his arms over his chest.  “What’s in it for me?” 


“I won’t tell Steven you were checking out the little blonde boy in class.”  Tara grinned at him as she recalled Mike leaning back in his seat to check out the guy’s ass after he’d passed behind him, watching him as he walked to the other end of the row to take his seat.  She had a good vantage point, two rows back and just to the side of Michael, and it wasn’t just the once that she’d caught him doing it. 


“I was not che…”  Michael choked on his words as Tara raised a brow.  Blushing at having been caught checking out the guy’s ass every chance he got.  “Umm… okay, so I was.  But that doesn’t mean…” 


“Uh huh.”  Tara winked as she started to laugh, Michael rolling his eyes and going to pick through the CDs to find something to play for her. 


“I knew I could count on you, Mikey!”  Tara blew him a kiss. 


“Yeah, yeah, just don’t make me have to break out the fire hose.”  Michael smiled and winked at Tara before he went back to what he was doing. 


Tara blushed and started to laugh.  She continued to laugh as she gently nudged Buffy, turning on the stool and wrapping her arms around the Slayer. 


Buffy stepped between Tara’s legs and wrapped her arms around her shoulders.  “So, was it a nice ass?”  She smirked at Tara before kissing her. 


Tara shrugged and winked at Buffy.  “For a guy.”  She pulled the Slayer back for another kiss as her hands dropped to Buffy’s ass, gently squeezing.  “But I happen to prefer the fairer sex.” 


“Really?  I had no clue.”  Buffy laughed as Tara pinched her ass. 


“Smartass!”  Tara kissed her again, pulling back with a smile.  “Dance with me, seeing as how we didn’t really get to dance the last one?”  Her eyes looked beyond the Slayer, smiling at the sight of Amy, Sandi, and Sue all dancing together to the faster beat of the band. 


“Love to.”  Buffy pressed into Tara’s body, laying her head on her shoulder as Tara ran her hands up and down her back. 


“Good.”  Tara kissed Buffy’s temple, resting her cheek against Buffy’s head.  As she watched the women on the dance floor, her fingers lightly playing over the Slayer’s skin as she thought about the woman in her arms, and how comfortable she felt while doing so in the crowded club.  She smiled as she thought about the fact that Buffy didn’t seem to mind either, whereas with Willow there was always a feeling of awkwardness about touching in public.  She turned her head slightly to kiss her again as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling as she waited for the band to finish their set so they could dance. 




Buffy sighed as she leaned more heavily against Tara, not surprised when the Wiccan kissed her temple again and her hands began rubbing in a more soothing manner on her back. 


She’d found herself thinking about the Wiccan at times throughout the day.  As she read about an innocent touch, which in turn brought up memories of Tara’s innocent touches.  Leaning against the counter waiting for her toast to pop, a hand coming to rest on her lower back, a kiss to the head, and a mumbled ‘Morning as Tara reached over her shoulder to grab her own box of cereal from the cabinet.  Just little things like that, maybe a touch and gentle squeeze of the shoulder as they’d pass each other in the house.  Tara was definitely a touching type person.  She didn’t do it to invade, but almost as if to let you know that you were noticed. 


While she was on patrol earlier, she kept thinking about all the little things that Tara did.  Things that you really didn’t pay attention to but somehow always seemed to be there.  The touches, the glass of juice or a slice of fruit to go with breakfast if you happened to beat her to making your own meal, the snacks she’d find in the fridge made for when she came home from patrol, her making sure she was alright every night after patrol.  All little things that you won’t notice by themselves, but put together as a whole showed the depth of the woman’s caring for and about you. 


When Willow had first left, Buffy had thought it was a little weird having Tara staying at the house.  But that didn’t last long.  She’d found that after the initial hubbub of Willow leaving, that things hadn’t been so tense around the house.  Dawn didn’t do as much whining or acting out, and she knew Tara had a hand in that.  There was almost a quiet calm about the place, and Tara’s presence became the one constant in their lives.  More importantly, she hadn’t felt the need to flee her own home constantly. 


Over time Tara became more than just Willow’s girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend as the case may be, and through her own rite of passage by just being there, became a friend.  Through Tara’s quiet actions, she’d found herself opening up to the woman, and in turn, Tara opening up to her.  It had started off small, but she now found herself talking about just about everything with the woman.  Things she’d never be able to talk about with Willow or Xander, she found herself telling Tara. 


If she really thought about it, Tara was the reason life was beginning to be bearable again.  Her arms unconsciously tightened around the Wiccan, smiling when she realized they had when she felt the brush of lips against her temple again. 


“Are you okay?”  Tara whispered as she felt Buffy tighten her hold around her. 


“Yeah, just thinking.”  Buffy pulled her head back to look up at the woman who’d come to mean a great deal to her. 


Tara saw the relaxed smile and smiled herself.  “Uh oh!”  She laughed softly when she got a soft growl in response. 


“Smartass!”  Buffy kissed her and stood up, but didn’t leave the woman’s arms as the band finished their song and announced they’d be back for one more set in a little while.  “I believe I owe you a dance, Ms. Maclay.” 


“Yes, you do, Ms. Summers.”  Tara smiled widely before checking over her shoulder, Mike being right on the ball putting a CD in the stereo.  “And I believe this is it.”  Tara turned back and kissed the Slayer before nudging her so she could stand. 


Although reluctant to leave the Wiccan’s arms, Buffy did as urged, stepping back as she removed her arms from the woman.  She laughed when Tara stood, gave her a crooked smile and winked as she hooked her finger in the front of her pants again, and led her back to the dance floor. 




Sue grabbed Amy’s arms to wrap around her waist as the first notes of the slow song began to play over the speakers, her back to Amy, and Sandi’s arms wrapping around both women from behind.  “Okay, on three.  Ready, one… two… three, now!”  All three women began moving at the same time. 


Tara shook her head and smiled at the three women still on the dance floor. 


Buffy rolled her eyes and shook her head.  “Let me guess, another bet on who dances the first slow song with her?”  She shook her head again as she and Tara came to a stop on the dance floor, Amy nodding and the other two shrugging.  “Don’t you two have anything better to do?” 


Sue winked at Buffy.  “Yeah, but you two will hurt us if we do it here.”  A big toothy grin coming to her face as Sandi agreed with a nod and matching grin. 


Buffy rolled her eyes again as she stepped into Tara’s arms at the gentle tugging of the one finger tucked in the waist of her pants, eyes narrowing on the three.  “Just watch the hands!” 


If the grin could have gotten any bigger on Sue’s face, it did.  “Oh, we will be… HERS!”  All three started laughing as Buffy growled at them. 


Tara felt her face heat up as Sue winked at her. 


“Bitches!”  Buffy grumbled as she turned her eyes to Tara, a slow grin crossing her face as she ran her hands down Tara’s arm’s, lowering the woman’s hands to her ass. 


“Buffy!”  Tara flushed a darker color before she started laughing with the Slayer. 


“What?  They wanted a show.  I was just giving them one.”  Buffy kissed Tara as she wrapped her arms around the woman’s shoulders, smiling as Tara gave her ass a squeeze before moving her hands up to caress her back. 


“Smartass!”  Tara gave her a crooked smile as she pulled the Slayer close.  “Don’t you think there are enough eyes on us already?”  She kissed Buffy’s temple as the Slayer laid her head on her shoulder. 


“Don’t care.”  Buffy sighed as she snuggled into the Wiccan, a feeling of contentment washing through her. 


Tara wrapped her arms completely around the Slayer, fingers gently caressing her sides as she relaxed herself.  Smiling and kissing the Slayer’s temple again before resting her cheek there with a sigh of her own as they slowly swayed to the music. 




Midway through the second song Buffy growled loud enough for only Tara to hear.  “If they touch my ass, turn them into something disgusting.” 


Tara had stiffened at the soft growl, relaxing again at the whispered words.  “If they touch your ass, I’m going to stick theirs up their own!”  She spoke loud enough for the women to hear as she opened one eye to see a wide eyed Sue a step away with her hands stopped in midair on the way to Buffy’s ass.  Growling as a blue eye narrowed on the shorter woman, her hands dropping possessively to cover Buffy’s ass.  “Don’t touch!”  She blew a breath in the shorter woman’s direction, smiling as she was moved back into the body of her friend. 


“I warned you!”  Amy smiled as she watched Sue move across the floor. 


Sue’s mouth fell open as her shoes squeaked across the floor, hair blowing out behind her as she magically was blown away from the dancing pair. 


Backpedaling, Sandi grunted as she was hit by her shorter friend.  “So much for that bet!” 


Sue nodded in agreement, before narrowing her eyes on Amy.  “That sounded more like a dare, than a warning!” 


“I told you to leave them alone when you two started betting on who was going to grab her ass!  Did you miss what she was capable of earlier?”  Amy shook her head, sighing as she crossed her arms over her chest.  “Don’t listen to me, see if I care!” 


Sue turned back to frown at Tara.  “We thought you were dead, I was just trying to check to make sure you weren’t.”  She folded her arms over her chest.  “You guys are boring!  Just standing there, not doin’ nothin’!  Ain’t right!”  She shook her head in mock disgust. 


“Yeah, what she said!”  Sandi nodded agreement from behind her. 


Buffy turned in Tara’s arms and grinned at Sue, she’d turned her head when she heard her shoes squeaking across the floor.  “So, was that the lesbian version of a blow job?” 


“Buffy!”  Tara pinched the Slayer’s stomach with her question. 


“What?”  Buffy laughed as she covered Tara’s hand. 


Sue rolled her eyes before tilting her head in thought.  A slow grin formed as her eyes began to twinkle as she looked at Tara, a hand coming up in a ‘pay up’ pose for Sandi.  “That had to be worth something, and I won!” 


“Oh, Goddess!”  Tara groaned as she dropped her forehead onto Buffy’s shoulder, laughing a moment later at the lengths the two women would go to just to win a bet, and the bickering they were now doing over it. 


Buffy shook her head and laughed, turning to smile at Tara as the woman lifted her head from her shoulder.  “They’re hopeless.” 


Tara nodded as her own eyes began to twinkle before she brought her lips to Buffy’s ear. 


Buffy groaned and then whimpered as Tara began to tell her exactly what her version of a lesbian blow job was.  Between the whispered words, the hot breath, and the warm tongue giving demonstrations to her ear as Tara’s fingers played around her waistband and button of her pants, Buffy’s body was on high alert.  Shuddering and whimpering again as her lower region clenched when Tara ended her description and demonstration by wrapping her lips around her earlobe and sucking on it as she flicked it with her tongue and moaned softly. 


Tara’s eyes opening wide as she released Buffy’s ear when felt the Slayer shudder against her. 


“Holy shit!  Did she just…???”  Sue stared wide eyed and open mouthed as she watched the couple. 


Amy covered her mouth to keep from laughing as she watched both Buffy and Tara blush. 


Sue rushed over, grinning like an idiot as she slid to a stop beside them.  “Do me!  Do me!” 


Buffy growled and put a hand on Sue’s forehead, pushing her away as she turned in Tara’s arms.  “Home, now!”  She grabbed the Wiccan’s hand and started pulling her off the dance floor to the laughter of the others. 


Tara laughed herself as put the brakes on and stopped their departure.  “Hold on there, Tough Stuff!” 


“Taaaraaa!”  It was a combination whimper and whine that came from the Slayer as Tara brought them to a halt, and pulled her back around to face her.  “Wanna go home!”  She pressed into Tara as the Wiccan wrapped her arms back around her. 


“I know, Sweetie.”  Tara kissed her temple as Buffy buried her face against her neck.  “But we have to pay the tab, call a cab, and I have to give Amy the spell.” 


Buffy whimpered and nodded as Tara soothing rubbed her back.  “Can’t you just wave a hand and get us there?”  Buffy looked up with pleading eyes. 


Tara shook her head as she laughed softly.  “And miss out on the backseat on the way home?”  She winked at her.  “It may not be a Rolls Royce, but seeing as how you didn’t get to play out your other scene…”  Tara looked towards the wall Buffy had been leaning against earlier, and then lowered her lips to Buffy’s when Buffy whimpered again.  “We’ll have to come back another time so you can check that one off your list, there’s too many eyes on us tonight.” 


“You’re killing me, here!  You know that, right?”  Buffy looked up with pained eyes, growling as Tara gave her a crooked smile. 


“I’ll make it up to you.”  Tara winked and softly kissed her again. 


“I’m counting on it.”  Buffy finally smiled, sighing as she snuggled into the Wiccan’s neck again and nipped at it gently. 


Tara moaned softly as she felt the teeth on her neck, wrapping her arms around the Slayer and holding her close, forgetting for the moment that they should be settling up to go. 



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