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Blank Doc Time!!

Don’t know if this will just be a scene to toss into something else, or possibly have it having been a dream, where Tara wakes up, moans at the realization and covers her eyes with an arm as she realizes that this isn’t the first time, and probably won’t be the last dream she has of/with the Slayer… gwww  “Gonna have to do something about this soon!”  As the tears slip from beneath her eyelids.*  Don’ts knows, but it is reading materials!  ; )?


Tara quietly opened the bathroom door and stepped into the steam shrouded room.  Shrugging off her robe and tossing it on the sink counter she poked her head around the shower curtain before stepping into the tub. 


Buffy stood beneath the showerhead, head bowed forward as the hot water cascaded over her head, neck and shoulders.  Moaning softly when Tara wrapped her arms around her and pressed against her back.  “Hey.  I didn’t mean to wake you.”  She’d come straight to the bathroom when she’d gotten home from patrol, not having heard any sounds in the house she’d thought the Wiccan was asleep. 


“Are you okay, Sweetie?”  Tara softly kissed a warm, wet shoulder.  “And you didn’t wake me, I was waiting for you.”  She kissed her again as the Slayer leaned back into her. 


Buffy wrapped her arms around Tara’s as she leaned back, her head tilting back to rest on the Wiccan’s shoulder, the water now hitting her in the upper chest.  “I’m fine, smelly, but fine.  Just the average bumps and bruises from a somewhat busy night.”  She turned her head, eyes still closed, placing a kiss on the Wiccan’s temple as Tara rested her chin on her shoulder. 


“Good.  Then let’s get you cleaned up and into bed.”  Tara caressed Buffy’s stomach before snaking a hand up to turn Buffy’s head, kissing her softly on the lips before nudging the Slayer gently to stand on her own. 


“Clean and tucked into bed with you, sounds like Heaven at the moment.”  Buffy smiled as she trailed her fingers down Tara’s arm as the Wiccan pulled away from her. 


Chuckling softly Tara reached for the shampoo.  “Maybe not Heaven, but it does sound ideal.”  She rubbed the shampoo in her hands into a lather before running her fingers through the Slayer’s short hair, starting a gentle massage, using her fingernails to lightly scratch Buffy’s scalp. 


“Mmm.  Feels wonderful.”  The Slayer’s head lolled in which ever direction Tara wanted it to go as she enjoyed the Wiccan’s attentions. 


Tara nudged the relaxed Slayer forward to rinse, repeating the process with the shampoo then conditioner.  “Still awake?”  She kissed Buffy’s shoulder as she picked up the washcloth and body wash. 


“Just barely.”  Buffy chuckled softly.  Honestly feeling like the Wiccan could put her to sleep as she stood there in the shower. 


Setting the bottle of body wash back down, Tara started at the Slayer’s shoulders and neck, washing Buffy’s back and arms before dropping to her legs. 


Buffy moaned and relaxed even more with the Wiccan’s gentle ministrations.  Rinsing as Tara directed, while the Wiccan added more body wash to the washcloth. 


Tara washed Buffy’s face and neck and had her rinse before she started at her shoulders once again, this time working her way down Buffy’s chest and abdomen as the Slayer leaned back against her.  


“You missed a few spots.”  Buffy turned her head towards the Wiccan’s after a few moments when Tara bypassed her breasts and washed down the center of her chest to her belly. 


“I’m saving the best for last.”  Tara softly kissed her as she washed around the Slayer’s hips before trailing the cloth back up to Buffy’s breasts. 


Buffy moaned softly as Tara drew her hand back up between her breasts, finally washing where she’d missed before as she gently massaged first one breast, then the other.  Her lips parted to the teasing tongue that traced first one lip, then the other before snaking between them. 


Tara brought her free hand up to toy with the Slayer’s nipple as Buffy reached up for the curtain rod with one hand.  Tara’s other hand working its soapy way back down, washing over the Slayer’s bare mound before heading between the Slayer’s legs. 


Buffy shifted her legs apart a bit more at Tara’s urging, not that the Wiccan really had to urge her at that point. 


Tara ran the washcloth back and forth a few times between Buffy’s legs.  She knew the ease with which the cloth slipped wasn’t all due to the soap.  She let the cloth slip from her hand to land with a splat on the floor of the tub, her hand remaining between the Slayer’s legs. 


Buffy moaned softly into the kiss as Tara’s fingers now touched her skin. 


Tara allowed her middle finger to slip between the Slayer’s labia as her hand skimmed back and forth between the Slayer’s legs, gently teasing before she entered her with the one finger. 


Buffy pressed into Tara’s hand as the finger slowly entered her, trying to get it as deep as possible.  Releasing the curtain rod, she brought her hand down to cover Tara’s to hold it in place as she turned, kicking the washcloth out of the way as the kiss continued.  She wanted this to be mutual, not one-sided. 


Tara closed her lips around the Slayer’s tongue after Buffy released her hand, the Slayer’s fingers running through her curls before capturing her clit between them and gently squeezing on her way further down.  She gently sucked on the Slayer’s tongue as Buffy entered her.  She released Buffy’s tongue to chase it back into the Slayer’s mouth as they started a slow rhythm in and out of each other. 


It was a slow climb, more fingers being inserted as they did, culminating in a shared climax as they continued to kiss and hold each other close.  When bodies relaxed and fingers were removed, Tara retrieved the washcloth, cleaning them both off before rinsing and stepping from the tub to dry them both.  


Putting her robe on after brushing out their hair, Tara stepped behind the Slayer and wrapped her in it also.  “Let’s get you to bed, Sweetie.” 


Buffy leaned back into the Wiccan, hands going back to slide up the outside of Tara’s thighs and back to cover her ass as they left the bathroom and entered their bedroom. 


Tara tossed the robe over the foot of the bed as she followed Buffy into it, opening her arms as the Slayer covered them and settled in against her side.  “Love you.”  She placed a kiss on the Slayer’s forehead as she wrapped her arms around her.  “Sweet dreams.” 


“Love you, too.”  Buffy kissed the upper chest below her cheek as she tossed her leg over Tara’s, an arm wrapping around her waist as she snuggled into the Wiccan’s side.  “See you in my dreams.” 


Tara smiled and rested her cheek against Buffy’s forehead as she gently ran her hand up and down the Slayer’s back and side, both quickly drifting off to find each other in their dreams. 




Tara woke to find herself wrapped around one of her pillows, a poor substitute for the woman that slept down the hall.  Rolling onto her back and bringing a forearm up to cover her eyes, Tara sighed.  The dreams were coming more frequently now, and they’d leave her heart feeling heavy. 


The first dreams had been rushed and frenzied, but now more often than not they slowed down to making love in them.  Both had their place, but the less rushed, loving ones were making her heart ache for wanting the woman. 


Somewhere along the way during the past year of living with the Slayer she’d let go of the last ties with Willow, and fallen for Buffy.  She’d known it was over with Willow as soon as the redhead had broken her promise and she’d moved back to campus.  Willow’s actions following her leaving had cemented her resolve not to get back together with the woman whom she thought was the love of her life. 


After the accident with Dawn, Willow had finally admitted that she was no longer in control anymore.  Once she’d gotten a taste of what Rack could provide the first time with Amy, she’d convinced Amy to return a couple more times before she’d started seeking the Magic Dealer out on her own.  Culminating with her disastrous trip where she’d dragged Dawn with her when she was in desperate need of a fix. 


Willow had finally realized that things were well out of her hands at that point.  She’d almost killed them both, and Buffy’s initial unwillingness to help made her see that she was in danger of losing everyone, not just Tara anymore.  But most importantly, she was in danger of losing herself. 


Willow had called Giles shortly after Buffy had threatened to kick her ass out, if not kill her, if she did any magic within her house again, and if she didn’t get some help.  Within a few days Willow had packed up her stuff and moved it back to her parent’s house, all but what she’d need to go to England and the Coven that Giles had arranged to help her deal with the magic.  Willow had apologized to her friends, said her goodbyes, and gotten on a plane for however long it took her to get the help she needed. 


Tara had let the redhead know that this was something that she had to do for herself, and not for anyone else.  She’d made it clear that she wouldn’t be waiting for Willow when she did come back, and that Willow shouldn’t count on, nor use that as her reason for getting the help that she needed.  It had broken Tara’s heart to see the tears streaming unchecked down her ex-girlfriend’s face, but it was something that she needed Willow to know before she left the country.  She had tears trailing down her own cheeks as soon as she’d turned and walked away from Willow, closing out that chapter in her life had been difficult. 


A couple days after Willow had left for England Buffy had sought her out on campus.  Tara smiled as she recalled the nervously fidgeting woman as Buffy stumbled over asking her to move back to the house.  Buffy having explained about not wanting to leave Dawn alone every night while she went out on patrols, offering to redecorated her room, or even swap rooms with Tara if she’d be more comfortable with that. 


Though Tara wanted to jump at the chance, she had been reluctant for obvious reasons, and some not so obvious that the Slayer probably hadn’t thought of.  She’d patted the bed beside her for Buffy to sit, then leaned back on her hands as she waited for Buffy to decide if she should sit or not, then watched her fidgeting until she’d finally turned nervous, worried eyes her way. 


“Aside from the need for someone to be there for Dawn, and your willingness to do whatever it takes to get me back there…”  Tara had hesitated a moment before finishing with her question.  “Is this something that you’re comfortable with?” 


Buffy had frowned, not understanding what the Wiccan was asking. 


Tara had sat up, turning sideways and bringing a knee up on the bed as she faced Buffy.  “We never really gave you a choice before, Buffy.  We were just there when we… brought you back.  I know it was difficult for you with us living there, and it not being by your choice.”  She waited a moment for what she was saying to sink in.  “Is my moving back in something that you want?  Not what Dawn wants, not what I want, but what you want.” 


She’d watched as Buffy had frowned even more, not having thought about whether she’d wanted the Wiccan there or not, just knowing that she needed someone, before dropping her eyes as she thought about it.  Tara had felt nervous her self as she waited for the Slayer to come to her own decision on the matter. 


She held her breath as Buffy finally came to a decision and looked up at her. 


“Yes.”  Buffy nodded slightly with her answer. 


“Are you sure?”  Tara let out her held breath with the verifying question. 


Buffy nodded again.  “I am.  I know…”  Buffy sighed and looked down at her hands that were clasped tightly in her lap.  “I know we never got close, and I know that was my fault, but…”  Buffy looked back up at Tara.  “I said it once before, and I’m saying it again now.  You’re family.” 


Tara felt her heart skip a beat when Buffy reiterated that she was family.  She hadn’t known where she’d stood with the close knit inner circle of friends when she’d left Willow, other than the movies and burger & shake dates she’d kept up with Dawn.  She reached out and covered Buffy’s hands, giving them a gentle squeeze.  “Thank you.”  Tara spoke over the lump in her throat, blinking back the tears gathering in her eyes. 


Buffy looked down at Tara’s hand for a moment before covering it with one of her own.  “I don’t want to lose any more of my family than I already have.” 


Tara knew that Buffy was talking about Giles having gone back to England, and now Willow having gone there, too.  And her relationship with Xander not being what it was before.  Not to mention the major loss of her mother, to which Tara had her doubts that the Slayer had even had the chance to grieve over that loss with everything that was going on then.  Those thoughts led to thoughts of her own mother, and her passing.  She was still lost in those thoughts when Buffy spoke again. 


“Will you come home?”  Buffy’s grip unconsciously tightened on the Wiccan’s hand when Tara didn’t answer right away, before looking up at the woman. 


Though she’d felt her hand gripped more firmly, it taking a moment for her to come back to the present.  Blinking and realizing that she’d missed what the Slayer had said.  “What?”  She didn’t miss the worry in the hazel eyes before her as Buffy softly repeated her question. 


Buffy nervously licked her lips before she spoke again.  “Will you come home?” 


“Yes.”  Tara squeezed Buffy’s hand, putting the frown back on the woman’s face before the Slayer could finish her smile.  “But…” 


“But?”  Buffy repeated the single word as her brows furrowed. 


Tara watched as the Slayer’s shoulders slump, almost as if she was waiting for the other shoe to fall.  With her free hand she reached up to smooth out the crease between the Slayer’s brows.  “I have a couple of stipulations first.” 


“Stipulations?”  The wariness crept back into Buffy’s eyes. 


Tara nodded and dropped her hand to cover Buffy’s over hers.  “I get a stipend for housing with my scholarships.  It’s not much, but…” 


Buffy shook her head and opened her mouth to protest. 


Tara brought her hand up to place her index finger over Buffy’s lips to silence her.  “No, Buffy.  This is non-negotiable.”  She shook her head slightly that she didn’t want an argument from the Slayer.  “They allow me so much for housing, and I’d rather give it to you than the University.”  She didn’t tell her that she’d be adding something to the amount they did allot her.  “And I expect you to let me pay my fair share of certain other things, like food and other household items.”  Tara shook her head again as Buffy began to protest behind her finger still on her lips.  “You’re not paying my way, Buffy.  If I didn’t live at the house, I’d be paying for these things anyway.  Let me help.”  Tara knew how strapped the Slayer was for money.  They’d all known when the pipes had burst and the whole gang was there to hear about the dwindling supply of money that was left from Joyce’s funds and her insurance benefits. 


No one knew about it, but Tara had money stashed away that her mother had saved over the years and given to her before she died, along with the benefits from an insurance policy that she’d secretly kept and paid for, payable to Tara.  Her mother had wanted her to have the chance to get away, and Tara thanked her for it, though she’d give it all back to have her mother back.  She’d gone so far as to go to the bank and get a cashier’s check for a chunk of it to offer to Buffy when she’d found out how dismal the accounts really were, Willow not saying anything until that time.  But she never got the chance to get the Slayer alone before Giles had saved the day with a check for the Slayer.  She now planned on making up for some of the money spent on her account that shouldn’t have been.  She hadn’t found a way to make up for it before now, and she planned on seizing the opportunity. 


“But…”  Buffy tried a third attempt at a protest. 


Tara shook her head again as she lowered her hand to cover Buffy’s again.  “Non-negotiable.” 


Buffy growled softly at the Wiccan letting her know she wasn’t happy. 


Tara gave her a crooked smile and shrugged.  She’d been paying for the groceries and essentials when she and Willow had lived at the house.  Willow handled all the bills using the money from Buffy’s accounts, but Tara had refused to take anything to pay for what should rightfully have been theirs to pay for.  Though she knew Willow had no qualms with doing that, and always came up with some form of answer to justify herself when Tara questioned her about certain things, like the phone and utilities.  It wasn’t fair that they lived there for free and freely spent what wasn’t theirs to spend. 


Buffy growled again, but nodded acceptance. 


“Good.  Now see, wasn’t that easy enough?”  Tara chuckled softly as she lifted her hand for Buffy to shake on the deal. 


“Easy for you.”  Buffy mumbled as she released Tara’s hand with one of her own to shake Tara’s hand to the deal. 


Tara pulled her hand back slightly when Buffy reached for it.  “One other thing...”  Tara smiled at the growl she got before Buffy sighed and looked at her warily again.  “You’re not allowed near the stove unless in times of dire emergency.”  Tara winked at her. 


Buffy growl and looked affronted by the suggestion before chuckling softly and conceding the point.  “Anything else?” 


Tara shook her head slightly as she smiled.  “That will do for the moment, but I’m sure there will be more negotiating along the way.” 


“Don’t know how you can call it negotiating when I didn’t even get to argue the point.”  Buffy grumbled softly as she shook Tara’s hand to seal the deal. 


“Tara negotiations, quick and painless, as long as you don’t argue with me.”  Tara winked at the snarling Slayer as she pulled Buffy forward by the hands they were shaking with, and placed a soft kiss on the Slayer’s forehead.  “Thank you.”  She released Buffy’s hand and impulsively hugged her.  “I know that was difficult for you, and I appreciate you going along with me.  I need to pull my own weight, or we’re going to be butting heads often.  So, play along if you don’t want to see a pissed off Wiccan on your ass.”  Tara kissed her temple and released her as she pulled back.  “Got it, Slayer?”  Tara raised a brow as she looked at the Slayer.  Although she was smiling she was serious, and she knew Buffy could see it in her eyes. 


“Just don’t push it.”  Buffy finally smiled.  “Or your ass is back in the dorm.” 

Tara laughed and nodded.  “Fair enough, we’ve both been warned.”  She smiled as she leaned back on her hands.  “When do you want me?” 


Buffy smiled as she reached into her pocket, pulling out a set of keys.  “I was hoping that you’d say yes, so I brought the Jeep.” 


Tara’s eyes opened wide as she looked from the keys to Buffy’s face, her head slowly turning towards the windows.  “Is it still in one piece?”  She grinned as she turned back to find Buffy’s upper lip snarled up at her question. 


“Yes!”  Buffy chuckled softly as she grinned at Tara.  “Though there may be a few pedestrians still scared out of their wits and plastered against the side of a building.” 


Tara laughed as she sat up.  “I’m hoping that’s where they jumped to get away from you, and not where you put them with the Jeep.”  She winked at Buffy and snatched the keys out of her hand.  “Hope you don’t mind, but I think I’ll drive on the way home.”  She felt the smile spread across her face with the thought of going home, because that’s what she thought of the house and the people that lived there, home and family. 


“Jumped.”  Buffy grinned before she shook her head and stood from the bed, looking around the room.  “Where do you want me to start?” 


Tara smiled as she remembered them packing up her belongings, she was going home.  And now that home meant so much more to her.  She felt the tears forming in her eyes as she thought about her feeling for the Slayer.  She’d fallen for her, hard, and she didn’t know what to do about it.