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Mewwy Chwistmas, Mistwess!

Happy Little Minion's Playground

Mewwy Chwistmas, Mistwess!


Wuvs, Minion!

 (Happy Little Minion)

Disclaimer:  I don’t own ‘em, they belong to the All Mighty Joss and Co.  I just borrow ‘em to play with, and promise to return them semi-unharmed and smiling when I’m done!  ; ) 


Rating:  NC-17  Yeah, Baby!  We have sex here!! 


FEEDBACK:  YES!!  I WANT IT!!  PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!!  Umm… for those of you who think I may have wandered off from feedback into something else during that… maybe I did, but the sentiment is the same!!  Pwetty pwease? 


A/N:  Don’t let the title fool you!  I know… DAMN!!  Sowwy!  This was written for The Mistress as a Christmas present, hence the title! 


Pairing:  Buffy/Tara 


Plot:  Of course not, it’s a PWP!  Just read and enjoy… I hope! 



“Are we having fun yet?”  Tara panted out as she leaned over, drawing in deep breaths as she rested her hands on her knees.  Her head snapping up as a vampire sailed over her head, having been diving at her as she bent over.  “Fuck!  Where’d he come from?”  She looked wide-eyed at the sprawled out vamp partially hanging off the ground, having knocked himself out when he put his head through a headstone. 


“My guess…”  Buffy dove over a headstone, tackling the vamp they were chasing to begin with.  They both quickly got back to their feet, Buffy spun around with a spinning back kick to his head.  “…would be that gaping hole in the ground behind you.”  She ducked a punch to the head, coming up with a right hook of her own before pulling out a stake and ending the fight before the vamp even knew what hit him. 


“Oh!”  Tara glanced behind her seeing the freshly upturned earth of the newbie’s grave.  “That would explain it.”  She nodded as she turned back as Buffy dusted herself off.  “And I thought you’d said it was quiet lately?”  She sent a glare at the Slayer. 


Buffy smiled and shrugged, seeing the amusement behind the Wiccan’s glare.  “I’ve only seen three in the past week, so it must be the company I keep.”  She winked at Tara. 


Tara raised a brow.  “And you couldn’t have asked me to accompany you on one of those nights?”  She rolled her eyes and straightened up when all she got was a shrug and a smile from Buffy. 


“I could have stayed home and gotten the same results, you know!”  She tried another glare on the Slayer, but her lips wouldn’t cooperate as a grin spread across her face. 


Buffy raised a brow as she walked closer to the Wiccan.  “Same results?” 


“Sweaty, increased heart rate, heavy, panting breaths.”  Tara winked at the Slayer.  “And sooo much more pleasurable.”  She started laughing at the look of shock on the Slayer’s face. 


“TARA!”  Buffy’s eyes about popped out of her head.  Finally shaking off the shock, she tilted her head slightly as she eyed the Wiccan, brows furrowing as she wondered if she was seeing someone that no one knew about.  “Alone, or with company?”  She hadn’t heard about Tara dating anyone since she and Willow had broken up months ago. 


Tara had watched the range of emotions crossing Buffy’s features.  After the initial shock, she witnessed confusion, hurt, a flash of anger, and finally curiosity.  “In the company… of my toys, Buffy.”  She smiled at the relief she saw in the Slayer’s eyes before she chuckled at the blush that quickly followed the relief.  She raked her eyes over Buffy’s body, bringing twinkling eyes back to Buffy’s as the woman blushed even more.  “Unless you’re offering…?”  She gave her a crooked smile, a look of honest want in her eyes. 


Buffy shivered at the look of hunger on Tara’s face.  She’d be lying if she said that the thought of making love with Tara hadn’t crossed her mind over the past couple of months.  They’d been spending time together, just talking and hanging out when they had the opportunity.  She realized she’d come to see the Wiccan as more than a friend, but given the circumstances…  Her thoughts trailed off as the vamp that had tried attacking Tara started to come to just then. 


Tara had watched the play of emotions on Buffy’s face after she’d made her comment.  She smiled at the thought that her feelings weren’t the only ones that had been changing of late, but she didn’t really seriously consider that Buffy would entertain the notion of being with a woman, or more precisely, being with her.  ‘Hmm…’  Her smile grew as she watched Buffy toy with and beat the hell out of the vamp, Tara realizing Buffy was using it as a way of postponing any sort of answer as she worked her way through her feelings on the subject. 


‘Was she kidding?’  Buffy ducked a punch, and returned one of her own.  ‘God knows the look she gave me was something new.  Then again…  She snapped off a front kick and waited for the vamp to catch his balance and retaliate.  ‘…there have been moments when I thought I saw something in her eyes before she quickly closed off the emotion.’  She frowned as the vamp landed a punch to her jaw while she was preoccupied with that thought. 


Tara winced when the vamp landed a punch, shaking her head and chuckling when Buffy just shook it off and growled at the vamp.  She looked around to make sure there was nothing else around before she settled herself atop a headstone to watch the fight.  Her brow rose when Buffy ran at the vamp, jumped up and straddled his shoulders, locking her legs around his neck before she leaned over backwards placing her hands on the ground as the vamp came with her and flipping them both over to land on his chest. 


Buffy punched the vamp in the face as she pulled her legs back and moved down his chest, pulling a stake out as she went.  “Thanks for knocking some sense into me.”  She staked him and stood, brushing herself off as she headed back towards Tara, her mind made up that if Tara was willing to take a chance with her, that she was definitely willing to take the same chance. 


Tara raised a brow and smirked at the Slayer as she finally looked up at her as she drew closer.  “Looking to get eaten, Slayer?” 


“Huh?”  Buffy’s brows furrowed not understanding the Wiccan. 


Tara nodded back towards where Buffy had made the move on the vamp. 


Buffy followed Tara’s eyes, looking back over her shoulder towards where the fight had just ended.  Her head snapping back around as it dawned on her what the woman was talking about, blushing with the innuendo.  “Pointy teeth in that area tend to scare me.”  She raised a brow of her own seeing the opportunity before her.  “Why?  Are you offering?”  She felt her face heat up with the question passing her lips but refused to look away from Tara’s eyes. 


Tara raised a brow at the question, a slow crooked smile crossing her features as she held Buffy’s eyes.  Baring her teeth, Tara ran the tip of her tongue over her upper teeth.  “Not pointy, but I won’t promise that there won’t be some nibbling and biting just shy of painful happening.” 


Buffy stepped closer to the Wiccan, nudging her legs apart as she pressed in close to the woman.  “I can handle that.” 


Tara brought a hand up to cup Buffy’s cheek, her heart beginning to beat rapidly with the thought that this may just happen.  “Are you sure, Buffy?”  She searched the Slayer’s eyes for any apprehension, not wanting to take this teasing any further than Buffy was comfortable with. 


Buffy leaned into Tara’s hand, her own eyes searching the Wiccan’s for any doubt.  She found concern but realized it for what it was, Tara not knowing if she was serious about the teasing.  She also saw the underlying love in the blue eyes watching her own closely for any indecision.  Slowly leaning up the slight distance to the Wiccan’s lips she softly kissed her. 


Tara whimpered softly at the gentle brushing of lips, leaning her forehead against Buffy’s.  “Good answer.”  She brought her other hand up to cup the other cheek, tilted her head and kissed the Slayer.  Again and again, soft gentle brushes of lips, first one, then the other before pressing more firmly against them. 


Buffy whimpered, her hands following the Wiccan’s thighs up to rest on her hips as she inched closer to the woman.  The soft, warm lips making her heart race and her temperature rise. 


Tara pulled back slightly waiting for Buffy to open her eyes.  Seeing the desire and need within the hazel orbs she moaned softly and pressed her lips back against the Slayer’s, her own desire being set free she brought her tongue out to trace Buffy’s lips before gently parting them with just the tip. 


Buffy moaned and wrapped her arms around Tara as she brought their bodies together as her lips parted and allowed the Wiccan to explore. 


Tara slowly slid off the headstone to her feet as she kissed the Slayer, seeking out all the different places, textures and tastes within her mouth as Buffy allowed her the freedom to roam.  All too soon she needed oxygen, whimpering she parted from the treat before her, resting her forehead against Buffy’s as she ran her hands back through her hair, breathing in deeply of the needed air. 


Buffy whimpered and tried to follow the departing lips before realizing that oxygen was an issue, she felt her knees trembling as she became aware again. 


“Are we done for the night?”  Tara asked as she gently scratched the back of the Slayer’s neck. 


Buffy frowned thinking Tara wanted to stop. 


Tara chuckled at the look on Buffy’s face.  “Patrol, Sweetie.  Are we done?” 


“Oh!  I thought…”  Buffy trailed off as she shook away the feeling of loss.  “We’re done.”  She smiled and quickly kissed Tara before stepping back a step and reaching up for the Wiccan’s hand.  “Let’s go!” 


Tara laughed as she was more or less dragged from the cemetery, not that that idea didn’t please her as she thought about what they’d be doing in the very near future.  She dug in her heels and pulled Buffy to a stop, spinning her around and kissing her hungrily before quickly leading her to her dorm, picking up her own pace as she now dragged the Slayer behind her.  “Move it, Slayer.” 


Buffy grinned and happily followed the eager Wiccan. 




Buffy ended up carrying Tara up the stairs to her floor, the Wiccan’s legs wrapped around her waist as well as her hands around her breasts as she stole the breath away from the stumbling Slayer in a hungry kiss. 


There were numerous stops along the way for more kissing, and roaming hands.  At one point Tara had pressed the Slayer’s back against a wall, ravaging her mouth as her impatient hands tore the buttons off the Slayer’s shirt to get at her breasts.  Buffy could do nothing but moan into the kiss as her own hands firmly grabbed Tara’s ass and pulled her close, both grunting with the impact before pelvises ground together in an ancient rhythm.  They’d both growled when they were interrupted by a security guard, Tara pulling the Slayer’s bra back down to cover her breasts before quickly turning on the guard.  “Damn you, Blaine!”  She growled and took a step towards him. 


“Christ, Maclay, get a room!”  He started laughing at the woman, backing away as she came at him with hands up ready to strangle him.  “Had I known it was you, I would have watched for a while longer before interrupting.”  He grinned and wiggled his brows. 


Tara whimpered and stopped in her tracks when the seam of her jeans pressed against her distended clit as she took a long stride at him.  She growled loudly.  “I’m calling Darryl and telling him you were slinking around in the shadows getting off on watching women again.” 


“Oh, Honey, don’t do that!  He’ll shut me off again.”  He looked pleadingly at her, hands up in prayer before they both started laughing. 


Tara held out her hand to a still somewhat disoriented Slayer.  “Come on, Sweetie, we’ve got better things to do than stand here and put on a show for this pervert.”  She groaned softly and used her free hand to pull down on the legs of her jeans, much to the delight of Blaine.  “Don’t even say it!”  She growled without looking back at the man as she dragged Buffy towards her dorm. 


“You might wanna have your girl cover up a bit, there, Stud!”  Blaine broke out in raucous laughter as Tara flipped him off and hurried their departure.  She knew she was in for a ribbing when she saw either one of the men again. 


Buffy pulled Tara to a stop once they’d rounded a corner away from the watchful eyes of Tara’s friend.  She didn’t give Tara a chance to say a word as she pulled the woman against herself and took her lips in a heated kiss, her body still simmering with what Tara had been doing to her. 


Tara whimpered into the kiss, wrapping her legs around the Slayer’s waist as she was lifted off the ground by the hands on her ass, only to be pressed up against a wall herself. 


Buffy released Tara’s lips, dropping her head to nip and suck at a hardened nipple as she pressed her abdomen into Tara’s grinding center.  “Room, now!”  Buffy growled at the footsteps getting closer as she released the nipple and roughly kissed the Wiccan again.  She looked around to get her bearings before hurrying towards Tara’s dorm with the Wiccan still wrapped around her. 


Tara pinched Buffy’s nipples as she bit down on the tongue in her mouth.  She found herself pressed against the wall beside the door of her room as Buffy’s hands started to roam, quickly finding her own breasts. 


Buffy growled when she heard a loud gasp after a door opened.  They both turned to see a red faced woman as she quickly turned and hurried away in embarrassment, ducking into the bathroom as they started to chuckle at being caught again. 


“Room, now, Slayer!”  Tara quickly kissed Buffy before she pulled her lips back to mumble a spell to unlock her door, the hell with the key in her pocket.  She reached out blindly and found the doorknob, pushing the door open as Buffy pulled her away from the wall. 


Buffy kicked the door closed behind her as she carried Tara to the bed, kneeling as she climbed on with the Wiccan still wrapped around her waist.  She nipped at Tara’s lower lip as she pulled out of the kiss.  “Shirt, off!”  She pulled Tara’s shirt from her jeans, growling at it taking so long. 


Tara leaned back from the Slayer, helping her pull the shirt over her head.  She moaned when Buffy ducked her head and latched onto her nipple through her bra.  Pushing the Slayer’s own shirt off her shoulders, Tara buried her hands in Buffy’s hair as she held her mouth to her breast, arching her back offering more of herself.  Tara needed more than the feel of Buffy’s mouth on her bra, she need her mouth against her flesh.  Tightening her hold on Buffy’s hair she whimpered as she pried her mouth away, releasing her legs once Buffy opened passion-filled eyes and growled at being removed.  Tara bounced on the bed, her hands dropping to the front fastener of Buffy’s bra before reaching around behind herself to unhook her own. 


Buffy took the hint, quickly removing her shirt and bra and tossing them to the floor as her eyes took in the Wiccan’s breasts as they came into view.  She lowered herself on top of the Wiccan as Tara’s hands worked the button and zipper of her leather pants open.  Her mouth going back to the breast she was denied before. 


Tara moaned as Buffy hummed against her breast, a warm tongue circling her nipple before teeth gently scraped against it, only to be sucked inside a warm mouth and suckled.  Arching her back for Buffy to take more of her into her mouth, Tara dropped her hips giving her hands more room to maneuver.  Sliding her hands into Buffy’s leather pants and around to her hips, she pushed the offending article out of her way just enough to loosen them so she could comfortably slide a hand inside and down to the steaming wetness within without hurting either one of them.  They both moaned as her fingers brushed across wet lips quickly before pulling partially out of the pants again.  Tara raised a knee, placing her foot on the bed and flipped them over, momentarily dislodging a growling Slayer from her breast. 


Buffy looked up at a grinning Tara before her eyes closed as Tara’s hand slid back into her pants.  She whimpered as the Wiccan squeezed her clit between slick fingers, her hips pressing up into the hand for a moment before they started moving of their own accord in cadence with the Wiccan’s own movements.  She pulled Tara down to her lips as she retook her position on her breast.  One hand going to the other breast as the other slid around to Tara’s ass, pulling her down against her thigh as she pressed up into the Wiccan’s apex. 


Tara let out a deep rumbling moan as her hips jerked at the touch.  Pressing into the Slayer’s thigh she started grinding against it as she let her hand slide down further within Buffy’s pants.  She forewent going slowly knowing they were both on edge, plunging two fingers quickly and deeply into the Slayer’s warm depths. 


Buffy moaned around the nipple in her mouth, pressing herself further onto the fingers that were suddenly within her. 


Tara took up a fast pace, plunging in and out of the Slayer as she rocked against her thigh, whimpering and arching her back as Buffy bit down on the nipple in her mouth.  “Goddess!  Do that again and I’ll cum.” 


Buffy opened her eyes and looked up at the flushed face of the Wiccan.  She grinned around the nipple as she laved it with her tongue, watching as Tara’s eyes closed and her head went back on her shoulders, arching even more into her.  She whimpered as Tara brought her head forward again, opening dilated eyes and pressing a thumb against her throbbing clit.  “Tara…”  She released the breast from her mouth and drew out the name as her own head pressed back into the bed, her hips coming off the bed, a deep groan resonating from her. 


Tara pressed into Buffy as far as she could while using just the tips of her fingers to caress within the clasping walls.  She smiled at the groan from the Slayer before moaning herself when Buffy pinched her nipple almost to the point of pain.  She felt her own inner muscles clench at the pleasure of the rough treatment to her breast.  Bending her elbow, and dropping down to press her lips against the Slayer’s, her tongue delving in to do battle with Buffy’s in a heated kiss as they both rose higher towards climax.  Tara ended the kiss when her lungs burned for air, panting as she worked her way down Buffy’s jaw to her neck. 


Buffy stopped Tara from going any lower by holding firmly to her ass and pulling on the nipple she still played with in her fingers.  “I need to see your eyes.”  She whispered softly as she opened her own eyes to gaze up at the Wiccan.  “Please?”  She saw Tara’s brows drawing together as her hand stopped its motion momentarily. 


Tara nodded, smiling softly down at the Slayer.  “Whatever you need from me, Sweetie.”  Tara lowered her lips to Buffy’s, reassuring her with soft presses of their lips.  “Anything you need.”  She resumed her hand’s motions as she lovingly bathed the Slayer’s lips with her tongue. 


Buffy whimpered and brought her own tongue out to dance with Tara’s, pulling on her nipple to bring the Wiccan closer as she pressed for entrance into Tara’s mouth.  Moaning as Tara gave way and allowed her what she wanted, mapping the Wiccan’s mouth with her tongue. 


Tara captured the Slayer’s tongue, sucking gently upon it as she felt Buffy’s inner muscles begin to flutter around her fingers.  She added more pressure to her thumb as she pressed against the Slayer’s throbbing muscle beneath her slowly rotating appendage.  Increasing the speed and pressure as Buffy’s inner walls started to clench and release in a sign of impending pleasure. 


Buffy groaned as Tara released her tongue, breathing in deeply as she squeezed the Wiccan’s ass rhythmically as she guided her against her thigh.  Her own hips jerking periodically as she picked up the pace against the Wiccan’s hand, moaning out her name as her eyes closed and her head tilted back. 


Tara watched the flush rise up the Slayer’s chest and neck to color her cheeks as her fingers were clenched tightly, sucked further in by trembling muscles as Buffy climaxed.  She felt her own body tremble as she pressed hard against the Slayer’s thigh, her nipple and ass being squeezed reflexively, repeatedly as Buffy jerked beneath her.  She eased up on the pressure of her thumb as she continued to brush around and across Buffy’s clit, prolonging the Slayer’s pleasure. 


Buffy released Tara’s nipple, her hand gliding up the Wiccan’s chest and back into her hair as she moved her other hand up to her back, pulling Tara down against her.  Her body continuing to spasm, Buffy forced her eyes open, blinking as she brought the Wiccan into focus.  She swallowed at the sight of the Wiccan’s smiling face above her, everything she saw from the dream plain to see within the blue eyes looking back into her own.  She wet her dry lips before pressing them up softly into Tara’s, whispering against them.  “Those are the eyes I saw in my dream.” 


Tara relaxed her hand and wrist, lowering herself as fully as she could atop the Slayer.  “What dream, Sweetie?”  She brought her free hand up to brush the damp hair off the Slayer’s face, running her fingers gently back through it repeatedly as she kept her eyes locked with Buffy’s. 


Buffy felt her face heat as a blush worked its way up her neck to color her cheeks. 


Tara chuckled softly as she watched Buffy blush, lowering her lips to brush against the Slayer’s.  “Was reality as good as the dream?” 


Buffy chuckled softly and shook her head.  “I don’t know.  I only remember your eyes when I woke and found myself alone.”  She felt her face heating up again as she remembered where her hands were when she did. 


As if reading the Slayer’s mind, Tara wiggled her fingers still buried deep within her.  “And where were your hands when you awoke, Slayer?”  She gave her a crooked smile as she watched the blush darken, holding back a chuckle so as not to embarrass the Slayer any further.  She lowered her head to kiss her gently, whispering against her lips.  “There’s no shame in pleasuring yourself, Sweetie.”  She kissed her again.  “And some day I hope you’ll let me watch as you do.”  Tara moaned softly with the pictures she conjured in her head with that thought, parting the Slayer’s lips when she groaned, letting her know with the kiss exactly what the thought of watching her did to her. 


Buffy moaned as Tara slowly eased her fingers from inside her, missing the fullness they’d brought her even if the Wiccan hadn’t been moving her hand. 


Tara didn’t immediately pull her hand away, staying to gently stroke over the Slayer’s moist labia as she worked her way from Buffy’s mouth down her jaw to her neck.  Smiling at the soft groan from the Slayer as she painted a light trail with her lips and tongue from the top of Buffy’s neck to her collarbone.  She took her time learning all the secret places that caused a hitched breath, moan, groan, arching, or any other type of reaction from Buffy as she covered all of her upper chest, her fingers still slowly stroking and learning on their own. 


Buffy massaged her back with one hand, her other still in Tara’s hair.  Her hand tightening in Tara’s hair as the Wiccan teased her breasts, never taking the hard, aching nipples into her mouth.  Wanting to guide her where she wanted her, moaning she loosened her hand enjoying the suspense and thrill of waiting even more.  She knew the Wiccan wouldn’t disappoint no matter what she did or how long she took to get her there. 


Tara stopped and raised her eyes to look at Buffy when she felt her release her hold in her hair. 


Buffy smiled, lifting her head before she opened her eyes. 


Tara tilted her head curiously at the smile, not to mention Buffy not pressing her to hurry it up and get to the good stuff. 


Buffy chuckled softly, scratching the base of Tara’s head gently.  “Not what you were expecting, huh?” 


Tara smiled and shook her head.  “No, it’s not.  I’m assuming it’s because the edge has already been taken off though.”  She barely raked her nails over Buffy’s labia to make her point. 


Buffy nodded.  “That’s a big part of it.”  She pulled Tara’s head up as she lifted her own, softly kissing her.  “I know you’ll get there eventually, and I know that you’re enjoying what you’re doing to me as much as I’m enjoying you doing it.  The anticipation is as exciting as the act itself.” 


Tara’s lips turned up in a soft smile.  “So I get to torture you this time, but don’t count on a docile Slayer every time?”  Her eyes began to twinkle as she thought about how long the Slayer would be able to hold out before she decided enough was enough. 


“Umm…”  Buffy laughed seeing an evil glint in the Wiccan’s eyes.  “Now I’m beginning to wonder about the merits of my thought process.”  She kissed the laughing woman.  “But I’ll hold out as long as possible before I get mean.”  She kissed her again, tightening her hand in her hair as she did, and then proceeded to pull Tara’s head back, pushing it back down to where she’d left off on exploring her body. 


Tara laughed and nipped at the underside of Buffy’s breast.  “That didn’t last long at all.”  She pulled her hand from Buffy’s pants, grinning at the whimper as she brought her fingers to her mouth, sitting up in the process. 


Buffy groaned, her hands tightening into fists as she watched Tara moan and make a show of licking her essence off her fingers.  “Bitch!” 


Tara smiled around the fingers in her mouth as she finished sucking them clean.  “I’m sure you’ll be calling me that again and again, Slayer.”  She winked at her as she slid off the bed, going to the foot to remove Buffy’s boots. 




Buffy watched as Tara untied and removed her boots and socks before she bent to remove her own.  She grunted softly as she watched the gently swaying breasts while Tara was bent over. 


Tara looked up when she heard a grunt, blushing at the eyes zeroed in on her breasts that followed them as she stood up straight again. 


Buffy noticed the color darkening the Wiccan’s chest and dragged her eyes upwards.  Seeing the blush on Tara’s face she shrugged, smiled and dropped her eyes back to her breasts. 


Tara chuckled softly when she realized Buffy was going to have a fascination with said body parts… which wasn’t a BAD thing in her book, not from how the Slayer had already treated them.  A shiver passed through her with the memory of almost cumming when Buffy had bitten down on her nipple earlier.  ‘Sooo NOT a bad thing!’  She grinned as she grabbed the cuffs of Buffy’s leather pants, tugging gently. 


Buffy grunted and lifted her hips, her hands moving to help push the tight pants over her hips as Tara pulled on the legs, her eyes never leaving the woman’s breasts. 


Tara bit back a laugh at the Slayer’s single-mindedness, only to whimper softly when the pants made it beyond the woman’s hips.  Her mouth began to water at the sight of the glistening lips.  Her mind finally catching up with what her fingers had discovered before… a non-panty covered, bald mound.  She whimpered again as she pulled the leather pants the rest of the way off, her eyes taking in the now naked Slayer lying on her bed.  Dropping the pants, she pinched herself just to see if this was real. 


Buffy had looked up at the second whimper, chuckling softly when she saw Tara pinch herself. 


Tara let her eyes reach up to the grinning Slayer’s and shrugged.  “Just making sure I wasn’t dreaming.” 


Buffy tilted her head slightly, the grin spreading, before she pushed up onto her knees and crawled to the foot of the bed.  “Dreaming, huh?”  She stopped at the end of the bed and straightened up, edging closer with her knees as she reached for the button on Tara’s jeans.  “And did I have a role in this dream?”  She chuckled softly as a blush traveled up Tara’s chest to redden her cheeks. 


Tara felt the heat move from her chest upwards, knowing she was blushing brightly.  A crooked smile crossing her face as she finally nodded, pictures from a dream featuring the Slayer being pressed against a mausoleum and taken by her flashing through her mind.  Groaning softly at the memory of the dream, Tara took the smiling Slayer’s lips in a heated kiss as she felt her jeans pushed off her hips and down her thighs. 


Unlike herself, Tara hadn’t gone commando she found out as she trailed her hands back up the Wiccan’s thighs to her hips as Tara lifted her legs free of the jeans. 


Tara never broke the kiss as she shifted first one leg, then the other, shaking the jeans free of her foot as she kicked them aside.  Stepping closer to the bed to press up against the Slayer when she was free, she wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close as she finally ended the kiss with a nip to Buffy’s lower lip. 


Buffy moaned softly and tilted her head as Tara’s hot breath and tongue meandered down her throat.  Her hands toying with the material covering the Wiccan’s ass, having to swallow twice to get her voice to work.  “Are you particularly fond of these?”  She trailed a finger under the elastic at the back of the Wiccan’s panties. 


Tara chuckled softly against Buffy’s neck, nipping gently as she shook her head.  “Not at the moment.”  She mumbled before she pressed her mouth against the quickly increasing beat of the Slayer’s pulse, sucking hungrily to leave her mark as she heard a grunt in answer, then material ripping to pool at her feet as her destroyed panties fell from the Slayer’s hands. 


Buffy gently tugged on Tara’s ass as she slowly moved back on the bed, Tara following her as she went.  Gently kneading the Wiccan’s ass as she stopped at what she thought was the middle of the bed, Buffy massaged her way up Tara’s back, her hands grabbing fistfuls of hair to pull the woman’s head away from the now red mark on her neck before capturing her lips in a heated kiss. 


As tongues continued to jostle for dominance, Tara urged the Slayer back down onto the bed, following her down as Buffy complied.  Once the Slayer had settled and straightened out her legs, Tara lowered herself atop of her. 


Buffy moaned when Tara lay fully on top of her as she spread her legs allowing the Wiccan to settle between them, her hands going back to Tara’s ass as she pressed up into her. 


Smiling as she nipped Buffy’s lip as she lifted her head, Tara chuckled softly.  “I’m beginning to think you like my body parts.”  She wiggled one such part within the Slayer’s hands. 


Buffy nodded as her eyes dropped to the swell of breasts pressed against her own chest, nodding again as she dipped her head to lick across the swells. 


Tara moaned and pressed down into the Slayer as Buffy’s mound bumped against her clit as she moved her head to swipe at her breasts.  Lifting up partially from her elbows, she grinned when Buffy groaned and dropped her head back to the pillow, the Slayer’s hands squeezing her ass as she returned the favor of grinding against Buffy. 


“Bitch!”  Buffy growled out softly as she opened her eyes to see a grinning Wiccan above her. 


“I told you that you’d be calling me that again, Slayer.”  Tara chuckled softly as she lowered her head to nip at the Slayer’s throat before slowly working her way down Buffy’s body. 


Buffy’s growl turned into a moan as Tara wrapped her lips and teeth around one of her nipples, her hands sliding up the Wiccan’s back to hold her head close.  The shot of pain in her nipple when the woman bit down hard, causing a bolt of lightning to shoot straight to her lower region as her hands gathered fistfuls of hair. 


Tara smiled around the nipple in her mouth at Buffy’s reaction to what she was doing, slowly soothing the very sensitive nipple with her tongue before shifting over to repeat the process on the other nipple. 


Buffy hissed softly when Tara did the same to her other nipple, pressing her groin up into the Wiccan’s abdomen. 


Tara whimpered softly and squeezed her own thighs together as she felt the Slayer’s warm moisture coating her stomach.  Releasing the nipple with a soft kiss, she nibbled her way lower. 


Buffy squirmed the lower Tara went, her abdominal muscles fluttering as the Wiccan stopped to pay homage to her bellybutton.  Tongue flitting in and around, teeth gently nipped, pulling on the skin around her navel.  Growling softly she gathered Tara’s hair, the loose strands tickling and causing havoc as they grazed over her sensitive skin.  She felt every touch, every caress, no matter how inconsequential, her nerve ending were all on serious overload. 


Tara inhaled deeply of Buffy’s scent, shivering as a moan left her, eyes closing as her mouth watered.  But she wasn’t done teasing the Slayer, yet.  She felt a smile spreading as she continued nipping lower, growling softly as she bit gently just above the Slayer’s mound. 


Buffy whimpered softly, her hands tightening in Tara’s hair, all the teasing and anticipation about to come to fruition.  She felt as if everything was concentrated on where the Wiccan’s lips, tongue and teeth were located.  And all along, no matter where that was, it was all connected to one central point in her body.  And that point was just about to be reached… 


Tara felt the trembling of the Slayer as she slowly made her way to where Buffy wanted her most at that moment.  Using the flat of her tongue, she could taste herself on the Slayer’s skin as she bathed the soft, bare mound. 


Buffy’s legs spread wider, her hips coming off the bed as Tara minutely inched her way closer.  She was so close, almost afraid of what was to come when Tara did finally reach her destination. 


Tara lightened her touch as she barely brushed across the throbbing muscle as she quickly bypassed Buffy’s clit. 


Buffy jumped when Tara finally grazed her where she wanted her most.  Growling as her eyes snapped open and her hands tightened in the soft tresses, she lifted her head to glare down at the blue eyes looking back at her. 


Twinkling blue gazed into frustrated hazel as Tara lightly ran her tongue along the saturated outer lips of the Slayer, lazily outlining them with just the tip of her tongue. 


Buffy growled again, her upper lip lifting on one side in a snarl as she fisted the Wiccan’s hair about to move her higher and back where she needed her. 


Tara stiffened, ready to resist the Slayer’s efforts to bring her back to her clit.  She smiled and placed a gentle kiss on Buffy’s pounding pulse when the Slayer let out a cross between a whimper and a wounded cry, releasing her tight hold on her hair and falling back to the bed.  Knowing that she herself was painfully swollen and wet and would be frustrated to no end, Tara decided to end the Slayer’s misery rather than continue to torment her.  Settling herself between Buffy’s splayed wide legs.  Tara placed her arms under the Slayer’s legs, bringing her hands up to rub soothingly across her lower abdomen as she brought her mouth back down to taste the Slayer without the teasing. 


Buffy whimpered again as Tara’s tongue slid between her lips, pressing in deeply enough to let her know that relief and pleasure would soon be hers.  “Thank you.”  She croaked out in a whisper as she covered one of the Wiccan’s hands and squeezed lightly, raising her legs to place her feet flat on the bed as Tara ran the length of her. 


Tara hummed softly in answer as she gathered the flavor of the Slayer with her tongue.  Moaning softly as she brought her tongue back into her mouth, swallowing before going back for more by allowing her tongue to pierce the Slayer once before heading to her pounding clit. 


Buffy whimpered again when Tara stabbed into her and quickly pulled back out.  Seconds later she lifted her hips off the bed, pressing against Tara’s mouth as she felt flames run along her whole body, all gathering in one point, to burst forth as she climaxed. 


Tara knew it would be quick, but she hadn’t expected the flood to soak her chin as soon as she wrapped her lips around Buffy’s clit.  After the first flick of her tongue across the swollen muscle Buffy’s hips shot off the bed, challenging her to keep her hold as she literally was partially lifted off the bed herself.  Quickly moving her hands to the bed to support herself with something other than her neck, Tara stayed with the Slayer as she continued to suckle and flick at the muscle within her mouth. 


Buffy let out a loud scream of Tara’s name as bright lights flashed behind her closed eyelids.  She stayed suspended off the bed for long moments as her body shook with the powerful orgasm, falling back to the bed finally when her legs would no longer hold her up. 


Tara smiled and chuckled softly as she wiped the moisture from her chin, cleaning her fingers in her mouth before she lowered herself to gather what she could from the Slayer. 


Buffy groaned and shied away from the tongue that was causing her sensitive body to shudder with every lap that Tara made, her feet sliding along the comforter until her legs fell back to the bed. 


Tara licked her lips and placed a soft kiss on the Slayer’s mound, she slowly untangled herself before leaning above the Slayer.  “Are you okay, Sweetie?”  She couldn’t help chuckling as Buffy only grunted in answer.  Kissing her softly on the forehead, Tara moved off to the side of the Slayer.  She looked from Buffy to her nightstand drawer and back again, shrugging as a grin formed and she reached for the drawer. 


Buffy’s eyes blinked open to stare up at the ceiling as the bed moved beneath her when the Wiccan moved away from her.  Pinpoints of light still flashed in her eyesight as she turned her head towards the Wiccan’s back that now faced her.  “Wh…”  She swallowed to get her scratchy voice to work.  “What happened?”  Her answer was laughter from the Wiccan.  “Bitch!” 


Tara smiled as she found the items she was looking for before closing the drawer and turning back to the Slayer.  “You called?”  She winked at Buffy as she set the items on the bed then rolled on top of the still unmoving woman. 


Buffy could only see the tip of Tara’s toy and a bottle of something before she moaned softly as the Wiccan settled atop of her.  “What are you gonna do to me now?”  She whimpered as she turned to look up at the smiling face above her. 


“First I’m going to let you catch your breath and recover a bit.”  Tara dropped her head to kiss the Slayer softly.  “Then…”  She looked over at the ‘divining rod’ and flavored lube before turning back to Buffy.  “We’ll see how you feel about trying out one of my toys.”  She felt the heat moving from her chest to her cheeks as she blushed.  She’d only started acquiring the toys a short time ago, and as of yet hadn’t used them on anyone but herself.  Her smile slipped a bit as nerves started taking hold.  She didn’t know if she’d be able to use the toy effectively or not. 


Buffy saw the worry starting to creep into Tara’s eyes.  Gathering what strength she could muster at the moment she brought her arms up around the Wiccan’s back, giving her a hug before her hands started a gentle massage.  “I know it's blue, but that’s about it.”  She chuckled softly and smiled up at Tara.  “But I’m game.”  She lifted her head to softly kiss the Wiccan, trying to reassure her from whatever was worrying her. 


Tara smiled and ran her fingers through Buffy’s damp hair at her temples.  “I’ve never…”  She felt her face heating up again.  “I’m not sure…”  She growled and rolled her eyes at herself, not quite meeting Buffy’s again as she looked somewhere between the Slayer’s brows and hairline.  “I’ve never used it with anyone before.”  She nibbled nervously on her lip as she still wouldn’t look the Slayer in the eye. 


Buffy smiled at the Wiccan’s nervousness, soothingly running her hands more firmly up and down her back.  “Then it’ll be a first time for both of us.”  She leaned up to kiss Tara when the Wiccan finally met her eyes.  “I’ve only got a plain old vibrator, myself.”  She felt her own cheeks turning red and chuckled softly.  “I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything else they had there.”  She shrugged when Tara smiled, the twinkle coming back into her eyes. 


“At least you had the nerve to go into the place.”  Tara started laughing as she leaned down and kissed Buffy.  “I ordered mine on the internet from one of the library’s computers.” 


Buffy started laughing with her.  “Now why didn’t I think of doing that?!  Would have been sooo much less embarrassing than having to bring it to the counter to pay the creepy looking guy that worked there.” 


Tara started laughing at the picture of Buffy blushing and looking everywhere but at the man as she handed over her money, and hurried from the store with her purchase safely hidden away in a brown paper bag. 


“S’not funny!”  Buffy glared up at the laughing woman before she finally started laughing herself.  “I’ll just have to get you to order for me from now on.” 


Tara shook her head and smiled at her.  “I’ll show you how to get to the sites, that way you can order your own.”  Though she was hoping they could order some together. 


Buffy saw something pass through the Wiccan’s eyes and took a guess.  “Maybe we can pick some out.”  She knew she’d guessed right when the smile spread across the Wiccan’s face.  “Now… what have you got planned for me?”  She pressed her hips up into her.  “I seem to have recovered somewhat.”  She winked up at her before pressing her lips to Tara’s and rolling them over.  Now that she was on top, she lifted her head to see what the Wiccan had placed beside the pillow. 


Tara watched as a brow rose before furrowing and a slight frown formed on the Slayer’s face.  It didn’t take her long to realize what Buffy was thinking and she started to chuckle.  “They’re not both for you, Sweetie.”  She ran her hands down to Buffy’s ass and pinched. 


“Thank God!”  Buffy flexed her butt cheeks as she brought her eyes back to Tara.  “Had me worried for a minute, there.”  She laughed softly. 


Tara grinned and shook her head.  “I think the end that was scaring you is for me.  But there are other toys for that.”  She winked at Buffy as she squeezed her ass. 


Buffy raised a brow and waited, she wasn’t disappointed when the Wiccan blushed.  Chuckling softly she kissed her.  “So you’ll be teaching me all sorts of new tricks, huh?”  She wiggled her brows and smiled as the Wiccan grinned and nodded.  “Let’s see what I’ve already learned…”  She quickly kissed her and then started trailing noisy kisses down her neck. 


Tara giggled with the tickling of the Slayer’s kisses, moaning softly and squeezing the Slayer’s ass again when her lips turned serious.  “Oh…” 


Buffy smiled against the Wiccan’s neck as she gently sucked at her pulse, she tried to keep herself from marking the woman not knowing how Tara would feel about walking around with a hickey on her neck. 


Tara brought her hands up Buffy’s back, opening her eyes to look at her when Buffy lifted her head.  Seeing Buffy checking where she’d just had her lips, Tara brought her mouth back down against her throat.  “Just don’t leave a really big one.”  She smiled when she got a grunt and felt the Slayer lick the spot before she started gently sucking again.  She knew the mark she’d left on the Slayer’s neck would be gone in no time, but unlike Buffy, hers would be there for a while and she didn’t want to have to wear turtlenecks to cover a huge one.  


Buffy lifted her head after a moment and looked at Tara’s neck again, smiling at the mark she’d just left. 


Tara chuckled as she saw the smile on Buffy’s face when she opened her eyes.  “Happy now?”  She lightly scratched the Slayer’s scalp. 


Buffy lifted her eyes and nodded, kissing her on the lips.  “Yep!”  She winked before kissing her again and starting the trail down her throat over again. 


“Me too, Sweetie.”  Tara smiled and closed her eyes as she let Buffy do what she would, moaning softly as Buffy quickly made her way to her breasts.  “Oh yeah, very happy.”  She pulled the Slayer’s mouth tighter against her breast. 


Buffy took the hint and began to worship the nipple in her mouth as her hand went to the other breast.  After quite some time getting to know Tara’s breasts, the smell coming from the Wiccan finally pulled her away from her new favorite pastime.  She’d be sure to come back to them as often as allowed, but right now her mouth was watering to taste the woman moaning and squirming below her.  Moving her legs from the outside of Tara’s, Buffy nudged the Wiccan’s legs apart as she trailed her tongue down her abdomen.  Even if she wanted to torture the Wiccan like she’d been tortured herself, she couldn’t keep herself from quickly making the trek downward. 


Tara was only too happy to oblige, spreading her legs and lifting her knees as the Slayer had as Buffy settled between her legs.  She groaned long and loud, her hands tightening in her hair when Buffy dove right in.  “Oh Goddess!”  She tilted her hips, her inner muscles grasping at the Slayer’s tongue as she plunged in deeply.  In the back of her mind she wondered if the Slayer had done this before as there was no hesitation in her actions, then all thought fled with a moan as she immersed herself in the pleasure the Slayer offered. 


Buffy growled softly as she got her first taste of the Wiccan, something she knew she would want more of as she ran her tongue against the clasping inner walls.  When Tara’s hands tightened in her hair and she felt the fluttering start against her tongue, Buffy quickly swapped two fingers for her tongue, using her other hand to pull back the hood before moving her mouth to Tara’s clit.  Humming happily as she suckled and pressed her tongue firmly against it. 


That was all it took for Tara to call out Buffy’s name as her upper body came up off the bed, jerking a half a dozen times before she fell back to the bed and started breathing again.  Her body jumping with every swipe of the Slayer’s tongue against her clit, and a second orgasm quickly following the first as Buffy continued pressing her fingers into her and rotating them as she twisted her wrist.  She finally pushed Buffy’s mouth away from her sensitive muscle as she couldn’t take anymore.  “Please?” 


Buffy smiled and relinquished her prize when Tara pushed her away, but she was nowhere from being done yet. 


Tara soon found out why it was so easy to push Buffy away when the Slayer’s tongue only moved lower to happily gather the juices she felt trickling from around the fingers still buried within her.  Moaning as the fingers were removed and a tongue quickly took their place, Tara closed her thighs and held the Slayer’s head in place. 


Buffy laughed softly.  “Sorry.”  She kissed the lips she was still pressed against and gave the Wiccan a chance to calm down a bit before she less savagely gathered what she could when Tara released her head. 


Tara groaned softly, her body still reacting to Buffy’s touch as she let her have her way after a few moments of keeping her trapped where she was.  She considered it payback for torturing the Slayer earlier. 


Buffy licked her lips and chin as she lifted her head, bringing her still wet fingers to her mouth before she made her way up the Wiccan’s damp body. 


Eyes still closed, Tara smiled and wrapped her arms around Buffy as she settled on top of her and snuggled in against her neck with a soft kiss and sigh. 


“I guess I don’t have to ask if I did okay.”  Buffy smiled against Tara’s neck when the Wiccan laughed. 


“Actually, for a moment there I thought that you might have done this before.”  She chuckled when Buffy shook her head in the negative.  “Then all thought left me.”  Tara smiled and kissed Buffy’s temple when she felt the smile turn into a grin.  “You’ll not hear any complaints from me, Sweetie.”  Tara gave her a squeeze in reassurance when she felt another kiss press against her throat. 


“Good.”  Buffy snuggled in a bit closer as she felt another kiss pressed to her temple, she listened as the Wiccan’s heart and breathing slowly calmed to normal. 


Tara massaged where her hands lay on the Slayer’s back, her body occasionally shuddering with aftershocks as she enjoyed the warmth and weight of the Slayer’s body pressed against her. 




Relatively in a state of contented bliss herself, Buffy smiled when she realized Tara had dozed off.  Though curiosity now had her blindly reaching out with her hand where she found the Wiccan’s toy, carefully maneuvering it above the woman’s head to her other hand where she inspected it closely. 


Tara’s eyes blinked open when she heard a soft buzzing.  Moving just her eyes, she smiled when she saw Buffy checking out her toy. 


Buffy finally got the thing to stop vibrating before she brought it to her nose and sniffed. 


Tara chuckled softly.  “Good thing I cleaned it well after its last use.” 


“Bitch!  I thought you were sleeping.”  Buffy growled softly, turning her head to nip Tara’s neck.  “You I like the smell of you.”  She tapped her on the jaw with the toy.  “But some of the ones at the shop… let’s just say that even with them in the box, not so much.” 


“I think I was more in limbo than sleeping.”  Tara kissed Buffy’s temple.  “That was one of the selling points of getting this one.  One of the reviewers said that it didn’t smell.”  Her hands started massaging Buffy’s back.  “Get it figured out yet?” 


Buffy nodded against Tara’s shoulder.  “Don’t you need a harness?” 


“Mmm.”  Tara brought a leg up to plant a foot on the bed, rolling them over so she was now on top of Buffy.  “It can be used with a harness.”  She kissed her softly.  “But…”  Tara chuckled when she got beaned on the side of the head with the dildo. 


“Sorry.”  Buffy set the toy back on the bed, wrapping her arms around the Wiccan, she gave Tara her undivided attention.  “But?” 


Tara shrugged slightly.  “I’d like to try making love with you without it.” 


Buffy smiled up at the Wiccan with her wording.  “Making love?”


Tara nodded and smiled as she saw a twinkle form in the Slayer’s eyes. 


“As opposed to… hot monkey sex?”  Buffy bounced them both off the bed a few times as she lifted and lowered her hips in a fast thrusting motion. 


Tara laughed softly as they settled back on the bed.  “Yes.  Making love.”  She smiled as she ran her fingers through the Slayer’s hair at her temples, gently scratching her scalp as she lowered her lips to lovingly kiss the Slayer, her pelvis doing a slow, sensuous grind into Buffy’s. 


Buffy moaned into the kiss, her tongue tangling with the Wiccan’s as her hands roamed down to Tara’s ass, squeezing gently as she pulled the Wiccan even closer, pressing up into the hips above her. 


Tara ended the kiss with a smile and soft, little pecks to the Slayer’s lips.  “As opposed to hot monkey sex.”  She quickly plundered the Slayer’s mouth, her hands fisting Buffy’s hair as her hips started a rougher grinding and thrusting against the more than willing body below her. 


Buffy grunted a couple times as she tried to keep up with Tara who had the bed rocking with her motions.  Panting and still moving together in a less vigorous fashion when they finally pulled their lips apart.  “You make a good argument for both, you know?”  She chuckled softly as she squeezed Tara’s ass and blinked her eyes open. 


Tara gave her a crooked grin and winked before lowering her head, softly kissing her as she started the gentle massage of the Slayer’s scalp once again.  “Maybe.”  She spoke between kisses.  “And there will be both… as well as a few in between… but right now… I want to make love… with you.”  She continued kissing the Slayer only allowing her a moment to respond between kisses. 


“Not… complaining… in the least.”  Buffy moaned and turned her head slightly, tilting it back as the Wiccan’s mouth worked its way along her jaw to her ear. 


“Good.”  Tara more breathed into the Slayer’s ear than spoke before slowly tracing the outer ridge with her tongue, gently sucking the lobe, and moving on down the Slayer’s throat. 


Tara had the Slayer moaning and squirming as she slowly worked her back to a quivering mass of need with her mouth and hands, Buffy lightly pressing on the Wiccan’s shoulders to no avail, trying to hurry her up as her need grew. 


When she finally reached her destination, Tara opened her eyes and reached out for the toy.  There was no need for the lube as Buffy seemed to be well lubed as it were, if not she had plenty to spare her self.  She began gathering some of the Slayer’s delectable juices, blindly spreading it along the shaft of the toy as her mouth kept the Slayer occupied on her twitching clit. 


Buffy let out a combination sigh and moan when Tara finally took her aching clit into her mouth, her hands holding the Wiccan in place as she pressed up into the warm pleasure giving lips and tongue. 


Satisfied the toy was well coated Tara released the pulsing muscle from her mouth, shifting a bit between Buffy’s legs as she spread the woman open with her free hand. 


Buffy groaned when Tara pulled away.  She moaned and opened her legs wider when she felt Tara brush the tip of the dildo along her lips.  She lifted her head and nodded to the question she saw in the Wiccan’s eyes. 


Tara gave the Slayer’s clit a lick and kiss when she got the nod of approval causing Buffy’s eyes to close and lay her head back down on the pillow.  With a slightly shaky hand she slowly pressed the tip of the dildo into the Slayer.  She took her time working the seven inches in and out, going just a bit deeper each time until she inserted all the way. 


Buffy’s hips rose off the bed as she tried to take more than Tara was willing to give.  She was beginning to think the Wiccan enjoyed torturing her as much as possible.  Having to admit that it was an enjoyable torture all the same, and she knew Tara would more than make up for it in the end. 


Tara smiled at the Slayer’s moans and groans, knowing some were because of the slow pace she was taking.  Twisting the other end around and out of the way, she tried to appease the Slayer by bringing her mouth back to her clit, laving it with her tongue before she softly suckled, and started a slow rhythm in and out again as she did. 


Buffy’s hand went to Tara’s head, pulling the Wiccan’s mouth more firmly against herself as her hips began rocking in time with the very slow movement of the toy.  It was sweet torture as Tara gradually brought her closer to climax. 


Tara gave the whimpering Slayer’s clit a final kiss as she twisted the toy back around, starting the soft buzz of the vibrator stuffed in the end of it.  Then she slowly began kissing her way up Buffy’s body as she continued the slow in and out with the toy. 


Buffy arched her back as Tara stopped at her breasts, her hands gliding through the Wiccan’s hair as she pressed the hardened nipple into the woman’s mouth.  She hissed softly as Tara held the nipple between her teeth, biting down increasingly harder as she flicked the tip with her tongue.  After the initial burst of pain Buffy thought she could feel every miniscule part of Tara’s tongue that touched her when she finally released the nipple with her teeth.  As the Wiccan’s tongue soothed the ache, bolts of lightning ran from her nipple to her pulsing clit.  Now she knew how she’d almost made Tara cum earlier. 


Feeling Buffy start to clamp down on the dildo, Tara stopped the motion of her hand as she removed her mouth from Buffy’s breast.  She chuckled softly at the growled out ‘Bitch!’ that came from the Slayer as she moved to hover over her. 


Buffy opened hooded eyes to glare at the smiling Wiccan.  “You’re evil!”  Her body wanted so badly to finish what the woman had started as she trembled and waited for the Wiccan’s next move, her hips movements only making it worse as the Wiccan’s hand moved with her and she stilled as best she could with the light buzzing. 


“So, I’m an evil bitch?”  Tara smiled against the nodding Slayer’s lips as she softly kissed her.  “I’ll make it up to you, Sweetie.”  She continued the soft kisses. 


“I know… you will… that’s… the only… reason… I don’t… finish it… my self.”  Buffy whimpered when Tara stopped kissing her, peeking one eye open.  Seeing the woman contemplating the pros and cons of her comment, she groaned and whimpered again.  “Tara!”  The name came out in a pitiful whine. 


Tara chuckled and shook her head.  “Not this time, Sweetie.”  She kissed her again as she maneuvered to slip onto the other end of the toy. 


A few irritated growls as the toy fell out and a couple of adjustments by a very flexible Slayer later, they finally settled into a comfortable rhythm.  Tara realized that some of the reviews of the toy were correct, you couldn’t thrust with your hips, and she was sure that Buffy lost some of the length.  But all in all, with some practice, the toy wasn’t going to be put in the closet and never heard from again, nor would it only be used for solo use. 


For her part, Buffy realized that she couldn’t clamp down on her end otherwise she’d end up pulling Tara’s end out of her when she moved.  But that was okay, when she got to the point of not being able to not clamp down, she moaned and pulled Tara close, holding her there as she kneaded her ass and rotated her hips.  She also found out that by doing that, Tara’s end did a few pleasurable things to the Wiccan as well.  She whimpered into the kiss as she felt her body go rigid just before release. 


Tara moaned softly herself as the Slayer’s twitching caused her to follow her over the edge as she continued to kiss Buffy deeply.  When the need for more air than her nostrils could allow, Tara broke the kiss and sucked in a lungful through her mouth.  Nibbling her way down the Slayer’s neck as they continued to twitch and grind against each other to prolong the pleasure, finally coming to rest with her head on the Slayer’s shoulder and her lips barely brushing her neck as they calmed. 


Buffy ran her hands up and down Tara’s back a few times before she just held the Wiccan close, kissing her temple.  “With some practice…”  She trailed off at Tara's nod, chuckling and the press of lips against her throat.  After a couple of minutes of heavy breathing and the soft buzzing being the only thing heard in the room, Buffy rubbed Tara’s back.  “Umm… think one of us should shut that off?” 


Tara chuckled and nipped at Buffy’s neck.  “Not yet.”  She lifted her head to kiss the Slayer as she supported herself on her elbows.  “Something else I’d like to try.”  She winked and lifted herself off the toy with a soft moan before trailing her tongue from Buffy’s chin all the way down the center of her body. 


Buffy had only raised a brow, smiling at the wink, and moaning as Tara quickly disappeared down her body.  She groaned when Tara removed the toy from her, lifting her ass off the bed as that talented tongue gathered some of her pooling juices.  She whimpered when Tara’s mouth all too soon left her. 


“Shh.”  Tara gently soothed Buffy’s lower abdomen with a hand as she sat back up.  She turned the toy in her hand, inserting the other end into the Slayer. 


Buffy lifted her head when she felt Tara start to put the toy back in, her brow rising again when she realized it was the other end. 


Tara just looked up with a crooked grin before she lowered her head and licked up the length of the toy. 


Buffy groaned as she realized what Tara was doing, her hips twitching with just the thought as she kept her eyes glued to the Wiccan’s mouth. 


Tara smiled at Buffy’s reaction, she hadn’t thought about it until a minute or two ago as she’d lain atop of the Slayer.  “No sense wasting a good thing.”  She flicked her tongue across the tip of the dildo before wrapping her lips around it and slowly lowering her mouth down the shaft as she felt Buffy lift off the bed once again, her eyes watching the Slayer watch her mouth. 


Buffy moaned softly as Tara took the length into her mouth, her eyes wanting to close but not wanting to miss the sight before her as Tara started to slowly slide back up the length. 


Though never wishing to ever do this to a man, a shiver going through her with the thought, Tara found herself becoming aroused again as she watched the Slayer’s reaction to her efforts.  She continued long after she’d collected what she’d started this little trial for when the Slayer’s hips started to move slowly up and down, her eyes darkening in pleasure. 


Buffy stared transfixed at Tara’s lips wrapped around the shaft of the dildo as her hips started a slow thrusting on their own.  In some odd way she could almost feel the lips as if they were actually wrapped around an appendage she didn’t have, and the fact that it was blue didn’t seem to detract from that feeling at the moment as she felt her own moisture trailing down the crack of her ass once again. 


Tara settled into the rhythm the Slayer set, occasionally tightening her lips around the toy as she it bottomed out in her throat and swirling her tongue around it.  She knew Buffy could feel it, even if it was only on the end that was within her.  She swallowed around the shaft as she slowly moved her head causing the bulbous end to shift within Buffy.  She smiled as she repeated the process again, Buffy’s hips jerking slightly as the bulb caressed her sweet spot. 


Buffy moaned as her eyes momentarily fluttered shut, her hands now threading through the Wiccan’s hair as she guided her, the Slayer’s need to watch the Wiccan’s mouth forcing her eyes open again after a moment. 


Tara was now grateful for a different reason that she hadn’t gotten the larger sized toy.  She didn’t think she would have been able to do this with another 3/8 of an inch in girth, or if she could, she wouldn’t have been able to keep up for this long.  When she felt twitching she knew Buffy was close, and although she wouldn’t mind finishing her off this way, she wanted her mouth on her when she did cum. 


Buffy growled when Tara lifted her mouth from the shaft the next time up, she was so close. 


Tara winked at the frustrated growl, quickly pulling the toy out and licking it clean as she ran her thumb through the Slayer’s wetness before dropping her mouth to where she really wanted to be as she tossed the toy aside. 


Buffy moaned and closed her eyes, her head settling back on the pillow as she pressed up onto the tongue that now plunged deeply into her.  She now forgave the Wiccan for the abrupt stop she’d just made. 


Tara moaned as she felt Buffy clutching at her tongue, her thumb now sliding along and around the Slayer’s clit.  Sealing her mouth around the Slayer’s opening Tara began to suck gently as her tongue continued to explore what she could of the clutching walls around it. 


Buffy’s hands tightened in Tara’s hair, holding the Wiccan in place as she felt the tremors course through her. 


Tara hummed as she sucked and used her tongue to pull the treasure from the Slayer, her thumb lightening it's touch as she continued to brush circles on the Slayer’s twitching muscle.  If Buffy would let her she’d never leave where she was, unfortunately Buffy had other ideas. 


When the wash of her climax subsided and the final tremors eased to occasional, Buffy urged Tara to come up to face her.  Sliding a hand between their bodies she pressed the heel of her hand into her swollen clit as she easily slipped two fingers within the more than ready Wiccan. 


Tara moaned as she ground down on Buffy’s fingers, keeping them deeply within her as she passionately kissed her.  She didn’t move off the fingers, just ground her hips into the Slayer’s touch for a moment before she felt herself start to flutter around them. 


Not being able to move her hand, Buffy could only wiggle and rub her fingers against the velvety walls on the Wiccan as she brought the woman to orgasm. 


Tara broke the kiss with a whimper as her body jerked, resting her forehead against Buffy’s as she panted and rode out the pleasure coursing through her.  Finally collapsing on top of her as Buffy’s arm wrapped around her and held her close. 


Buffy kissed Tara’s temple and firmly ran her hand up and down the woman’s spine as she felt the fluttering around her fingers subside.  She gave the Wiccan a moment to get her wits about her again before she rolled them over, lifting her self so she could remove her hand, bringing it to her mouth to savor the flavor of the Wiccan. 


Tara groaned softly as Buffy pulled her fingers from her, her eyes fluttering open to find those fingers now being sucked clean.  She brought her hands to Buffy’s back, massaging up and down and filling her hands with the Slayer’s butt. 


Buffy pressed her hips down into Tara, wiggled around a bit for a better fit before dropping her head to kiss the Wiccan.  “What else have you got in your drawers?” 


Tara chuckled softly and squeezed Buffy’s ass as she nodded towards her nightstand.  “Why don’t you see if there’s anything that piques your interest.”  She nipped at Buffy’s lower lip before kissing her deeply.  


Buffy smiled into the kiss, she was sure there would be something that would ‘pique’ her interest within the closed drawer.  “Hot monkey sex?”  She raised a brow as she opened her eyes and looked down at the Wiccan when they ended the kiss. 


Tara chuckled and slapped the Slayer’s ass.  “Maybe?”  She gave her a crooked smile, laughing as Buffy gave her a quick kiss and slid partially off her as she reached to open the drawer. 


Tara slid out from under Buffy, only to crawl partially on her back, nipping and kissing as Buffy sorted through her toy collection.  She lifted her head when she felt Buffy twisting below her as she turned to look at her.  Seeing the item in Buffy’s hand Tara grinned and winked as she slid to the side so she could run a hand over Buffy’s ass, a finger tickling its way down the crack of her ass to circle her rosebud. 


“Oh!”  Buffy looked back at the thin, smooth phallus within a harness in her hand.  “Giving or receiving?”  Buffy brought her eyes back to Tara’s. 


Tara shrugged.  “Either, or.”  She pressed a kiss to Buffy’s shoulder, smiling at the grunt she got in response as the Slayer looked back towards the toy. 


Buffy debated for only a moment before nodding and setting the item on the bed before she went to see what else she found of interest.  “Hot monkey sex?” 


Tara laughed and climbed back onto the Slayer’s back, pressing her hips into Buffy’s ass when Buffy had pulled out another harness with a bigger dildo attached, and turned to wiggle her brows at her.  “Hot monkey sex, Sweetie.”  Tara bit into Buffy’s shoulder as the Slayer grunted again and tossed it on the bed with the other one. 


“That should be enough for now.”  Buffy glanced back into the drawer before closing it and twisting around under Tara to face her before rolling them over and further onto the bed.  “Ready to play?”  She grinned down at Tara as she wiggled her brows and pressed her hips down into her. 


Tara laughed and kissed the Slayer.  This was going to be a very interesting and exhausting relationship, but one she wouldn’t want to miss for the world.  Looking up into the Buffy’s twinkling eyes she brought her hands up to cup her face.  “I love you, Buffy.”  She drew her head down to hers.


Buffy smiled and pressed her lips to Tara’s whispering against them.  “I love you, too, Tara.”  She felt the words coming straight from her heart as she knew the Wiccan’s had.  The kiss deepened and was the beginning of a very long night of lovemaking and hot monkey sex. 



Mewwy Kissmas, Mistwess!  *smooooooch*  ; ) 


The End!!

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