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Battered & Bruised

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Battered & Bruised




Happy Little Minion


Disclaimer:  Don’t own ‘em, just playing with ‘em.  All hail Joss and Co. 


Rating:  NC-17 


Feedback:  Please! 


Pairing: Buffy/Tara 


Summary:  Tara comes up with a way of easing a few bumps and bruises. 



“God you weigh a ton!”  Buffy pushed against the chest of the vamp on top of her.  “Why couldn’t you be the quarterback?  Oh, that’s right, I already dusted him!”  She punched him in the face a couple times as he growled and tried getting at her neck. 


Suddenly the vampire arched up off of Buffy, shrieking as he turned to dust. 


Buffy closed her eyes and turned her head as she held her breath waiting for the dust to settle. 


“Are you okay?”  Tara waved the falling dust away from Buffy’s face as she knelt beside the Slayer. 


“Peachy.”  Buffy groaned as she rolled onto her side in an attempt to get up.  “Now I know why they called him Tank.”  She held her side as she took inventory of all her bumps and bruises.  “Thanks for finishing him off.”  She pushed up to a sitting position with another groan.  “I feel like I got run over by a Mack truck.”  She rolled her head on her shoulders. 


“And it came back to do it again a few times.”  Tara smiled as she brushed the hair off of Buffy’s face, pulling a few leaves and sticks from the mess.  Standing, she held out a hand to Buffy. 


“Gives a whole new meaning to taking on the football team, doesn’t it?”  Buffy sighed as she took Tara’s hand, letting the Wiccan help her to her feet. 


Tara gently pulled the Slayer to her feet, a hand going to her hip to steady her when she was up.  “Personally, I wouldn’t know.  But I’d assume you’d be pretty sore taking them all on either way.”  She laughed when Buffy rolled her eyes. 


“And personally I’d rather not find out, thank you very much.”  Buffy shivered slightly with the thought, groaning again as she did. 


“You mean it’s not every straight woman’s fantasy to take on all those buff, muscle bound, hunky, men of campus?”  Tara grinned as she let her eyes take in the Slayer, looking for any injuries beneath the dirty face and clothing. 


“I’m sure there are some that would jump at the chance, I’m just not one of them.”  Buffy tried brushing some of the dirt off her shirt and pants.  “At least there are no holes in anything.”  She looked closer at her clothes. 


“Not that I can see.”  Tara stepped behind the Slayer, brushing dirt off her back and legs.  “One outfit saved, anyway.”  She smiled as she stepped back around the Slayer. 


“That’s of the good.  Now if I could just get rid of the bumps and bruises as easily as the dirt.”  She moaned as she twisted and stretched out her sore back.  She’d been tossed into a couple of headstones and statues as they’d taken on half the football team, suddenly stopping to look at the Wiccan.  “Did you get hurt?”  She frowned as she let her eyes take in the Wiccan. 


“I’m fine.”  Tara brushed a little dirt off her pants.  She’d been tossed to the ground once during the fight, but that was all.  “I do my fighting from a distance.”  She whispered and a fireball appeared in her hand, winking at Buffy as she whispered again and the fireball disappeared. 


“Good.”  Buffy smiled at her before looking around the cemetery.  “I think that’s it for the night.  I don’t feel anything else, and I don’t feel up to taking another beating.”  She sighed as she rubbed at her lower back. 


“Come on, I know just the thing for you.”  Tara gently placed a hand on Buffy’s back when the Slayer dropped her arms back by her sides, urging the Slayer out of the cemetery. 




“Where are we going?”  Buffy looked around as they walked across the campus, they weren’t headed towards Tara’s dorm. 


“You’ll see in a minute.”  Tara grinned as she led Buffy towards the aquatic center. 


“You’re gonna make me swim?”  Buffy frowned as she looked up at the sign above the door of the building Tara led her to. 


“Not quite.”  Tara chuckled softly as she whispered.  The sound of the lock opening at her words, she pulled open the door and held it for Buffy.  “After you.”  She waved Buffy in ahead of her, whispering to lock the door behind them.  “Come on.”  Tara took the Slayer’s hand, guiding her through the dark building. 


Buffy wrinkled her nose at the overpowering smell of chlorine, but allowed her self to be led wherever Tara was taking her. 


Tara whispered a couple more times to unlock and relock doors as she led Buffy deeper into the building.  Finally coming to the room that she wanted, she whispered again, a small ball of light softly illuminating the room.  She smiled at the raised brow from Buffy as she reached to turn on the hot water to fill one of the Jacuzzi tubs in the room.  “I think a shower is in order first, though.”  She grabbed Buffy’s hand and led her to the locker room with the light following above them.  She quickly opened her locker to get her shower kit and a towel out for the Slayer. 


“You know I don’t have a bathing suit on, right?”  Buffy took the items Tara held out for her. 


“Your underwear will do.”  Tara rolled her eyes at the smirking Slayer. 


“Well, you’re half right.”  Buffy grinned as she watched Tara’s eyes pop open in surprise. 


Tara groaned softly as she closed her eyes and shook her head, a mental image of a half naked Slayer showing in her mind.  “I promise not to look.”  She brought her hands up to scrub her face as she felt her cheeks warming.  Opening her eyes, she gently smacked the grinning Slayer on the shoulder.  “Once the jets are turned on, nothing is visible anyway.  Now go take a shower, and I’ll go grab you some thing clean to put on for when you get out of the Jacuzzi.”  She smiled as she pushed the laughing Slayer towards the showers, whispering again for the light to stay with Buffy before she turned and headed back out of the building.  “I’ll be right back.”  She stopped to check the temperature of the water filling the large Jacuzzi before leaving and running to her dorm. 


Buffy laughed as she watched the Wiccan hurry from the room, wondering if the woman was going to join her in the Jacuzzi, it was big enough for a few more to join them as well.  She groaned as she set down the towel and shower kit and started stripping off her dirty clothes, every muscle in her body ached.  “God, that’s going to feel good after tonight’s beating.”  She moaned when she stepped under the water after it heated up, letting the hot water start to ease her aches and pains. 




Tara quickly grabbed her other shower kit, towel, bathing suit, and a pair of sweats when she got back to her room.  Quickly showering and dressing, she ran her brush through her wet hair as she hurried back to her room.  Grabbing another pair of sweats and a couple of larger towels, she locked up and headed back to the aquatics building. 




Buffy wrapped the towel around herself after putting her panties back on, smiling as the little light followed her back to Tara’s locker.  Placing the shower kit back in the locker and her dirty clothes on the bench, boots on the floor, Buffy then headed back towards the sound of running water and the Jacuzzi.  She flipped the switch for the jets before removing the towel and tossing it over a nearby stool.  She groaned softly as she climbed into the hot, swirling water, closing her eyes as she sunk down into the churning warmth with a sigh.  She’d just gotten settled when she heard Tara approaching at a jog over the sound of the water. 


Tara stopped at the door and smiled as she watched the Slayer for a moment before continuing on to the locker room, placing the towels and the sweats for Buffy on the bench seat before quickly removing her own sweats. 




“I want one of these at home.”  Buffy smiled and opened her eyes when she felt Tara’s leg brush against her own as the Wiccan climbed in the Jacuzzi. 


Tara smiled as she shut off the water filling the tub.  “That would be nice, wouldn’t it?”  She sighed as she settled back, head resting against the padded edge of the tub.  She let her body float as the jets pulsed water against her body from all sides. 


“I’m putting it on my wish list.”  Buffy reached out and grabbed Tara’s big toe as it poked through the surface of the water, giving it a tug as she closed her eyes again.  “How long have you known about this, and been holding out on me?”  She tugged a little harder on the last part of her question, opening her eyes to send a glare the Wiccan’s way. 


Tara laughed and pulled her toe free as she opened her eyes and settled back down in the water.  “For a few months now, ever since I started swimming a few mornings and nights a week.”  She felt for one of the Slayer’s feet, bringing it up above her own legs as she gently started massaging her foot. 


Buffy groaned, her toes curling and uncurling as Tara massaged her foot.  “I’ll give you an hour to stop doing that.” 


Tara smiled as she felt Buffy relaxing under her touch.  “You’ll be a prune by then.” 


Buffy moaned softly as she felt joints cracking and falling into alignment as the Wiccan increased the pressure of the massage.  “Don’t care, but if it means you’ll be stopping, could you start at the other end when you’re done with the feet?”  She groaned as she rolled her head back and forth, hearing and feeling the bones in her neck creak as she did.  The thought of the Wiccan’s hands massaging away her aches and pains sounded like heaven on top of what the pulsing water was doing.  “Please?”  She opened one pleading eye to look at Tara. 


Tara gave her a crooked smile and nodded, laughing softly as Buffy sighed and closed her eye again. 


“I’m putting you on my wish list too, can’t have a Jacuzzi without the masseuse to go along with it.”  She moaned softly as Tara started on her other foot.  “God that feels wonderful.” 


Tara smiled as she watched the Slayer, a smile turning up the corners of Buffy’s mouth as she worked on her foot. 


Buffy whimpered and opened her eyes when Tara released her foot. 


Tara smiled and ran her hand up the outside of Buffy’s leg as she moved to the other side of the Jacuzzi.  “Let me get behind you, Sweetie.”  She laughed softly as Buffy quickly sat up and moved forward so she could get behind her.  “Not too eager, are you?”  She slipped in behind the Slayer, placing her hands on Buffy’s shoulders and pulling her back closer to her self. 


Buffy nodded and smiled over her shoulder.  “Wouldn’t you be?” 


“Good point.”  Tara moved her hands down to Buffy’s hips, moving the Slayer to sit on her legs as she left space between their bodies for the jets to still hit the Slayer’s back. 


Buffy hooked her feet under Tara’s ankles to keep herself in place as the Wiccan began to massage her shoulders and neck, her head falling forward, face partially in the swirling waters. 


“No drowning on me.”  Tara smiled, raising her hips and legs to bring the Slayer’s face up out of the water again. 


Buffy only moaned softly, she’d been willing to hold her breath for as long as she could once the Wiccan’s strong hands started massaging.  “Worth it.”  She finally mumbled as Tara ran her thumbs up the sides of her upper spine and up the back of her neck. 


Tara winced every time she felt a disc or joint pop back into place.  Biting her lip as the soft moans and groans of the Slayer began to get to her in a primal way, as the Slayer relaxed back against her shoulder as she worked her way down to Buffy’s lower back. 


“Can I hire you for this every night after patrol?”  Buffy’s head lolled to the side, coming to rest against Tara’s jaw.  “I’ll rob a bank if I have to.”  She groaned as she felt a knot in her back release under talented fingers. 


Tara closed her eyes and struggled to hold back a whimper at the Slayer’s drawn out groan.  It took her a moment to answer Buffy.  “I don’t think this would work quite as well through the bars of your jail cell, Sweetie.”  She smiled and kissed the Slayer’s temple as she continued working her lower back.  ‘Though having steel bars between us right now would be a good thing.’  She took a deep breath and released it slowly, trying to calm her body’s reaction to the Slayer’s moans and being so close at the moment.  Inhaling sharply as she felt her nipples harden as they grazed the Slayer’s back as Buffy relaxed further into her, she whimpered softly as she felt a jolt of arousal hit her like a lightning bolt. 


A slow grin formed on Buffy’s face as she realized the massage was affecting Tara in the same way it was now affecting her.  She didn’t know when it had crossed to being sensual, the Wiccan wasn’t doing anything different than when she’d started, but it was certainly making her feel it in every nerve of her body.  “Problem?”  She ran her foot up the underside of Tara’s calf, laughing at the shudder she felt beneath her. 


Tara groaned and dropped her forehead to Buffy’s shoulder, her hands moving to Buffy’s hips.  “Goddess!”  She felt another shudder run through her as Buffy laughed and repeated the caress to her leg.  “Stop that!”  She whimpered as she pulled Buffy back flush against her own body. 


Buffy smiled and reached down to Tara’s hands, pulling the Wiccan’s arms around her waist.  “Why would I want to do that?”  Buffy turned her head and kissed Tara’s temple as she started moving the Wiccan’s hands across her abdomen. 


“What are you doing, Buffy?”  Tara squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the smooth skin beneath her fingers jumping at the touch. 


“And you call yourself a lesbian?  I thought you’d know this?”  Buffy laughed softly as she guided one of the Wiccan’s hands up to her breast. 


Tara whimpered softly, moving her head to press her lips against Buffy’s shoulder.  “I am, but you’re not.”  She gently nipped the Slayer’s shoulder.  “You’re playing with fire, Slayer.”  She moaned softly as she felt Buffy’s nipple harden against her palm as Buffy pressed her hand into her breast. 


“Fire pretty.”  Buffy released Tara’s hand on her breast, reaching up to run the fingers of her left hand through Tara’s hair, grabbing a handful and turning the Wiccan’s head.  “I may not have jumped the fence before, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t teetered on the pickets a couple of times.”  She waited for Tara to open her eyes before she slowly moved their heads forward, lips softly meeting for the first time. 


Tara moaned softly, her hand on Buffy’s abdomen pulling the Slayer closer, as her other hand began to fondle the breast.  “Are you sure?”  She pulled her head back slightly, searching the Slayer’s eyes. 


“Yes.”  It was only a whisper, but the answer was conveyed. 


Tara whimpered, hesitating only a moment before she closed her eyes as she pressed her lips back against Buffy’s. 


Buffy moaned softly as Tara’s other hand slid up her body to caress her other breast. 


Tara’s tongue invaded Buffy’s mouth when the Slayer moaned, her lips parting.  She didn’t think this was the best idea, but at this point she didn’t really care.  And the battle Buffy’s tongue was putting up at the moment told her the Slayer was all for it as well.  She moaned and pulled away gasping for air, allowing Buffy to pull her lips against her neck as the Slayer exposed her throat for her. 


Buffy moaned as Tara’s lips, tongue, and teeth seared her neck, her right hand still covering Tara’s tightening as it moved the Wiccan’s left hand away from her breast to glide down her body. 


Tara moaned and squeezed the Slayer’s nipple between her knuckles as she felt her palm and fingers grazing the Slayer’s abdomen once again, this time not stopping before being guided beneath the silky material and into a wetness that had nothing to do with the Jacuzzi. 


Buffy groaned her legs parting as Tara slipped her hand between her legs.  Her hips rising to met the welcomed fingers that skimmed over her sensitive flesh. 


“Last chance to back out, Slayer?”  Tara moaned softly into Buffy’s ear, her fingers drifting back and forth through the Slayer’s wetness. 


“Not a chance!”  Buffy turned her head, her tongue entering Tara’s mouth as her hand guided Tara’s fingers inside her, they both moaned into the kiss as two of Tara’s fingers easily entered her. 


“Goddess!”  Tara gasped as Buffy’s inner walls swallowed her fingers and pulled her in further.  She leaned her forehead against Buffy’s as she started to thrust in and out of the Slayer, her other hand pinching and pulling at Buffy’s nipple. 


Buffy moaned as her hips moved in counterpoint to Tara’s fingers, clenching down as they bottomed out each time.  Her head falling back to Tara’s shoulder as she slid her hand behind her back and down between their bodies. 


“Do it, Slayer!”  Tara groaned and bit into the side of Buffy’s neck as the Slayer’s fingers inched beneath her bikini bottoms, her own legs spreading to accommodate the Slayer’s hand. 


Buffy felt the wetness that was all Tara’s own as her fingers quickly found their mark.  Not being at the greatest angle she did the best she could from where she was perched atop the Wiccan, two fingers gliding easily inside as the heel of her hand pressed against the strong pulse of Tara’s clit. 


Tara whimpered as her hips shot up to press into Buffy’s hand, she brought her own thumb into play against the Slayer’s clit as she sucked hard on Buffy’s neck. 


It may have been a new experience for Buffy, but instincts led her as her fingers discovered the soft warmth within the Wiccan.  After a moment to get her self acquainted with the feel of the woman she began to match the pace of Tara’s fingers, slipping out to brush along and across the pounding muscle before dipping back inside the Wiccan. 


“Oh!”  Tara released Buffy’s neck as her hips jerked when Buffy ran the length of her fingers along her clit.  “Do that again!”  Tara’s hips moved with Buffy’s hand. 


Buffy smiled and took Tara’s lips in a bruising kiss as she did as the Wiccan requested, repeating the move a few times before plunging back inside. 


Tara growled and captured the Slayer’s tongue between her teeth, sucking on the muscle as the hand on Buffy’s breast pinched the nipple before skimming down her body to take the place of her thumb against Buffy’s clit. 


Buffy groaned with the now concentrated efforts of both the Wiccan’s hands, she felt herself start to flutter and clench around the fingers buried within her. 


Tara released Buffy’s tongue, sucked in a lungful of air and attached herself to the Slayer’s neck again.  “That’s it, Sweetie!”  She played her tongue over the fast pulse in Buffy’s neck as her fingers played over the matching beat below. 


“Tara!”  Buffy felt her stomach clench.  A warmth spreading out and downward as she clamped down on the fingers buried deeply within her, her body convulsing moments later as her orgasm washed through her, Tara’s name coming from her lips on a long groan.  “Tarrrraaaa!” 


Tara felt an answering response in her own body as Buffy’s hand inadvertently clenched down on her clit and inside her.  “Goddess!”  She whimpered as she held the Slayer close, her own walls clamping down on Buffy’s fingers as her body shook with pleasure, her forehead once again coming to rest on the Slayer’s shoulder. 


After the major trembling subsided, Tara softly kissed the Slayer’s shoulder.  “Feeling like a prune yet?”  She smiled as she pressed her lips against Buffy’s neck, her pruned fingers softly playing over the Slayer’s still sensitive body. 


Buffy moaned softly, moving her hand to cover Tara’s and still it.  “More like a wrung out wet noodle.”  She turned her head and softly kissed the Wiccan. 


Tara chuckled softly against Buffy’s lips, slowly easing her fingers out of the Slayer. 


Buffy whimpered and twitched as Tara removed her fingers, turning sideways on the Wiccan’s lap as Tara brought her fingers to her mouth. 


“Mmm.”  Tara smiled around her fingers as the Slayer’s eyes never left her mouth as she cleaned them off.  “Slightly watered down, but still delicious.”  She blindly hit the switch for the jets before wrapping her arms around the Slayer. 


“Where do you think you’re going?”  Buffy leaned in for a kiss as she wiggled her fingers still inside the Wiccan. 


Tara smiled into the kiss as she pulled the Slayer close, trapping Buffy’s hand between them.  “The cleaning crew will be here shortly.”  She ran her hands up and down Buffy’s back.  “I thought you were wrung out?”  She nipped at Buffy’s lower lip, soothing it with her tongue as she gently sucked it in between her lips. 


Buffy moaned softly before Tara released her lip.  “Slayer recuperative powers.” 


“Good.”  Tara kissed her again, running a hand up to Buffy’s shoulder and down her arm to the hand that was between them as she loosened her hold on the Slayer. 


Buffy growled softly into the kiss as her fingers were reluctantly removed from within the Wiccan. 


Tara ended the kiss with a nip to Buffy’s lip and a smile.  “Cleaning crew will be here soon, let’s get rinsed off and out of here before we end up putting on a show for them.”  Keeping eye contact with the Slayer, Tara brought Buffy’s hand up to her lips, her tongue coming out to lick up between the two fingers that had been inside her before wrapping her lips around them and sucking them into her mouth. 


Buffy’s eyes dropped to Tara’s mouth as soon as the tip of her tongue pressed between her fingers.  She was mesmerized as she watched the Wiccan’s mouth take control of her fingers, shuddering as they were sucked into the wet warmth and Tara’s tongue swirled around them, a soft moan escaping as she thought of where she’d like that tongue and mouth to be. 


Tara smiled around the fingers in her mouth when the Slayer shivered, slowly swirling her tongue around and between the fingers before letting them slide from her mouth.  “Shower.” 


Buffy whimpered as her fingers slipped from Tara’s mouth, her eyes traveling back up to meet darkened blue.  “You’re evil.”  Buffy whimpered again as she leaned forward taking the Wiccan’s lips in a heated kiss before pulling back and quickly standing, pulling on the hand that was still holding her own. 


Tara laughed softly as she allowed the Slayer to help her up, hitting the lever for the drain as she went.  “Not evil, just don’t want to have an audience watching us when we continue this.”  Tara winked and stepped over the side, letting her eyes travel down to the Slayer’s chest as she did.  Whimpering softly herself, she tore her eyes away and grabbed for the towels on the stool, not bothering to dry off as she led the way back to the showers as soon as Buffy’s feet hit the floor. 


Buffy grinned at the fast pace Tara set, moaning softly as she took in the backside of the Wiccan, clad only in the bikini bottoms and straps from the top.  The Wiccan’s swim toned muscles playing under the soft skin as she strode in front of her, causing an appreciative moan to escape her as her eyes finally zeroed in on the flexing ass in the pale lavender suit that clung like a second skin as her hips swayed back and forth. 


Tara blushed but smiled when she heard the moan.  The Slayer not having seen her when she’d slipped into the Jacuzzi, her long hours of swimming laps in the pool having shaped her body quite nicely.  Releasing Buffy’s hand when they got to the locker room, Tara gently pushed Buffy towards the showers.  “Shower.”  She quickly headed in the opposite direction to grab the shower kit once again. 


Buffy had only taken two steps before she stopped and stood watching the Wiccan, smiling and shrugging when she got caught as the woman turned from her locker, her eyes now dropping to check out the front of the woman. 


Tara felt herself blush as the Slayer’s eyes roamed her body as she walked back towards her, she felt her nipples begin to constrict as Buffy’s eyes stopped on her chest. 


“Nice suit.”  Buffy smiled as even in the soft light of the hovering magical glow she could make out the darker area of the Wiccan’s areolas through the clinging bikini top, not missing the nipples becoming hard and poking at the fabric as she stared. 


Tara’s first instinct was to cover her chest, Buffy reaching out to stop her as she brought her arm with the towels up to cover herself. 


“Don’t.”  Buffy shook her head as she stopped the Wiccan’s arm from blocking her view, gently pushing it back down by her side. 


Tara whimpered softly as Buffy’s hand left her arm to bring a finger up to trace around her nipple. 


“Do you always wear this?”  Buffy gently traced the darker area, purposely not touching the nipple that was now standing at attention. 


“N-not always.”  Tara whimpered again as the Slayer avoided her nipple, her back arching into the touch hoping that she would relieve the ache. 


Buffy let her eyes drop as she continued to tease Tara’s breast.  “Huh, no dark roots showing.”  She looked up and grinned at Tara. 


Tara’s brows furrowed as she tried to follow Buffy’s comment, knowing that her pubic hair was trimmed so as not to slip out the sides of the bikini as she slowly tilted her head to look down at herself.  Whimpering and blushing as she realized that the pale lavender showed more than she’d known when wet when she saw the dark circles around her protruding nipples.  “No wonder people kept staring at my chest when I got out of the pool.” 


“Can’t blame them.”  Buffy leaned in and kissed Tara as the woman lifted her head, her finger finally brushing over the hard nipple she’d been teasing. 


Tara whimpered softly against Buffy’s lips, trying to follow them as Buffy pulled away. 


“Shower.”  Buffy grinned as she stepped back from the kiss, pulling her finger away from Tara’s breast as she turned and headed towards the showers. 


Tara growled softly as she watched the Slayer walk away from her.  “You’ll pay for that, Slayer.”  Tara growled again when she heard the soft laughter coming from the woman, letting her eyes drop to Buffy’s bare ass as she now had a better appreciation of the g-strings the Slayer favored wearing. 


Buffy looked over her shoulder before she stepped into the communal shower, rather than one of the single stalls.  “You coming?” 


“Not yet.”  Tara mumbled as she finally moved to follow the Slayer, her eyes still trained on the ass in front of her. 


Buffy grinned as she noticed where Tara’s eyes were looking as she stalked towards her, flexing her gluts before stepping into the showers. 


Tara tossed the towels at the hooks on the wall as she stepped into the showers, one catching, the other hitting the floor. 


Buffy turned from turning on the shower when she heard something hit the floor, eyes opening wide at the look on the Wiccan’s face. 


Tara dropped the shower kit before she got to Buffy.  Stepping into the Slayer’s personal space when she turned to face her, Tara kept moving forward through the spray, pressing the Slayer against the shower wall. 


Buffy whimpered as Tara ducked her head and captured her lips, the Wiccan’s hands going to her breasts as her hips pressed her back into the wall, one firm thigh nudging her legs apart before pressing into her apex.  Buffy’s hands went to the Wiccan’s shoulders, as her hips started moving, pressing herself into Tara’s thigh.  “What about the cleaning crew?”  Buffy didn’t know where the question came from as soon as Tara released her lips and started down her throat, her head tilting to the side to give Tara more range. 


“The hell with ‘em.”  Tara mumbled as she trailed nips and kisses down to Buffy’s breasts, moaning as she wrapped her lips around a nipple, sucking it in deeply as she flicked her tongue over the tip. 


Buffy groaned, at this point not really caring about the cleaners either as her hands went to Tara’s head, fingers fisting her hair as she held the Wiccan against her breast, her hips working faster on the thigh between her legs. 


Tara bit Buffy’s nipple, laving it with her tongue before quickly moving to the other nipple, her hands going to the Slayer’s ass and squeezing as she helped the Slayer add more pressure as she felt the wetness spread along her thigh. 


Buffy growled softly when Tara released her breast and shifted again, her lower half now grinding against useless air, only to moan when the woman’s tongue touched her again. 


Tara quickly dropped to her knees as she hooked her hands in the waist of the Slayer’s g-string, pushing the garment down to her feet as her tongue made a swipe at the wetness now coating Buffy’s outer lips before her hands trailed up the inside of the Slayer’s thighs. 


Buffy quickly pulled one foot from the confining g-string as Tara pressed on the inside of her thighs, shifting her feet apart as the Wiccan hungrily dipped her head, her tongue running the length of her before quickly plunging inside.  “Jesus!”  Her hands tightened in the Wiccan’s hair as her head smacked the wall holding her up, hips thrusting forward to meet the woman’s mouth. 


Tara moaned at the taste coming straight from the source, rather than the watered down version she’d sampled earlier.  Growling and wanting more she didn’t hesitate and tease, but dove in with a hunger that surprised her. 


“Fuck!”  Buffy’s head whipped forward when Tara growled against her, the vibrations reverberating through her whole body, she didn’t know if she wanted to push the woman away or pull her closer.  She went with the latter when Tara’s tongue swirled around inside her trying to get as deep as possible. 


Tara growled again, the angle she was at wouldn’t let her get as deeply inside the Slayer as she wanted.  That, and there was a pain beginning in her neck from trying. 


Buffy whimpered when Tara pulled her mouth away, grateful when she was quickly entered with two fingers. 


Tara hated to leave her spot within the Slayer, but short of knocking the woman’s legs out from underneath her she settled upon a more comfortable option for the moment.  She moved her mouth to Buffy’s pulsing clit as she slipped two fingers inside her, rotating her hand each time she was buried deeply within the Slayer as she alternately bit down gently or flicked with her tongue as she sucked on her clit. 


Buffy let out a long moan as her hands tightened in the Wiccan’s hair, urging Tara’s mouth as tightly against herself as she could as her hips flared into the pleasurable touch. 


Tara smiled against Buffy as she felt the fingers in her hair pulling her close, the Slayer beginning to flutter around her fingers.  Tara pressed her fingers as deeply as they would go, brushing the walls with her fingertips, not pulling back out as she continually rotated her hand side to side.  Using the tip of her tongue to press firmly and wiggle against the throbbing Slayer, moaning softly against her as she pushed Buffy over the edge. 


“Tara!”  It was a drawn out growl that came from deep in the Slayer’s chest as her hips jerked away, only to press back more firmly against the Wiccan as she felt her insides clench.  A burst of warmth spreading outward from the points of contact as her body began to shake with her orgasm. 


Tara squeezed her own thighs together seeking relief as the Slayer’s walls constricted and fluttered around her fingers, as she continued to press deeply within the Slayer, using more suction as she flattened her tongue and continued to massage Buffy’s clit.  She finally let up as Buffy’s legs started to shake and give out on her, placing a gentle kiss as she relinquished her hold with her mouth.  Trailing her tongue up the center of Buffy’s body as the Slayer slide down the wall to end up straddling her thighs as her hand remained buried within, ending with a gentle kiss to Buffy’s lips as she wrapped her free arm around her.  Tara smiled and held her close as Buffy’s head dropped to her shoulder with a moan, her body still twitching with aftershocks. 


Buffy whimpered when Tara slowly removed her fingers, her own hands releasing their tight hold in the Wiccan’s hair and dropping to the woman’s back as she slumped against her. 


Tara kissed Buffy’s temple as she ran both hands soothingly up and down the Slayer’s back.  “I hate to say it, but we have to get moving before the cleaning crew gets here, Sweetie.” 


Buffy whimpered and tightened her hold on the Wiccan, not ready to move yet. 


Tara chuckled softly and kissed the Slayer’s temple again as she continued soothing her. 


“Whatever happened to ‘the hell with ‘em’?”  Buffy groaned as her body shook with another aftershock. 


Tara laughed as she wrapped her arms around the Slayer.  “That was when I had more pressing matters at hand.”  She grinned as she pressed a kiss the Slayer’s temple, at that time she’d only had one thing on her mind, and that was getting her mouth on the Slayer.  “Now that the urgency has passed, it’s time we moved this elsewhere.” 


Buffy shivered at Tara’s words on a continuation, along with her hands dropping to gently massage and squeeze her ass, brought mental pictures of what was still to come.  Moaning she lifted her head, whispering against the Wiccan’s lips before kissing her deeply.  “My turn next.” 


Tara smiled at the words, moaning as Buffy plundered her mouth, her body still alert and beginning to pulse again.  Growling she tore her lips away from the Slayer’s before things heated up to the point of not caring where they were could happen again.  “Move it, Slayer.”  As long as Buffy was showing signs of recovery, she decided that action was now necessary as she urged the Slayer off her lap and to a leaning position against the wall.  Steadying the Slayer, Tara rose to her own feet and helped the Slayer to stand.  “Come on, I hear my dorm room calling.” 


Buffy laughed softly as Tara helped her up and dragged her back to the shower that still ran.  The laughter stopping as she watched the Wiccan close her eyes and tilt her head back beneath the spray of the shower, the water coursing down the lithe body as Tara reached up to untie her bikini top. 


Tara pulled her face from the spray, blinking the water from her eyes and grinning as the Slayer stared at her chest as she slowly let the top of the bikini fall to hang from its lower tie.  She reached out and held the Slayer at bay when Buffy’s eyes still hadn’t moved from her breasts as she started to move towards her.  “Shower, Slayer.”  Tara chuckled softly at the growl she got for stopping her. 


Buffy finally blinked when she heard the soft laugh and then felt the hand against her chest.  Growling again as she looked up into amused blue eyes. 


Tara winked and stepped back away from the Slayer, turning to pick up the shower kit off the floor and tossing it at Buffy before she stepped back over beside her and turned on another shower. 


Buffy caught the kit, growling again as Tara turned on the shower beside her.  “Tease!”  She quickly opened the kit and pulled out the shampoo, tossing it to Tara as she got out the soap container for herself, dropping the rest to the floor as she quickly started washing and turned her back on the Wiccan.  Melodic laughter from the Wiccan finally bringing a smile to her face as she hurried through her shower, not willing to risk turning to face the woman knowing the rest of the bikini would be coming off. 


~The End~

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