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Happy Little Minion's Playground


Happy Little Minion


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Tara sat in the shadows watching the dance floor, having decided it was time to get out of her room after being cooped up in there for the past couple months.  It was time to move on, not necessarily tonight, but it was time. 


Willow may have been doing better, not using magic now, but it was too late for them.  She’d lost the trust she had for the redhead when she’d played with her mind, not something she ever thought she could regain with the woman.  She’d finally told Willow that when they’d run into each other on campus one day.  She had the feeling it hadn’t been an accidental meeting on Willow’s part, the woman had been too nervous and eager to tell Tara how well she was doing.  As if that would make everything fine between them once again, Tara knew better.  She’d had her doubts about that being the first time that Willow had played with her.  There were other times that niggled at the back of her mind.  Times when she knew she’d probably tried to talk to the woman about her use of magic, but… 


Tara sighed and focused back in on the dance floor, having drifted off with her thoughts of Willow.  That was one thing she was hoping wouldn’t happen tonight, she didn’t want to run into Willow.  That was one of the reasons she was sitting in the shadows just in case the redhead happened into the Bronze this night, she could easily slip out unnoticed, or so she hoped.  Another reason being that she was uncomfortable being there for the first time by herself. 


As she noticed a slight gathering on the dance floor she sat forward in her seat trying to get a glimpse of what the attraction was.  Her breath caught when someone moved and she was finally able to see. 


The Slayer was on the dance floor. 


Tara had always admired the way the woman danced, but tonight… tonight she sat mesmerized by the sight before her.  As she watched she unconsciously reached up, wiping the sweat from her upper lip and brow as her temperature rose. 


Buffy had her eyes closed as she let the music seep into her, moving with the music as she danced by her self.  The occasional partner would approach to join her, but Buffy turned away all comers with barely a brief glance before she closed her eyes again as she continued to move. 


Tara watched her turn away the fifth person with enough brashness to attempt to dance with the Slayer.  Surprised, to say the least, when a woman approached, Tara had felt herself tense.  She hadn’t had that reaction when the men approached, only now, with the woman.  To her utter amazement Buffy refused the willing partner, the shocker was that she’d done it with a kiss to the woman’s lips before she closed her eyes again, turning away to continue the sensuous solo dance. 


Tara didn’t know when she stood and started moving towards the dance floor, but she found herself a few feet from the swaying Slayer.  As if her feet had a mind of their own Tara found herself moving the last few feet as if in a dream.  Stepping close behind the Slayer, Tara placed her hands on the Slayer’s hips as she pressed her body against her back as she matched the sway of the Slayer.  She felt Buffy stiffen momentarily before she relaxed and pressed back into her.  “Oh, Goddess!”  She whimpered softly as her body reacted to the Slayer’s. 


Buffy didn’t know who had the audacity to sidle up to her, but for some reason it felt vaguely familiar.  She relaxed back into the body behind her, feeling the press of breasts against her back as the smell of perfume invaded her senses.  Crossing her arms, Buffy took the woman’s hands, wrapping them around her waist. 


Tara released the breath she’d held as she’d approached the Slayer when the woman welcomed her unquestioningly.  Tara’s arms willingly wrapping around the Slayer, feeling the play of firm muscle below the silky blouse as she brushed her hands across her body and pressed firmly against her back. 


Something clicked in Buffy’s head about the woman behind her, the familiarity making sense now, as memories of dreams she’d had came back to her.  She reached up with one arm to place her hand on the back of the neck of the woman behind her, her other hand reaching back to land on the back of a firm thigh.  Pressing her hips back into the woman Buffy guided them in a sensuous grind as she rotated her hips, the two standing with their feet barely moving as they moved as one. 


Tara moaned softly at the erotic display they were putting on, never did she ever think she’d be dancing like this in public, but the eyes riveted on the couple was raising her level of arousal along with the act itself.  Closing her eyes she let the Slayer lead her where she would as her own hands began to massage over the warm flesh through the thin, silky material, occasionally roaming down to firmly caress the thighs beneath the suede skirt the Slayer wore. 


Buffy moaned softly as she leaned her head back on the woman’s shoulder, the woman’s hands roaming higher, thumbs teasingly caressing the underside of her breasts.  “What are you doing?”  She whispered softly as she felt her nipples harden beneath the clingy material.  She felt the hands still and the body stiffening against her back.  “Don’t stop, Tara.”  Buffy let her hand on Tara’s thigh trail up to her ass, turning her head to softly kiss the jaw of the blonde.  “Don’t stop.”  Buffy gently squeezed Tara’s ass as she pulled her closer, pressing her own ass back into the Wiccan. 


“Goddess!”  Tara whimpered softly as she opened her eyes to look down into the heavily lidded eyes of the Slayer.  “Are you sure, Sweetie?”  Her hands started moving again. 


In answer, Buffy led them in a sensuous grind as she squeezed and released the Wiccan’s ass repeatedly.  Giving the moaning Wiccan a smile, she pulled Tara’s head down the slight distance that separated them, softly kissing her lips, gentle barely there brushes of lips, before Buffy let the tip of her tongue out to tease at the Wiccan’s. 


Tara moaned softly as she pressed firmly into the Slayer’s back, opening in invitation to the Slayer’s tantalizing tongue for a long, slow, deep, exploring kiss that made her knees weak and ratcheted up the heat within her body.  “Goddess!”  She breathed out as she leaned her forehead against Buffy’s, pulling in a much needed lungful of air. 


Buffy, breathing heavily herself, nodded slightly against the Wiccan’s forehead.  “I’ll second that.”  She smiled widely at the Wiccan. 


Tara gave her a crooked smile before she dipped her head to plunge in for another kiss.  She ended the kiss with a soft press of the lips when she felt the Slayer stiffen slightly.  “What is it, Sweetie?” 


Buffy growled softly at the interruption as she turned her head to look at Spike as he strolled up to the couple. 


Tara groaned when she followed the Slayer’s look. 


“Up for a little company, Ladies?”  Spike smirked as he stepped close to them, brushing his duster aside to let them know what he’d meant. 


“Go away, Spike.”  Buffy growled at the bleach blonde intruder.  “This is a private dance.”  She squeezed Tara’s ass as she turned her head to kiss her. 


Chuckling softly as her eyes traveled around the enraptured crowd that surrounded them, having grown in numbers from what she’d remembered, Tara whispered in the Slayer’s ear.  “We’ve got quite an audience for a private dance.” 


Buffy shivered and pressed back into the Wiccan as the warm breath caressed her ear.  “We do.” 


“I can make it more interesting, you know.”  Spike let his hand brush across his dark jeans, close to the bulge that could be seen before he tucked his thumb in his waistband. 


Tara followed the move with her eyes, snorting softly as she chuckled.  “Not in my lifetime, Spike.”  She pressed her lips against Buffy’s ear.  “Mine’s bigger than his.”  She pressed her groin into the Slayer’s ass, now sorry she didn’t actually have her toy on at the moment. 


Buffy eyes closed as she shuddered and grunted out softly, firmly gripping the Wiccan’s ass.  “Can’t wait to find out.” 


Spike took a step closer.  “Up for a bit o’ rough and tumble?”  He smirked as he took the last step, intending to press himself against the front of the Slayer to let her know what he had to offer. 


Tara slapped Spike’s hands away as he reached for Buffy’s hips. 


Buffy released Tara’s ass, her hand going to Spike’s chest to stop his progress.  “I said go away.”  She growled at the annoying vamp, giving him a shove backwards.  “Now fuck off!  Or turn to dust.  Choice is yours.”  She narrowed her eyes at him letting him know she meant it. 


Spike weighed his options, eyes traveling back and forth between the angry Slayer and the smirking Wiccan.  “Cunt lapping bitches!”  He growled loudly as he sneered at them before he turned and stalked away, pushing through the crowd to the shadows. 


“Not yet, but give me a chance.”  Buffy spoke softly to the retreating vampire’s back, knowing that Spike would hear her as her hand went back to Tara’s ass. 


Tara whimpered softly having heard the Slayer. 


Buffy squeezed Tara’s ass as she started them swaying again. 


Tara let her eyes travel the crowd again before she kissed Buffy’s ear.  “I know you could without one, but how were you going to dust Spike without a stake?”  She teased the Slayer’s earlobe with her tongue.  “I didn’t feel one anywhere.”  She pressed into the small of Buffy’s back as she ran her hands down to her thighs, and gently sucked the earlobe into her mouth.  She ran her hands up and down the front of the Slayer’s thighs, around to search the sides, and finally up and down the backs of them, ending on the Slayer’s ass where she give it a firm squeeze before running her hands back to the Slayer’s stomach.  She released the Slayer’s ear with a gentle nip and kiss.  “Nope, not there.” 


Buffy moaned and held the Wiccan close against her back before releasing her ass.  Bringing her hand around to cover one of Tara’s, Buffy guided it on a slow journey up her body, hesitating for a moment as Tara gently squeezed her breast, pressing the Wiccan’s palm into her hard nipple as she moaned softly.  Not wanting to get too carried away just yet Buffy grudgingly moved on, guiding the Wiccan’s hand up her chest and neck to trace a finger with her tongue before sucking it into her mouth. 


Tara moaned and closed her eyes as a shiver ran up her spine while the Slayer softly sucked on her finger, her tongue swirling around it. 


Buffy slowly pulled Tara’s finger from her mouth as she led her hand on a slow journey back down her body, again stopping on the other breast for a moment.  Her own eyes had closed at some point but she never forgot exactly where they were, moving on as she heard moans and groans coming from the watchers in the crowd.  Bringing Tara’s hand down lower, she slowly traveled over her mound before ending on a thigh as the Wiccan pressed her own body into her ass.  Buffy turned her head, capturing the Wiccan’s lips as she guided Tara’s hand inward on her thigh. 


Tara had literally forgotten all about the stake as her hand had been guided around Buffy’s body, only remembering when her fingers brushed against it on Buffy’s inner thigh.  She smiled into the kiss before Buffy finally released her mouth. 


“Now you know where I’m hiding it.”  Buffy moaned as Tara gently squeezed her inner thigh. 


Tara chuckled softly as she leaned her forehead against Buffy’s, and guided their hands back up the Slayer’s body.  “I’d forgotten I’d asked.” 


Buffy smiled and nodded.  “I’d almost forgotten why I was leading you there.” 


They both laughed softly before they kissed again. 


“Are you ready to head somewhere a bit more private?”  Buffy asked when they ended the kiss breathing heavily, her one hand gently caressing Tara’s arm around her waist. 


“Yes.”  Tara nodded and opened desire filled eyes for the Slayer to see. 


Buffy whimpered softly at the hunger shining in Tara’s darkened eyes.  Quickly pressing another kiss against the Wiccan’s lips, Buffy released Tara’s head, grabbed her hand and led her from the dance floor when she pulled her lips away.  “Leaving now!” 


Tara chuckled as she surveyed the crowd of mostly men, some unobtrusively with hands on their crotches from within a pocket, others more blatantly fondling themselves.  She pressed up against the Slayer’s back as she parted the crowd and whispered in her ear.  “Mine’s still bigger than most of those.”  She chuckled softly and held the Slayer up as Buffy’s knees buckled slightly. 


Buffy whimpered and almost fell if not for the Wiccan grabbing her around the waist.  “I’m going to make you prove that.”  She laughed softly herself as she let her eyes travel the groins of the men around them, seeing most with very prominent bulges.  “Sorry, Boys, the show’s over.”  She snickered as she rushed the laughing Wiccan through the crowd of moaning men and out the back door of the Bronze. 


“I don’t think so, Bitches!”  Spike growled out as he stepped from the shadows, his own jeans showing his stiffness as he quietly followed the women out the door. 




Buffy led Tara to a little alcove near a closed and locked door at the back of the building where the delivery people left the kegs and other supplies they delivered to be carried inside.  She turned the Wiccan around and pressed her up against the back wall.  “I can’t wait long enough to get somewhere more private.”  She growled out before she captured the Wiccan’s mouth in a hungry kiss, her hands finally getting to roam the Wiccan’s body for the first time. 


Tara barely had time to nod slightly in agreement, let alone answer before Buffy set out to get what she wanted.  Not that she wanted to argue the point, as she herself wasn’t willing to wait as she moaned and grabbed Buffy’s ass pulling her close. 


Buffy’s hands slid from the Wiccan’s hips up to her chest, not shy at all about cupping and squeezing the globes as she attacked the Wiccan’s neck. 


Tara leaned her head back as Buffy released her lips and went straight for her neck.  Moaning she opened her eyes as the Slayer was marking her, seeing movement at the opening of the alcove.  Stiffening slightly as she ran her hands up Buffy’s back, grabbing two fists full of hair she pried the Slayer’s mouth from her neck. 


Buffy growled softly at being removed from her spot, not realizing why. 


Tara growled right back at her as Buffy looked up at her.  “We’ve got company.” 


Buffy nodded slightly in acknowledgement as Tara held her head firmly in her grasp, running her thumbs over the Wiccan’s nipples as she searched her eyes.  “Do you want me to stop?”  She watched as Tara’s eyes went back to the crowd she could hear gathering, only picking up Spike on her radar, as she knew she would. 


Tara blushed as she thought about not stopping, though the thought of having an audience watching them was sending her body into overdrive.  Bringing her eyes back to Buffy’s she blushed even more as she whispered softly.  “I’m not sure.” 


Buffy saw the desire to be there being watched, but also the reluctance in the Wiccan’s eyes.  “It’s up to you, Tara.  They won’t be able to see anything if that’s what you’re worried about.”  She’d spoken softly to Tara, raising her voice a bit when she warned off Spike.  “Come any closer and you’re history, Spike.  I’ll dust you where you stand.” 


Tara’s eyes had gone to the vamp when Buffy spoke to him, she watched as Spike hesitated before nodding slightly and taking a step back to the edge of the opening. 


But that was as far as he was willing to retreat, he wasn’t about to have his view blocked by the other blokes that had also followed the couple outside.  “Have at it, I’ll just watch… for now.  I’ll be here to finish the job when you can’t scratch each other’s itch.”  He smirked at the Wiccan and winked as he made a show of adjusting himself. 


Tara growled softly at his pompous attitude.  “Mine’s still bigger than yours, Spike!”  She smirked back before turning her eyes back to Buffy’s as Spike flinched slightly with the knowledge. 


“Cunt!  But do you know how to use it, Bitch?”  Spike was stung by the comment, but refused to let it go without some form of retaliation. 


Tara looked directly into Buffy’s eyes before she spoke just loud enough for Spike to hear.  “You better believe I know how to use it!”  Then she whispered off a spell to form a barrier at the end of the alcove, no one would be able to interrupt them without coming out the door to the building.  “He’s dust if he steps in any closer.”  She spoke loud enough for Spike to hear as she dropped her head and pulled the Slayer’s to her, kissing her hungrily. 


Buffy moaned into the kiss, her hands that had never stopped gently massaging the Wiccan’s breasts now took on a new purpose, pinching the hardened nipples between her fingers as she battled with Tara’s tongue. 


Spike growled when he heard the Wiccan, he’d heard her whispering softly and figured she’d cast a spell.  Not wanting to test the theory himself he looked at those gathered around him, grabbing someone that was vaguely familiar.  “You’ll do right nicely.”  He pulled the bloke forward and tossed him into the opening, watching as he went up in flames before bursting into dust.  He nodded to himself rather impressed by the Wiccan, not thinking she had the balls or the power to actually cause him harm.  “Score one for Wendy!”  He smirked as he focused back in on the happenings at the other end of the alcove, chuckling softly as a few of the gathered had taken a step back, but not actually wanting to miss the action either, they stayed. 


Tara had briefly opened her eyes as she tilted her head, never releasing the Slayer’s lips when she noticed the flash of light beyond closed eyelids.  She mentally noted her disappointment that it wasn’t Spike that had met his untimely demise, though it was a vampire as the spell would only be a solid barrier to humans.  Finally releasing the Slayer’s mouth to breathe, she leaned her forehead against Buffy’s as she loosened her hold on her hair. 


“Wasn’t him, huh?”  Buffy roughly spoke as she winked at the Wiccan.  She’d heard the comments Spike had made, both before and after his test, and also heard the vamp when he dusted. 


“Unfortunately no, but it did serve a purpose.  We won’t be disturbed now.”  Tara gave the Slayer a crooked smile as she let her hands trail back down the Slayer’s back to her ass, grabbing handfuls and squeezing firmly.  “Are you just going to stand there, or…?”  She chuckled softly as Buffy stopped her question by attacking her mouth, moaning when the Slayer pinched her nipples to the point of pleasurable pain.  Tara pulled the Slayer tightly against herself as she pressed her groin into the Slayer’s. 


As she kissed the Wiccan Buffy’s hands moved to the buttons on Tara’s blouse, slowly working them undone as her fingers caressed the bared flesh as she went.  Ending the kiss as her fingers encountered the Wiccan’s bra, Buffy whispered softly before a ripping sound was heard.  “I’ll buy you a new one.”  She latched onto the Wiccan’s neck as she ripped the front of her bra apart, slowly working her mouth down the Wiccan’s neck. 


Tara chuckled softly as she squeezed the Slayer’s ass.  “It would have worked just as well had you just unhooked the clasp in front.” 


“Oops!”  Buffy pulled back from Tara’s neck, her eyes dropping to the torn pieces of the bra.  “So it would have.”  She shrugged slightly as she looked up at Tara and smiled.  “But the sound of ripping material gave the boys a thrill.” 


“It did something for me, too.”  Tara blushed slightly at the admittance, the sound having had an affect in her lower region.  She moaned softly as the Slayer’s hands slid beneath the torn bra, the calloused hands scraping across the skin before her nipples were taken between thumb and finger, lowering her head she teased the Slayer’s lips with her tongue. 


Buffy opened to the teasing and battled tongues with the Wiccan as her hands mapped out the woman’s breasts.  Alternating gentle caresses with firmer squeezes, Buffy familiarized herself with the soft skin of the firm globes in her hands.  She weighed them as she cupped her hands around each as she brushed her thumbs over the hard nipples.  After a few minutes she kissed the Wiccan softly before working her way down her jaw to her neck, using her tongue and teeth as she headed towards the pulse in Tara’s neck. 


Tara moaned softly, a hand coming up the Slayer’s back to cup the back of her head as Buffy marked her once again.  She used a foot to shift the Slayer’s foot, moving a thigh between the Slayer’s legs.  Though not quite as effective with the form fitting suede of the Slayer’s skirt, she pressed her thigh against the woman’s apex as well as she could, pulling on the Slayer’s ass as her hand mirrored the treatment Buffy was giving her breasts. 


Buffy felt Tara’s hand grab a hold of her hair as she slowly worked her tongue and lips down the woman’s chest, the hand tightening in her hair the lower she went, Tara having a firm grip by the time she reached her nipple.  Buffy glanced up just before she latched onto the nipple with her lips.  “Open your eyes, Tara.  Watch them watching us.”  She whispered out, smiling as Tara opened surprised eyes to look at her before her eyes traveled to the crowd gathered at the opening of the alcove.  When the Wiccan’s eyes lifted, she flicked at the nipple before she wrapped her lips around it, keeping her other hand covering the other breast so as not to expose the woman to the eyes she could feel watching them.  She moaned around the nipple as she gently sucked it into her mouth, batting the tip with her tongue before gently scraping her teeth along the length of the hardened nub.  Now she knew what mans fascination with woman’s breasts was all about, she smirked slightly with the thought as Tara moaned and pulled her tighter against her breast, she obliged the Wiccan by sucking harder as she took more of the breast in her mouth. 


Tara’s eyes flew open at the Slayer’s command, she’d somewhat forgotten that they had an audience.  A shudder went through her as her eyes met those of the people at the end of the alcove, another flow of wetness soaking her already saturated panties as she did.  She never thought she’d be putting on a show for anyone, let alone a nameless crowd in a public place, but having eyes upon them made everything seem that much more intense.  She felt as if every nerve ending was in a heightened state, her nipples contracting to almost a painful state, the slightest touch from the Slayer’s fingers or mouth seemed magnified tenfold.  Not to mention the jolt that went through her when Buffy pressed into her thigh, in turn pressing against her apex where she felt her clit starting to pound, both from what Buffy was doing to her, and from the knowledge that they were being watched.  She moaned softly, leaning her head back against the brick wall behind her, her eyes closing to slits as she pulled the Slayer even closer. 


Buffy was now wishing she hadn’t worn the tight skirt as she pressed against Tara’s thigh as best she could.  Growling softly as the Wiccan pulled her even closer, her hand tightening in her hair as she gently bit down on the nipple in her mouth before releasing it to repeatedly flick it firmly with her tongue, then hungrily suck as much of the breast into her mouth as she could. 


Tara moaned loudly as her hand tightened in Buffy’s hair, her hips pressing into the Slayer as the hand on Buffy’s ass pulled her closer. 


Buffy smiled around the breast in her mouth as she felt Tara start to grind against her.  ‘Must be doing this right.’  She released the breast to scrape her teeth lightly over the hardened nub before biting down on it again.  She opened her eyes looking up at Tara when she felt her jerk against her, releasing her teeth to lick soothingly around the nipple.  “Too hard?” 


Tara shook her head as she brought her eyes down to met Buffy’s.  “No.  Just right.”  Tara used her grip in the Slayer’s hair to tilt Buffy’s head back as she lowered her own.  “Maybe even a little harder.”  She allowed her eyes to close as she plunged into the Slayer mouth for a hungry kiss, squeezing the Slayer’s ass firmly as Buffy pinched her other nipple between her fingers. 


Buffy growled softly as Tara’s tongue took control of her mouth.  She pinched the Wiccan’s nipple and brought her other hand up to the breast she’d been feasting on.  Grinding her own lower half into the Wiccan, Buffy scraped her thumb nails over the tips of both nipples before rolling them between her fingers, pulling gently on the nubs before squeezing, gradually increasing the pressure. 


Tara’s moan turned into a soft growl as she released the Slayer’s mouth, panting for air as she dropped the hand from Buffy’s hair to her ass.  Grabbing Buffy’s ass firmly with both hands and digging her fingers into the suede covered flesh.  “Goddess!”  Tara whimpered softly as she started to grind purposefully against the Slayer, her nipples having a direct connection to her lower half, or so it seemed. 


Buffy was somewhat shocked when Tara ground against her a few times before jerking and whimpering.  Eyes wide open in surprise she whispered.  “Did you just…” 


Tara whimpered and held the Slayer tightly against herself as her body shook and bucked into her, dropping her head to the Slayer’s shoulder as she rode out the waves of pleasure coursing through her.  Her mind finally grasping the Slayer’s needless question, she whimpered as her hips bucked into the Slayer again, nodding in confirmation against Buffy’s shoulder. 


Shaking off the surprise, Buffy eased up on the pressure of her fingers, gently rolling the Wiccan’s sensitive nipples between her fingers as a grin spread across her face. 


“Thought you were going to get her off, Slayer?  Not make her cry.”  Spike growled out softly as he smirked.  “Want my help now?  I can teach you a few things, I could.”  He tucked his thumbs into his waistband, pale fingers playing over the material of his dark jeans. 


“I thought she got off?”  One of the other people watching spoke to the guy beside him wondering what the other guy up front was talking about. 


“Shut up, Ponce!”  Spike growled as he turned to glare at the guy. 


Buffy growled softly as she stiffened hearing the bleached blonde heckle her. 


“Shh.”  Tara chuckled softly, turning her head to gently nip at the Slayer’s neck before she lifted her head.  Meeting eyes with Spike as he turned back to the women Tara gave him a smirk.  “Trust me, Spike, she needs no help or advice from you.”  Tara pulled her head back, smiling crookedly at the Slayer.  “No help whatsoever.”  She whispered softly as she lowered her lips to the Slayer’s. 


Buffy smiled against Tara’s lips at the confirmation she was doing fine on her own.  “Good.  Let’s see if I can do it again.”  She gently tugged on Tara’s nipples. 


Tara moaned softly as she squeezed Buffy’s ass.  “Keep that up and you will.”  She pressed into the Slayer’s hands as she traced Buffy’s lips with her tongue. 


Buffy grinned and opened for the Wiccan’s tongue, rolling and pulling on the nipples between her fingers. 


Sucking on the tip of the Slayer’s tongue and nipping lightly before she sucked more of it into her mouth, Tara’s hands kept tempo on Buffy’s ass, kneading the firm globes in time with Buffy’s hands on her breasts. 


Buffy moaned, pressing into Tara as she sucked on her tongue, pressing the Wiccan back into the wall behind her. 


Tara whimpered releasing the Slayer’s tongue as Buffy squeezed her nipples.  “Goddess!”  She leaned her forehead against Buffy’s, Buffy having shifted when she pushed her back, her hip now pressing firmly against her where her thigh couldn’t before. 


Buffy released Tara’s nipples, cupping her breasts and gently rubbing her thumbs back and forth over the rock hard nipples.  “Too hard?” 


Tara shook her head against Buffy’s, another soft whimper escaping her.  “No!  Goddess, no!”  She firmly squeezed Buffy’s ass, pressing against her, her hips tilting and jerking before she eased her hands grip, pulling her hips back slightly from the firm pressure.  “That’s why.”  Tara moaned softly. 


Buffy grunted softly, the move making her own throbbing clit’s presence know.  “Are you always this sensitive?”  She circled Tara’s nipples with her thumbs before flicking the tips with her nails. 


Tara’s back arched to press into the caress.  “No.” 


“Huh, lucky me.”  Buffy mumbled before kissing Tara softly and working her way down the Wiccan’s neck and chest, pressing both breasts together to lick over both nipples. 


“Fuck!”  Tara pressed into the tongue lazily circling around and over both nipples as she tilted her head back against the building.  Her eyes opening as she held the Slayer in place against her when she felt her stiffen.  “Ignore him, Sweetie.” 


“I’ve got something for you to fuck, right here, Luv.”  Spike cupped his balls, squeezing once before rubbing up and down his shaft through his jeans, smirking when he saw the Slayer stiffen. 


Tara slid a hand up the Slayer’s back to cup the back of her head, urging her to keep doing what she was doing.  She moaned and raised a brow at Spike when Buffy latched onto both nipples, sucking hungrily.  “Mine’s still bigger than yours, Spike.”  She smirked and winked at the snarling vamp, feeling Buffy’s grin against her breasts. 


Buffy gently bit down on Tara’s nipples, soothingly licking them before she raised her eyes to the moaning Wiccan.  “Is it really?” 


Tara blinked trying to figure out what Buffy was saying.  “Huh?”  Was about all she could get out as a jolt of arousal flashed through her, Buffy pressing on her hardened nipples with her thumbs moving them in circles, her nipples folding over to rub against her own skin. 


“Is it really bigger?”  Buffy sucked both nipples back into her mouth, sucking hard as she flicked her tongue over the sensitive peaks. 


Tara whimpered and pressed her pelvis against the Slayer, grinding hard against her.  “Yesss.”  She didn’t know if she was answering the Slayer or speaking for her throbbing clit. 


Buffy growled and bit down on the nipples in her mouth, smiling as Tara’s lower half bucked against her as her back arched forward pressing her breasts against her face. 


“Need you.”  Tara growled softly herself as she continued to grind against Buffy’s hip. 


Buffy nodded against the Wiccan’s breasts, scraping her teeth along the nipples as she released them.  “Hold these for me.”  She ran the flat of her tongue back and forth across the nubs. 


“W-what?”  Tara shook her head slightly trying to comprehend as she opened her eyes to look down at the Slayer. 


Buffy chuckled softly as she released the Wiccan’s breasts, getting a groan of disapproval from the Wiccan.  She reached down grabbing Tara’s hands on her ass, bringing them up to the Wiccan’s breasts.  “Hold these for me.”  She placed Tara’s hands on her breasts, lifting and pushing them together.  “Like that.”  She lowered her mouth back to suckle on Tara’s breasts as her own hands trailed down the Wiccan’s body. 


“Goddess!”  Tara moaned softly as her mind registered what was happening as she felt Buffy’s hands skimming down her sides, her fingers gathering her skirt, slowly, inch by inch to raise the sides up to her thighs. 


Buffy released Tara’s nipples with a firm lick.  “Want me to stop?”  She growled softly as she watched in fascination as Tara’s fingers and thumbs came to squeeze and roll her own nipples. 


“What’s a matter, Slayer?  Need Glinda to show you how it’s done properly, do you?”  Spike snorted and chuckled softly, growling in response to the idiots behind him. 


“Leave ‘em alone, Man!  It’s getting good!”  One guy tried getting the blonde guy in front to shut up, his eyes never leaving the women as his hand moved to the zipper on his pants. 


“Fuck off, Ponce!”  Spike’s own eyes stayed riveted on the couple as his hand rubbed up and down his cloth covered shaft. 


“Dude, I got something you can do with that mouth of yours!”  Another guy smirked as the rest of them started to laugh softly.  “Such a pretty mouth!” 


“Up yours, you poof!”  Spike’s face shifted momentarily to vamp form as he growled loudly. 


Tara hooked a leg around the Slayer’s thigh pulling her in close now that she had more movement with her skirt lifted.  “Let him be.”  She gave Buffy a knowing smirk.  “And no, I don’t want you to stop.”  She lowered her lips to Buffy’s as she continued to play with her own nipples. 


Buffy growled but nodded against the Wiccan’s lips, whispering when the Wiccan pulled her head back.  “He’s dust if he says anything else!” 


Tara smirked as her eyes traveled beyond the Slayer to the crowd at the opening, her leg sliding up and down the back of the Slayer’s leg.  “I say we wait until just before…”  She trailed off grinning as she brought amused eyes back to Buffy’s. 


Buffy raised a brow before her eyes opened wide in understanding.  She started to laugh as she leaned up to kiss Tara.  “You’re evil, you know that.”  She kissed the Wiccan softly.  “And that should really piss him off!”  She grinned as she pressed her lips against the Wiccan’s again. 


Tara chuckling softly as she grinned into the kiss herself.  “I have my moments.”  ~MOT & LMJ~


Buffy slid her hands around to cup the Wiccan’s ass.  “I hope you’re not too fond of these?”  She gathered the Wiccan’s panties pushing them inward to gather between the butt cheeks. 


Tara flexed her ass as Buffy’s hands caressed over the bare cheeks now that she moved her underwear aside.  “Well, they do match the bra.”  Tara smirked at the Slayer with amusement in her eyes. 


Buffy raised a brow.  “Huh, so they do.”  She grabbed hold of the panties, ripping them apart. 


Tara chuckled softly.  “Well, at least they weren’t crotch-less and easy access, like the bra.” 


Buffy tilted her head in thought as she moved her hands lower on the Wiccan’s ass before she nodded.  “That would be easier on your underwear.  Don’t suppose you have any of those, do you?”  She smiled up at Tara.  “Or maybe that will be what I get to replace these…”  Her eyes lost focus.  “Victoria’s Secret… maybe?  Have to see if they have some of the bras with the nipple cut outs, too…”  She nodded to herself before she focused back in on the blushing Wiccan, shrugging.  “Save some of the tear when you wear.”  She grinned at Tara. 


Tara tilted her head slightly as she looked into Buffy’s eyes, not sure if she should ask or not. 


Buffy saw the hesitancy in Tara’s eyes, her hands sliding even further down to trace over the back of Tara’s thighs, before she slowly slid them upwards and inwards.  “What?”  She felt the signs of wetness, having already been able to smell the Wiccan’s arousal for some time now. 


Tara moaned softly at the teasing touch, so close, but yet so far as her eyes closed, her fingers gently squeezing her nipples.  “Umm…”  Tara opened her eyes as she tried to think of what she’d been thinking of a moment ago before Buffy’s hands had disrupted her thoughts.  Blinking again as it came back to her and speaking before she could stop herself from asking.  “Does that mean that this won’t be a one time deal?”  She held her breath as her body unconsciously stiffened waiting for the answer.  ~MOT~


Hands stilling where they were, Buffy’s eyes showed surprise at the question.  Seeing a flash of fear along with the uncertainty in Tara’s eyes she leaned into her body as she leaned up to kiss her softly, never breaking eye contact with the Wiccan.  Pulling back just far enough to speak, her lips still brushing Tara’s as she whispered.  “Do you want there to be a next time, Tara?” 


Tara searched Buffy’s eyes for a moment before nodding slightly as she whispered her answer.  “Yes.” 


“Good.”  Buffy smiled and pressed her lips against Tara’s.  “What’s the saying… so mote it be?”  She smiled again as Tara’s lips turn up in a crooked smile. 


Releasing her breasts, Tara’s hands glide up into Buffy’s hair.  “So mote it be.”  She pulled the Slayer’s head closer as she showed the woman how much she approved of the answer with a kiss to curl her toes.  Ending up having to quickly wrap her arms around Buffy to hold her up when her knees buckle.  Tara chuckled softly as she held the panting, trembling Slayer close. 


Buffy whimpered and rested her face against Tara’s breast as the Wiccan caught her before she fell.  Never had anyone’s kisses affected her like the Wiccan’s, the woman’s mouth should be registered as a lethal weapon.  The thought of, 'wonder if you can cum just from a kiss', going through her mind as a grin spreads across her face. ~MOT~




(2:42:23 PM): LOL LMAO  Spike better be forewarned! LMAO
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(2:44:33 PM): Have him 'squealin' like a pig'... SNORT
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(2:46:32 PM): Maybe some guy, growling deply....  "I'm so fucking horny, I would be willin' to make him squeal like a pig while you enjoy that pretty mouth of his...."
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(11:04:37 PM): If he gets an eyefull of Tara and makes a few comments, that might be all she wrote! LOL
(11:05:41 PM): Hmm...
(11:06:17 PM): Maybe when Buffy drops to her knees...
(11:06:23 PM): I can see Buffy being EXTREMELY jealous of 'sweet, innocent Tara', being ogled by 'evil, undead, vampire Spike'
(11:07:33 PM): while he strokes and starts to cummmm
(11:09:44 PM): 'I've got something to spread across that creamy complexion of yours...'  Buffy looks up to see Tara on display as she fondles her own breasts... 'just take down the barrier...'
(11:10:25 PM): Sowwy, eating, one handed (finger) typing!  LOL
(11:10:36 PM): That's okay!!
(11:19:53 PM): Buffy hearing his zipper and the soft groans as he starts to stroke himself, growls softly as she reaches for her stake, 'He won't last long!'  Tara looking down at Buffy, sees the stake and smirks, chuckling softly and evilly, 'Bet he doesn't 'quite' make it at all?'  She raises a brow as a smile crosses her face.  Buffy grins in understanding, chuckling softly herself as she goes back to pleasing the Wiccan.

 (1:16:10 PM): LOL LMAO  Poor Buffy didn't even get to touch anything but Tara's breasts!!!  LMAO
(1:17:12 PM): SNORT  Yeah, but she's gonna experiment and see if she can do it again!  LOL  Then she's gonna drop to her knees... wink wink
(1:17:21 PM): If Buffy's feelin' pleased with herself now....  LOL LMAO  Her heads gonna explode when her fingers go on a trip down south!
(1:17:52 PM): Yeppers, she's gonna be owing Tara for the panties, too!  SNORT  
(1:18:36 PM): LOL  Or better yet as Buffy rips the panties from Tara... "Useless garments, I'm making it my mission for all of yours to die a quick death..."
(1:18:59 PM): Hmm... that seems more lik a Faith comment... I'll have to remember that for The Bitch Club  LMAO
(1:19:07 PM): Maybe tucking the 'TROPHY' into the back of her skirt to hang out for the crowd!  
(1:19:20 PM): SNORT  It does sound more like Faith!  
(1:19:52 PM): Better yet... Buffy buries her nose in them, grinning hugely as they hurriedly leave the Bronze!!  LMAO
(1:19:54 PM): Tara coming up with, 'well, at least they weren't crotchless and easy access like the bra!'
(1:20:19 PM): Now that works!!  LMAO  forgot Buffy ripped it when it was a front fastening bra!!  LMAO 





Minion (12:54:36 AM): SNORT  Kinda like the IM's for Feverish... having Spike squeal like a pig!  
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Minion (12:57:42 AM): Maybe have Tara give the 'guys' a hand... a few Latin words, the clothes fly off Spike, Spike gets bent in half, and Buffy and Tara continue what they were doing without Spike's commentary to distract them... his mouth will be full, as well as his ass!  : )?
kk (12:58:05 AM): SNORT
kk (12:58:43 AM): And he can't bite down, or he'll hurt 'em and his chip will fire!!
Minion (12:59:00 AM): LOL  There we go!  
Minion (12:59:23 AM): Besides... SPIKEY LIKES IT!
kk (1:00:32 AM): One little puny-dicked bastard fucks him in the ass.. and is ripped away from this guy that is hung like a damn Clydesdale.  "Let a real man in there son...  You gotta rip it to make it feel goooooood..."
kk (1:01:05 AM): SNORT  I'm fucking losing it!!

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Minion (1:03:36 AM): Spike spits out the dick and looks over his shoulder, 'That the best you got, Mate?'  Eyes open wide as 'CLYDE' steps up... 'OPEN WIDE AND SAY AAAAHHHHHH!'  
kk (1:04:17 AM): SNORT LMAO  That'll work!!  "Damn... that makes Poofter like like a twizzle stick"

Minion (1:04:23 AM): 'Oi, fuck me!'  SNORT  'Plan on it!'
kk (1:04:26 AM): (Look like)
Minion (1:04:49 AM): SNORT  I actually read it that way!  : )
kk (1:04:59 AM): ; )?
Minion (1:05:31 AM): Or would that be, 'Oi, bugger me!'
kk (1:05:43 AM): Bugger!!  Definitely!!  SNORT
kk (1:05:54 AM): "Plan on it, mate."
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The occupants of one canoe (Bobby and Ed) encounter a pair of grizzled mountain men emerging from the woods, one wielding a loaded shotgun. Bobby is forced at gunpoint to strip naked, his ear twisted to bring him to his hands and knees, and then ordered to "squeal like a pig" before being brutally raped by one of the mountain men while Ed is bound to a tree and held at gunpoint by the other, who is nearly toothless. After tormenting Bobby, the two turn their attention to Ed, as the toothless man declares "He's got a real purty mouth, ain't he?" before he attempts to force Ed to fellate him. 



Feverish is probably the closest one to being done... or it could be.  Let Buffy finish playing... the two women leave, Spike lurking behind them.  Unfortunately for him, he gets a little too close when Tara decides she wants her turn against a mausoleum wall after Buffy wipes out a couple vampires, making Tara all hot and bothered again...  and While Tara's going down, down, down... slurpin' lickin', groaning, suckling, delving, stroking, wiggling inside the slayer, Spike is felt by Buffy...  DUST BUNNIES!!


"Warned the fucker."  Buffy growls, and as Tara's laughter rumbles against her clit, she cries out the witch's name in release with a starburst of colors fluttering around the edges of her eyesight...


Ya' know what I'm talkin' about??? LMAO SNORT MWAAHAAHAA