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Minion's Stockpile

Happy Little Minion's Playground

Here are some of my unfinished stories/story beginnings... that hopefully someday will get added to, IF the muse ever decides to come home for an extended stay... 

The stories are not really ready for posting, these are my working copies… errors, boogers, and other shit DO exist (more than likely in abundance!)… YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!!  


*SNICKER*  Some also have comments… basically, a look into the sick, twisted minds of Minion & Kinetic Kid (aka MOT) as the stories were being written.  (More often than not, most of the stuff tossed back and forth ended up in the stories somewhere… if not the story that was being written at the time, then in another story written by one of us!) 


DISCLAIMERS are NOT on the individual stories, so let me just say it here…


ALL HAIL JOSS & CO., I ONLY BORROW THE CHARACTERS FOR MY OWN SICK, TWISTED AMUSEMENT… and return them only slightly damaged and traumatized when done.  (Except for the original characters that I make up for the Slayer & Wiccan to play with… those don’t get returned to Joss and remain damaged and traumatized in my possession!) 


Ratings:  More than likely there’s smut... or there will be eventually!  And you shouldn’t be here if you’re not over the age of 18 (as per stated on the home page!), anyway!!  


Pairings:  Buffy/Tara 


Summaries:  Some have just an idea tossed on there, some don’t.  *shrug*  Whaddya want, they’re working copies! 



I’ve been nominated at the SunnyD Awards.  


Story: Wonder

Categories: Best Characterization, Best Fluff, Best Pairing Unconventional, BestQuickie 


Thank you to whomever nominated me!  Muahhh



Voting now open at the SunnyD Awards.



Awards are now up at the SunnyD’s.

Thank you to all who voted!!   

I've been nominated!
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Minion's Stockpile of unfinished stories!


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