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Minion's Version of Cave Slayer

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Another version of

The Cave Slayer & The Wiccan




Happy Little Minion


Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, I’m just borrowing ‘em!!  They belong to Joss, ME, and anyone else (not me) who gets a cut!!  I promise to return them after I’m done playing… they’ll even be in somewhat of the same shape as when I got my grubby little paws on ‘em!!  Honest!!  J 


Rating: NC-17  (Is there any thing else besides that???) 


Pairing: Buffy/Tara (Is there any thing else besides that??? J) 


A/N:  This started out as an author’s war… but soon grew to much more!!  Needless to say, the war was called on account of my never ending PWP!!  As MOT said, it grew legs and took off on a loooong walk!!  (And it will carry on with MOT’s help!!) 


The premise for the story was the Cave Slayer sees a pretty blonde and follows her to her room.  A few other little tidbits were tossed into the idea bin, and that was supposed to be it!!  NOT!!  More ideas and remarks were added, and added, and added… you get the picture!!  This is the result, and there will be a continuation of this story with more people brought into the story. 


So if this story sounds familiar... that's because it is!!  They were both written using the same guidelines... just one of us got a bit carried away... sowwy!!  L


So to MOT… Thanks for the war, but we’re calling a truce, and we both won!!  (We’ll duke it out another time, I’m sure!!)  ;) 


Now that the Minion is done babbling… Enjoy!!  (I hope!!) 

Buffy tilted her head as she looked at the strange boy making mouth sounds at her. Smiling sweetly she raises the branch and hits him over the head, knocking Parker out for the second time that night.

Xander starts to laugh, Willow sighs, and Giles pulls off his glasses cleaning them furiously.

“Umm… Yes, well…” Giles sputters out.

Willow rolls her eyes at his attempt to take control of the situation, before she heads over to Buffy. “No more hitting! Bad Buffy!” Hands on her hips, Willow gives Buffy a stern look.

Buffy grunts at her and kicks at Parker on the ground.

Xander laughs again earning a glare from Willow, he just shrugs and continues to laugh, a goofy grin on his face.

Willow smacks him on the arm. “It’s not funny, Xander!”

“Yeah, it is.” Xander rubs his arm where Willow smacked him.

While those two are bickering, Buffy’s head lifts and tilts as she watches a girl with blonde hair off in the distance hurrying towards campus. Grunting, she takes off after her.

“BUFFY!” Willow calls after the fleeing Slayer.

“I don’t think she should be left alone in her condition.” Giles quickly puts his glasses back on.

“Really?” Willow asks sarcastically as she turns her head to roll her eyes at the Watcher.

Giles coughs embarrassedly, as Xander laughs all the harder.

“We’ll watch her, you take care of them.” Willow points at the van with the other three Neanderthals held within. “Come on, Xan.” Willow takes off after Buffy with a still laughing Xander following behind. “BUFFY! GET BACK HERE!! OH, AND NO HITTING!!” She tacks on as an afterthought.

Well ahead of them, Buffy grunts back over her shoulder at Willow, never slowing her lope towards the blonde and campus.

Tara unaware of being stalked enters her dorm building, and hurries up the stairs to her floor.

Buffy slips through the door as its closing, being brought up short when her branch gets stuck in the door. Grunting, she quickly looks towards the door, then back again to see a fleeting glimpse of the blonde as she turns the corner of the stairs and goes out of sight. Sniffing the air and grunting again, she quickly turns back and yanks on the branch, falling backwards to roll completely back onto her feet. Buffy shakes her head and grunts, sneering at the offending door before quickly turning and heading up the stairs the blonde had climbed.

Sniffing the air, Buffy hesitates as she comes to the first floor up. Not seeing the blonde, she grunts in frustration as her brows furrow and she sniffs again. Continuing up to the next floor, Buffy spots the blonde and hurries down the hall after her.

Tara not seeing or hearing the Slayer coming up behind her opens her door and steps into her room. Squeaking out in surprise, she jumps back and into her door as a blur rushes past her. Tara holds onto the door for balance as she follows the blur with her eyes.

Buffy rushes past Tara into her room and goes over near the far wall. Squatting down on her haunches, she sniffs the air and grunts softly.

Tara just stares wide eyed at the… girl across the room.

Buffy tilts her head, seemingly studying the blondes face before grunting softly. “Girl, pretty.”

Tara blinks in surprise, not so much at the words, but at the Slayer in general. She quickly turns her head as she hears someone running down the hall and sliding to a stop outside her door.

“BUFFY!” Willow pants out as she grabs the opening to stop her momentum before collapsing against the doorframe. “Sorry!” Willow briefly looks at the blonde before turning back to Buffy. “Bad Buffy!” Willow shakes a finger at the Slayer, stern look once again in place.

Buffy grunts and snarls up one side of her mouth at Willow before grunting again.

Tara, who had a quick flash of recognition when she’d turned to the redhead in her doorway, quickly turned back to stare wide eyed at Buffy.

“Come on, Buffy. Let’s leave the nice girl alone and go back to our room.” Willow waved Buffy towards the door.

Buffy grunted and looked back at the blonde. “Girl, pretty.” She grunted again but didn’t move as she and Tara stared at each other.

Willow finally looked at the blonde, tilting her head as she tried to place her. “Don’t I know you?”

Tara turned her head towards Willow and nodded once.

Willow’s brow furrowed for a moment before she placed the girl. “OH! The Wicca meeting.” She smiled at her. “I’m Willow, by the way.” She started to hold her hand out to the blonde.

Buffy grunted loudly and moved swiftly to slap Willow’s hand away.

“HEY!” Willow looked down in surprise at Buffy. “That wasn’t nice!” She glared at the Slayer as she rubbed her hand.

Buffy grunted loudly again, sneering at Willow as she moved between the two women.

Just then Xander came running down the hall doing the same thing Willow had done to stop, quickly stepping into the doorway.

Tara squeaked again surprised by the sudden movement, and jumped back another step as she looked wide eyed at the newcomer.

Buffy growled loudly baring her teeth as she swung the branch at Xander, it landing harmlessly against the floor as he jumped back in surprise.

“HEY! Willow said no hitting! Bad Buffy!” Xander glared down at the squatting Slayer, shaking a finger at her.

Buffy grunted and swung at his feet again.

“HEY!” Xander backed up a bit more.

Buffy grunted easing backward toward the blonde behind her as she glared at the two standing in the doorway.

Willow shook her head and stepped forward a step. “Come on, Buffy.” Only to stop when Buffy growled and swung at her feet with the branch.

Buffy grunted as Willow stopped, she continued to back towards the blonde.

Tara stepped back as Buffy backed towards her.

Xander chuckled as he watched only to be smacked by Willow again. “Hey!” He rubbed his arm. “Why’s everyone keep hitting me?” He looked down at Buffy. “Or trying to?”

Buffy grunted at him.

Willow just rolled her eyes as she looked up at the blonde. “I don’t think she’ll hurt you.”

Tara looked up with a raised brow at Willow.

Willow shrugged and smiled at her. “She seems to be protecting you, umm…” Willow searched her memory for a name.

“T-tara.” The blonde supplied the name for her. Looking back down, slightly scared as Buffy bumped into her legs.

Buffy tilted her head back to look up at Tara when she finally reached her. “Girl, pretty.” She grunted softly and smiled as she fell over backwards. Landing with a grunt she kept rolling until she was back on her feet. Shaking her head and grunting, she looked up at Tara and smiled.

Tara couldn’t help the chuckle that came from her at the comical display.

Buffy tilted her head as she listened to the sound from the blonde, grunting softly as she stared.

Xander lightly smacked Willow’s arm. “How come you aren’t hitting her for laughing?”

Willow just reached over and smacked him for the question, smiling at Tara as she turned their way.

“You’ll have to forgive Xander, his manners are worse than hers.” She pointed towards Buffy.

Tara gave them a small smile before looking back down as Buffy bumped into her leg.

Buffy sniffed the side of Tara’s hip and grunted. “Girl, smell nice.” She sniffed again and then leaned against Tara’s leg.

“Buffy!” Willow blushed as her eyes opened wide in shock at the Slayer.

Xander just chuckled and stepped out of Willow’s reach as her hand came at him. “Na-na!” He smirked at Willow as he continued to chuckle. “You have to admit, it’s funny, Wil. How often do we get to see Cave Sla… OWW!!”

Willow smacked him as she turned a partial shocked, partial nervous ‘watch what you say’ look at him.

Xander glared at her for a moment before he realized what he’d almost said, looking quickly towards Tara with wide eyes. “I mean… umm… Cave Buffy. Yeah, Cave Buffy.” He nodded to himself. “Don’t ever see that.” He looked hopefully back at Willow.

Tara’s brows furrowed as she tried to figure out what was going on. She looked back down at Buffy when the Slayer started rubbing her cheek against her hip.

Buffy smiled up at Tara, holding the branch up to her and grunting softly.

Tara raised a brow and slowly took the branch from Buffy.

Buffy sniffed at Tara one more time before she turned and looked around the room. Making her way over to Tara’s bed, Buffy climbed up on it and sniffed the pillow then grunted softly. “Girl, smell nice.” She buried her face in the pillow for a moment before sniffing at the bedspread. Grunting, she grabbed the side of the bedspread and rolled herself up in it.

Xander started laughing again, Tara joining him.

Buffy grunted poking her head out of the covers as she heard the blonde laughing. She watched in fascination the look of amusement on Tara’s face and in her eyes, cocking her head to the side as she spoke.

“S-someone care to t-tell me what’s g-going on?” Tara quickly looked towards Willow and Xander as she spoke before turning back to smile at Buffy.

“We-we’ll just be taking her out of your room, Tara.” Willow headed towards the bed and Buffy.

Buffy growled and slipped out of the covers, quickly avoiding Willow as she headed back over to Tara.

Xander started laughing again.

Willow twirled around to glare at him. “You could help, you know?”

Xander shrugged and grinned at Willow as he continued to laugh. Seeing the look on her face he laughed harder and took a step towards Buffy.

Buffy growled and hid behind Tara, wrapping her arms around her thighs and grunting softly as she peeked around her hip.

Tara chuckled and looked down at Buffy. “You will, huh?” She smirked as she looked amusedly back up at Willow.

Willow sighed. “Come on, Buffy.” She took another step towards them.

Buffy grunted loudly and hid her head back behind Tara as she held on a little tighter.

Tara started laughing again, causing the Slayer to peek around her as she looked up at her. Tara grinned down at Buffy. “I don’t think she wants to go.” She turned to smile at Willow. “W-what’s g-going on?” She asked again, not having noticed her stutter disappeared as she was looking at Buffy.

Willow sighed and looked to a shrugging Xander.

“She may be the only way to get Buffy out of here, Wil.” He shrugged again.

Willow sighed and stepped back to plop down on the bed.

Buffy grunted loudly, growling as she started towards Willow.

“WHOA!” Tara reached out and grabbed Buffy’s shoulder, looking towards Willow.

Buffy looked up at Tara and grunted softly as she was stopped. Then she turned and grunted loudly, growling at Willow again.

Willow quickly stood back up, eyes wide as she looked at the Slayer.

Buffy grunted as she moved back beside Tara, still watching Willow closely.

Xander chuckled softly, stopping as Willow glared at him.

Buffy leaned against Tara’s side, rubbing her cheek against her hip.

Tara chuckled and rubbed the Slayer’s shoulder.

Buffy pressed more heavily into Tara’s side, grunting softly.

Willow threw her hands up in the air in exasperation. “Fine!” She stepped over beside Xander again, smacking him as he laughed. “You’re a big help!”

Xander growled at her as he rubbed his arm.

“Don’t you start, too!” Willow rolled her eyes before looking over at Tara and Buffy.

Tara chuckled softly and continued to rub Buffy’s shoulder.

Buffy looked up at Tara and grunted softly as she reached up and took her hand, slowly leading her over to the bed.

Tara raised a brow and smiled down at the Slayer, setting the branch against the nightstand, and letting her backpack fall off her shoulder to place on the floor.

Buffy watched with a tilted head before climbing back on the bed pulling Tara behind her, grunting softly.

Tara chuckled and sat down on the bed.

Buffy moved up close behind her, sniffing her hair and grunting softly as she continued to hold Tara’s hand. “Girl, smell nice.” Buffy buried her face in Tara’s hair.

Tara started laughing softly as she looked over to a grinning Xander and a shocked Willow.

Xander started to chuckle softly, holding up a hand to ward off the hand he knew would be coming at him.

Willow absently swung at Xander, turning to frown when he stopped her hand.

He shrugged and grinned at her.

Willow sighed and turned back towards the bed. “Long story, short. She drank enchanted beer, turned into a Neanderthal, but seems to be harmless.” She glared at Buffy, who had her chin resting on Tara’s shoulder.

Buffy grunted when Willow glared at her and moved closer against Tara’s back.

Tara smiled and turned her head to look at Buffy as she spoke softly. “Behave, you.”

Buffy turned her head as Tara did, grunting softly at her she leaned her forehead against Tara’s.

Tara chuckled and nudged Buffy’s head away gently.

Buffy grunted softly and laid her head on Tara’s shoulder, sniffing her hair and neck before bringing her other hand up to play with the blonde locks.

Tara wrinkled her nose slightly at the smell of smoke on the Slayer, before looking back at Willow. “She s-smells like smoke?” She raised a brow in question.

Willow nodded. “There was a fire at one of the coffee shops. She kinda saved me and a couple other people.” Willow shrugged.

Tara’s eyes opened wide in surprise as she turned her head to look at Buffy again. “Did anyone get hurt?” She looked into Buffy’s hazel eyes in wonder. “And was this before, or after the beer?”

Buffy grunted and smiled at Tara. “Want beer!” She grunted again.

Tara smiled and shook her head. “No more beer for you, Sweetie.”

Buffy grunted again. “Want!”

Tara shook her head. “No. You can have water, no beer.”

Buffy growled softly and poked her lower lip out. “Want.” She repeated softly.

“No.” Tara smiled at her before turning back to Willow with a raised brow again.

Willow shook her head. “You might not want to mention that word.” She smiled at Tara. “No one got hurt.” She jerked her head around when Xander snorted.

Xander grinned and shrugged. “Parker’s a no one.”

Willow turned back to Tara and rolled her eyes. “No one got hurt by the fire.” She looked towards the branch against the nightstand. “And you might want to keep that away from her.”

Tara looked at the branch and back to a widely grinning Xander, who nodded his head.

Tara’s eyes opened a bit wider in surprise.

“Twice.” Xander started to laugh. “Guy was a jerk, and deserved to be knocked out.”

Willow sighed and dropped her head.

Tara chuckled softly. “S-she knocked him out… t-twice?”

Xander nodded happily as he laughed. “It was great. OWW!” He rubbed his arm but kept laughing.

Tara grinned at him. “You should be g-grateful she doesn’t have the b-branch.” She chuckled and nodded towards Willow.

Xander’s eyes opened wide, looking at Willow as she slowly lifted her head to smile sweetly at him. “Love you, Wils.” Xander smiled hopefully at her.

Tara chuckled and turned her head to a grunting Slayer. “You won’t hurt me, will you?” She smiled a lopsided smile at Buffy.

Buffy grunted and watched Tara’s mouth in fascination. “No hurt. Girl, pretty. Girl, smell nice.” Buffy grunted softly as she smiled when Tara chuckled.

“Thank you.” She brought a hand up to brush the hair off Buffy’s face.

Buffy lifted Tara’s hair and put it over her own face as she sniffed and grunted. “Smell nice.”

Tara chuckled and turned amused eyes back to Xander and Willow. “She can s-stay here until she s-sobers up. I-if you w-want?” Tara blushed slightly. “I d-don’t think she’ll h-hurt me.”

Xander put a hand on Willow’s shoulder. “Saves getting smacked, or having to chase after her, again, Wil.”

Willow looked at Xander before looking questioningly back at Tara. “Are you sure, Tara?”

Tara nodded. “She’s f-fine.” She smiled at them.

Willow nodded slightly. “It will save a fight, I’m sure. She’s basically harmless. She’ll pick through your hair and smell you, but you already know that.” Willow smiled at Tara. “And unless someone goes near you apparently, she’s pretty docile.” Willow tilted her head as she watched Buffy play with Tara’s hair. Shaking her head after a moment she looked back at Tara. “It’s up to you?”

Tara smiled and turned to look at Buffy. “She can stay.” She looked back at Willow. “She’ll p-probably pass out soon, anyway.” She chuckled softly as the Slayer grunted and pressed against her more heavily.

Willow rolled her eyes and smiled at Tara. “You and your hair hope she does.” She chuckled softly. “Thanks, Tara. I’ll leave my number.” She turned towards Tara’s desk and grabbed a pen. “I’m just over in Stevenson Hall if there’s a problem.” She turned back to smile at Tara. “I can be here in a couple of minutes if there is.”

Tara nodded. “I don’t t-think there will be.” She smiled at them before turning to Buffy. “Right, Buffy?”

Buffy smiled and grunted as she covered her face with Tara’s hair again.

Tara chuckled and turned to wink at the two by the door. “We’ll be f-fine.”

Xander grinned and shook his head. “Wish we had a camera with us tonight.”

Willow smacked him on the stomach. “She’d kick your ass if you took pictures of her.” She shook her head and pushed him out the door. “Thanks, Tara. Call if you need anything.”

Xander snorted. “Yeah, like ropes or chains to tie her down.” He started laughing again when Willow smacked him.

Willow shook her head and turned to Tara. “You’ll have to forgive him. Sometimes his brain stays home where the rest of him should have stayed, also.” She smiled at Tara.

“HEY! I resemble that remark.” Xander chuckled out in the hallway.

Willow rolled her eyes. “Be good, Buffy!” Willow narrowed her eyes at the Slayer.

Buffy grunted and went back to playing with Tara’s hair.

Tara chuckled. “She’ll be good. G-goodnight, Willow.” She smiled at Willow and called a bit louder. “’N-night, Xander!”

“’Night, Tara. It was nice meeting you!” Xander called back and then stepped up to grin over Willow’s shoulder. “’Night, Buffster!”

Buffy grunted and continued what she was doing.

Willow shook her head. “Good luck. ‘Night, Tara.” She pushed back into Xander behind her and shut the door.

Tara chuckled and looked toward Buffy, smiling softly. “What have I gotten myself into, huh?” She chuckled again when Buffy grunted softly and looked up at her.


Buffy and Tara stared at each other for a few minutes. Tara finally blinked, chuckling softly.

Buffy grunted softly in reply.

Tara smiled at her. “You’re a woman of very few words…” Tara’s brow furrowed slightly. “Or sounds for that matter, aren’t you?” She chuckled softly again.

Buffy’s eyes traveled down to Tara’s lips every time she spoke or laughed. Grunting softly Buffy looked back up into Tara’s eyes. “Girl, pretty.” She grunted again.

Tara blushed slightly. “You think so, huh?

Buffy grunted.

Tara smiled and chuckled. “So I’m Miss America material, huh?”

Buffy grunted softly again.

Tara grinned. “You’re good for a girl’s ego, you know that Cave Buffy?”

Buffy grunted. “Buffy good.”

Tara nodded slightly. “Buffy is good.” Tara reached up brushing some hair back off the Slayer’s cheek.

Buffy grunted and moved some of Tara’s hair over her face.

Tara grinned. “Is this going to be our new game? I move the hair away, and you put it back.” She brushed the hair aside again.

Buffy grunted and put it back.

Tara grunted and moved it, smiling at her.

Buffy raised a brow and grunted.

Tara grunted back.

Buffy grunted again.

Before Tara had a chance to grunt, Buffy’s head snapped towards the door. Before Tara knew what was happening, Buffy was gone.

Buffy released Tara’s hand and was off the bed and by the door.

Tara blinked and looked again, but sure enough, Buffy wasn’t beside her anymore. Quickly turning towards the door she saw Buffy squatting down and sniffing towards the door. Both of Tara’s brows rose, eyes opening wide as knock came from the other side.

Buffy grunted and growled softly at the door, looking it up and down as if trying to figure out how to get at whatever was on the other side.

Tara finally shook her head slightly and stood, walking to the door.

Buffy grunted and moved in front of Tara.

Tara chuckled as she watched the Slayer. “You’re my own personal guard… cavewoman, huh?”

Buffy looked up and grunted before growling at the door again.

“Easy, Cavewoman.” Tara placed a hand on Buffy’s shoulder and backed her up a bit, though Buffy didn’t want to budge at first.

Buffy looked up at Tara when she felt her urge her away, grunting softly.

Tara smiled at her. “It’s okay, Buffy, just someone returning my notes.” Tara smiled down at her. “I think.” She whispered as she reached for the door just as another knock came.

“Tara?” Someone softly called from the other side.

Buffy growled again.

Tara smiled and pushed Buffy further back. “It’s okay, she’s a friend.” Tara watched Buffy tilt her head slightly as she looked at her, she sighed and tacked on softly. “Don’t hurt her, please.” She squeezed Buffy’s shoulder and stepped partially in front of her.

Buffy grunted at the move and moved off to Tara’s side.

Tara shook her head. “No hitting.” She narrowed her eyes at the Slayer.

Buffy growled and then grunted softly.

Tara kept her hand on Buffy’s shoulder as she turned and opened the door. “Hi, Kelly.” She squeezed Buffy’s shoulder a bit and slid a leg in front of her as she felt the Slayer start to move forward.

“Hi, T. Notes, as promised.” Kelly smiled and held out the notebook.

Faster than Tara could put her hand out, a growling Buffy reached up and snatched the notebook.

Kelly jumped back in surprise as it was snatched out of her hand. “JESUS!” Her eyes finally traveled down to Buffy not having noticed her.

Tara’s head snapped down when Buffy grabbed the notebook. “BUFFY!”

Buffy’s head snapped up to look at Tara when she heard her name harshly called and backed up a bit.

Tara quickly looked back up at Kelly for a moment. “S-sorry, Kel.” She smiled embarrassedly before turning back to Buffy, holding out her hand for the notebook. “Can I have my notebook, please?”

Buffy looked down at the notebook and back to Tara.

Tara nodded slightly.

Buffy grunted and sniffed the notebook.

“Yes, it’s mine.” Tara chuckled softly.

Buffy grunted and held the notebook out to Tara.

Tara gave her a crooked smile as she took it. “Thank you.”

Buffy grunted softly, still looking up at Tara. “Girl, pretty.”

Tara blushed when she heard Kelly chuckling softly, turning to see her grinning at her.

“Hot date?” Kelly wiggled her brows at Tara.

Tara chuckled and shook her head. “Could do w-worse.” Tara blushed another shade of red but grinned at Kelly. “This is what h-happens when you i-imbibe too much in your favorite b-beverage.”

“Hey! I like my beer!” Kelly laughed.

“Want beer!” Buffy grunted loudly.

Tara rolled her eyes at Kelly. “You had to m-mention it.” She turned back to Buffy. “No beer.”

Buffy grunted again. “Want beer!”

Tara grunted back at her. “No more beer for you.”

“Want beer!” Buffy growled softly.

“No!” Tara shook her head. “And no growling at me!” Tara narrowed her eyes at the Slayer.

Buffy grunted at her and dropped her head.

Kelly snorted and chuckled softly. “This is too funny.”

Tara chuckled softly and looked up at Kelly. “T-this could be you, Kel.” She grinned at her.

Kelly snorted and shook her head. “I’ve never gotten that bad.”

Buffy grunted and took off out of the room.

“Shit!” Tara tossed the notebook on the desk and quickly stepped out of the room. “BUFFY!”

Buffy stopped by the stairs, looked over her shoulder at Tara and grunted before taking off down them.

“GODDESS! BUFFY, COME BACK HERE!” Tara called out to her and took off after her.

Kelly started laughing. “GOOD LUCK, T!”

“THANKS!” Tara grinned over her shoulder as she started down the stairs.

Kelly looked at Tara’s still open door and sighed. “Damn! Does she have her key?” Sighing again she leaned up against the wall to wait. “Hope this doesn’t take too long.”


Tara reached the bottom of the stairs in time to see the door closing and Buffy disappear from sight. “BUFFY!” She ran towards the door, slowing her effort when Buffy suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs again rushing towards the door. Tara came to a stop and burst out laughing when the Slayer slammed into the door and bounced backwards landing on her ass with a stunned look on her face.

Buffy grunted and got up approaching the door more carefully this time, placing her hand on it and trying to push it open.

Tara chuckled as she watched, approaching from the other side.

Buffy looked up at Tara and grunted through the glass as she still tried to open the door.

Tara grinned and slowly pushed the door open, backing Buffy away from it as she did. “Doesn’t work the same coming in as going out, huh?”

Buffy grunted as she looked from the door to Tara. Growling and glaring at the door as she stayed as far away from it as possible to get back in.

Tara laughed as she watched the Slayer turn and grunt at the door again after she was inside. “Bad door!” Tara couldn’t help grinning as Buffy moved next to her still growling at the door. She placed a hand on Buffy’s shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze. “Where did you run off to, Sweetie?”

Buffy looked up at Tara and grunted then held up a flower for her.

Tara’s eyes opened wide not having noticed the flower before. She started laughing as a clump of dirt fell off the roots before reaching for the flower. “Thank you, Sweetie.” She took the flower and held out her other hand for Buffy. “Let’s get back up to the room before we get caught with the stolen goods.” She smiled down at Buffy.

Buffy grunted softly and took Tara’s hand, turning her head to growl at the door one more time before pulling on Tara’s hand and leading the way back to the stairs.

Tara chuckled softly and let the Slayer lead her back to the room.

Kelly smiled as she saw Tara come up the stairs. “Find… I guess so.” She chuckled as she saw Buffy’s head come into view. “I didn’t know if you had your key. I didn’t want to lock you out or leave your door open.”

Buffy started growling softly as she saw Kelly.

Tara smiled at her. “Thanks.” She squeezed Buffy’s hand a bit. “Behave, Buffy.” She smiled down at her.

Buffy looked up and grunted, stepping slightly ahead of Tara she continued to growl, but softer.

Tara shook her head and grinned at Kelly.

Kelly started laughing when she saw the flower in Tara’s hand. “So, this is a hot date, huh?” She wiggled her brows and grinned at Tara.

Tara blushed and shook her head. “Or an a-apology.” She smiled at Kelly.

Buffy grunted softly, keeping her eyes on Kelly, a barely heard growl coming from her.

“What’s next, clubbing you over the head and tossing you over her shoulder to take back to the cave?” Kelly chuckled softly as she pushed off the wall.

Buffy tilted her head and grunted as she started to release Tara’s hand, taking a step towards the room.

Tara gripped Buffy’s hand tighter, pulling her back. “Oh, no you don’t. No club and no hitting.”

Buffy grunted and looked up at Tara. “No hit?”

Tara shook her head. “No. No more hitting.”

Buffy grunted and pressed against Tara’s leg, resting her head against her hip.

Tara smiled down at her and shook her head. Releasing Buffy’s hand she pushed the hair back off her forehead. “How’s your head, Sweetie?”

Buffy grunted as she looked up at Tara, still leaning against her.

Tara winced slightly when she saw the lump on her forehead. “That will add to the hangover headache.”

Buffy grunted softly again reaching up to run a dirty hand over her forehead. Grunting softly as she flinched when she passed over the lump.

Kelly smiled at Tara. “Bureau diving?” She chuckled when Tara blushed.

Tara chuckled softly and shook her head. “She found out the h-hard way that the door doesn’t open the s-same way coming in as g-going out.” She started to laugh softly. “Knocked her on her ass. Huh?” Tara smiled down at Buffy as she ran her fingers through her hair.

Buffy grunted softly and closed her eyes as she started to growl softly, leaning more heavily into Tara as she enjoyed the caress.

Tara smiled and shook her head. “Let’s get some ice on that as soon as we clean you up a bit, Sweetie.” Tara lightly caressed her cheek before running her fingers through her hair again.

Buffy grunted softly, but other than that didn’t move or open her eyes.

Kelly smiled as she watched the interaction between the two. She wondered if Tara even noticed the loss of her stutter when she spoke to the… woman. She chuckled softly to herself when she settled on the word. “I’ll see you later, T.” She winked at Tara when she looked up at her, a soft smile still on her face. “I think you’ve got your work cut out for you with that one.” She wiggled her brows. “I want details, Girlfriend! Details!” She repeated as she started to laugh as she walked away.

Tara shook her head and chuckled as she watched Kelly leave. Then she smiled down at the Slayer who still hadn’t moved, but kept grunting softly every time she ran her fingers through her hair. Tara tilted her head slightly as she studied the Slayer’s face. ‘You definitely are beautiful.’ She shook the thought away as she shook her head. ‘Damn you, Kelly!’ She chuckled softly. “Come on, Sweetie. Let’s get you cleaned up.” She caressed Buffy’s cheek until she opened her eyes.

Buffy grunted softly and pressed into Tara’s hand, finally opening her eyes to look up at her, she grunted again.

Tara smiled down at her and grunted herself.

Buffy grunted again.

Tara chuckled and placed her hand on Buffy’s shoulder, urging her towards the room. “Come on, Sweetie.”

Buffy let herself be led to the room as she continued to look up at Tara, only turning her head when she heard something.

Tara stopped by the wastebasket and pinched off the roots and dirt from her flower.

Buffy looked into the trash then back to the flower, grunting softly she headed towards the bed.

Tara followed her and set the flower on the nightstand before turning to Buffy. She smiled and caressed her cheek again. “Let me get a towel and washcloth to clean you up.” Tara smiled as Buffy grunted and leaned into her hand. She gently caressed her cheek as she pulled her hand away and headed toward her closet.

Buffy picked up the flower as Tara walked away putting it to her nose, she sniffed and grunted softly. “Smell nice.”

Tara turned her head and smiled as she opened the closet door.

Buffy continued sniffing before cocking her head and looking at the flower. Grunting softly she placed it near her mouth.

Tara turned just in time to see Buffy grunt, open her mouth and bite into the petals. She covered her mouth to keep from laughing as she watched.

Buffy chewed a couple times before her face screwed up in disgust, glaring at the flower she tossed it back on the nightstand as her tongue came out. Buffy kept wiggling her tongue trying to get the petals off. She looked up at Tara with a stricken, pleading look in her eyes as she continued to try to dislodge the offending object, using her upper lip to scrape over her tongue.

Tara couldn’t help the laugh that came from her as she shook her head and went to help the Slayer. “What am I going to do with you, Sweetie?” She chuckled as she used the corner of the washcloth to remove the partially chewed petals. “But you are good for entertainment value.” She chuckled and smiled at Buffy who still had her tongue hanging out. “Come on, Sweetie.” Tara placed a hand on Buffy’s shoulder urging her off the bed. “Let’s see if we can’t get rid of that taste for you.”

Buffy stepped off the bed and followed Tara.

Tara stopped at her desk, opened a drawer and found a new toothbrush. She then grabbed her toiletries bag and stepped over to the door, turning back to see Buffy experimentally pulling open the drawer and closing it.

Buffy furrowed her brows as the drawer opened, peeking inside she closed it again, only to pull it back open.

Tara chuckled. “Come on, Sweetie.” She opened the door and held out her hand to Buffy.

Buffy grunted softly and quickly stuck her tongue out again when she brought it back into her mouth getting another taste of the petals. After that she hurried to take Tara’s hand.

Tara chuckled and led her from the room using her foot to pull the door closed behind them.

Buffy watched as the door closed. Tilting her head she reached out and pushed, grunting when it didn’t open. She looked up at Tara and pushed again, grunting when nothing happened.

Tara smiled down at her. “We’ll come back in a few minutes, Sweetie. Right now let’s go get you cleaned up, and get rid of that nasty taste in your mouth.” Tara gently pulled on the Slayer’s hand as she headed towards the bathroom.

Buffy grunted and kept looking from Tara back to the closed door as they traveled down the hall. Grunting, she stopped and tugged lightly on Tara’s hand as Tara pushed open the bathroom door.

Tara looked down at Buffy. “What, Sweetie?”

Buffy grunted and looked back at Tara’s door, taking a step and tugging on Tara’s hand again.

“No, Sweetie. We’ll go back to the room in a few minutes.” Tara urged Buffy towards the bathroom door.

Buffy grunted, not taking her eyes off Tara’s door as she was led into the bathroom. Growling as the door closed and she lost sight of the other door, Buffy tried pushing the door open only to bang her head again with a grunt and a whimper.

Tara sighed and shook her head. “Goddess, help me.” She walked over to set her things on the shelf above the sinks. Turning back to Buffy, she watched as she studied the door.

Trying to push it open to no avail, Buffy then ran a finger along the crack of the door. Cocking her head to the side Buffy looked the whole door over, checking out the hinges before she reached up for the pull handle. Pulling slightly on the handle the door opened about an inch. Buffy grunted and peeked out the crack, grunting again when she could see Tara’s door. She pulled a little harder and hit herself in the head with the door, grunting and plopping down on her ass. She reached up to her forehead and whimpered when she touched the painful spot.

Tara chuckled softly and walked over to Buffy. Smiling down at her she held out her hand. “You’re going to have more lumps than Momma’s mashed potatoes.”

Buffy grunted softly as she looked pitifully up at Tara, tongue still sticking out, and reaching up to take her hand.

Tara was surprised when the Slayer got back to her feet without help but still holding her hand lightly. Tara winced a bit when she brushed Buffy’s hair off her forehead seeing the new lumps forming. “You’re definitely going to have a headache after those, Sweetie.” Tara ran her fingers through the Slayer’s hair. She then whispered softly as she placed her hand over the lock on the door, hearing a click as it locked. “Come on, Sweetie. No more doors for you for a while.” Tara smiled and led Buffy over by the sinks.

Tara released Buffy’s hand with a gentle squeeze as she spoke to her. “I don’t suppose you know how to brush your teeth, huh?” She opened the new toothbrush and rinsed it off before putting toothpaste on it. Setting the toothpaste on the shelf she turned to Buffy, squatting to her level. “Do you know what this is, and how to use it?” She smiled as Buffy leaned forward and sniffed it. “I’ll take that as a no, then.” Tara chuckled softly and sighed. “This should be fun.” She slowly brought the toothbrush to Buffy’s mouth, lightly pressing the toothpaste against Buffy’s tongue and pulling it away.

Buffy grunted and pulled her tongue into her mouth as she looked at Tara. Cocking her head slightly as the flavor hit her taste buds.

Tara smiled at her. “Much better than the flower, isn’t it, Sweetie?”

Buffy moved her tongue around her mouth before swallowing. Grunting softly she stuck out her tongue and leaned forward towards the toothbrush.

Tara chuckled and placed the toothbrush on Buffy’s tongue again, gently stroking back and forth over it.

Buffy grunted as her eyes widened a bit at the tickling touch but didn’t pull away.

After a moment Tara moved the brush up along Buffy’s teeth, chuckling as Buffy pulled her tongue in and grinned as she pulled her lips back out of the way. “Think you can do this yourself, Sweetie?” Tara reached for Buffy’s hand, putting the toothbrush in it and guiding it up to her mouth. She guided her for a moment then released her hand.

Buffy grunted when Tara let go, the brush stopping. She pulled it away from her mouth to look at before looking back to Tara, grunting softly and sticking it in her mouth to stroke over her tongue again.

Tara smiled at her and ran her fingers through Buffy’s hair. “I suppose that’s better than nothing. Let’s see how you are at monkey see, monkey do?” Tara stood and got her own toothbrush out. She turned to face the Slayer and started brushing her own teeth.

Buffy cocked her head as she watched Tara then did a sloppy imitation.

Tara smiled around her toothbrush as she watched the Slayer. After a couple minutes Tara turned back to the sink and rinsed her mouth and toothbrush out. Turning back to Buffy she chuckled, Buffy was licking the toothpaste off her hand. “I take it you like that, huh?”

Buffy grunted and stuck the toothbrush back in her mouth, releasing it and chewing on it as it sat in her mouth.

Tara shook her head and smiled at her. “Can I have that?” She reached out and gently tugged on the toothbrush.

Buffy grunted and clamped down tight pulling her head back slightly.

“I’ll take that as a no.” Tara released the toothbrush, turning back to the sink she wet the washcloth and grabbed the soap.

Buffy grunted softly as Tara turned back to her, her eyes checking out what Tara had now.

Tara reached for the toothbrush again. “Can I have that now?” She gently tugged again.

Buffy released the toothbrush and watched as Tara rinsed it off and set it on the shelf.

“I suppose rinsing isn’t necessary, huh?” Tara grinned as Buffy was collecting the toothpaste around her mouth with her tongue.

Buffy grunted as she pulled her tongue back in her mouth. She leaned forward and sniffed at the soap in Tara’s hand, grunting again. “Smell nice.” She moved to bite it.

Tara pulled the soap away from Buffy shaking her head. “Smell nice, taste bad.”

Buffy grunted and went after it again, Tara moving it away.

“Trust me, Sweetie. You don’t want to do that.” Tara shook her head again.

Buffy grunted and growled softly reaching for the soap.

Tara pulled it away and sighed. “You asked for it.” She set the washcloth on the side of the sink and rinsed her hand before grabbing the toothpaste. Turning back to a still growling Buffy she squatted down in front of her. “Stick out your tongue.” Tara stuck hers out and Buffy followed suit. Tara lightly tapped the edge of the soap on Buffy’s tongue.

Buffy brought her tongue into her mouth only to grunt and stick it back out with a scrunched up face.

Tara chuckled softly. “I tried to warn you, Sweetie.” She set the soap on the washcloth, popping open the toothpaste. She placed a small dab on her rinsed fingertip, smiling at the Slayer as she dabbed it on her tongue.

Buffy pulled her tongue back into her mouth, recognizing the flavor she quickly wrapped her lips around Tara’s finger.

Tara’s eyes opened wide, surprised by the move. She moaned softly as Buffy sucked on her finger and swirled her tongue around it. Tara closed her eyes and whispered. “Goddess, help me, she’s going to kill me!” She moaned again as a shiver ran through her. Opening her eyes she looked into Buffy’s before slowly pulling her finger from Buffy’s mouth.

Buffy grunted softly as she watched Tara close her eyes again.

Tara took a deep breath and slowly released it as she got her body under control again. Opening her eyes to find Buffy’s head cocked to the side watching her. Tara chuckled softly. “Let’s get you cleaned up, Sweetie. Then we’ll put some ice on that head of yours.” Tara stood up, mumbling as she did. “I could use some myself right now.” She looked into her darkly aroused eyes in the mirror as she put the toothpaste back and shook her head with a soft whimper. “Goddess, help me.” She took another deep breath and rinsed off her hands and the washcloth. Turning back to Buffy she looked down at her upturned face and smiled. “You have no idea what you just did to me, do you?”

Buffy tilted her head and grunted softly.

Tara grunted in reply. “I didn’t think so.” She soaped up the washcloth and set the soap in its opened case. Holding out a hand for Buffy’s, she gently tugged her up to stand. “Stand up, Sweetie.”

Buffy slowly stood, still watching Tara closely.

Tara guided Buffy in front of her and turned her towards the sink.

Buffy looked up and saw their reflections in the mirror, grunting in surprise as she started to growl softly pressing back into Tara.

Tara smiled and squeezed Buffy’s waist. “Easy, Sweetie. That’s us.” Tara leaned her head against Buffy’s. Then reached up and tapped the tip of her nose. “See? It’s just us.”

Buffy, still pressing back into Tara, reached out and touched the mirror image of Tara. Grunting and quickly pulling her hand back a little before touching it again.

Tara smiled and then snapped her teeth at Buffy’s fingers in the mirror image.

Buffy grunted as she jumped back into Tara, pulling her hand back quickly.

Tara laughed and squeezed her waist again. “It can’t hurt you, Sweetie.”

Buffy tilted her head slightly one way and then the other, all the time watching her image in the mirror. Slowly reaching out to touch her own reflection, Buffy stuck her tongue out and tried to lick her fingers, grunting when nothing happened.

Tara smiled as she watched Buffy testing out the mirror, nipping at the Slayer’s fingers when she poked them by Tara’s image.

Buffy grunted, a smile coming to her face as she left her fingers there this time, not jumping away like the last.

Tara chuckled softly. “I think you get it now that it can’t hurt you. Time to wash up, Sweetie.”

Buffy grunted as she pulled her hand away, stopping midway and reaching back for the toothpaste.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Tara reached out and took the toothpaste from Buffy.

“Buffy like!” Buffy grunted and growled softly as she tried to grab it again.

Tara pulled it away again, whimpering softly when Buffy turned with pleading eyes and a pout to look at her.

“Buffy like.” She whimpered herself with a soft grunt, her lower lip poking out even further.

Tara whimpered and tilted her head back, closing her eyes as she whispered. “Goddess, why me? She’s killing me, here!” Sighing, she tilted her head forward and slowly opened her eyes.

Buffy was gently stroking a finger over the tube and Tara’s fingers as she grunted softly.

Tara shook her head and sighed. “You’re not supposed to eat this stuff, Sweetie.” She tossed the washcloth in the sink and turned on the water. Rinsing her hand off, Tara dried it on the towel on the shelf, and then found a cap that she used as a stopper in the sink. Turning to Buffy as the sink filled, she opened the toothpaste. “No more after this, okay. You’re going to get sick eating it.” She went to reach for Buffy’s hand, thinking better of using the dirty fingers she sighed again. “Why me?” Putting another dab on her own finger she took a deep breath as she held it up to Buffy’s mouth.

Buffy smiled and grunted before slowly taking Tara’s finger in her mouth again, sucking softly and twirling her tongue around it.

Tara closed her eyes as a shudder ran through her and released the breath she held. “Sweet Goddess I need to find a girlfriend!” She mumbled as she used her other hand to close the tube and toss it on the shelf before she reached for the cold water tap on the sink beside the one that was filling. Sticking her hand under the water, she brought it up to rub the cold water on her face.

Buffy grunted softly as she continued sucking on Tara’s finger as she watched her.

Tara groaned and pulled her finger from Buffy’s mouth, Buffy grunting loudly in protest. “You’re killing me, Sweetie.” Tara rinsed her finger off and cupped her hands under the cold water. Bending over the sink, she splashed her face a few times before shutting off the water. Placing both hands on the sides of the sink, Tara bowed her head and let the water drip from her face as she took deep breaths.

Buffy grunted softly watching Tara.

Tara grunted back then started to chuckle softly. “Just my luck she has no idea what she’s doing, and doing a damned good job of it anyway!” She sighed and opened her eyes, reaching for the towel to wipe her face and shutting off the other faucets. Tossing the towel back on the shelf, Tara pushed up her sleeves, shaking her head and mumbling softly as she did so. “Not the only part of me that’s wet.”

Buffy grunted softly looking at her own arms, she didn’t have any sleeves.

Tara chuckled and grunted back. “If you only knew, Sweetie.” She kissed the top of Buffy’s head as she turned to face her. Tilting her head, she watched Buffy try to push up nonexistent sleeves, and chuckled. “That’s not going to work, Sweetie. You don’t have any to push up.”

Buffy grunted and looked up at Tara before she turned to look at the door. Starting to head that way, she stopped after a step as Tara put her hand on her arm.

“Come here, Sweetie.” Tara chuckled softly and shook her head. “You don’t need sleeves, so you aren’t going anywhere.”

Buffy grunted and turned to look at the door one last time, grunting softly again.

“Trust me, Sweetie, you don’t need them.” Tara released Buffy’s arm as she stepped back towards her. “Now to see how well you can wash up. This should be fun.” Tara grinned and turned to grab the washcloth once again.

Buffy watched everything that Tara did as she wrung out the washcloth and soaped it up.

“I’ll get the bumpy forehead and hope that I don’t hurt you.” Tara reached up and pushed Buffy’s hair away from her forehead and held it back. “This will probably hurt, I’m sorry, Sweetie.” Tara gently started cleaning the Slayer’s forehead.

Buffy grunted, flinching slightly but didn’t pull away.

“I’m sorry, Sweetie. I know it hurts.” Tara spoke softly as she tried to be as gentle as she could. When she finished, she set the washcloth on the side of the sink. Tara moved Buffy in front of the sink. “Bend over, Sweetie.” Tara demonstrated and Buffy grunted and followed suit. “Good, Girl. Now close your eyes, Sweetie.” Tara bent over so Buffy could see her and closed her eyes.

Buffy frowned and grunted but did as asked.

“Thank you, Sweetie. Let’s get you rinsed off a bit.” Tara carefully rinsed off her forehead, and then grabbed the towel off the shelf. “Lift your head, Sweetie.” Tara gently guided her head up with the hand holding back Buffy’s hair, gently patting her forehead dry. “Okay, now for the hard part.” Tara put the towel back on the shelf, and guided Buffy upright. “Think you can wash the rest of your face for me, Sweetie?” Tara picked up the washcloth and handed it to Buffy.

Buffy grunted and looked at it, trying to hand it back to Tara.

Tara shook her head. “No, Sweetie, your turn. Like this.” Tara guided Buffy’s hand up to her face and gently showed her what to do. “Maybe we should have had you wash your hands first.” Tara chuckled as she looked at the back of Buffy’s dirt covered hands. “That’ll be our next project.”

Buffy grunted and kept washing the same spot on her face.

Tara chuckled softly. “How about doing the rest of your face, Sweetie?” Tara guided Buffy’s hands around her face. “There you go.” She smiled at her.

Buffy grunted and moved the washcloth over her face, thankfully avoiding her tender forehead.

When Tara figured she’d done a good enough job, she took the washcloth from her. “Close your eyes, Sweetie.” Tara closed her own as did Buffy. Tara opened her eyes and washed the spots the Slayer missed. Setting the washcloth on the side of the sink she guided the Slayer to bend over the sink again. “Bend over, Sweetie. That’s it, keep your eyes closed and we’ll rinse you off again.”

Buffy grunted and remained still as Tara rinsed off her face.

Guiding her up a bit, Tara dried her face off and guided her all the way up. “Much better, Sweetie. Open your eyes.” She waited for Buffy to look at her. “Think you can wash your hands on your own?” Tara handed her the washcloth and tapped the back of Buffy’s hands.

Buffy grunted and started to wash her hands.

Tara smiled and rinsed her hand off, drying it before she looked at Buffy again. “You wash up, and I’ll be right back, okay?”

Buffy grunted but turned to follow Tara as she turned and started to walk away.

Tara looked over her shoulder and shook her head, turning back towards the Slayer. “No, Sweetie. You stay here, okay.” Tara guided her back to the sink. “Stay here.”

Buffy grunted continuing to wash her hands as she watched Tara.

Tara backed away as the Slayer watched her. “I’m not going anywhere, Sweetie. I’ll still be in the room.” Tara looked over her shoulder to see where she was before looking back at Buffy and smiling. “I’ll just keep talking to you, okay? You keep washing up and I’ll be right back.” Tara stepped into one of the bathroom stalls and partially closed the door as she kept talking to the Slayer. Quickly taking care of business, Tara flushed the toilet and stepped back out of the stall to stop in her tracks. She couldn’t help but start to laugh at the sight before her. Buffy was bent over at the waist running the washcloth up and down her pants.

Buffy looked at Tara and grunted as she continued to wash down her legs.

Tara brought her hands up and scrubbed her face as she laughed. “Goddess, why me?” She peeked through her fingers and laughed again before she shook her head and walked over beside the Slayer.

Buffy stood up when Tara got beside her and grunted softly.

Tara covered her mouth trying not to laugh. Buffy had her arms, and the front of her shirt and pants soaked and covered in suds. “I didn’t think I was gone that long.” Tara smiled and shook her head before she sighed and closed her eyes. “Goddess, give me strength. Please?” She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. “I think this is going to require a shower to rinse off, Sweetie.” Tara sighed again and looked towards the showers. “Remind me to smack Willow upside the head, and Xander too, for that matter.” Tara sighed again before looking back at Buffy.

Buffy grunted softly as she tilted her head and looked at Tara.

Tara smiled and shook her head. She stepped by Buffy and grabbed her kit and the towel. Grabbing Buffy’s hand she led her to a shower stall. Tara released Buffy’s hand and reached in the shower it self to turn on the water. Turning back she set everything on the bench, turning to look when she heard a loud grunt.

Buffy stepped into the shower, grunting and jumping back when she was hit by the cold water.

Tara chuckled and mumbled. “I could use a cold shower myself.” Tara reached in and pulled Buffy back towards her. “You have to wait for it to warm up, Sweetie.”

Buffy looked from Tara to her soapy clothes and to the shower, all the while growling softly. Grunting she looked back at Tara taking another step closer to her.

Tara chuckled softly. “It’ll warm up, Sweetie.” Tara reached in placing her hand under the water. “It’s starting to warm up, here.” Tara took Buffy’s hand, guiding it under the water. Smiling and nodding when the Slayer grunted and hesitated, she urged her under the warmer water.

Buffy grunted in surprise. She looked back at Tara again before stepping back under the water, trying to pull Tara with her.

Tara planted her feet and leaned back. “No, Sweetie, just you.” Tara shook her head when Buffy grunted and looked at her, pulling on her hand again.

“No.” Tara shook her head pulling her hand from Buffy’s.

Buffy grunted and growled softly as she frowned at Tara.

Tara chuckled and tested the water, readjusting the temperature. Taking the washcloth from Buffy, she pointed to her. “You rinse off, I’ll go get some clothes for you to put on.” Tara tilted her head. “Stay here, okay?”

Buffy tilted her head like Tara and grunted softly.

Tara sighed. “You.” She pointed to Buffy. “Stay here and rinse off.” She pointed to the shower.

Buffy grunted and stepped further under the water.

Tara smiled and nodded. “Good, girl. You stay, I’ll be right back.” She backed towards the door as Buffy watched her.

Buffy grunted and started towards Tara, stopping when she shook her head and point towards the water. Buffy grunted and frowned when the same thing happened as she tried stepping forward again.

“Stay, Sweetie.” Tara shook her head again.

Buffy grunted, turning to look at the water before she turned back to Tara. Slowly backing back under the spray, she grunted again.

Tara smiled and nodded. “That’s it, Sweetie. You stay there.” Tara slowly stepped out of the stall and out of Buffy’s sight. She waited a moment to make sure the Slayer stayed before she turned and hurried from the bathroom, leaving the door unlocked as she left.

Buffy stood in the shower watching the opening for Tara to return. After a minute she started edging towards the open doorway. Hearing the water dripping off her to the floor and her feet sloshing in her sneakers, Buffy stopped and looked down at herself. Grunting softly she sat down on the floor and struggled to get her sneakers off. Finally accomplishing that feat, she stood and watched as the water dripped off of her. Tilting her head she started plucking at her shirt and pants. Grunting as there was a ripping sound, followed by more grunts and tearing clothes.

Buffy checked the bathroom, looking in all the stalls but not finding Tara anywhere. She did stop and tilt her head to stare at a toilet for a moment before grunting and continuing to look. When she didn’t find her anywhere, she grunted loudly and headed towards the bathroom door. Testing it, Buffy found that it now opened. Grunting, she carefully kept her head away from it as she opened the door. Stepping into the hall she grunted when she saw Tara coming out of her door. Tilting her head, Buffy looked at the blonde that now stood barefoot with shorts on.

Tara quickly changed into shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed a couple more towels and a bag for the wet clothes, along with the clothes she pulled out for Buffy and headed back to the bathroom. Stepping out of her room and closing the door behind her, Tara froze. Outside the bathroom door stood a naked Buffy, water running down her body. Tara couldn’t help the wide eyed stare, or the fact that her eyes roamed the naked woman from head to toe and back again.

Tara moaned softly and mentally shook her head, heading quickly towards the Slayer having heard footsteps on the stairs. “Come on, Sweetie, before you give someone else a view.” Tara mumbled softly as she guided Buffy back into the bathroom.

Buffy grunted softly, still looking down at the blondes legs as she stepped back into the bathroom.

Tara sighed as she looked over her shoulder seeing someone she recognized as living on a higher floor come into view as she stepped into the bathroom. She whispered again locking the door behind them before turning to Buffy, moaning softly again Tara closed her eyes and mumbled. “She’s trying to kill me, I know she is.” Her eyes flew open and she jumped slightly as Buffy ran a finger along her thigh. “Goddess!”

Buffy grunted softly but didn’t remove her finger from Tara’s thigh as she continued to stare at her legs.

“You’re going to drive me crazy, you know that?” Tara grabbed Buffy’s wandering hand and led a grunting Slayer back to the shower that was still running. Tara chuckled at the clothes all over the floor, frowning when she looked closer. Releasing Buffy’s hand she set the things on the bench, bending to pick up the blouse. Tara raised a brow when she saw that it was ripped apart. “Obviously didn’t know how to take it off, but I suppose this served your purpose, huh?” She grinned at the Slayer.

Buffy grunted, still not having moved her eyes from Tara’s legs.

Tara shook her head and grabbed the bag to put the blouse in. “Guess a garbage bag was appropriate.” She mumbled as she stuffed it in the bag. “Get in the shower, Sweetie.” Tara bent to pick up the pants, jumping again as Buffy touched the back of her thigh. Standing, she took Buffy’s wayward hand and placed it on her own leg. “See, you’ve got them too, play with your own.” She shook her head as Buffy grunted and reached for her leg again. “What am I going to do with you, huh?” She sighed and looked at the pants. “You’re definitely rough on your clothes, Sweetie.” Tara tossed the ruined pants in with the blouse. She groaned softly when she noticed the piece of dental floss Buffy considered underwear, bending to pick that and the socks and sneakers up to put in the bag. Tara moaned gritting her teeth as the hand on her leg was having a rather arousing effect on her. “You’re killing me, Cavewoman!” Tara pulled Buffy’s hand off her thigh again and gently pushed her towards the shower.

Buffy grunted loudly and growled at having her hand removed.

Tara grunted back and chuckled when the Slayer looked up at her finally. “Get in the shower, Sweetie.” Tara smiled and pointed to the water.

Buffy grunted and stepped under the spray, turning to face Tara she grunted again.

Tara grunted back, picking up the washcloth off the floor and the soap from the bench she handed them to Buffy. “Wash up, Sweetie. I have to get the mop to clean up all this water.” She pointed at Buffy. “You, stay there.” She knew she probably wouldn’t but turned and walked out when Buffy grunted. Tara went to the janitor’s closet and mumbled a spell to unlock the door. Flicking on the light she grabbed the mop and headed back towards the shower, mopping the wet floor from the bathroom door all the way to the shower. Along the way she grabbed the cap she’d used out of the sink letting it drain.

Buffy stood dripping in the doorway to the shower, soaping her body as she watched Tara with a tilted head.

Tara shook her head and kept her eyes on Buffy’s face. “Get back in the shower, Sweetie.” She gently nudged Buffy’s feet with the mop.

Buffy grunted and jumped back, growling as she backed away from the mop as Tara kept coming forward.

Tara chuckled and reached out for Buffy’s arm before she tripped over the ledge leading into the shower.

Buffy looked up when the mop stopped and Tara grabbed her, still trying to edge away from it.

“Careful, Sweetie.” Tara smiled and released Buffy’s arm pointing to the ledge.

Buffy followed where Tara pointed and grunted, stepping back over the ledge into the shower. She continued to watch the mop as Tara finished mopping up the floor.

Tara set the mop outside the door of the stall, figuring Buffy would only get water all over the place again if she left her. Turning back she caught the Slayer as she was about to step over the ledge again. “Stay!” Tara tossed the cap still in her hands into her kit and pulled out the shampoo and conditioner before she stepped over near Buffy and set them on the shelf in the shower.

Buffy grunted, putting her foot back onto the floor when Tara turned back. Grunting again as she realized Tara wasn’t leaving, she stepped back under the spray still watching Tara. Stepping closer to Tara, Buffy looked curiously at the items she’d just put on the shelf.

Tara smiled at the Slayer. “You’ll find out soon enough, Sweetie. Can I have that?” She reached for the washcloth when Buffy turned hearing her voice.

Buffy grunted and released the washcloth, handing the soap to Tara also.

“Thank you.” Tara smiled and soaped up the washcloth before she set the soap in its container. Turning back to Buffy she guided her to turn around. “Turn around, Sweetie.” Moving Buffy’s hair out of the way, Tara started washing the Slayer’s back and mumbled. “Goddess the backside is just as nice as the front.” She dragged her eyes away from Buffy’s ass.

Buffy grunted and then started growling softly as Tara washed her back, enjoying it immensely.

Tara smiled. “You like that, huh?”

Buffy grunted. “Buffy like.” She started growling softly again.

Tara chuckled. “Sobering up a bit, huh?” She finished Buffy’s back and sighed before she quickly washed her ass. “Rinse off, Sweetie.” Tara nudged Buffy towards the spray, as she stepped into the shower her self, staying away from the spray she rinsed the washcloth off, wrung it out and set it on the shelf.

Buffy grunted and growled loudly when Tara stopped, turning her head to pout over her shoulder. When she saw Tara put the washcloth down she reached for it only to be stopped by Tara. “Buffy do Tara.” She grunted and reached again.

Tara chuckled and stopped her again. “No, thank you. I’ve already had my shower earlier, Sweetie.”

Buffy grunted again. “Buffy do.”

Tara grunted back and shook her head at Buffy, and then nudged her forward. “Rinse off and wet your hair, Sweetie. You’ll like the next part, too.” She smiled and nudged her under the spray.

Buffy grunted and whimpered as the water hit her forehead as they were wetting down her hair. “Hurt!”

“I’m sorry, Sweetie.” Tara used one hand to push Buffy’s hair back off her forehead, and the other to shield her forehead from the spray. When Buffy’s hair was wet Tara stepped back pulling the Slayer with her.

Buffy started to turn around, grunting when Tara stopped her, she looked over her shoulder at her.

Tara winced when she saw Buffy’s forehead. Cupping Buffy’s cheek she looked closer at the three separate lumps there. “We need to put some ice on those, Sweetie.” Leaning forward she gently kissed the largest one.

Buffy grunted softly when she felt Tara’s lips lightly brush against her forehead. She placed a finger on Tara’s lips as she pulled away. “Soft.”

Tara smiled and kissed Buffy’s finger before she turned to grab the shampoo. “Turn around, Sweetie.” Tara guided Buffy’s head back around and turned her slightly. “Stay like that.” She quickly poured shampoo into her hand and placed the bottle back on the shelf.

Buffy grunted when Tara turned her, and then started to growl softly as Tara started to wash her hair. “Buffy like.” She closed her eyes and growled as Tara continued gently massaging her scalp, using her fingernails on occasion.

Tara stood smiling behind the Slayer as she listened to her growl softly. Then she frowned when she realized the growl was getting to her in a very arousing way. Shaking her head mentally, Tara took a deep breath and quickly finished washing Buffy’s hair. “Rinse off, Sweetie.” Tara gently nudged Buffy forward.

Buffy grunted loudly when Tara stopped, grunting again when she pushed her forward. “Buffy like, no stop.” She opened her eyes and turn to Tara, reaching for her hands to put back on her head when Tara tried to rinse them.

Tara shook her head and mumbled as she pulled her hands out of Buffy’s grasp. “Tara liked a bit too much, too.” She sighed when Buffy grunted and tilted her head to look at her. “Please, Sweetie? Let’s get you rinsed off.” She stepped a bit away from Buffy and rinsed her hands, mumbling again. “I think we’ll pass on the conditioner this time around.” She ended up getting wet while rinsing her hands as her mind was elsewhere. Stepping back she looked down at her t-shirt and groaned softly as she felt her nipples harden beneath the cooling wetness.

Buffy didn’t miss anything about Tara, including the wet shirt. Curious when she saw the bumps forming under the shirt she reached out and pressed on one with her fingertip. She grunted as she watched it stick out even further when she pulled her finger away.

Tara moaned softly and closed her eyes, groaning when the finger returned to press on her nipple again. “Sweetie, no.” Tara opened her eyes and pulled Buffy’s hand away from her breast. “As much as I would like you to, we can’t do this.” Tara shook her head holding onto the hand that wanted to go back and play with her breast.

Buffy grunted and tried to get to the confusingly hard, yet soft item she’d just found. Grunting she looked up at Tara.

Tara shook her head again. “Rinse off, Sweetie.” Tara guided her back under the spray, placing a hand to shield Buffy’s forehead as she rinsed her hair.

Buffy growled softly as she felt Tara’s fingers run through her hair rinsing it. But she also saw the opening to play with her newfound body part on the Wicca. Reaching up, Buffy grazed her finger over the hard nipple, grunting she gently grabbed it and pulled.

Tara moaned and involuntarily pressed into Buffy’s fingers as she forgot about rinsing her hair. “Goddess!” Tara inhaled deeply as her back arched and a shudder ran through her, she couldn’t remember a time her breasts seemed so sensitive.

Buffy watched Tara for a moment before turning and raising her other hand to Tara’s other breast, grunting softly as she gently took that nipple between her fingers also. Buffy growled softly as she gently pinched, pulled and twisted Tara’s hardened nipples.

Tara moaned loudly arching into Buffy’s hands before her brain took over. Growling herself, she placed her hands over Buffy’s moving them away from her aching breasts. “Goddess!” She opened her eyes and shook her head. “What are you doing to me?” She guided Buffy’s hands down to her sides. “Please, Sweetie? Let’s just get you rinsed off, dressed, and out of here. Please?” Tara pleaded as she tried to rein in her arousal. “Ice! We need ice! You for your head, me to stuff down my pants.” Tara mumbled the whole last bit as she closed her eyes and shook her head. Taking deep breaths, Tara finally opened her eyes and looked into Buffy’s confused eyes. Chuckling softly Tara shook her head. “I’m sorry, Sweetie. But you’re driving me nuts!” She laughed and released the Slayer’s hands, quickly stopping them as they rose. “No. You’re going to turn around so your grabby little hands can’t distract me anymore.” Tara smiled and turned the Slayer to face the water.

Buffy grunted and tried to keep turning but Tara stopped her. Growling loudly, Buffy looked over her shoulder frowning at Tara.

Tara smiled and shook her head no. “Growl all you want, Sweetie. I may just join you, but we are finishing up and getting out of here.” She nudged Buffy forward and put a hand back up to protect her forehead. “The sooner we get clothes on you, the better.” Tara mumbled as she quickly finished rinsing Buffy’s hair, Buffy growling loudly the whole time.

Buffy turned around when Tara turned off the water and quickly grabbed the bottles off the shelf before stepping from the shower. She just stood there watching as Tara hurriedly tossed things in her kit.

Tara picked up a towel and turned to see the confused, hurt look in the Slayer’s eyes. She bowed her head and took a deep breath before looking back up to the Slayer. “I’m sorry, Sweetie.” Tara handed Buffy the towel, lowered her eyes and looked away. “You’re doing things to me that you have no idea what they’re doing to me. It’s not your fault. I’m sorry.” She looked up sadly at Buffy before grabbing the washcloth off the shelf and wringing it out. “Dry off, Sweetie.” She tossed the washcloth in the bag with Buffy’s wet and ruined clothes, grabbing a towel herself to dry off.

Buffy stood watching Tara for a moment. “Tara?”

Tara turned seeing a crestfallen Buffy standing there with a death grip on the towel. “What’s wrong, Sweetie?” Tara took a step towards her.

Buffy bowed her head for a moment before looking worriedly at Tara. “Buffy bad?” She grunted softly and lowered her head again.

“What? Oh, Goddess!” Tara shook her head and took another step towards Buffy, gently reaching out to lift her chin. “You’re not bad, Sweetie.” Tara moved her hand up to caress Buffy’s cheek before cupping it softly. “You’re not bad.” She shook her head again. “I’m sorry, I…” Tara trailed off and sighed. “You’re not bad. Come ’ere, Sweetie.” Tara pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry, Sweetie. It’s my fault.”

Buffy snuggled into Tara and started to growl softly. “Tara no mad?”

“Tara no mad, Sweetie.” Tara kissed the top of Buffy’s head and mumbled. “Tara horny and frustrated, but no mad.”

Buffy grunted and looked up questioningly at Tara.

Tara started to laugh. “You’ll figure that one out when you get a few more brain cells back.” She started to blush with that thought. ‘Oh, Goddess! Please don’t let her figure that one out!!’ She prayed silently as Buffy snuggled back into her and grunted again.

Buffy grunted, realizing where she was she slowly started moving a hand back up to the new toy she found fascinating.

Tara chuckled softly intercepting the hand on its way to her breast. “Oh, no you don’t!” She smiled down at Buffy, grunting in response to Buffy’s grunt at being stopped. “Let’s get you dried and dressed, Sweetie. Then we both need some ice.” She gently kissed Buffy’s forehead and stepped back a step, releasing the Slayer’s hand. “Dry off, Sweetie.” Tara turned her around, grunting and growling as the Slayer did.

Buffy grunted when Tara stepped back taking away the comfy spot she was in, and growled when she turned her around.

Using her own towel, Tara started to dry Buffy’s hair somewhat. Knowing that without the conditioner the tangles would be harder to get out, she tried not to add too many more.

Buffy started growling softly as Tara dried her hair, she slowly began to dry her body. “Buffy like.”

Tara smiled and shook her head. “You’re easy to please.” She dried off the Slayer’s back, chuckling as the growl got a bit louder. Tara wrapped Buffy’s hair up in the towel and tapped her thigh before turning to get the clothes she’d brought for her. “Dry your legs, Sweetie.”

Buffy bent over and dried her legs, turning her head when she heard a gasp.

Tara wasn’t prepared for the sight before her as she turned back to Buffy. Groaning softly she covered her face with the clothes. “GODDESS!! She’s trying to kill me!” She couldn’t get the sight of Buffy bent over with everything on display out of her minds eye.

Buffy stood up and moved over to Tara, gently tugging at the clothes covering her face. “Tara?”

Tara slowly lowered the clothes enough to look at an innocent looking Buffy. She shook her head slightly and started to chuckle as she lowered the clothes. “You’re going to kill me, Sweetie.” Tara smiled softly at the Slayer and caressed her cheek. “And you don’t even know it.”

Buffy leaned into Tara’s hand. “Buffy no kill.” She shook her head slightly. “Buffy like Tara.”

Tara chuckled softly. “That’s a good thing then, because Tara like Buffy, too.” She leaned and kissed her forehead again. “Let’s get you dressed, Sweetie.” Tara smiled and caressed Buffy’s cheek as she slowly pulled her hand away.

Buffy grunted when the hand was removed. “Buffy like.” She watched as Tara’s hand went back to the clothes.

Tara smiled and shook her head slightly as she grabbed the button down shirt she had for the Slayer, tossing the shorts onto her shoulder. She took the towel from Buffy and tossed it on the bench, holding up the shirt. “Put your arm in, Sweetie.”

Buffy grunted and looked confused.

Tara smiled and lifted Buffy’s arm, sliding the sleeve on before stepping behind her to do the same with the other arm. “That was easy enough.” Tara smiled and came around in front of Buffy, buttoning up the shirt.

Buffy lifted her arm to sniff the shirt and grunted. “Smell Tara.”

Tara chuckled and nodded. “That’s because it’s mine, Sweetie.” She finished buttoning the shirt as Buffy watched, growling softly. When she was done she took the shorts from her shoulder and squatted down in front of Buffy. “Lift your foot, Sweetie.” Tara tapped on Buffy’s leg.

Buffy grunted and lifted her foot, and then the other.

Tara pulled up the sweat shorts as she stood. “They’re big, but they’ll have to do.” She rolled the waist over in hopes they wouldn’t fall off the small frame of the Slayer.

Buffy grunted and looked down at her self before bringing her sleeve covered hands up.

Tara chuckled softly and rolled up the sleeves. “There you go, Sweetie.” Tara smiled and shook her head Buffy looked like a little kid playing dress up. “Let’s go get some ice for that head of yours.” Tara gathered all her things, looking around to make sure she had everything as she stuffed the towels into the bag.

Buffy grabbed the bag of wet clothes from Tara. “Buffy help.”

“Thank you.” Tara smiled and released the bag before turning and heading out of the stall. Seeing the mop, she grabbed it with one hand and quickly mopped up the floor in the stall, chuckling as Buffy edged away from it and out of the stall. “Let’s go, Sweetie.” Tara smiled and dragged the mop behind them. Putting the mop back and locking the door again, Tara then unlocked the bathroom door and pulled it open.

Buffy growled at the door as she stepped into the hall.

Tara chuckled and smiled at the Slayer as she took her hand to lead her back to the room, groaning softly when she saw a grinning Kelly coming the other way. “Don’t you ever s-stay in your room?”

Kelly grinned even wider. “Now where’s the fun in that?” She chuckled and shook her head. She tried a pout as she got closer to them. “I got stood up!” She sniffed a few times.

Tara chuckled. “Smart woman, she must have h-heard about you ahead of time and p-panicked.” Tara grinned at Kelly.

Kelly started laughing. “ONCE! So, I got a little out of hand and went a little crazy.” She winked at Tara. “I’ll have you know she wrote and told me it was the best night of her life!” Kelly smiled smugly at Tara.

“I’m sure you have the letter f-framed and on your wall just to impress the l-ladies.” Tara smirked back at her.

Kelly nodded vigorously before she started laughing again. “I’m still blaming it on the beer.”

Buffy grunted loudly. “Want beer!”

Tara laughed and shook her head. “No more beer for you, Sweetie.” She squeezed Buffy’s hand. “You’re just starting to get the brain cells functioning again.”

Buffy pouted and grunted softly. “No beer?” She looked sadly at Tara.

Tara smiled and shook her head. “No beer.”

Buffy stuck her lower lip out and leaned her head against Tara’s shoulder growling softly.

Tara smiled and kissed the top of the Slayer’s head, the towel having come undone and hanging off one shoulder.

Kelly kept the grin to herself as she watched the interaction between the two. Then Kelly cocked her head looking at Buffy for a moment, noticing the new bumps on her forehead, before she handed the bucket of ice in her hand to Tara.

Buffy narrowed her eyes and growled loudly taking a step towards Kelly when she handed the ice to Tara.

Kelly raised a brow and took a half step back from the growling Slayer.

“Easy, Sweetie.” Tara smiled and squeezed Buffy’s hand, pulling her back.

Buffy grunted, allowing Tara to move her back as she still watched Kelly closely.

Kelly chuckled softly and shook her head. “So… not only bureau diving, but dropping the soap, too, huh?” She grinned at Tara. “Gets a bit tight in those shower stalls, doesn’t it?” She started laughing as Tara blushed. “Think you could use that more than me.” She pointed to the bucket, snorting when she noticed Tara’s nipples poking at the wet fabric of her shirt. “And not just for her head either, huh?” She doubled over laughing as Tara tried to cover her breasts as best she could. “Don’t think I didn’t notice the stretching of the material by grabby little fingers, either!” She grinned as she continued to laugh.

Tara didn’t think she could get any redder with embarrassment. Glaring at Kelly as best she could, she pushed by her pulling Buffy with her. “BITCH!” She started laughing herself. “I should sic my Neanderthal on you.” She grinned at Kelly over her shoulder.

“OH, BABY!! Come to Mama!” Kelly held out her arms wiggling her fingers and grinned.

Tara laughed and shook her head. “Thanks for the ice, Kel.”

Kelly nodded. “I want details, Girlfriend!” Kelly laughed as Tara groaned and pushed open her door leading Buffy inside.

Tara poked her head back out. “Unlike you, I d-don’t kiss and tell.” She winked at Kelly before she quickly shut the door.

“YOU WILL!” Kelly called back as she laughed and headed towards her own door. “I’ll drag you out of that shell of yours yet, Tara Maclay!” Her eyes twinkled as she thought about the two women. “Or a certain cavewoman will.” She smiled and closed her own door.


Tara closed the door still laughing softly as she turned back to the room. Setting the shower kit and the ice on the desk she turned to Buffy. “I’ll take that, Sweetie. Thank you.” She took the bag from Buffy and the towel off her shoulder. “Have a seat.” She turned and headed over by her drying rack setting the bag on the floor. After she hung up all the towels, she balanced Buffy’s sneakers on a lower rack and placed the open bag below it to catch the drips.

Buffy climbed onto Tara’s bed, curling up with the comforter around her as she watched Tara.

Tara looked up and smiled when she heard Buffy growling softly from the bed, just her face poking out of the comforter. “Let me get some dry clothes on then we’ll brush out your hair, and put some ice on your head.” Tara spoke as she went to her closet. Thinking she was more or less hidden by the closet door, Tara hurriedly changed shirts, looking over her shoulder when she heard a soft grunt in between the soft growling.

Buffy moved on the bed so she could still see Tara, grunting when the Wicca’s bare back came into view.

Tara blushed and turned back towards the closet as she buttoned the shirt. “Between you and Kelly, I’ll be lucky if I don’t die of embarrassment tonight.” She thanked the Goddess that she’d chosen a long shirt when she swapped the wet shorts for dry, the shirt covering her private parts from the Slayer’s eyes.

Buffy grunted and continued to watch Tara growling softly. When Tara didn’t come back soon enough for Buffy, she climbed off the bed and walked up behind her.

Tara had just grabbed another facecloth and small Ziploc bag when she was startled by arms coming around her.

Buffy picked Tara up and carried her back to the bed, grunting softly as she set her back on her feet. She then climbed back on the bed trying to gently pull Tara with her.

Tara shook her head coming out of the shock of Buffy carrying her around like she weighed nothing, and resisted being pulled on the bed. “Just a minute, Sweetie, I have to get the ice.” Tara gently pulled her hand out of Buffy’s.

Buffy grunted loudly when Tara pulled away.

“I’ll be right there.” Tara chuckled and headed to the desk, grabbing her brush and the ice. She turned back to find Buffy starting to get off the bed and chuckled. “I’m coming, Sweetie.” She headed back towards the bed.

Buffy grunted and moved back on the bed watching Tara the whole time.

Tara set the ice on the nightstand, the facecloth and bag beside it before turning back to the bed. Grabbing her pillows and placing them against the headboard, Tara climbed on the bed and spread her legs, patting in between them. “Come here, Sweetie.” Tara chuckled when Buffy moved quickly in front of her.

Buffy sat in front of Tara and placed her feet to the outside of her hips, pulling the comforter up around her.

Tara shook her head and smiled at the Slayer. “This would be much easier if you turned around, Sweetie.” She held up the brush for Buffy to see.

Buffy grunted and looked confused, before she grunted again and laid her head on Tara’s shoulder.

Tara smiled and shook her head as she looked down at the Slayer. “You’re not going to make this easy, are you?”

Buffy grunted and started to growl softly.

“I’ll take that as a no.” Tara kissed the top of Buffy’s head before she pulled her hair out of the comforter. “You’re going to have to swap sides when I finish with this one.” She gently started brushing out Buffy’s hair.

Buffy grunted before she started growling slightly louder. “Buffy like.” She closed her eyes and leaned more heavily against Tara.

Tara chuckled and continued brushing. “I can tell by the growl, Sweetie.”

Buffy grunted and opened her eyes when Tara stopped.

Tara smiled down at her. “Time to swap sides, Sweetie.”

Buffy frowned not understanding.

Tara patted her other shoulder. “Put your head over here, Sweetie.” She gently nudged Buffy.

Buffy grunted and swapped shoulders as Tara guided her head where she wanted it, sighing and starting to growl softly again as she closed her eyes and snuggled in.

“You’re something else, Sweetie.” Tara kissed the top of her head and smiled when Buffy grunted. When Tara finished with Buffy’s hair she kissed the top of her head again.

Buffy grunted and opened her eyes. “No stop.”

Tara smiled and shook her head. “We have to put ice on your head. Which means… you’re going to have to move for a minute, Sweetie.” She rubbed Buffy’s back as she looked down at her.

Buffy grunted. “Like here.” She started growling again as Tara rubbed her back.

“I like you there, too.” Tara started to lean forward, pushing Buffy back with her. “But we don’t always get what we want.”

Buffy growled louder as they moved, pouting when Tara pulled away from her.

Tara smiled and poked at Buffy’s lower lip. “I’ll be right back.” She slid back as far as she could, pulling her legs out from under Buffy’s as she got up. Filling the Ziploc with the crushed ice, Tara wrapped it in the facecloth and set it on the bed. Then she took the bucket of melting ice and placed it in the bag with Buffy’s clothes, grabbing one of the towels to wipe the nightstand off. Hanging the towel back on the rack Tara grabbed another clean one from the closet, and a bottle of water from the mini fridge before walking back to the bed. “Want a drink, Sweetie?” She opened the water.

“Beer.” Buffy grunted.

Tara chuckled and shook her head. “No beer, water.” She held the bottle out to the pouting Slayer.

Buffy grunted taking the bottle, drinking half before handing it back to Tara.

Tara took a couple sips before putting the cap back on, placing it on the nightstand. Reaching behind the nightstand she flipped the switch for her twinkle lights turning them on.

Buffy grunted as she looked up at the lights, tilting her head. “Pretty.”

Tara smiled as she lit a couple vanilla scented candles before turning off the overhead light.

“Fire bad.” Buffy grunted and started to get off the bed, having dragged her eyes away from the lights.

Tara intercepted her before she could get all the way off. “Not this fire, Sweetie. It’s okay.” She guided Buffy back onto the bed.

Buffy grunted and growled loudly at the candles.

Tara shook her head and squeezed Buffy’s shoulder. “I promise this is good fire, Sweetie.” She held Buffy in place.

Buffy looked up at Tara and frowned. “Good fire?”

Tara nodded and smiled. “Good fire.” She climbed back onto the bed and settled in, folding the towel and placing it on her shoulder against her neck. Picking up the facecloth with ice, she looked at Buffy and patted her lap. “Come here, Sweetie.”

Buffy grunted and looked one last time at the candles before she moved to straddle Tara’s legs.

Tara stopped her from snuggling up to her. “We have to put this on your head first.” She placed the facecloth as carefully as she could against Buffy’s forehead, flinching when Buffy whimpered. “I’m sorry, Sweetie. I know it hurts and its cold, but you need this.” She guided Buffy’s head to her shoulder.

Buffy grunted and snuggled up to Tara.

Tara adjusted the towel a bit and kissed the side of the Slayer’s head. “That okay, Sweetie?” She looked down at Buffy.

Buffy grunted softly.

Tara straightened out the comforter and wrapped her arms around Buffy, gently rubbing her back.

Buffy started to growl softly and closed her eyes.

Tara smiled when she felt Buffy’s arms tentatively sneak around her waist as she leaned more heavily against her. She gave her a gentle squeeze letting her know it was okay.

Buffy grunted softly as she continued to growl, wrapping her arms further around Tara.

Tara kissed the side of Buffy’s head and carefully leaned her cheek against it. She continued to rub Buffy’s back as they sat there, the only sound the soft growl coming from Buffy.

A few minutes later Buffy grunted and slowly pulled her head back.

Tara lifted her head when she felt Buffy start to move. “What’s wrong, Sweetie?” She looked down at a frowning Buffy.

“Buffy no like.” She grunted bringing a hand up to her forehead, brushing Tara’s breast on the way by.

“I know it’s cold and it hurts, but you have to keep it on, Sweetie.” Tara looked at her sadly.

“Buffy no like.” Buffy grunted again looking away from Tara, seeing the buttons on her blouse, she moved her hand down to pick at one of them.

“Just for a little while?” Tara kissed the top of Buffy’s head.

Buffy grunted and shook her head. “Buffy no like.” She continued to play with the button.

Tara covered Buffy’s hand to stop her.

Buffy grunted and lifted her head to look at Tara, but didn’t move her hand.

“Please?” Tara gave her a hopeful look.

Buffy grunted and growled loudly, poking her lower lip out as she laid her head on Tara’s shoulder, and slowly leaned back against the ice.

“Thank you.” Tara released Buffy’s hand as she kissed her temple and wrapped her arm back around her, giving her a gentle hug.

Buffy grunted and watched as her fingers played with the button.

Tara rested her head lightly against Buffy’s as she rubbed her back oblivious to the fact the button came undone.

Buffy grunted softly when the button disappeared. She played with the buttonhole for a moment before she moved her hand down to the next button to play with. She growled after a few minutes when that one disappeared, too.

Tara lifted her head when she heard the growl, pulling back a bit to look at her. “What’s wrong, Sweetie?”

Buffy grunted and lifted just her eyes to look at Tara.

“You okay?” Tara asked softly.

Buffy grunted again but didn’t move.

Tara smiled and grunted back at her.

Buffy grunted again and brought a finger up to touch Tara’s lips.

Tara kissed her fingertip, growling softly as Buffy did and gently nipped at her finger.

Buffy grunted and smiled.

Tara chuckled and nipped her finger again before kissing it.

Buffy growled softly, grunting when Tara growled again and gently grabbed her finger between her teeth.

Buffy grunted and chuckled softly pulling her finger away, dropping her hand and eyes back down between them.

Tara smiled and kissed Buffy’s temple before she placed her cheek there.

Buffy grunted and ran her finger along the front of Tara’s shirt, growling softly when it opened a bit and she felt Tara’s skin.

Tara felt Buffy’s finger tracing the center of her chest, but it didn’t register as to how she was feeling it as she continued to rub Buffy’s back lost in thought.

Buffy grunted softly when the next button got in her way, after playing with it for a few moments the button finally gave way. Buffy grunted softly and continued her exploration of Tara.

Tara came out of her thoughts when she heard a soft moan. It took her a moment to realize it was her that was moaning. “Sweetie, what are you doing?”

“Don’t know.” Buffy answered her and stopped her fingers, but didn’t remove her hand.

“For someone who doesn’t know, you seem to be doing a good job of it.” Tara opened her eyes. “I’ll be in need of the ice.”

“I think it’s melted.” Buffy spoke softly, still not moving.

Tara grunted softly before she stiffened slightly, realizing Buffy was actually answering her.

“Do you want me to leave?” Buffy asked softly having felt Tara tense.

“Why would I…” Tara lifted her head and trailed off as Buffy ran her finger over her nipple. “Oh!”

“Yeah, oh.” Buffy repeated softly.

Tara blushed and started to laugh.

Buffy slowly lifted her head, raising a brow at the Wicca.

Tara bit her lip as she turned a darker shade of red. “Not exactly how I usually introduce myself, but…” Tara shrugged as she started to laugh again.

Buffy shook her head and smiled. “First time for me, too.” She winked at Tara. “Hi, I’m Buffy Summers, nice to meet you, Tara.” She gently squeezed Tara’s nipple.

Tara laughed as she blushed, before she grinned at Buffy. “Do I get to return the greeting?” She winked back at Buffy.

Buffy tilted her head for a moment before nodding. “I think it’s only fair.”

Tara let her hands slide down Buffy’s back to her ass, giving it a gentle squeeze. “This is more convenient at the moment, but a greeting none the less. Hi, Buffy, I’m Tara Maclay.” Tara gave her a lopsided smile. “How’s the head, Sweetie?”

Buffy snorted and shook her head. “Is this totally nuts, or what?” She smiled at Tara and shook her head again as she used her other hand to remove the ice bag and towel from Tara’s shoulder. She placed them on the bed beside them before she slowly put her arm back where it was.

Tara nodded. “Not exactly something I ever imagined happening.” She chuckled softly and smiled at the Slayer as she brought a hand up to push the hair off Buffy’s forehead. “How are you feeling, Sweetie?” She looked over the lumps still prominent on the Slayer’s forehead. “You could still use some more ice on those.” She leaned forward softly kissing the Slayer’s forehead. When she looked back she saw the look of surprise on Buffy’s face and blushed. “I’m sorry.” Tara dropped her head slightly as she dropped her eyes.

Buffy shook her head slightly and chuckled softly. When Tara lifted her head Buffy shook her head again blushing herself. “You’re apologizing for that, when I’m sitting on top of you with my hand in your shirt.”

“The look on your…” Tara trailed off as Buffy shook her head and smiled at her.

“I shouldn’t have been surprised.” Buffy shook her head again as she looked into Tara’s eyes. “You’ve been nothing but helpful, kind, and comforting to a stranger…” Buffy tilted her head slightly. “Make that a very strange stranger that burst into your room.”

Tara chuckled and gave Buffy a lopsided smile. “But you were very entertaining.” Tara winked at her.

Buffy rolled her eyes. “Not some of my more graceful moments that’s for sure.” She smiled at Tara for a moment, finding her eyes falling to stare at her lips.

Tara watched the Slayer’s eyes drop to her lips and stay there. “What do want, Sweetie?” Tara asked softly.

Buffy’s eyes flicked up to Tara’s and she blushed.

Tara gave her a soft smile and rubbed her back. “Tell me?”

Buffy’s eyes dropped back to Tara’s lips as she licked her own before looking back up into her blue eyes. “I want to find out if your lips are as soft as I think they are…” Buffy’s eyes dropped back to Tara’s lips. “How soft they felt when you kissed my forehead.” She blushed and looked back up at Tara. “If they’re as soft as the rest of you…” She grazed her fingertip over the side of the Wicca’s breast.

Tara shivered at the light touch, bringing her hand up to cover Buffy’s as she tilted her head in consideration.

Buffy watched the play of emotions on Tara’s face. “I’m sorry.” She started to pull her hand away from Tara’s breast as she lowered her eyes. “Maybe I should just leave.”

Tara held Buffy’s hand in place, waiting for the Slayer to look back up at her.

Buffy hesitated when Tara held her hand from leaving. She slowly lifting her eyes back to Tara’s.

Tara gave her a small smile and released her hand with a gentle squeeze. “Do you want to leave?” Tara asked her softly.

Buffy shook her head and answered just as softly. “No.”

Tara nodded slightly. “Will you still be here in the morning?” Tara kept eye contact with the Slayer, allowing her worry of that not happening to show.

Buffy nodded then her brows furrowed. “Unless…” Buffy trailed off.

Tara shook her head. “I do want you to be here.” Tara gave her a soft smile. “As strange as all this is…” Tara closed her eyes for a moment to get her thoughts in order before she opened them to look at Buffy again.

Buffy held her breath waiting for the axe to fall when Tara stopped speaking and closed her eyes.

Tara took a deep breath before she spoke softly. “As strange as this night has been. I need to know that you’ll still be here, and more importantly, that you’ll come back again when you do leave. Or I won’t be able to take this any further than this.” She put it out there for the Slayer to decide where this would go.

Buffy released her breath and smiled at Tara. “So it’s not just me.” She slowly pulled her hand away from Tara’s breast, resting her palm against her breastbone as she looked at the Wicca. “It has been a strange night. It’s not every day that I go Neanderthal chasing a woman back to her room.” Buffy chuckled softly. “Not that I’ve chased women before.” She smiled at Tara before she continued. “I saw you, and wanted to follow… I don’t know why, I just did.” She shook her head slightly. “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I feel comfortable with you. I’ve…” She trailed off and blushed.

Tara smiled and finished her sentence. “Never been with a woman before.” Tara tilted her head slightly and spoke softly when Buffy nodded but didn’t look away as she turned a darker shade of red. “Has the thought ever occurred to you before?”

Buffy nodded slightly. “More like was thrown at me.” She admitted softly.

Tara raised a brow in question.

Buffy smiled as her fingers unconsciously began to softly stroke Tara’s chest. “I didn’t want to be just another notch on her bedpost.”

Tara smiled and nodded in understanding. “Was that the only time?”

Buffy nodded.

“And now?” Tara held Buffy’s eyes.

Buffy searched Tara’s eyes for a moment before she spoke. “Now… I want to find out. I don’t want to leave, I want to be here in the morning, and if you’ll have me, I want to come back again when I do leave.”

Tara saw the honesty of the Slayer’s words in her eyes and nodded slightly. “Then kiss me.” She finally whispered softly, a smile playing at her lips.

Buffy hesitated for a moment as she dropped her eyes to Tara’s lips. Slowly leaning forward she softly pressed her lips to Tara’s. Pulling back after a moment to look up into Tara’s eyes, she slowly leaned forward again. “So soft.” She pressed her lips to Tara’s again as she closed her eyes.

Tara smiled against Buffy’s lips closing her own eyes, her hands slowly starting to rub the Slayer’s back. After a moment of just having their lips together, Tara tilted her head slightly and softly kissed her way around Buffy’s lips.

Buffy whimpered then grunted softly, starting a slow growl again.

Tara smiled against Buffy’s lips as she started to chuckle softly. “There’s my Neanderthal.” Tara gave the Slayer a crooked smile as she pulled back and opened her eyes.

Buffy growled louder when Tara pulled away, opening her eyes and grunting as she smiled back when she ran Tara’s words back in her head. “Cave Sla…” She trailed off as her eyes widened at what she almost said.

The smile slowly left Tara’s face as she tilted her head watching Buffy closely. “That’s the second time I’ve heard someone start to say that, and stop in the same place.” She raised a brow. “Should I be worried?”

Buffy dropped her eyes and fidgeted for a moment.

Tara watched the Slayer closely, seeing the nervousness and worry. After a moment she rubbed Buffy’s back getting her to look up from staring at her hand. “Can I do something?” Tara gave her a small smile. “It’s just looking into your aura. I could do it without asking, but I’m asking.” Tara let her know it was Buffy’s choice, not something she would do if she didn’t want her to.

“You can do that?” Buffy raised her brows in surprise.

Tara nodded.

“The Wicca group… you’re not like the rest of the wannabe’s are you?” Buffy asked as she fit the pieces together.

Tara chuckled and shook her head. “No. They wouldn’t know a magic spell if it hit them.” She raised a brow. “Willow’s different though, right?”

Buffy nodded. “She went hoping to do more than float a pencil.”

Tara nodded. “Self taught.”

It was a statement not a question but Buffy nodded anyway. “She was hoping to find some help there, but…”

Tara nodded in understanding. “Not much help to be found in a group that doesn’t believe in magic.”

Buffy smiled and nodded. “Exactly.” She tilted her head slightly. “Why do you go then, if you know that?”

Tara shrugged and bit her lip. “It’s something to do one night a week.” Tara shrugged again.

Buffy nodded before looking back down at her hand for a moment. Looking back up to Tara’s eyes she asked softly. “What will you see if I say yes?”

Tara smiled at the question. “It’s not invasive, and won’t tell me all your secrets, Buffy. That’s not true.” Tara shook her head. “It is invasive, that’s why I asked. It just gives me a look into you as a whole. Good, bad, happy, sad…” Tara’s eyes started to twinkle. “Evil…” She turned to look at the branch leaning against the nightstand.

Buffy followed her eyes, chuckling and shaking her head as they both looked back at each other. “Not evil, but he did deserve it.” She nodded with a smile on her face.

Tara chuckled. “So I’ve heard.” She smiled softly at Buffy. “And I didn’t think so.” She winked at Buffy. “Otherwise one of us wouldn’t be here now.”

Buffy nodded. “Me.”

Tara chuckled. “I was thinking me. I would have run off to hide out with Kelly and left you here.”

Buffy frowned for a moment as she dropped her eyes, her brows furrowing. “Are you and her…”

Tara started to laugh and shook her head as Buffy looked up with a raised brow. “She’s just a friend. We are both lesbians, but she’s just a friend. Loud and embarrassing, but harmless.” Tara smiled softly at Buffy and rubbed her back.

“Just checking.” Buffy blushed but smiled at Tara.

Tara nodded in understanding. “I wouldn’t do that, Buffy.”

Buffy nodded and searched Tara’s eyes for a moment before she nodded again, seeing nothing but honesty in the Wicca’s eyes. “Go ahead and look.”

Tara tilted her head and smiled softly at Buffy as she continued to rub her back. “Are you sure, Sweetie?”

Buffy nodded. “I’ve sort of got my own radar about people.” She nodded again.

Tara nodded slightly before she let her eyes un-focus as she allowed herself to see Buffy’s aura. After a moment her brows furrowed and she closed her eyes a frown forming on her face.

Buffy watched Tara for a moment, her own brows furrowing wondering what Tara was seeing. “Tara?” She spoke softly after about a minute passed and Tara hadn’t moved other than her brows furrowing further.

Tara shook her head slightly and mumbled. “Cave Sla… Cave Sla…” Suddenly her brows went up and she opened shocked eyes. “Slayer.” She focused in on Buffy. “You’re the Slayer.”

It was Buffy’s turn to look shocked as her mouth fell open and eyes opened wide. “How did you…?”

Tara shook her head and smiled, leaning forward she kissed Buffy then patted her butt lightly. “Let me up for a minute, Sweetie.”

Buffy still in shock moved as Tara asked. Watching as Tara jumped off the bed and hurried to her closet.

Tara quickly found what she was looking for and turned back to Buffy as she lovingly caressed the cover of the book in her hand. “It makes sense now.” Tara looked towards the bag of Buffy’s clothes on the floor before she looked back up and walked back to the bed. “Your speed and strength.” She smiled at Buffy. “One minute your not there, then you are. And you picked me up like I weighed nothing.” She climbed back on the bed and held the book against her chest as she looked into Buffy’s eyes and smiled softly. “Even though you were lost back in your cavewoman days, you still rescued people from the fire, and your protective nature of me.”

Buffy shook her head slightly. “But that still doesn’t explain…”

Tara reached out and cupped Buffy’s cheek, caressing it with her thumb. “The pieces fell together, Sweetie.” She leaned forward and kissed her softly. “I couldn’t tell just by looking at your aura that you’re the Slayer.” She shook her head slightly and pulled her hand back. “But what I did see brought back a memory of something I’d read. It took me a moment to place it, but then it all made sense.” Tara turned the book around to face Buffy as she held it out to her in both hands. “This is where I read about someone like you.”

Buffy looked down at the book before bringing her eyes back to Tara’s. “Book of Shadows?” Buffy raised a brow in question as she shook her head still not understanding.

Tara nodded and set the book on her outstretched legs, unconsciously running her hand over the cover again. “You could call it a family history of sorts. This book has been in my family for generations. I come from a line of Wicca’s, Sweetie. Unlike Willow, I didn’t learn magic on my own, it’s a part of me, something I was born with and taught about all my life. This book is like a diary of my ancestors, little tidbits into their lives, spells they cast, spells they made up, people they met.” Tara smiled at Buffy. “My great-great-grandmother wrote of a Slayer. A Slayer that she’d helped fight evil with by using magic.”

Buffy eyes opened wide in shock. “She used her powers to help a Slayer fight?”

Tara nodded.

Buffy looked down at the book on Tara’s lap as she spoke offhandedly. “Wonder if Giles knows about that?” She started to reach for the book but stopped, only to look up at Tara for permission.

Tara smiled and nodded. “Giles… your Watcher?” Tara raised a brow, smiling when Buffy nodded.

Buffy looked down at the book again, slowly running her fingers across the cover. “That still doesn’t explain…” Buffy slowly raised her eyes back to Tara’s.

Tara nodded and smiled sadly at Buffy as she covered the hand that still rested on the book, giving it a gently squeeze. “She was also capable of seeing auras. She wrote of what she saw within the Slayer’s.” Tara reached up with her other hand to cup Buffy’s cheek. “The mystical nature she saw there. The strength… the loss… the pain… the sadness… the loneliness… the guilt she carried for those she couldn’t save.” Tara shook her head. “You can’t save everyone, Sweetie.” Tara caressed her cheek with her thumb as she squeezed her hand with the other. “The guilt isn’t yours to carry.” Tara shook her head again.

“But if I should or could have been there…” Buffy looked sadly into Tara’s eyes as she leaned into her palm seeking the comfort Tara offered.

“Then maybe one that you did save wouldn’t be so lucky, Sweetie. You can’t be everywhere at once, and no one can expect you to be… and that includes you. Even with your powers, there’s only so much you can do.” Tara leaned forward and kissed away the tear on Buffy’s cheek. “And I’ll tell that to anyone who thinks you should.” She smiled and winked at Buffy. “Right before I turn them into a toad.”

Buffy chuckled and smiled at Tara as she brought a hand up to cover Tara’s on her cheek. “Thank you.” She closed her eyes, turned her head, and kissed Tara’s palm before turning back to open her eyes as she held Tara’s palm to her cheek again.

Tara shook her head to the thank you, and brushed her thumb across Buffy’s cheek.

Buffy nodded and dropped her eyes to the book again. “May I?” She looked back up at Tara.

Tara smiled and nodded, caressing Buffy’s cheek again before she pulled her hand away.

Buffy dropped her other hand to the book, running her fingers over it.

Tara squeezed Buffy’s hand and released it, moving her hand out of the way.

Buffy looked at the book, tracing the cover with her fingers for a moment before she picked it up and brought it to her chest, raising her eyes to Tara’s. “Giles will want to see this when he finds out. He’ll want to read what she wrote about the Slayer.”

Tara nodded. “I thought he would.”

Buffy nodded and moved off the bed still holding the book to her chest. “I’d also like to read it at some point, but not now.” She carried the book to Tara’s desk, turning to Tara before she set it down. “Is this okay here?”

Tara smiled and nodded as she watched the Slayer.

Buffy gently set the book on the desk, tracing the cover one more time before turning back to the bed. Tilting her head she looked at Tara for a moment before she bit her lip as she felt the tears start to gather in her eyes, and she spoke softly. “And now that you know… do you want me to go?”

Tara had watched the emotions on the Slayer’s face, seeing the scared look as well as the tears. She shook her head and opened her arms to the Slayer as soon as the words were spoken. “Come here, Sweetie.”

Buffy hesitated a moment, then moved to the side of the bed only to hesitate again.

Tara gave her a crooked smile and held out her hand. Gently tugging on the Slayer’s when she took it.

Buffy climbed on the bed and crawled onto Tara’s lap as she pulled her close, a tear trailing down her cheek.

Tara released Buffy’s hand with a squeeze when she straddled her lap, wrapping her arms around the Slayer she held her tightly to her.

Buffy wrapped her arms around Tara’s shoulders, burying her face against her neck as her tears fell.

Tara kissed the side of Buffy’s head, resting her cheek against it and held her close for long moments. Speaking softly Tara let Buffy know where she stood. “The thought of something happening to you frightens the hell out of me.” She held Buffy tighter when she felt her stiffen. “But…” Tara kissed the side of her head again before continuing. “The thought of my little lumpy, grunting, growling, flower gathering Neanderthal walking out that door right now, frightens me even more.” She kissed Buffy’s head again and rubbed her hands where they were on Buffy’s sides. “Even if you did try to eat my flower, Sweetie.”

Buffy chuckled softly and grunted. “Smell nice.”

Tara smiled and grunted back. “Taste bad.” She kissed the Slayer’s ear and whispered softly a moment later. “You’ve already worked your way into my heart, Slayer. I don’t want you to leave.” She kissed her ear again.

Buffy held Tara tighter when she heard the whispered words, softly kissing her neck as more tears fell.

Tara felt the tears on her neck and just held the Slayer close for a few moments. She gave the Slayer a few minutes before she pulled her head back trying to look down at her.

Buffy moved with Tara keeping her face against her neck.

Tara kissed the side of her head, resting her cheek there giving the Slayer the time she needed as she held her close.

Buffy finally softly kissed Tara’s neck.

Tara grunted softly, smiling when she felt Buffy smile against her neck and kiss her again. “Keep that up and I’ll start moaning.” Tara kissed Buffy’s ear.

“Does that mean I can get you horny and un-frustrated this time?” Buffy grinned and nipped Tara’s neck.

Tara growled softly before she chuckled. “I knew that comment would come back to bite me in the ass.” Tara blushed and smiled as Buffy lifted her head.

Buffy looked at Tara and tilted her head for a moment. Shrugging and smiling at Tara, she nodded. “Haven’t tried it before, but I can bite your ass if you want.”

Tara chuckled and winked at the Slayer. “Shut up, grunt, and kiss me, Slayer.”

Buffy raised a brow, grunted and kissed her.

Tara smiled against the Slayer’s lips, nipping her lower lip before pulling back. She smiled at Buffy as she brought a hand up to wipe away the stray tears that were still there. “You okay, Sweetie?”

Buffy grunted softly and nodded as she smiled at Tara.

Tara searched Buffy’s eyes and smiled as she nodded herself.

Buffy leaned forward and grunted when she leaned her forehead against Tara’s.

Tara chuckled and kissed her. “Careful, Lumpy.” She grinned at her.

Buffy growled softly at Tara, but smiled. Bringing her hands up, she brushed the sides of Tara’s breasts getting a soft moan out of her as she brought them up to cup Tara’s face. Chuckling softly at the quiet moan, Buffy looked into Tara’s eyes before she spoke in barely a whisper. “My heart would hurt and wouldn’t let me leave.”

Tara felt tears come to her eyes as she gave the Slayer a lopsided smile. “Good to know.” She softly kissed Buffy. “I feel some serious smoochies are in order, what do think?” She nipped at Buffy’s lower lip.

Buffy grunted and pressed her lips against Tara’s as she still cupped her face. Pulling back slightly she grunted softly again, tilted her head slightly and kissed her again.

Tara smiled against the Slayer’s lips as Buffy softly kissed her, letting Buffy take the lead.

Buffy slowly kissed her way around Tara’s lips, before bringing her tongue out to trace them with a feather light touch.

Tara moaned softly, parting her lips slightly as she began to run her hands up and down the Slayer’s back.

Buffy kept up the teasing with her tongue, lightly brushing it along Tara’s lips, using just the tip to run along the inside of her lips and across her teeth to just barely dip into her mouth.

Tara growled after a few minutes of the Slayer’s gentle touch and latched onto her lower lip with her teeth, gently biting down. “If you don’t kiss me soon, I’m going to take charge, Slayer!” Tara growled softly at her.

Buffy chuckled and grunted. “Yes, Ma’am!”

Tara raised a brow as she opened her eyes to look at the Slayer.

Buffy raised her own brow as she continued to chuckle softly.

Tara smirked and mumbled in Latin.

Buffy raised her other brow. “What’s that?”

Tara just grinned at her.

The next thing Buffy knew she was flat on her back still cupping Tara’s face as Tara grinned down from above her.

Tara chuckled softly at the look of surprise on Buffy’s face. “I can float more than a pencil, Slayer.” Tara narrowed twinkling eyes at her. “And that will be Mistress, not Ma’am. The next time I give you an order, you better obey me, Slayer.” Tara growled and roughly kissed her. “Any questions, Slayer?” Tara panted out when she finally broke the kiss needing air.

Buffy blinked a couple of times as she panted and looked up into Tara’s eyes. She grunted and shook her head. “No, Mistress.”

Tara smiled and winked at her. “Good.” She leaned down and kissed her softly this time, lowering her body down onto the Slayer as she held some of her weight up on her hands.

Buffy growled softly and wrapped her legs around Tara’s as the Wicca pressed her lower body into hers. Buffy slid her hands from Tara’s face down her neck to her upper chest.

Tara growled back into the kiss as she lifted her upper body enough for the Slayer to continue down with her hands.

Buffy took the hint as she pressed her hips up into Tara’s and moved her hands lower. Sliding her hands inside Tara’s partially unbuttoned shirt she cupped the Wicca’s breasts in her hands, rubbing her thumbs over the quickly hardening nipples.

Tara grunted and ended the kiss needing to breathe. She opened her eyes as she breathed deeply, grinding her hips down into the Slayer.

Buffy grunted as her hips jerked up into Tara and opened her eyes. Growling softly at the desire she saw in dark blue eyes above her, Buffy pinched and twisted Tara’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

Tara growled loudly as she arched into Buffy’s hands and rotated her hips against her, her eyes closing as the pleasure built. “Not the way I wanted the first time to be.” She panted out hoarsely.

Buffy grunted and leaned up as she pressed Tara’s breasts together, latching onto both nipples with her mouth.

Tara growled and arched her back even further, roughly grinding her hips into Buffy’s. “Goddess!” She opened her eyes to look down at the Slayer.

Buffy looked up and locked eyes with Tara as she noisily slurped and sucked at her nipples, grunting every time Tara pressed against her throbbing clit.

“So close, Sweetie.” Tara grunted out softly as she started to breathe heavily through her mouth.

Buffy grunted and growled loudly as she sucked both nipples into her mouth and bit down on them.

“GODDESS!” Tara closed her eyes and threw her head back as her back arched and she ground down into Buffy. “BUFFFFFFFFFFY!” Tara’s hips jerked as she went over the edge when the Slayer bit down harder on her nipples.

Buffy grunted loudly, turning into a loud growl. She pressed up into Tara as she released her teeth and sucked as hard as she could on Tara’s nipples following her over the edge, holding her close with her legs.

Tara whimpered softly as Buffy released her breasts and wrapped her arms around her, pulling her down against her body.

They both lay there panting as their body’s twitched and jerked with spasms and aftershocks.

Buffy chuckled softly as Tara’s body jerked when she ran her hands up and down her back. “Are you okay?”

Tara lightly bit the Slayer’s neck and moved a hand to lightly graze against Buffy’s side, chuckling and releasing her neck when the Slayer’s body jerked at the touch. “Are you, Slayer?”

Buffy laughed and wrapped her arms tightly around Tara. “Point taken, Mistress.” She pulled her head back and smiled down at Tara.

Tara leaned up and kissed the Slayer’s chin.

Buffy smiled and kissed Tara’s forehead when she laid her head back on her shoulder, a serious look coming over her face, a hint of worry showing. “I was more talking about me biting you. Did I hurt you?” Her brows furrowed as she looked into Tara’s eyes.

Tara smiled seeing the worry there and brought her hand up to cup Buffy’s cheek, brushing her thumb gently along it. “I may be a little sensitive for the next couple of rounds, but no, you didn’t hurt me, Sweetie.” Tara brushed her thumb across the Slayer’s lips.

Buffy’s brows rose. “Next couple of rounds?”

Tara started to laugh. “Oh, Sweetie! I’m far from done with you.” Tara leaned up on her elbow and softly kissed the Slayer. “We’ve only just gotten started.” She growled out softly and winked at her.

Buffy whimpered slightly as a shudder ran through her at the look of hunger and desire in Tara’s eyes, she reflexively held tighter with both her arms and legs.

Tara gave her a crooked smile and kissed her softly. “Trust me, Sweetie, you’ll survive.”

Buffy grunted and nodded slightly before she started to chuckle softly, releasing her tight hold on Tara.

Tara kissed her again, her eyes twinkling as she looked into the Slayer’s before working her way over to her ear to whisper. “You may be praying to the Goddess for sleep before I’m done with you, but you’ll be very satisfied.” Tara latched onto Buffy’s earlobe and gently bit down before softly sucking it into her mouth.

Buffy whimpered again at the words breathed into her ear, and then again as Tara took her earlobe into her mouth. “You win!” Buffy released her hold on Tara, flopping her arms and legs out onto the bed.

Tara chuckled and released Buffy’s ear with a kiss. “We both win, Slayer.” She worked her way down Buffy’s neck to her pulse point and gently sucked down on it.

Buffy growled softly and brought her hands up to cup Tara’s head as she tilted her own back, giving the Wicca more to explore.

Tara smiled against Buffy’s neck and ran her tongue over the red mark she knew she’d just left.

Buffy chuckled softly. “That’ll probably be gone tomorrow, you know?”

Tara lifted her head, pouting as she looked at the hickey before looking up at Buffy with a raised brow.

Buffy smiled and ran a finger over Tara’s lower lip. “Slayer healing, it won’t last long.” She moaned softly as Tara sucked her finger into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it.

Tara released Buffy’s finger after a moment, leaning up to kiss her forehead softly. “That’s a good thing, then.”

Buffy nodded slightly, smiling as she looked up into Tara’s eyes. “That just means you’ll have to mark me again, Mistress.”

Tara gave her a lopsided smile. “Sounds like a plan, Slayer.” Tara kissed her softly, whispering against her lips. “Let’s see where else I can mark you.” She slowly deepened the kiss as the Slayer whimpered softly. Separating Buffy’s lips with her tongue, Tara smiled and delved in when the Slayer opened for her.

As they explored and battled tongues back and forth, Tara shifted up onto her hands and knees. Using one hand she slowly unbuttoned Buffy’s shirt as they continued to kiss. When the last button was undone, Tara moved her hand back to the bed. Slowly ending the kiss, Tara lifted her head to look down at Buffy.

Buffy opened her eyes and looked up into Tara’s as she brought her hands up to unbutton Tara’s shirt the rest of the way.

Tara shook her head. “My turn, Slayer.” Tara smiled as Buffy pouted and placed her hands back on the bed. “Goddess! Do you have any idea how much I wanted to do this earlier in the shower?”

Buffy whimper and shook her head as she watched the desire darken Tara’s eyes. “You could have.” She nodded her head.

Tara chuckled and shook her head again. “No, Sweetie, I couldn’t.”

Buffy raised a brow. “Why not?”

Tara leaned down and kissed her softly before shaking her head again. “It would have been like taking advantage of a child, you wouldn’t have known what I was doing, or why. I couldn’t have done that, Sweetie.”

Buffy nodded. “That’s true.”

Tara smiled and kissed her again. “But now… is a different story.” Tara winked at her and slowly trailed her tongue down over Buffy’s chin.

Buffy tilted her head back thinking Tara was going to stop on her neck.

Tara grinned and kept going. She trailed her tongue down Buffy's neck all the way down her chest to her bellybutton. Stopping to circle the Slayer's navel, Tara dipped her tongue in, only to slip back out and circle it again.

Buffy moaned and lifted her head to look down at Tara.

Tara winked at her and then trailed her tongue lower, down over the still rolled waist of the sweat shorts, down across Buffy's mound to stop and circle around her clit.

Buffy moaned and lifted her hips as her head fell back.

Tara grinned and moved on, not giving the Slayer what she wanted.

Buffy growled softly when Tara didn't touch her clit that was now beating in anticipation.

Tara chuckled softly and ran her tongue down the seam of the shorts, moaning herself when she found the wet spot there.

Buffy continued to growl softly as she spread her leg wider for the Wicca.

Tara used the flat of her tongue to rub back and forth over the wet spot, pressing harder with each rub before she finally attached her mouth and gently bit down on the Slayer.

Buffy growled and pressed up into Tara's mouth.

Tara released the Slayer with a final lick, sat up and grabbed the waist of the shorts, giving them a gently tug.

Buffy lifted her hips off the bed allowing Tara to pull the shorts down.

Moving back a bit, Tara removed the shorts as Buffy bent her knees and lifted her feet. Tossing the shorts onto the floor, Tara moaned when she looked down at the Slayer. "Goddess you're beautiful." Tara breathed out softly.

Buffy blushed as she set her feet back on the bed. She watched as Tara's eyes took in the sight of her.

Tara eyes devoured the sight before her, the moist, shaved outer lips of the Slayer, and the thin strip of blonde hair. Which made Tara think of the dental floss g-string she had seen. 'Not much material, therefore not much for show.' Tara made the connection between what she was seeing and what she knew of the g-string. Tara lifted her eyes and grinned at the Slayer as she ran her hands up Buffy’s legs and down over her thighs. “Made for show?”

Buffy blushed brightly and shook her head. “Only twice.” She covered her red face with her arms.

Tara raised a brow at the Slayer’s reaction and bent to slowly kiss her way up the center of her chest to her chin. Giving her a soft kiss on the lips, Tara softly whispered. “I didn’t mean anything by that, Sweetie.” Tara settled herself on top of the Slayer, kissing her chin again, and running her hands over her upper arms. “I’ve only been around the block once myself.” Tara waited to see what Buffy would do.

Buffy slowly lifted an arm so she could peek out at Tara with one eye.

Tara blushed herself, but gave the Slayer a soft smile. “Actually, it was more of a fumbling petting session out behind the barn, but…” She trailed off.

Buffy chuckled softly. “A fumbling petting session?”

Tara chuckled herself and nodded. “Fifteen, curious, and totally incompetent.” She grinned at Buffy. “I’ve learned more from Kelly’s talking while she tries to embarrass me, than I did then.” She tilted her head a bit and smiled at Buffy. “But I knew I definitely liked girls.” Tara winked at her. “We’ll get into your stories another time. Right now, I’m on a mission.” She winked again, leaned up and kissed her, and then started her trail downward again. This time Tara did stop to enjoy the sights she skipped over before, not just for herself, but in hopes of relaxing the Slayer again.

Buffy moaned softly and stretched her neck as Tara stopped to nibble and suck there.

Now knowing that it wouldn’t last long, Tara made sure her mark on Buffy’s neck would last just a bit longer.

Buffy grinned and chuckled softly when she felt Tara sucking hard on her neck.

Tara released Buffy’s neck with a gentle bite and a swipe of her tongue. “Just making sure it stays as long as possible.” She kissed it and moved on.

Buffy moaned softly and finally moved her arms when Tara wrapped her lips around a nipple. Arching her back, she gently fisted Tara’s hair and pulled her tighter to her breast.

Tara smiled around the nipple and raked her teeth across the tip, soliciting a soft growl from the Slayer and her hips pressing up into her abdomen. Tara took mental notes and brought a hand into play on the Slayer’s other breast, scraping her fingernail over the hardening bud before she pinched it between her fingers.

Buffy growled again and wrapped a leg around Tara’s as she started a slow grind against her.

Biting down firmly on the nipple in her mouth, Tara batted roughly across the tip with her tongue as she squeezed and twisted Buffy’s other nipple with her fingers.

Buffy grunted as her hips jerked up into Tara and her back arched off the bed as her hands tightened in her hair. “Keep that up, and you won’t have to go any further.”

Tara moaned and lightened her touch, swirling her tongue around the Slayer’s nipple before she gave it a final suck and kiss as she released it. “Waste not, want not.” She growled out huskily as she started her trek down again, replacing her other hand for where her mouth had been.

Buffy growled at Tara when she left her breast. “I didn’t mean you had to leave right away.”

Tara chuckled and looked up at Buffy. “Not taking any chances this time, Slayer. We didn’t even get our clothes off last time.”

Buffy let her head fall back against the bed with a growl before she started to chuckle herself. “Point taken, Mistress.” She lifted her head and smiled at Tara. “But you better hurry up or…” She trailed off as she tightened her leg and pressed up to grind against Tara.

Tara shook her head, narrowed her eyes, and pinched Buffy’s nipples. “Stop that, Slayer!” Then she grinned and winked at her. “Or I’ll be sucking on my shirt when you finish.” She chuckled and dropped her head to bite the Slayer on her upper abs.

Buffy started to chuckle, which quickly turned in to a grunt, followed by a growl as she pressed up into Tara to grind her hips a few times, before she loosened her leg and allowed Tara to move. “Yes, Mistress.” Buffy grunted out and then began to growl softly.

Tara smiled and released Buffy’s abs with a kiss. Then she started her journey down again with her tongue.

Buffy grunted when Tara nipped at her bellybutton before licking and kissing it, moaning softly into a growl as Tara trailed her tongue lower.

Tara trailed her tongue down one side of Buffy’s narrow strip of hair, and back up the other. She smiled at Buffy’s grunt of frustration at having her so close to where she wanted her, only to have her head in the other direction.

Buffy lifted her head and growled loudly at Tara when she heard a soft chuckle. “Payback’s a bitch, remember that, Mistress!” Buffy growled again and dropped her head back to the bed.

Tara laughed and kissed just above the strip of hair. “Sorry, Sweetie.”

Buffy lifted her head and growled. “No you’re not! I’m sure it will happen again.”

Tara grinned at her and shrugged. “Maybe, builds up the anticipation.” She winked at her and kissed her again, before she quickly ducked her head and swiped her tongue over the Slayer’s clit.

“JESUS!” Buffy’s hips jerked at the touch not having expected it.

Tara looked up and winked. “No, just Tara… or Mistress, if you prefer.” She quickly lowered her head again, dragging her tongue the length of the Slayer as she squeezed her nipples.

“Christ!!” Buffy came up partially off the bed with her shoulders as her hips came off the bed too, when Tara latched onto her clit and began sucking.

Tara smiled and chuckled as she ran her tongue across Buffy’s clit in her mouth. Gently sucking and batting it softly with her tongue, Tara felt the twitches and the blood pounding through it. Not wanting it to be over with quickly, she released the pulsing muscle with a soft kiss, and worked her way lower.

Buffy grunted when Tara released her, raising her knees to dig her heels into the bed. She released her hold on Tara’s hair for fear of ripping it out, and brought her hands up to cover Tara’s on her breasts and started to growl softly.

Tara moaned as she got her first real taste of the Slayer when she ran her tongue between the moist lips before her. Growling softly herself, she sucked first one outer lip into her mouth, and then the other, gathering what she could of the Slayer. “Not wasting this again.” She mumbled as she lifted her head, pulling her hands out from under Buffy’s so she could position herself better. Tara placed her arms through Buffy’s bent legs and reached back up to her breasts. She held Buffy’s hands in place when Buffy tried to let Tara take over.

Buffy lifted her head and frowned at Tara.

Tara smiled and shook her head as she guided and squeezed Buffy’s hands.

Buffy moaned and dropped her head back to the bed as she took the initiative herself.

Tara smiled and lowered her head, running the flat of her tongue over Buffy’s twitching clit a few times before she dragged her tongue lower.

Buffy started to growl softly pressing up into Tara’s touch. She lifted her hips higher as Tara moved lower.

Tara trailed her tongue up and down Buffy’s slit, going deeper with each pass before finally circling her entrance.

Buffy growled louder and lifted up onto her toes trying to get Tara to enter her, letting out a soft hiss when she did. “YESSSS!”

Tara moaned and almost missed the Slayer’s reaction when she did press her tongue into her, feeling the Slayer’s inner muscles clamping down on her tongue and trying to draw her in further. Tara was only too happy to oblige. Knowing that it wasn’t going to take much with the way the Slayer was moving her hips and squeezing her breasts, Tara plunged in as deeply as she could, setting a quick in and out pace within the Slayer as she sealed her lips against her and sucked hard.

“OH, GOD!!” Buffy growled out as she quickly felt herself climbing higher.

Tara moaned and squeezed Buffy’s hands, as she pressed her tongue in deeply, searching the velvety walls surrounding her. She groaned and pressed her own hips into the bed, her imagination not having been anywhere near close as to what this felt like.

“Tara!” Buffy gave her a slight warning just before she arched her back up off the bed, and pressed herself against Tara’s mouth. She hung on the edge for a moment longer before finally going over. “TAAAARRRRAAAAAA!!”

Tara grunted and squeezed her thighs together as she pressed her hips into the bed, the Slayer’s inner walls clamping down hard on her tongue and twitching. A shudder ran through Tara as she felt her own inner walls clamping down following the Slayer with an orgasm of her own. She continued to suck as she wiggled her tongue free of the vise like grip within the Slayer. Moaning as she collected her reward and drank down what the Slayer had to offer as she noisily slurped up the flow of juices.

Buffy’s legs started to shake. “Tara?”

Tara opened her eyes and squeezed Buffy’s hands before releasing them to bring them down to rub the Slayer’s legs. She guided Buffy back down to the bed without relinquishing her spot.

Buffy groaned as Tara didn’t let up, her body still trembling from her orgasm.

Tara finally relented and softly ran her tongue up and down the Slayer’s outer lips before placing a soft kiss on them. She rested her head on Buffy’s thigh, and brought her hands up to soothingly caress the Slayer’s abdomen, softly whispering. “Want more.”

Buffy grunted and brought her hands down to cover Tara’s, giving them a light squeeze but not stopping their motion. “Let me stop shaking first.”

Tara turned her head and kissed Buffy’s thigh before resting her head there again.

Buffy continued to tremble and jerk with aftershocks for a few minutes. She moved a hand down to run through Tara’s hair a few times before she stopped it’s motion and just massaged her scalp, gently scraping her nails across it on occasion.

Tara moaned softly enjoying the Slayer’s fingers on her head. She opened her eyes a few minutes later when the Slayer sat up, smilng up at her.

Buffy leaned over and kissed Tara softly. Pulling back slightly she looked into Tara’s eyes for a moment before grunting softly and lowering her head, closing her eyes as she kissed her again.

Tara whimpered softly and leaned up on her elbow so the Slayer wasn’t bent in half. She brought a hand up to cup the back of the Slayer’s head as Buffy gently traced her tongue around her lips before pressing back against them.

Buffy pulled back slightly and licked her lips. “That’s the first time I’ve ever tasted myself on someone’s lips.”

Tara opened her eyes and gave the Slayer a crooked smile. “First time I’ve ever had someone on my lips to taste.”

Buffy whimpered and closed her eyes. “If you get better with practice, I may not survive.”

Tara chuckled softly and pulled the Slayer down for a soft kiss. “I know CPR.” She sucked Buffy’s lower lip into her mouth and ran her tongue across it. “Want more.”

Buffy growled softly and kissed Tara deeply. It wasn’t an aggressive kiss, but more of a slow dance of tongues, twirling and chasing each other back and forth.

Tara softly closed her lips around the Slayer’s tongue and sucked gently.

Buffy moaned and softly ended the kiss by sucking Tara’s lip into her mouth to trace her tongue over it when Tara released her tongue. “Just leave me intact, so I can return the favor.” She softly kissed her.

Tara smiled against Buffy’s lips. “I don’t think I want to give up my position.”

“I was thinking that a bag of ice and a kiss isn’t going to help when you blow my head off.” Buffy smiled down at her.

Tara winked. “I’m good with a needle and thread.” She gave her a crooked smile.

“Good to know.” Buffy looked into Tara’s eyes again before she kissed her deeply once more. “I’m yours.” She leaned her forehead against Tara’s.

“And I’ll be yours when I’m through with you.” Tara smiled and kissed her. Then she brought her hand around to cup Buffy’s cheek as she became serious. She brushed her thumb across Buffy’s cheekbone and nodded.

“I think I’m falling in love with you.” Buffy whispered as she looked into the blue orbs before her.

“I know, Sweetie.” Tara kissed her softly. “I know I’ve already fallen for you.” Tara gave her a crooked smile.

“Good to know.” Buffy whispered before she ran her tongue across Tara’s lips, and in as Tara opened for her.

It was a kiss of promise, of hope, and of love.

Tara smiled up at Buffy when the kiss ended, brushing her thumb over the Slayer’s cheek.

Buffy watched as a twinkle started in Tara’s eyes, chuckling softly, Buffy waited.

Tara grinned at Buffy when she heard the chuckle. “So… now that we got the sappy part out of the way, how ‘bout I get back to the sap?” Tara wiggled her brows at her.

Buffy rolled her eyes and flopped back on the bed before she started to laugh.

Tara crawled up Buffy’s body and looked down at her before kissing her softly, rubbing her nose against Buffy’s until she opened her eyes. Tara looked into Buffy’s eyes for a moment before she smiled softly at her and kissed her again. “Are you okay, Sweetie?”

Buffy smiled and kissed her before she nodded. “I think we needed that.” She brought her hands up to rub Tara’s back and pull her down on top of herself. “We were getting a little too mushy there.”

Tara kissed her nose as she settled down on top of Buffy. Stacking her fists on Buffy’s chest and resting her chin on them, she nodded slightly. “I didn’t mean to downplay what was being said.” Tara searched Buffy’s eyes.

Buffy brought a hand up to brush Tara’s hair back off her face, running her fingers through it as she spoke. “I know you didn’t, we needed it.” She leaned up and kissed Tara’s forehead, smiling as she laid her head back down. Buffy tilted her head slightly as she looked at Tara.

Tara smiled seeing the mischief forming in the Slayer’s eyes.

Buffy raised a brow. “I love you, but wasn’t there something you were supposed to be doing, Mistress?” She wiggled her brows and grinned at Tara.

Tara chuckled and kissed her chin. “I love you, too, Slayer.” Then she sighed and rolled her eyes. “So many body parts to mark.” She sighed again before she gave the Slayer a lopsided smile. “You know…” Tara lifted her head and looked down at Buffy. “If you keep calling me that, I may just think you like to take orders… or like it rough?” She raised a brow and smiled at a blushing Buffy.

Buffy chuckled and shrugged. “Don’t know.” She bit her lip. “Maybe we can find out?” Stating it as a statement but it actually being a question, she looked somewhat embarrassed, somewhat worried after she said it, not really meeting Tara’s eyes.

Tara moved slightly so she was looking into Buffy’s eyes and smiled softly at her. “Maybe we can.” She winked at her before she kissed her. “But at the moment… I seem to recall someone saying as soon as I stop shaking.” Tara grinned at her. “Someone has stopped shaking.” She wiggled her brows and kissed her quickly before giggling as she started nipping her way down Buffy’s body, stopping to leave her mark on occasion.

Buffy started laughing, only to start moaning softly as Tara turned serious on her journey down her body.

Tara had stopped to darken the mark on Buffy’s neck, and then left one over her heart, kissing it softly and whispering. “Love you.” Moving on to leave marks on the inside of each breast, stopping to suck on each nipple before moving on again.

Buffy held Tara’s hair back as she roamed her body, allowing her to go where ever she wanted. Finally relinquishing her hold when Tara continued down her leg, rather than stopping where she wanted her most.

Tara worked her way down Buffy’s leg, leaving a mark on the inside of her ankle before working her way back up the other leg.

Buffy grunted when Tara bit into her inner thigh before soothing it with her tongue, and then sealing her lips against it to mark her once again. “I’m going to look like a leopard.” She lifted her head to smile down at Tara.

Tara chuckled and released Buffy’s leg with a lick and a kiss, winking up at Buffy.

Buffy chuckled then growled. “And if you wander off again…” She trailed off to growl loudly at Tara.

Tara lifted a brow. “Telling me what to do, Slayer?” Tara narrowed her eyes, but couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

Buffy’s brows rose as she stopped growling and shook her head. “No, Mistress.”

“I didn’t think so, Slayer.” Tara kissed higher up on Buffy’s thigh. “I may want to connect the dots, though.” She grinned as Buffy whimpered and dropped her head back to the bed.

“Whatever Mistress wants, Mistress.” Buffy whimpered out.

“That’s more like it, Slayer.” Tara chuckled and ran her hands up Buffy’s legs, as she looked down and moaned at the moisture trailing from Buffy’s opening. “Want! Now!” She growled out softly as she lowered her head, licking the Slayer from bottom to top without any further teasing.

“Yessssss!” Buffy growled out softly as she fisted the sheets in her hands, hips rising to meet Tara’s tongue.

Tara moaned and settled down between the Slayer’s legs. “Mine!” She ran her tongue up and down a few times before plunging into the Slayer.

Buffy started to growl softly as she bent her legs, placing her feet on the bed.

Tara slid her hands under Buffy, squeezing her ass as she continued to search within the Slayer with her tongue.

Buffy whimpered and lifted her hips off the bed, spreading her legs wider. “Won’t last long.” She growled out as she started moving against Tara’s mouth.

Tara moaned against the Slayer as she tilted her head, pressing in as deeply as she could, rubbing her tongue along the Slayer’s inner walls.

Buffy moaned as Tara’s fingers dug into her ass, her hips jerked when one hand let go brushing over her other hole on the way by as it left.

Tara grunted at the reaction and filed it away for future reference as she brought her hand up by her mouth. Pulling her tongue out, Tara moved her mouth up to Buffy’s clit, giving it a long lick before wrapping her lips around it as she entered her with two fingers.

They both moaned as Tara’s fingers slowly slid in deep.

“Goddess that feels good.” Tara growled softly as she licked around the pulsing muscle she just released.

Buffy grunted in agreement and pressed down on Tara’s fingers, her inner muscles fluttering against them.

Tara groaned and wrapped her lips back around Buffy’s clit, sucking gently and running her tongue back and forth along it.

Buffy growled louder as she rose back up to the peak Tara had taken her to before, her hips starting to thrust in time with Tara’s fingers.

Tara released Buffy’s ass and brought her hand around to press on Buffy’s lower abdomen, trying to hold the Slayer down as her hips rose higher off the bed. She started sucking a bit harder, keeping time with Buffy’s pulse, and using the tip of her tongue to flick Buffy’s clit at the end of every beat.

Buffy arched up into Tara, burying her fingers within as she felt the climax roll through her. “TAAARRRRAAAAA!”

Tara moaned as she felt the Slayer clamp down on her fingers. She kept up a firm suction as she rubbed the tips of her fingers within the Slayer.

“Shit! Tara!” Buffy’s eyes flew open and her hips jerked as Tara hit a certain spot with her fingers.

Tara growled and smiled around Buffy’s clit, having found what she was searching for. She held Buffy tighter to the bed, though it wasn’t having much of an affect on doing so, as the Slayer had her feet planted on the bed. Tara grunted and released Buffy’s clit with a gentle nip. Getting up on her knees, she knocked the Slayer’s feet out so her legs fell to the bed. Tara readjusted so her upper body was holding one leg down, and she threw a leg over the other. Using her free hand, she pulled back the hood on Buffy’s clit and ran her tongue the length of the twitching muscle before she sucked it back into her mouth.

“OH, GOD!!” Buffy growled out as Tara had her feeling things she’d never felt before. “What are you doing to me?” She continued to growl as she arched up into Tara wanting more, but also wanting to pull away.

Tara growled softly knowing Buffy would feel the vibration against her, giving her one more source of stimulation as she stroked more firmly with her fingertips.

“FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!” That was all it took for Buffy to explode again.

Tara didn’t give up when Buffy came, but continued her ministrations until she came again.

“TAAAAARRRRRRRRAAAAAAAA!” Buffy called out and released the sheets to push Tara’s head away from her clit, not sure she could take anymore as her body continued to jerk and spasm. Panting, she tried to reach down further to hold Tara’s hand still once she got her to release her clit.

Tara growled loudly as Buffy pushed her away, she intercepted Buffy’s hand batting it away before she laced their fingers together. “Okay, Sweetie, no more.” Tara squeezed her hand gently and stopped the movement of her other. She moaned softly when she felt the wetness on her hand and arm, along with feeling it on her shirt against her skin. Moving further down Buffy’s leg Tara lowered her head and started to lap up what she could. Knowing Buffy couldn’t take anymore, she stayed to her own arm and hand for the moment.

Buffy lifted her head, opened her eyes and blinked a few times to clear the flashing colors. Looking down to find the source of the slurping, she watched Tara slurping the puddle out of her palm before lapping up her arm to her hand. “Oh, God!” Buffy dropped her head back to the bed with a groan when Tara winked up at her. She groaned again as another shudder racked her body and whimpered softly. “You’re going to kill me.”

Tara chuckled softly and kissed her thigh as she squeezed her hand. “I was going to wait a few minutes before I cleaned you up.”

Buffy shuddered again at the thought. “Thank you.” She whimpered softly.

Tara grunted, her eyes had dropped back down to the still flowing juices as she felt the continual fluttering around her fingers, growling softly. “Waste not, want not.” She went back to collecting what she could without touching the very sensitive Slayer. Tara growled softly when the only thing left was the Slayer, she watched as the trickle continued to flow from around her fingers. Smirking as she thought. ‘Grab the raingear folks! They’re about to pull the plug from the dyke, we don’t think the canals can handle the gusher to come! They’ll be widespread flooding everywhere!!’ Tara bit her lip to keep from laughing until a frown formed. ‘Goddess, such a waste!’ She shook her head and sighed softly. ‘Have to be more prepared next time.” A smile forming on her lips as she thought about that fact. ‘And there will be a next time.’ ”How are you doing, Sweetie?” Tara kissed Buffy’s thigh, a crooked smile still on her face.

Buffy grunted and squeezed Tara’s hand.

Tara chuckled softly. “Sound like you did when I first met you.”

Buffy lifted her head slightly to glare down at a grinning Tara. “It’s your fault this time.”

Tara only grinned wider and nodded. “Yes, it is. I take full responsibility. And now I’m going to collect my fee.” She winked and wiggled her fingers still within the Slayer.

Buffy’s body jerked with the movement, grunting she dropped her head back to the bed. “Paybacks, Mistress! Paybacks!!” She growled out as Tara slowly eased her fingers from her.

“I can’t wait, Slayer.” Tara growled back as she quickly lowered her head to catch the new flood from the Slayer.

Buffy grunted her hips jerking as Tara went right to work.

Tara growled softly when she was finished, grumbling as she lifted her head. “Want more!”

Buffy chuckled softly and squeezed Tara’s hand she still held. “Trying to kill me already?” She lifted her head and smiled down at Tara.

Tara kissed her thigh, and then brought her fingers up to her mouth. “No, just want more.” Tara winked at her as she licked what she could off her fingers.

Buffy groaned and closed her eyes, dropping her head back to the bed.

Tara chuckled softly and then started to grin when she looked back down at Buffy. “Roll over, Sweetie.” Tara move off to the side of Buffy and nudged her.

Buffy looked down at her with a raised brow.

Tara pouted and batted her lashes. “Please?”

Buffy rolled her eyes and sighed, but couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

Tara chuckled softly and nudged the Slayer again. “Move it, Slayer! And lose the shirt!”

Buffy grunted and rolled over. “Yes, Mistress.” She pulled her shirt off, tossing it up by the pillows.

Tara grinned and smacked Buffy on the ass.

“HEY!” Buffy’s head flew up and she glared over her shoulder at Tara. Then she tilted her head slightly in thought, a grin starting to form. “Do that again.”

Tara laughed and smacked her again, before leaning down and nipping her other ass cheek.

Buffy started laughing and laid her head back down. She groaned a moment later.

Tara released her teeth and kissed the bite mark. Then she trailed her tongue across to Buffy’s other cheek, kissing where she’d slapped her.

Buffy wiggled a bit as Tara’s tongue trailed across her ass, moaning softly.

Tara smiled at the reaction, but now was the time to get what she came for, and also see what type of reaction she’d get in the process. She ducked her head low, stretching her tongue out to press on Buffy’s clit for a moment, before she dragging it slowly all the way up to the top of her ass, where she placed a kiss on the small of her back.

Buffy moaned and arched her ass up as Tara’s tongue traveled, a tremble passing through her as it traveled over her rosebud.

Tara kissed her way back down Buffy’s ass, swiping her tongue over her rosebud and getting another moan out of her as her ass lifted again. Tara grinned and used just the tip of her tongue to tease the Slayer, circling around it before gently pressing against it.

Buffy growled softly as she pressed up into Tara’s tongue. “Jesus!”

Tara chuckled and swiped her tongue the length of Buffy again before sinking her teeth back into a cheek.

Buffy grunted pressing back into the bed, looking over her shoulder to growl loudly at Tara.

Tara growled back and bit a little harder, winking at the Slayer. Lifting her head, Tara licked and kissed the bite before sealing her lips on the Slayer’s ass.

“Tease!” Buffy growled at Tara before she smiled and dropped her head.

Tara sucked harder and lifted her head, pulling away with a pop as she started laughing. “I was just testing, Slayer. I’m sure we’ll do some more exploring another time.” She smiled and went back to marking Buffy’s ass as the Slayer grunted. Tara grinned at the heart shaped hickey she’d left on the Slayer’s ass before she ran her tongue the length of her again. Then she proceeded to nip and mark Buffy’s back as she worked her way up to her neck.

Buffy chuckled softly and pressed her ass up into Tara when she settled down on her back. “Enjoy yourself?” She turned her head and kissed a grinning Tara.

“Yes, I did.” Tara chuckled softly and kissed the Slayer’s nose. “You’re marked… as mine.” Tara pressed her hips into Buffy’s ass.

“Sorry they won’t last though.” Buffy smiled at her.

Tara shrugged slightly and moved off to the Slayer’s side. Bringing a hand up and brushing the hair off Buffy’s face, Tara ran her fingers through her hair. “I’ll just have to do it again then.” Tara gave her a crooked smile before she leaned in and kissed her.

Buffy smiled into the kiss. “Any time, Mistress.” She wiggled her brow. “My turn?” She looked hopefully at Tara.

Tara lifted her head to look over at the clock. “I don’t know… it is getting late.” She tried keeping the grin off her face when she looked back at Buffy.

Buffy saw the twinkle in Tara’s eyes as she pouted out her lower lip and turned to face Tara. “That’s not fair.” She smiled and moved closer, pressing Tara onto her back as she moved over on top of her. “I should get to leave at least a couple marks on you.” Buffy lowered her head and kissed Tara’s neck, trailing her tongue up to her ear. “I’ll be good, Mistress. I won’t leave them where they’ll show.” She sucked Tara’s earlobe into her mouth and sucked gently upon it. “Tomorrow’s not a school day, so you can stay up late.” She kissed Tara’s ear and then kissed and nipped her way down her neck again.

Tara moaned softly and arched her neck, running her hands up and down Buffy’s back. “Well, if you put it that way… I suppose a couple marks wouldn’t hurt.”

Buffy smiled against Tara’s neck, nipping it softly before she worked her way up to Tara’s lips. “I knew I could get you to see it my way.” She kissed her deeply.

Tara moaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around Buffy. “You didn’t think I was actually going to stop you, did you?” Tara gave the Slayer a lopsided smile when the kiss ended.

Buffy smiled down at her. “I had hoped not.” She kissed her again before working her way down Tara’s neck again.

Tara tilted her head and moaned softly, running her hands down to Buffy’s ass she pulled her tightly against herself.

“Not this time you don’t.” Buffy nipped Tara’s neck and moved further down, stopping over her heart. “It’s my turn.” She started to suck gently, slowly adding more suction and leaving her own mark on Tara, kissing softly as she lifted away. “Love you, too.” She trailed her tongue down to circle Tara’s nipple.

Tara arched her back and ran her nails up Buffy’s, before she ran her fingers through her hair. Moaning as Buffy took her nipple into her mouth, Tara grabbed handfuls of Buffy’s hair, pulling her tighter against her breast and growling softly. “Goddess!”

Buffy smiled as she lavished attention on the nipple in her mouth. Lifting slightly off her, Buffy brought a hand between them to finish unbuttoning Tara’s shirt as she continued to suck on her nipple.

Tara stiffened when she felt Buffy’s hand between them.

Buffy froze when she felt Tara stiffen, the only thing that moved where her eyelids opening as she looked up at Tara.

Tara blushed and looked down at Buffy. “I’m sorry.” She bit her lip. “I…” She trailed off, falling back to the bed as Buffy released her nipple. “I’m…”

Buffy had seen the scared and embarrassed look in Tara’s eyes. Releasing the nipple and moving her hand back to the bed, Buffy rose up on her arms and looked down at Tara. “Beautiful.” She spoke as Tara stopped, leaning down to kiss her softly.

Tara shook her head. “You’re the beautiful one.” She released Buffy’s hair, dropping her hands down to her shoulders and part way down her arms.

“So are you, Tara.” Buffy smiled down at her as she settled down on top of her again, resting on her elbows she brought her hands up to cup Tara’s face. “You know…” Buffy tilted her head slightly to the side. “From what I’ve seen…” She looked down as if to look at Tara’s chest, before looking back up at her. “The wet t-shirt was rather formfitting, and I’ve already caught a glimpse of your bare back.” She glanced over towards the closet, letting Tara know when she was talking about. “Now the legs, I’ve definitely seen.” She smiled down at her. “So I know you don’t have a hairy chest or back.” She winked at her.

Tara chuckled ran her hands up Buffy’s arms and over her shoulders.

“You’re beautiful, Tara, you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about.” She leaned down and kissed her softly. “We can leave the shirt on if you want.” Then she furrowed her brows, looking back down towards Tara’s chest before she grinned at her. “Maybe one more button, though? Just so I can get at a couple of my new favorite objects more easily.” Buffy nodded her head.

Tara chuckled, leaning up to kiss Buffy as she blushed again.

Buffy smiled down at Tara, letting her eyes roam over Tara’s face. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her mouth fell open.

“What?” Tara asked nervously after a moment when Buffy looked back to her eyes with a shocked look on her face.

“Are you trying to tell me you’re not a natural blonde?” The smirk started to form on Buffy’s face. “I didn’t notice any dark roots earlier.”

Tara started to laugh and leaned up to kiss her again.

Buffy smiled at her then wiggled her brows. “So, are ya’?”

Tara rolled her eyes and mumbled.

Next thing Buffy knew she was on her back still cupping Tara’s face and looking up at her again. She chuckled soft at a smirking Tara. “I’ll catch on one of these times, and it won’t be so easy for you to do that.”

Tara raised a brow and grinned down at Buffy.

“Or, maybe not.” Buffy admitted as she smiled up at Tara before her eyes dropped to the opening of her shirt. “I kinda like it here, actually.” She licked her lips as she looked at the portion of breasts on display before her, raising her eyes to smile up at the Wicca.

Tara smiled and leaned down to kiss Buffy softly, whispering against her lips. “Take it off.”

Buffy looked up into Tara’s eyes, searching. “Are you sure? We don’t have to.” She caressed her cheeks with her thumbs.

Tara bit her lip and nodded, blushing again.

Buffy smiled up at her, leaning up to kiss her. “One button at a time.” She kissed her again. Smiling she laid her head back on the bed. “You know…” Buffy trailed her hands down Tara’s neck and upper chest to her breasts, cupping them in her hands and brushing her thumbs over the nipples, she dropped her eyes to watch as they hardened. “At some point, you’re going to have to lie here, where I am now.”

Tara tilted her head, raising a brow as she arched into Buffy’s hands. “Why’s that, Sweetie?” Tara breathed out softly.

Buffy’s eyes moved back up to meet Tara’s. “So that we only have to deal with one wet spot.” She started to blush as she began to laugh.

“Get out the rain gear folks!” Tara grinned and started to laugh herself.

Buffy narrowed her eyes at Tara seeing the amusement there, after a moment she shook her head. “I’m not sure I want to know.” She smiled up at her before she leaned up and kissed her.

“Probably not.” Tara grinned at her before she started to giggle.

Buffy smiled and gently pinched Tara’s nipples. “Let’s see if we can’t add to it, then.” She leaned up and captured one of Tara’s nipples in her mouth.

Tara moaned and arched into Buffy’s touch.

Buffy growled softly as she sucked at the nipple in her mouth while using her fingers on the other. “Buffy like.” She swiped her tongue over the nipple before swapping to the other.

“Goddess!” Tara pressed her breast into Buffy’s mouth. “Tara like, too.” She dropped her head to meet the smiling eyes of the Slayer. “Tara definitely like.”

Buffy grunted around the nipple in her mouth.

Tara grunted back and dropped her head further, eyes going to Buffy’s mouth as she watched her sucking on her breast, pressing her hips down into the Slayer.

Buffy concentrated on Tara’s nipples, swapping back and forth for a few minutes. She then slowly trailed one hand down Tara’s skin to reach for the next button. Stopping her hand she looked up at Tara, still seeing the apprehension there she waited, but didn’t stop her attention to her breasts.

Tara locked eyes with Buffy, searching, before she finally nodded slightly.

Buffy slowly released the button, running her hand over Tara’s skin as she brought it back up to her breast, not going any further, and not rushing the Wicca.

Tara gave her a grateful smile and released the breath she’d been holding.

Buffy winked and brought both of Tara’s breasts together and growled softly as she noisily sucked on both nipples at once.

“Goddess!” Tara closed her eyes and arched into Buffy’s mouth and hands, pressing her hips down into Buffy’s and grinding against her.

Buffy grunted and pressed up into Tara, dropping them back to the bed after a moment as she released Tara’s nipples and laid her head back on the bed. “Hey! Stop that!”

Tara froze, after a moment she shook her head and opened her eyes to look down at Buffy. Frowning and brows furrowed, she shook her head again not knowing what was going on. “What?”

Buffy started pulling on Tara’s nipples with her fingers, easily sliding from base to tip. “I said stop that.” Buffy smiled up at Tara. “You’re not getting off that easily this time.” Then she chuckled. “That didn’t come out right.” She grinned up at Tara when she blushed at the phrasing. “It’s my turn, so no jumping the gun.” She tried pouting, but she still had a smile on her face.

Tara rolled her eyes. “It’s not like I’m doing this all on my own, you know.” She moaned softly as Buffy added pressure to her fingers, and she pressed down into Buffy again. “Goddess! If you don’t stop that it’s not going to matter what either of us wants.” She growled loudly when Buffy stopped her fingers.

Buffy tilted her head to the side a bit. “That sensitive, huh?”

“Yes! You’re driving me crazy!” She growled down at the Slayer, narrowing her eyes after a moment. “And if you don’t do something soon, I’m going to do it myself.” She rotated her hips, grinding against Buffy.

“Really?” Buffy’s eyes opened a bit wider.

Tara groaned when she saw the unfocused look start to take over the Slayer’s eye. “Slayer!” She growled at her.

Buffy blinked a couple times. “Huh?”

Tara rolled her eyes and shook her head slightly.

Buffy tried a pout, but her twitching lips and twinkling eyes gave her away. “Well, if you didn’t want me to think about it, you should never have brought up the subject.”

Tara’s own eyes twinkled. “Slayer, shut up and get back to it! NOW!”

Buffy smirked and ran her hands down Tara’s body. “Yes, Mistress. What ever you say, Mistress.” She unbuttoned the last button on Tara’s shirt as she leaned up, roughly licking a nipple before she gently bit it and sucked it into her mouth.

Tara moaned and arched her back, pressing her breast into Buffy’s mouth.

Buffy spread the shirt open after it was undone, running her hands up Tara’s sides, gently brushing the sides of her breasts before she ran her nails lightly down her back to end up cupping her ass.

Tara growled loudly as she shivered at the Slayer’s touch, grinding her hips into her.

Buffy lifted her hips up into Tara, feeling her own arousal rising. Moving her hands up, she slid them in the elastic waistband of Tara’s running shorts, back down to gently squeeze her ass as she pulled her tighter against herself.

“Mmm.” Tara moaned and looked down with heavily lidded eyes into Buffy’s, licking her lips.

Buffy released Tara’s nipple and tilted her head up, meeting Tara part way as she let some of the tension out of her arms. She moaned when Tara hungrily attacked her lips slipping her tongue in to duel, and she dug she fingers more firmly into the flexing ass in her hands.

After a few minutes Tara whimpered and broke the kiss panting as she stiffened her arms again. “Please?”

Buffy nodded and kissed her way down Tara’s neck to latch back on to a nipple, one hand sliding around to the front of Tara as she lowered her hips slightly.

Tara growled loudly and glared down at Buffy when all she did was run her fingers through the hair she’d found. “SLAYER!”

Buffy smiled around the nipple in her mouth and winked up at her, giving the hair a gentle tug before she slowly slid her hand lower.

They both moaned when Buffy’s hand finally lowered.

Tara pressing down into the fingers that slowly slid over her aching clit.

Buffy whimpered when she felt the muscle pulsing below her fingers, and then growled softly when they slid through Tara’s wetness, the nipple slipping from her mouth. “God, you’re so wet.”

Tara blushed but nodded. “Told you that you were driving me crazy.” She started moving her hips in a more exaggerated motion.

Buffy growled softly and wrapped her lips back around Tara’s nipple as she brought her well coated fingers back up to slide on either side of Tara’s clit.

Tara whimpered as her hips jerked with the touch before pressing harder against them.

Buffy continued to growl softly as she ran her hand back and forth along the twitching muscle, feeling the speed of the pulse increasing as she did.

After a couple minutes Tara moaned as she moved up a bit along Buffy’s hand, spreading her legs wider.

Buffy growled softly taking the hint, groaning around the nipple as she ran her fingers through Tara’s moist folds, closing her eyes as a shudder went through her own body at the feel of the Wicca. After a moment Buffy used her fingers to separate Tara’s lips, tracing her middle finger back and forth before circling her entrance.

Tara moaned and nodded as she shifted her hips trying to get Buffy to enter her. “Please?”

Buffy grunted softly taking Tara’s nipple between her teeth to gently bite down, flicking her tongue over the tip as she slowly pressed her middle finger inside Tara’s warm velvety walls. Groaning at the feel of the walls closing around her finger, Buffy started a slow in and out motion.

Tara moaned as she felt Buffy enter her, pressing down on the finger to take it in deeply as she pressed her throbbing clit into the heel of Buffy’s hand. She stayed pressed down with Buffy’s finger as deep as it would go, slowly grinding against the duel pleasure before she started a slow rocking in rhythm to Buffy’s movement. “Goddess that feels good.”

Buffy growled and nodded against Tara’s breast, the same thoughts having run through her head, she sucked a little harder on her nipple.

Tara moaned and arched into Buffy, grinding down hard and rotating her hips the next time Buffy pressed into her. “Yesssss!” She growled out as she shuddered, arching her back, her inner walls clamping down on the Slayer’s finger.

Buffy moaned as she opened her eyes to look up, watching as Tara climaxed. Buffy’s own body shuddering with the sight and feel of Tara clamping down on her finger, feeling the walls fluttering with the orgasm, and the warmth of the fluid flooding her hand.

Tara moaned and opened her eyes, smiling down at the Slayer as she started moving again. “Want more.” She lowered her head as Buffy whimpered and released the nipple from her mouth, meeting her lips as she tilted her head up. “Add another.” She whispered against the Slayer’s soft lips just before she kissed Buffy slowly and deeply.

Buffy moaned into the kiss and did as asked. Groaning as she slid another finger into Tara.

Tara broke the kiss to lean her forehead against Buffy’s as she let out a soft groan herself. Keeping the pace slow, Tara rode Buffy’s hand. “Goddess!”

Buffy growled in agreement as she moved to kiss Tara again, her own hips moving against the back of her hand that was pressing against her own throbbing clit.

They continued to kiss as they moved against each other.

Tara clamped down on the Slayer’s fingers as they slid out, and relaxing her muscles on the way in to take her in as deeply as they would go before clamping down on them again. Slowly increasing the pace as she felt herself climbing higher once again, Tara broke the kiss panting as she ground down once again.

“This feels…” Buffy kissed her way down Tara’s neck and chest, her eyes locking with Tara’s as she shook her head unable to come up with an appropriate word, she finally settled for one as she took Tara’s nipple into her mouth once again. “Unbelievable.”

Tara whimpered and arched her back as her eyes closed. She could feel herself start to flutter and clamp down around the Slayer’s fingers.

Buffy felt Tara getting closer, she moaned and curled her middle finger as she remembered Tara having done to her. She knew she’d done the right thing when Tara growled and bucked against her hand.

“So close, Sweetie.” Tara whimpered out softly as she moved slightly faster, rotating her hips every time Buffy’s fingers pressed again her sweet spot.

Buffy grunted and growled softly as she pressed more firmly against her own hand, knowing she’d follow Tara over the edge this time. She rubbed harder within Tara as she sucked hard and bit down on her nipple.

That was all it took for Tara, she arched her back hard into Buffy’s mouth, and ground down on her hand. “BUUUUFFFFFFFY!” Her body bucked against the Slayer’s hand, fingers buried deeply within as she felt the orgasm flow through her body.

Buffy whimpered as she came herself, releasing Tara nipple from her teeth but continuing to suck hard as she felt Tara climaxing once again.

Tara dropped her head as her body continued to buck against the Slayer’s, her arms beginning to shake.

Buffy felt Tara’s arms start to shake and released the nipple from her mouth. “I’ve got you.” She brought her head up as well as her hand from Tara’s ass, wrapping her arm around her she slowly lowered them to the bed, her other hand still between them with her fingers still buried inside her.

Tara whimpered softly and laid her head on the Slayer’s shoulder. She tried to keep some of her weight off the Slayer, but Buffy pulled her down on top of her.

“Relax, you’re fine.” Buffy kissed Tara’s temple. “You’re fine.” She rubbed her back as she kissed her again before resting her head against Tara’s and whispering softly. “That felt totally unbelievable.”

Tara whimpered and nodded slightly as she relaxed against the Slayer finally, knowing that she wasn’t hurting her. She brought her hands up to slide under the Slayer’s shoulders giving her a hug as best she could as she burrowed into her neck. “Love you.” She kissed her softly on the neck, whimpering as her body shuddered with an aftershock.

“Love you, too.” Buffy growled out softly as she smiled and kissed her temple, a shudder of her own going through her as Tara’s did making her hand bump into her still throbbing clit.

They lay there quietly as they held each other, their bodies slowly calming.

After a while when she felt Tara’s muscles relax, Buffy press her own hips into the bed and slowly pulled out of Tara.

Tara whimpered softly and lifted her hips as Buffy pulled her fingers out.

Buffy kissed her temple as Tara whimpered, growling softly as she brought her fingers to her mouth, she moaned when she got her first taste of Tara.

Tara pulled her head back and watched as Buffy cleaned her fingers and hand, whimpering softly as she felt her arousal flare back to life she pressed her hips down into Buffy.

“As someone said earlier…” Buffy turned to look hungrily at Tara as she raised a knee putting her foot on the mattress for leverage. “Want more!” She growled as she leaned in to kiss Tara, and rolled them over at the same time.

Tara whimpered at the look on Buffy’s face, moaning as she got to taste herself on the Slayer’s lips. She wrapped her arms around Buffy and pulled her close as they battled tongues, running her hands up and down Buffy’s back before finally squeezing her ass and pulling her closer.

Buffy didn’t need any encouragement as she pressed down into Tara’s thigh she straddled, bringing her leg up to press into Tara.

Tara moaned into the kiss and started rocking against Buffy’s thigh as she dug her fingers into her ass.

Buffy growled, ending the kiss with a nip to Tara’s lip before she worked her way down her neck. She was careful not to leave a hickey there, but did so as she worked her way down Tara’s body.

Tara groaned as Buffy worked her way down her neck. “Thank you.” She whispered softly when Buffy didn’t mark her there, but she smiled as she felt the one she did leave low between her breasts, knowing that wouldn’t be the last of them.

Buffy nipped and licked around Tara’s bellybutton as she grabbed the waistband of her shorts.

Tara lifted her hips for the Slayer as she grabbed fistfuls of her hair.

Buffy smiled when she felt Tara grabbing her hair, slowly pulling the shorts down off her hips and over her knees. She used her foot to push them off the rest of the way. Groaning at the smell of what awaited her Buffy used her knee to separate Tara’s legs as she settled between them. Slowly working her way lower she growled loudly as she ran her tongue through Tara’s hair and beyond.

Tara’s hips automatically lifted as Buffy went lower, her hands tightening in her hair in anticipation.

Buffy moaned as she felt the pulse below her tongue, licking around the pounding muscle a few times before she kissed it and moved on. She growled softly as she ran her tongue down and back up through Tara’s wetness. Grunting, she got on her knees to bring her hands around to go under Tara’s legs to her ass. She lifted Tara’s ass off the bed as she settled down between her legs again, she looked up at Tara and smiled.

Tara whimpered and shuddered at the look on Buffy’s face. She closed her eyes and groaned when the smile turned into a grin as Buffy winked, eyes dropping to look at her before she growled and lowered her head.

Buffy growled at the sight before her, dropped her head and ran her tongue the length of Tara, working her tongue back and forth over her clit before traveling back down. Buffy grinned and kept going.

Tara’s eyes flew open and her hips jerked with a loud moan when Buffy didn’t stop but continued lower, her tongue trailing as far up her ass crack as she could go in their positions.

“Payback, Mistress.” Buffy growled out before she made her way back torturously slow, stopping to circle her rosebud before pressing repeatedly against it with the tip of her tongue.

“GODDESS!” Tara growled loudly as she tightened her hands in Buffy’s hair, her body jerking with each touch.

Buffy grinned and swiped her tongue across it before placing a kiss there. “Guess I’m not the only one.” She chuckled softly before moving back up to lap up and down Tara’s slit.

“I’ll get you for that, Slayer!” Tara growled out and pulled Buffy tightly to her before she loosened her grip in her hair slightly.

Buffy chuckled softly again. “Yes, Mistress.” She swiped her tongue the length of her again before she wrapped her lips around Tara’s pulsing muscle, nipping gently before she began to suck.

“Mmm… Goddess!” Tara pulled Buffy tight to her as she arched her hips upward.

Buffy growled around the flesh in her mouth, running the flat of her tongue against it before flicking the tip lightly.

Tara moaned at the combined treatment as she rocked her hips in opposition to Buffy’s tongue.

Buffy bit down gently when she felt Tara start to shake, tilting her head a bit and pressing her chin into Tara.

Tara whimpered and stiffened right before her hips bucked and her head and shoulders came up off the bed. “BUFFFFY!”

Growling, Buffy released the quivering nub and lowered her head to lap and slurp at what Tara offered. Driving her tongue into her when she’d collected all she could Buffy curled her tongue to gather the rest of what Tara had.

“Goddess!” Tara dropped her head back to the bed, her legs splaying apart further as her inner muscles tried to capture the invading tongue of the Slayer to pull it further in.

Buffy curled her tongue up and dragged the tip over the fluttering muscles as she pulled her tongue out, only to curl it down and repeat the process on the way in, where she swirled her tongue all around.

Tara moaned loudly with what the Slayer was doing as she started rocking her hips.

Buffy kept repeating the process for a few long minutes before she shifted one hand to the center of Tara’s ass, bringing the other out from beneath her. Pulling her head back, Buffy wet two fingers with her mouth before she slowly pressed them into Tara.

Tara moaned and welcomed the fingers, pressing down on them as they entered her.

Buffy lowered Tara back to the bed, leaving her hand beneath her she brought her thumb to press flat against Tara’s rosebud as she moved her mouth back up to pull the still quivering nub back into her mouth.

“GODDESS!” Tara groaned out loudly as Buffy curled her fingers within finding the right spot again unerringly. She didn’t know if she should press down, pull away, or just explode on the spot as Buffy continued her assault on her.

Buffy groaned herself and shifted to straddle one of Tara’s legs, pressing her own aching sex against her shin to rub back and forth coating it with her juices as she slid along it.

It didn’t take long for Tara to start fluttering around Buffy’s fingers, her body stiffening again before she arched up off the bed crying out the Slayer’s name. “BUUUUUUFFFFFFFFFY!”

Buffy whimpered and quickly pulled her fingers out, swapping them with her mouth as she ground down into Tara’s leg, following her over the edge moments later as she drove her tongue deeply into Tara.

Tara slammed her body back onto the bed and lifted her hips to grind against the Slayer. Her orgasm quickly followed by another and another, as she felt like it was one continuous one.

Buffy growled and tried to stay with the bucking Wicca, drinking down all she had to offer. She finally relented when Tara fell back to the bed.

Tara fell back with a whimper, panting heavily her body shaking and twitching with aftershocks as she released the Slayer’s hair, her body jerking with each pass of the Slayer’s tongue.

Buffy, having found all there was, softly placed a kiss on Tara’s still twitching clit as she pulled her hand out from below the Wicca. Licking her fingers clean, Buffy slowly licked and kissed her way up the Wicca’s sweat covered body.

Tara groaned softly as Buffy sucked a nipple into her mouth and flicked the tip with her tongue, before releasing it trail her tongue over to do the same to the other. Tara wrapped her arms around Buffy and pulled her close as Buffy continued up her chest and neck to softly place a kiss on her parted lips.

“Are you okay?” Buffy kissed her way down to Tara’s neck before she snuggled into her, burying her face against it.

Tara grunted softly and gave the Slayer a squeeze, that being all she could do at the moment.

Buffy chuckled softly and kissed her neck. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Tara grunted and squeezed again.

Buffy smiled against her neck, sliding her hands beneath Tara’s shoulders in her own version of a hug.

Buffy relaxed and waited for Tara’s breathing to calm, and her heartbeat to slow before lifting her head to smile down at her. “So, I take it I did okay?” She started to chuckle as Tara grinned up at her.

“Better than okay, Slayer.” Tara gave her a crooked smile and pulled her down for a kiss. Feeling the moisture on Buffy’s chin against her own, Tara dipped her head down to suck Buffy’s chin into her mouth. Then she used her tongue to clean off the rest of it.

Buffy grinned down at Tara and chuckled before dropping her head to kiss her.

Tara licked her lips and swallowed before winking at the Slayer. “I think I could use some water, how about you?” Tara gave her another crooked smile. “I seem to be dehydrated for some unknown reason.”

Buffy snorted and started to laugh. “I haven’t a clue as to why.” She kissed her and smirked as she lifted herself off of Tara to get them a couple bottles of water from the mini fridge.

Tara groaned and let her arms drop from the Slayer as she moved off her. “I’m beat.” She sighed and closed her eyes, a smile on her face. “But oh, so tired in a good way.”

Buffy chuckled and carried the bottles back to the bed. She climbed on and straddled Tara’s legs, setting the bottles aside she reached for Tara’s hands and pulled her into a sitting position.

Tara gave her a kiss when she was upright. “Thank you. I don’t think I could have moved on my own.”

“Seeing as it’s my fault, you’re welcome.” She winked at her as she grabbed a bottle and opened it, handing it to Tara.

“Thank you.” Tara brought the bottle to her lips and downed it before tossing the bottle on the floor. Moaning she flopped back down on the bed.

Buffy chuckled and drank her own bottle.

Tara turned her head, grinning as she looked back at Buffy. “Still just one wet spot.”

Buffy snorted and sprayed a bit of water out around the bottle before she could pull it away and covered her mouth.

“Or there was.” Tara started to laugh as she winked at the Slayer.

“Bitch!” Buffy started to laugh and wiped her chin.

Tara gave her a lopsided smile and brought her hands up to caress Buffy’s thighs as she finished her water.

“That’s Mistress Bitch to you, Slayer.” She lightly slapped the Slayer’s thighs when she finished drinking.

“Sorry, Mistress Bitch.” Buffy tossed the bottle on the floor with Tara’s, tossing the caps on the nightstand before she leaned down and kissed her. “It won’t happen again, Mistress.”

Tara narrowed twinkling eyes at her. “It better happen again, Slayer.” She wiggled her brows and grinned at her.

Buffy chuckled and nodded. “Oh, believe me, Mistress, it will.” Buffy kissed her again before she climbed off her and moved to her side. Scooping Tara up off the bed, Buffy scooted backwards and set her down on the dry side before she stood up beside the bed to grab the comforter that had gotten kicked to the floor.

Tara chuckled. “I like this kind of service, Slayer.” She opened her arms to Buffy as she climbed back on the bed and straddled her hips.

Buffy spread the comforter out behind her, making sure Tara was covered before she brought it up over her shoulder and laid down on top of Tara. “Hope you don’t mind sharing your spot with me.” She smiled and kissed her.

Tara chuckled and pulled her close. “Don’t want you anywhere else, Sweetie.” Tara ran her hands up and down Buffy’s back as she got comfortable on top of her. “Love you, Slayer.” She wrapped her arms tightly around Buffy.

“Love you, too, Tara.” Buffy grunted and growled as she smiled against Tara’s neck. “Girl pretty. Girl smell nice. Girl taste even better.”

Tara started laughing and kissed the Slayer’s temple. “Glad to know I rate better than the flower.”

Buffy lifted her head and grinned at Tara. “Much, much better.” She kissed her softly.

Tara leaned up and kissed Buffy’s forehead. “I’m glad you followed me home.” She gave her a lopsided smile.

“Will you keep me?” Buffy looked at her with pleading puppy eyes.

“You better believe I’m keeping you, Slayer.” Tara pulled her down for a kiss. “I’m not letting you go, ever.” Tara kissed her again then guided her head to her shoulder. “Time for sleep, Sweetie, it’s almost…” She turned her head to look at the clock and groaned. “Ugh! Almost time to get up.” She turned back and kissed Buffy’s temple. “Sweet dreams, Sweetie.”

Buffy kissed her neck and snuggled in to Tara. “Sweet dreams, Tara. Love you.” She kissed her again and sighed as she relaxed on top of her.

“Love you, too, Sweetie.” Tara kissed her temple before resting her cheek there, a smile on her face as she closed her eyes, rubbing the Slayer’s back before wrapping her arms around her.

Buffy growled softly at Tara’s caresses and sighed again before quickly falling asleep.

Tara smiled when she heard the Slayer’s breathing even out. “Can I keep you forever?” She whispered softly as she followed the Slayer into the land of Morpheus, just hearing the Slayer’s soft answer.

“’Kay.” Buffy mumbled in her sleep, unconsciously snuggling in further to Tara.

Tara smiled and drifted off holding the Slayer close.


Tara groaned and nudged Buffy. “Get up, Sweetie, someone’s at the door.” She pried an eye open to look at the clock and groaned again, they’d only been asleep for about 45 minutes.

Buffy grunted but didn’t move.

“Buffy?” There was another knock at the door.

Tara nudged her again. “Sweetie, you have to move.”

Buffy groaned and lifted her head, cracking one eye open to look at Tara. “Huh?”

“There someone at the door, I think it’s Willow.” Tara brought her hands up to scrub her face and rub her tired eyes, she felt Buffy move off of her.

Buffy grunted and lifted herself off Tara, slipping off the side of the bed. Stumbling to the door, she opened it.

Tara pulled her hands away from her eyes as she heard the doorknob rattle. Her eyes opened wide as she watched the Slayer open the door. “BUFFY!”

Buffy looked over her shoulder as she stood naked in the doorway. “Huh?”

“OH, BABY! COME TO MAMA!!” Kelly stepped up beside a gaping Willow and held her arms open wide, wiggling her fingers for the Slayer to come to her.

Buffy’s head snapped back around to look at Kelly. “Huh?” She blinked a couple times before she brought her fists up to rub them. “Too early in the morning.” She mumbled as she yawned.

“Sweetie, you don’t have any clothes on.” Tara spoke hoarsely as she scrambled trying to get out of the bed and wrap herself in the comforter at the same time.

Willow finally shook her head and looked more closely at Buffy. “What happened to you? You’ve got spots, are you allergic to her laundry detergent or something?”

Buffy dropped her hands and looked at Willow confused. “Huh?”

Kelly snorted and grinned. “Or something. She’s allergic to Tara.” She started laughing, looking over to Tara when Buffy turned to look over her shoulder to the Wicca.

“Oh, Goddess!” Tara started to blush as she tripped her way around the bed, the comforter wrapping around her feet and legs.

“Oh, look! Tara’s allergic to Buffy, too!” Kelly grinned as she saw the hickeys on Tara’s breast and chest that were showing now that the comforter had slipped down in Tara’s stumbling.

Buffy shook her head finally clearing away some of the cobwebs and figuring out what was going on. She turned back to Kelly and grinned wiggling her eyebrows.

“They’re allergic to each other?” Willow furrowed her brows and looked from Buffy to Kelly and back again.

Tara groaned and finally tripped her way to stand behind a still grinning Buffy. With her face a dark red, Tara quickly opened the comforter and wrapped Buffy up in it with her.

Kelly laughed and looked at Willow before she looked back to Buffy and Tara. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Nice hickeys, Ladies. And may I commend you on their display.” She winked at them and wiggled her brows.

Tara whimpered and buried her face in Buffy’s neck.

“Hickeys?” Willows mouth fell open as her eyes opened wide.

“Someone finally caught a clue.” Kelly started laughing again.

Buffy winked at Kelly and turned in Tara’s arms, looking over her shoulder at Kelly she wiggled her ass that stuck out of the comforter.

Kelly dropped her eyes and snorted as she doubled over in laughter. “How cute, a heart!”

Tara groaned and reached out with her foot trying to find the door, finally finding it, she gives it a kick pulling Buffy back with her as it slammed shut.

Willow was still standing there with her mouth open staring at the door where she had just been staring at Buffy’s ass.

“Damn, Tara’s got an ass fetish.” Kelly grins widely. “Hey, Ladies? I’m going for coffee, you want some? I’ll share, if you do!” She starts laughing as she hears a groan from Tara. “Come on, I’m fun loving… and I’m FUN LOVING!”

Tara whimpers and calls out. “GO AWAY, KELLY!!”

Kelly smirks and calls back. “I want details, Girlfriend!”

They hear Tara start to giggle then laugh, followed by a deeply moaned “Buuuffffy”.

Kelly pouts. “That’s just cruel, Ladies! CRUEL!!” She starts laughing again.

Willow finally comes out of her stupor to look up at Kelly with a sneer on her face. “That’s disgusting!” She turns back towards the closed door. “Buffy, you like guys!”

Kelly pulls her head back and stops laughing as she looks at Willow. Narrowing her eyes, Kelly shakes her head slightly and smirks at her. “If she’s your friend, I’d suggest you get over your phobia. Cause as far as I can see, your friend has a rainbow sticker firmly attached to her ass, and Tara’s getting a new toaster.” Kelly grins at Willow, winks and walks away laughing as Willow’s mouth falls open.

Willow stands gaping at Kelly as she walks away, before turning back to the door, a look of revulsion washing over her features as she hears grunts, laughter and moaning coming from beyond the door.